Scotch Eggs - Crispy Sausage-Wrapped Soft Cooked Egg - How to Make Scotch Eggs

  • Published on Mar 31, 2015
  • How to make Scotch Eggs! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Scotch Eggs recipe!
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  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 hours ago

    Your cadence is so fucked up !!! Why do you talk like that!!!

  • Vreden !
    Vreden ! 9 hours ago

    The voiiiiice

  • Kirbycraftcx
    Kirbycraftcx 13 hours ago

    Made these for a father's day brunch and they were amazing.

  • Maxim Bandel
    Maxim Bandel 15 hours ago

    Got me subscribed! Coz of the jokes!!!!
    "Unfortunately eggs dont come seasoned". You've killed me in that one!

  • Grant Cogbill
    Grant Cogbill Day ago

    What an insulting way to begin the video

  • Manonpepin1
    Manonpepin1 Day ago

    WOW. !!M

  • Robert Mizek
    Robert Mizek Day ago

    Can’t wait to try making them!

  • amos markos
    amos markos Day ago

    This sounds like half in the bag....

  • Taibah Khan
    Taibah Khan Day ago +1

    It's called Nargisi kofta in India

  • Bob Younger
    Bob Younger Day ago

    Sorry mate but I’m off to Tesco’s

  • Martin Noer
    Martin Noer Day ago

    Looks awesome and very easy. Thanks Chef John and as always ENJOYED!!!!

  • Country Boy
    Country Boy 2 days ago


  • John Prentice
    John Prentice 2 days ago

    Hey chef John really enjoyed your video gonna make them with duck eggs thanks for the inspiration. Kind regards John from Scotland.

  • Derek Talkington
    Derek Talkington 2 days ago +2

    He sounds like he's describing your showcase on The Price is Right.

  • MD
    MD 2 days ago

    Add bacon to have a perfect breakfast

  • spektakelkd
    spektakelkd 2 days ago

    couldnt watch the video due to the way you talk. you sound like a psychopath hiding the fact

  • offal
    offal 2 days ago

    it was invented in england, there are 2 threories, by the head chef at the dorchester, or by fortnum and mason, nothing at all to do with scotland, or india, the scotch thing probably comes from the deep frying method lol

  • slopothacrop
    slopothacrop 3 days ago

    you got a dislike for disin' on my boi JC coming back from the dead. scotch eggs aint shit compaired to that mind freak fuckery.

  • Michael Cheslock
    Michael Cheslock 3 days ago

    Nice recipe. Total dipshit self absorbed prick playing chef.

  • Mike Wilhelmson
    Mike Wilhelmson 4 days ago +1

    Holy shiiiiii ive never ever heard of Scott eggs. Will try soon

  • Tom Karren
    Tom Karren 4 days ago

    Sublime. 💥💥💥

  • Ch Ha
    Ch Ha 4 days ago

    Sorry ya don’t crack and egg during the hot point ,your not doing it right!! Just like making love if something don’t make some noise , at the hot point !ya not doing it right man ... just telling the truth dude !! Got to get it on man !!!

  • Stanislav Kostić
    Stanislav Kostić 4 days ago

    ...and the tape...hahahhaa

  • Whale Clouds
    Whale Clouds 4 days ago

    My mom won’t let me make them oof

  • Horacio Stjeward
    Horacio Stjeward 5 days ago

    thank you mister Mackey :-)

  • Ch33ki Br33ki
    Ch33ki Br33ki 5 days ago

    can you add degre celsius to your videos

  • Mal Function
    Mal Function 5 days ago

    Holy crap.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 6 days ago

    Where did you get the sink strainer?

  • Kat Stevens
    Kat Stevens 6 days ago

    Bro.... Kudos.

  • Andrew Galindo
    Andrew Galindo 10 days ago

    Voice. Inflection.

  • ShakespeareanMetalhead
    ShakespeareanMetalhead 10 days ago +1

    The soft blasphemy makes it. You earned another subscriber lol

  • Liv Falconer
    Liv Falconer 12 days ago

    your soo happy!! aww

  • John Slocum
    John Slocum 15 days ago

    Cook those yolks solid, completely solid

  • Simon Wallis
    Simon Wallis 15 days ago

    What the heck are banko bread crumbs?

  • robin acy
    robin acy 16 days ago

    Can u show how to make hollandaise sauce?

  • Ofon
    Ofon 17 days ago

    that looks delicious...but I don't wanna get fat lol

  • The Whittier Housewife

    Liquid HOT mag...MA!😋

  • Jerky
    Jerky 17 days ago +1

    Breaking news....a recent rash of third degree mouth burns has gripped the city...more news at 11.....after dinner.

