Scotch Eggs - Crispy Sausage-Wrapped Soft Cooked Egg - How to Make Scotch Eggs


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  • Jandelle Cobbs
    Jandelle Cobbs 4 hours ago

    I like this guy!

  • Michele Cox
    Michele Cox Day ago

    You are always so entertaining. LOL

  • Dennis Hunt
    Dennis Hunt 2 days ago

    Thank-you Chef John. Great way to cook scotch eggs. I have never cooked them because I don't like hard boiled eggs. But now I will.

  • Cat House
    Cat House 2 days ago

    My son made one of these today and brought it over. His coating was using cornflakes, and a mustard and horseradish sauce on the side. It really was very good. It has to be very special because the cat that eats nothing but kibble wrestled away a pretty good sized piece from me!!!!!

  • Raisa Amin
    Raisa Amin 3 days ago +1

    Can I use mince beef instead?

  • Bear InTheKitchen
    Bear InTheKitchen 3 days ago

    Watched this so many times and still have yet to give it a try ...

  • Breezy Trees
    Breezy Trees 5 days ago

    Oh my, these are the Jurassic park of scotch eggs

  • yashamaruism
    yashamaruism 5 days ago

    another way for soft boiled is to submerge eggs into boiling water for exactly 4 mins then to immediately take them out an bath them in icy water until they are no longer hot

  • Will Ferrel
    Will Ferrel 5 days ago

    panko is to hard i use 1/5 panko to 4/5 italian crumbs

  • John Bradley
    John Bradley 7 days ago

    I’ve made these about half dozen times in the last month and my family loves them. Thank you for the recipe. :-)

  • Marquantay Damaris Lynch-Scruggs

    He said smooth balls lol

  • Virtu0city
    Virtu0city 8 days ago

    Your accent is so strange... I just can't stop watching your videos ;p Subscribed!

  • Joanna Valentina
    Joanna Valentina 8 days ago

    You kill me 😂🤣😆
    Love your recipes!

  • dick liddle
    dick liddle 12 days ago

    They look so fkn good

  • Cameron McManus
    Cameron McManus 15 days ago

    ... and the tape... LOL

  • Soumesh Roy
    Soumesh Roy 15 days ago

    You just made an different version of indian snack named "Dim er Chop" or "Egg devil"

  • thejakeyboi
    thejakeyboi 18 days ago

    Thank you!

  • cristi kyd
    cristi kyd 18 days ago

    Does this recipe work with meatball beef??

  • Anthony Nastasi
    Anthony Nastasi 18 days ago

    wow, nice job

  • salmonking
    salmonking 19 days ago

    Even if I never make this, You've taught me how to properly bread a chicken cutlet. Many thanks!

  • The 23rd Horse
    The 23rd Horse 19 days ago

    You said there was no shame in cooking hard-boiled eggs...there is...oh there certainly is!

  • daniel maisnam
    daniel maisnam 20 days ago

    Always very satisfying to watch good food being made.

  • 1973Washu
    1973Washu 20 days ago

    When eggs are at the halfway stage between hard and soft they are perfect.

  • B Bee
    B Bee 21 day ago

    Great recipe, excellent instructions, Hairy monkey hands.😊

  • Shino San
    Shino San 24 days ago

    so i just did this recipe and i gotta say , they turned out better then i expected but i ddn't make the sause and i feel it was missing it , which left the scotch egg's a little un flavored or i should say they just needed a little more flavor , but i do gotta say , either boil your eggs for 1 more minute , or let the fry go for the full 6 minutes , i went boil for 6 and fry for 5 and i sill had a little of the inside whites loose , and i like the egg whites done , i still ate them all made 4 .. and now i feel very full but damn good , ill be making the sauce next time i make it

  • Mikey
    Mikey 26 days ago

    I'm starting to get angry with you. Every recipe I watch looks so damn good that I have to then download and print out to try it. Do you know how many trees I've killed at this point?!?!

