1% Bass Skills 99% Editing Skills

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • Want to play something very hard but you don't have the skills? No problem, here's the solution

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  • Davie504
    Davie504  Year ago +50258

    How to edit videos:
    1) Open a jpeg image that says "Edit Video";
    2) Press spacebar on the computer.

  • AlphastrikeHD
    AlphastrikeHD 3 hours ago +1

    Its edited!!!

  • King Slayer420
    King Slayer420 10 hours ago

    Anyone getting Nokia 5300 vibe off this

  • MiNaTo -1412-
    MiNaTo -1412- 11 hours ago

    For a *MORE* entertaining idea
    1.) Turn down the volume into 0
    2.) Watch his brow's

  • Jaden5Seven
    Jaden5Seven 17 hours ago

    This sounds 8-bit.

  • Gargalis
    Gargalis Day ago

    Why you sitting on the toilet in bathroom?

  • Lam_Alip _Hamzah_Ya


  • Stop-Motion Queens
    Stop-Motion Queens 2 days ago

    1:31 If you read this, You're the best.

    Thank you Davie!

  • Uğur Yılmaz
    Uğur Yılmaz 2 days ago

    I lıked because you played Turkish march

  • Samantha Lovely
    Samantha Lovely 2 days ago

    And your subscribers are now more than your views GWork

  • Sunt Catalin si fac live

    Nice, but can he do it on a rainy night in Stoke?

  • Mat 548
    Mat 548 2 days ago


  • ProDzyr
    ProDzyr 2 days ago

    Who remembers mystery guitar man

    HUNTER GAMER 3 days ago +5

    "this is how mad lads edit their videos"
    " If you red this, you're the best"

  • Cat Angel
    Cat Angel 3 days ago

    I slapped like even he did not tell me to

  • Gaming boi
    Gaming boi 3 days ago

    Look at the eyebrows!

  • Basyir Animations
    Basyir Animations 3 days ago

    Mozart - Alla Turca

  • Cavemantero
    Cavemantero 3 days ago

    this was an amazing showcase of bass face skills

  • gtvbtvbg
    gtvbtvbg 4 days ago

    I red it lol

  • Falcoapozzoli73
    Falcoapozzoli73 4 days ago +1

    Why this video non è editato

  • Giovanni Spada
    Giovanni Spada 4 days ago

    No, YOU're the best!

  • Nothing 2 Something
    Nothing 2 Something 4 days ago

    Creative !!! 👍😊

  • gabriella stiles
    gabriella stiles 5 days ago

    show us the time line

  • - FigTheCat -
    - FigTheCat - 5 days ago

    I read this

  • Michael Mellijor
    Michael Mellijor 5 days ago

    LEE MAAOO!! In that way editing is more hard than playing! Appppprove!

  • Luigi Vercotti
    Luigi Vercotti 5 days ago

    Basses are just portable harpsichords *change my mind*

  • _Tentacles_
    _Tentacles_ 5 days ago +9

    Pianist when they see Davie playing Turkish March:
    Wait that's illegal

  • Tass Yu
    Tass Yu 5 days ago

    This is illegal. No S L A P?

  • Yuri Sá
    Yuri Sá 6 days ago +1

    Mystery Guitar Man (Joe Penna) wants his video back...

  • mayolicious69
    mayolicious69 6 days ago

    Why not go one better and play one note and pitch shift it for 0.1% Bass Skills 99.9% Editing Skills. Always strive to be better

  • blackoes
    blackoes 6 days ago +1

    got that elvis presley hair at the start hecc

  • Daniel Bundrick
    Daniel Bundrick 7 days ago

    After you enjoy this video, go back and watch it again but watch his face, then SLAPP LIKE

  • Foxis The Fox
    Foxis The Fox 7 days ago

    do u look at TwoSetViolin

  • Mauricio Fortuna
    Mauricio Fortuna 8 days ago

    Im da best .-.

  • Janglee Erika
    Janglee Erika 8 days ago

    Davie 504, i challenge YOU to slap the BASS baseline without moving your eyebrow!

  • The Super Lab Gaming

    Im dead your face is so funny in this vid XD

  • Edna Calderon
    Edna Calderon 8 days ago +1

    Like a fibonacci sequence

  • Elektra The Ant
    Elektra The Ant 9 days ago

    very nice but can you do 20 percent bass 40 percent random slapping and 30 percent I dont know how to do maths?

    (equal to 100 percent)

    GIA KIEN DAU 9 days ago

    wow extreme video editing, expecting hemorrhoids

  • Strictly Steam
    Strictly Steam 9 days ago

    More like 99% bass skills 99% bass skills.

  • Mastalgic
    Mastalgic 9 days ago

    LOL! I loved it

  • Lollipops
    Lollipops 9 days ago +1

    Haters will say this is edited

  • donald stevenson
    donald stevenson 10 days ago

    0% Slapp .. I'm calling the police

  • TheDuroProject
    TheDuroProject 10 days ago

    Skills are not in color grading for sure. 😅

  • Sang Surya
    Sang Surya 10 days ago


  • Adam Bosworth
    Adam Bosworth 10 days ago

    What is this song? I can't think of it

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith 10 days ago

    Davie504 has the best bass face

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith 10 days ago

    Very impressive but did you know that 'deadpan luigi' is an anagram of Davie504?

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith 10 days ago

    How Davie504 plays Bass:
    90% spaghetti
    5% olive oil
    7.5% parmesan cheese 🧀

  • Shaul Yareaj
    Shaul Yareaj 10 days ago

    I'm the best, a year late, but the best ;)

  • David Buenaventura
    David Buenaventura 11 days ago

    Davie504 i challenge you to post a video without editing

  • AW Guitar
    AW Guitar 11 days ago

    Slap like now!!

  • Mane Bass
    Mane Bass 11 days ago +1

    Impressive! I wanna know the name of the Logiciel you use for Editing your Videos.

  • Mane Bass
    Mane Bass 11 days ago

    Impressive! I wanna know the name of the Logiciel you use for Editing your Videos.

  • Mane Bass
    Mane Bass 11 days ago

    Impressive! I wanna know the name of the Logiciel you use for Editing your Videos.

  • Cheeks2184
    Cheeks2184 12 days ago

    I almost want to kill myself just thinking about what editing this must've been like. *SLAP LIKE NOW!!!*

  • Strawberry
    Strawberry 12 days ago

    I actually do wonder how much time this took

  • Nostalgicgus '
    Nostalgicgus ' 12 days ago

    what is this music?

  • Tiitus Iilomo
    Tiitus Iilomo 13 days ago

    I red it im the best 1:31 davie like this comment

  • Montell Daniels
    Montell Daniels 13 days ago