  • Michelle Raulf
    Michelle Raulf 18 days ago

    🏁😎 I and choice of recipes

  • Michelle Raulf
    Michelle Raulf 18 days ago

    🏁😎 I simply adore your narration

  • Ian McNally
    Ian McNally 20 days ago

    You don’t have to blaspheme. It is pretty rude to insult someone’s religion. Would you like me to insult your religion? Because believe me I could.

  • Ben Templar
    Ben Templar 21 day ago


  • gwen jokoh
    gwen jokoh 21 day ago

    Yummy 👍

  • Stan Edward
    Stan Edward 23 days ago

    Gonna try this with Beyond Meat Italian sausage and see what happens

  • Nova_Supreme
    Nova_Supreme 23 days ago

    Sausage meat around the egg... Ready to be bred... Work that sausage meat... Push that sausage meat towards the opening...

    I have heard of food porn, but this is something else. :O

  • Tony Carreira
    Tony Carreira 24 days ago

    Boot cloud gang

  • holyfnshet
    holyfnshet 25 days ago

    oh my gahh i think i found my berries.

  • Appleblade
    Appleblade 25 days ago

    Questions: who deep fries? What do you do with all the oil when you're done? Seems crazy. And expensive if you use a good oil.

  • nunya
    nunya 26 days ago

    Yuck yolk.

  • CSC Unit
    CSC Unit 26 days ago

    OMG sooo smooth ! "Narcissist meatballs. What this has to do with me?"

  • Thalanox
    Thalanox 27 days ago

    I tried making this with canned ham. The meat couldn't hold it's structure, and crumbled away from the egg way to easily. I'll have to retry at some point with a different source of meat.

  • Billy H.
    Billy H. 27 days ago +7

    "And speaking of Easter, If you think rising from a grave is impressive, wait'll you try these!!"

    • Jason Doe
      Jason Doe 2 days ago

      Tyrone Johns, why?

    • Tyrone Johns
      Tyrone Johns 6 days ago


    • Ronald Heroux
      Ronald Heroux 23 days ago +1

      Billy H. I had to stop the video cause of laughing so hard from that comment! :)

  • Justified Life
    Justified Life Month ago

    wow, I mean, humm, wow. Thanks, I might be able to do this if I try..

  • Armando Mora
    Armando Mora Month ago

    If you think rising from a graves impressive 😁😁

  • HolyGrail101 / QuestingBeast

    Thanks for the cockroach commercial prior to you video.

  • Dick Tracy
    Dick Tracy Month ago +4

    "Wet hands make smooth balls"

  • Delia Braun
    Delia Braun Month ago

    You make me giggle all the way through 😉

  • L Blake
    L Blake Month ago

    I made these per your recipe...My husband destroyed them. I had to hide mine so he would not eat those too.

  • LiqurMeUp
    LiqurMeUp Month ago

    You sound like Wallace Shawn from Princess Bride. "its inconceivable"

  • LiqurMeUp
    LiqurMeUp Month ago

    Wet hands always feel good when handling balls.

  • Robert Berry
    Robert Berry Month ago

    So scotch eggs come from India and Tikka masala comes from Scotland!! What a world of cuisine we have.

  • David Thorn
    David Thorn Month ago +1

    Holy shit I’ve never seen egg shells so white. Hilarious video tho. Food looks great

  • Hexx Bombastus
    Hexx Bombastus Month ago

    I just thought of something amazing and unnecessary. Instead of the breading over the sausage, use pancake batter. Soft boiled egg, covered in sausage, covered in pancake, served with syrup or jelly...

  • Ursula Lawless
    Ursula Lawless Month ago

    Mmmmmmm ,gonna try this !!

  • Wayne Clarke
    Wayne Clarke Month ago

    Awww that looks so good. Damm, now I want one... heck I want a few.
    Regards Wayne

  • Sareeta Williams
    Sareeta Williams Month ago

    Love this

  • Claude Beckford
    Claude Beckford Month ago

    Great Vid! Thank you!

  • [] Vkn0ne []
    [] Vkn0ne [] Month ago

    You can’t beat M&S snack eggs

  • B. W.
    B. W. Month ago

    Is the yoke warm? I've had a scotch egg at a restaurant once, and the yoke was cool. Kind of caught me by surprise. They obviously started with refrigerated soft boiled eggs, and the yoke did not get warmed during the oil cooking part.

  • m5chk1
    m5chk1 Month ago

    the stupidest way to waste such healthy and tasty food as eggs..

  • Sunil
    Sunil Month ago

    great food and witty humour

  • Azraltarux
    Azraltarux Month ago

    Because wet hamds make smooth balls!

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago

    8 min video and you don't explain the fucking sauce Really

  • futuremlbplayer10
    futuremlbplayer10 Month ago

    Cool dooWN. PERFectly COVered. EEEGgg. Is DOOne.