  • Jack Van Berg
    Jack Van Berg 26 days ago

    What does that have to do with me? LOL

  • Paul Maguire
    Paul Maguire 27 days ago

    Man you did it again! How can people click the unlike button? This was great!

  • Kem
    Kem 27 days ago

    I need to make these for my german in laws! It's difficult to make British cuisine over here because the sausage and bacon is so so different. I can't make toad in the hole with german sausage or a fry up because their sausages are too tough. But I am sure I can find some raw Italian sausage meat over here! :)

  • عبدالرحمن مغيت

    في جميع الاكلات لا تذكر طريقه عمل الصوص؟؟؟!!!!

  • Mary Hunt
    Mary Hunt 28 days ago

    I wish I liked eggs because this looks delicious.
    Hehehe, smooth balls. I am a child.

  • Marcos Diez
    Marcos Diez 29 days ago

    Could you please include metric system measures in your captions? The rest of the wold will appreciate it.

  • J T
    J T Month ago

    I also add sour cream and honey to dip mix.

  • Sammy Steve
    Sammy Steve Month ago

    Came for the “scotch egg” search, stayed, liked, and subscribed for the beautifully edited video. How many videos on TVclip are filled with long pauses between steps and unnecessary background noise? Credit where credit is due. ;)

  • Lazzy Mind
    Lazzy Mind Month ago

    Waste of 💧for 4🍳

  • abhinav nigam
    abhinav nigam Month ago

    Wow ! And guess what ? I live in such a country where no sausages are found ...

  • Phuck Yeu
    Phuck Yeu Month ago

    It's f*c#kin' molten!

  • Abol Tabol
    Abol Tabol Month ago

    Ah yes it is Indian recipe.We eat it as snacks a bit of a heavy snack.

  • James Dooling
    James Dooling Month ago

    Making this again today in a batch of 36 -- English family reunion here in Texas. For sausage though, I've decided to use a sage-flavored Jimmy Dean with a tablespoon of Ancho powder. I'm going to encase them today, but wait on the coating until two hours before frying. It should be marvelous and Southern. This really is an excellent techniques video. If you like eggs and meat, a Scotch egg is transcendental.

  • Franklin Bonafe
    Franklin Bonafe Month ago

    Chef John, you make cooking simply divine, whimsical and definitely, delicious, thank you!

  • Franklin Bonafe
    Franklin Bonafe Month ago

    Molten. BRILLIANT!

  • T II
    T II Month ago

    Absolutely wonderful presentation!
    (He said, "smooth balls") Gotta love that!
    Thanks John!

  • Tikola Nesla
    Tikola Nesla Month ago

    Love the videos but you inflection is unbearable... don’t mean to insult, it’s just hard for me to listen to.

  • mel mede
    mel mede Month ago

    this guy wastes a lot of water.

  • Khasab
    Khasab Month ago

    that's just a silly way to do the eggs. Totally unnecessary, and more likely to burn the shell and crack the eggs.
    Just boil them in a pan of water as per normal. If you want them soft boiled ( and I've timed this exactly) Put the eggs into boiling water for 3 minutes. You'll get the yoke runny and the white cooked.

  • lordmick roach
    lordmick roach Month ago

    The best Scotch Eggs can be bought at Fortnum and Mason, HM the Queens grocer. In fact it was this shop that invented them

  • R3dp055um
    R3dp055um Month ago

    GREAT looking recipe, but in place of the mustard aoli, I would suggest a remoulade, which is admittedly just the same thing with added vinegar, lemon juice, and chopped pickle. Or if you're feeling adventurous, a cajun remoulade also has spicy peppers and a touch of curry.

  • Gregory Von Dare
    Gregory Von Dare Month ago

    ..."and the tape." Very, very funny.

  • D Clark
    D Clark Month ago


  • Austin D
    Austin D Month ago

    Can you also pan fry them if I don’t own a deep fryer ?