  • Lukeamania
    Lukeamania Month ago

    I thought they were going to be eggs with shots of Scotch in them!

  • LordHog
    LordHog Month ago

    No matter how hard I try or different methods I try, including this one, I can never remove the shell without the egg looking like the moon craters

  • OswaldMosley2020
    OswaldMosley2020 Month ago

    Subscribed to video until I heard "If you think rising from the grave is impressive than you need to try these eggs!"
    Seeing my religion being reduced to santa claus, rabbits, eggs, chocolate and "witty" comments while every other religion (specifically the two other Abrahamic religions) are untouchable is so very tiresome.

  • Ron
    Ron Month ago

    As soon as I heard this screwball, I found another video to watch.

  • Kalei K
    Kalei K Month ago

    I love Scottish Eggs! I’ll be giving this recipe a try. Mahalo Food Wishes! Aloha from Hawaii

  • Howard Pearcey
    Howard Pearcey Month ago +1

    Egg covered in sausage meat, deep fried and dipped in mayo. No way I could ever tell my cardiac doctor I ate such a thing.

  • Socrates
    Socrates Month ago

    The sausage meat doesn't look cooked enough.

  • Gael Time
    Gael Time Month ago

    Why did I have to find this video on Easter sunday when all the stores are closed

  • debbiemacd
    debbiemacd Month ago

    I’m finally going to make these!

  • D-Day Fitness
    D-Day Fitness Month ago

    Your voice is annoying & so are your “jokes” 🙄

  • Amanda Montenero
    Amanda Montenero Month ago

    Do u start with cold or room temp eggs?

  • moogie1954
    moogie1954 Month ago

    I'm going to have to try this! I haven't attempted it before because my one experience with Scotch Eggs is when I visited London in the late 1970's. A period infamous for the food you could get in Great Britain. I was trying local eateries and had the misfortune of having a Scotch Egg that was less than, shall we say, "palatable"! (don't even get me started on the Steak and Kidney Pie I had!)

  • Patrick Coladonato
    Patrick Coladonato Month ago

    Sounds like the guy from the wolfpit. Which I also like watching.

  • Jonathan Robinson
    Jonathan Robinson Month ago

    Thank you Chef John! I have always failed at soft boiling for some reason, always ended up with yolks too overdone or undertone.
    Your method worked perfectly, and I have soft boiled correctly for the first time! Instant subscribe.

  • Andre Bell
    Andre Bell Month ago

    4:30 wut

  • Lil Sunshine
    Lil Sunshine 2 months ago

    Oh, the Scotch do Make great ..... Tape. 😂

  • Winter White
    Winter White 2 months ago

    PLEASE make this dish with FALAFEL instead of sausage..........? Please show us how you'd do it. Ta.

  • OGsclub Real talk
    OGsclub Real talk 2 months ago

    Omg after seeing this I hat to make them yummmmmmmm🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤗

  • J
    J 2 months ago

    That looks completely yummy! The egg looks much like a chicken Kiev! Too bad they aren't as easy to prepare as these eggs!

  • San Ansa
    San Ansa 2 months ago

    its always better with the sauce. looks yummy

  • Tuan Murphy
    Tuan Murphy 2 months ago

    Scotland has such good food

  • Tye Cook
    Tye Cook 2 months ago +1

    Omg those look delicious!..I'm definitely gonna try this because there's nothing I enjoy more than watching recipes on TVclip and then trying them. I love to cook and I've found so many great ideas and cooked so many great things by just getting ideas from here, and it's all about ideas because you can watch 20 videos for the same dish and no two are the same. Just trust your instincts and go for it, you might mess up a bit but that's how you learn how ingredients really work together. The first time I made spaghetti carbonara after watching videos I kinda messed up but now I have it down to what is just perfect for me...preparing and achieving a great meal is one of the greatest pleasures in life, it's really up there with love and what occurs with people in love. It's such a satisfying thing to share with a partner...

  • anthony evans
    anthony evans 2 months ago

    okay, you soft boil the eggs then wrap them in sausage and bread them then deep fry , but how does the deep frying not cook the yolk the rest of the way?

  • Wyr3d
    Wyr3d 2 months ago

    Anyone else think those eggshells were way too white? Oo

  • kaylashalaylaaaaa
    kaylashalaylaaaaa 2 months ago +1

    this is strangely sexual... i don't know who's the pervert though, you or me

  • Bonnie Hunt
    Bonnie Hunt 2 months ago

    Scottish people HATE being called "Scotch". They say scotch is something you drink. They are "Scottish". I learned this by following a Scottish person on TVclip. ;) I was actually disappointed there was no Scotch in the recipe. That would make for a fantastic breakfast! Maybe I'll experiment, after all I am the McCall's of my Scottish balls.