  • Shivam Sahni
    Shivam Sahni Month ago

    "And because the inside of eggs don't come seasoned"

  • Michael Balph
    Michael Balph Month ago

    I absolutely love your videos man.

  • mjessnash
    mjessnash Month ago

    I laughed way to hard at that narcissist joke at the end

  • Jack zschappel
    Jack zschappel Month ago

    Chef John, I’m your biggest fan. I love many of your recipes and your videos. The joke comparing rising from the grave to eggs, however, was tasteless and offensive. Everyone says something regrettable sometimes, including me. I hope you will walk this one back a little. Thank you!

  • Kirk Barkley
    Kirk Barkley Month ago

    I like this guy's engaging/friendly speaking voice: it makes it really enjoyable

    • Kirk Barkley
      Kirk Barkley Month ago

      Bet these are really yummy for the first-time [ i.e. Americans to try!]

  • JoJo Mama
    JoJo Mama Month ago

    Sure had this one wrong,thought it was about drinking Scotch while cooking eggs!

  • dheeraj moogal
    dheeraj moogal 2 months ago

    Can we grill this in an oven sir! Thank you.

  • ʈɑʈʈɨɲɠ ɕɦɨɕ

    I love just a hint of ground nutmeg in my sausage for scotch eggs, too!

  • Margaret Glenn
    Margaret Glenn 2 months ago

    Italian shaped like a boot-very witty!

  • Hesham S
    Hesham S 2 months ago

    you see i love your videos and believe me it's ok to take breath in the middle of sentences

  • Laurie Swanson
    Laurie Swanson 2 months ago

    When I said scotch eggs at the Renaissance fair they were cold inside didn’t realize it at the moment but dammit to hell I told him to take back and cook it again.When it was done supposedly it was so hot I couldn’t even buy into it so I waited till it cools didn’t realize the inside still at this not done because it was a bit bro and I got sick from it I will not eat do you think you can ever what I had was food poisoning

  • Markus Hayden Sutherland

    Perfectly cooked!

  • Issac Frutos
    Issac Frutos 2 months ago

    Sausage looks undercooked

    • Issac Frutos
      Issac Frutos Month ago

      Alice Wynn ... when you go to hell, you’ll be the one cooking.

    • Alice Nyaa
      Alice Nyaa Month ago

      your mom looks undercooked

  • Alan Caye
    Alan Caye 2 months ago

    My grandfather moved to the United States from Glasgow Scotland. But I'm not familiar with these. They look good however.

  • Mr coz
    Mr coz 2 months ago

    The last time i tried to make soft boiled eggs i failed,,,,the show i watched sad cook for 5 to 6 mins,,,,well needless to say,,,,they werent "Soft" But i want these scotch eggs

  • LeesaDeAndrea
    LeesaDeAndrea 2 months ago

    I had heard of scotch eggs but didn't know exactly what they are. Looks really tasty.

  • Saucey Pants
    Saucey Pants 2 months ago

    Those look amazing

  • Dave LaBadie
    Dave LaBadie 2 months ago

    I think these look so yummy Chef John. My wife has a pretty good take on them too. I'm going after some sausage, corn flakes, and cream of soup now. So thanks for inticing me.

  • kmart111
    kmart111 2 months ago

    i dont have the equipment to fry them... is this going to work on a simple pan with a lot of oil ?

  • Pontuz Ehrling Fält
    Pontuz Ehrling Fält 2 months ago

    I know this video is really old now but don't call it aioli if there's no garlic

  • jooooooeee
    jooooooeee 2 months ago

    Wet hands make smooth balls hahahahahaha

  • Riya Basu
    Riya Basu 2 months ago

    The North Indian dish is Nargisi Kofta = egg wrapped in mince meat and deep fried. That doesn't use bread crumb coating may be a little flour. But the problem is whenever I try to fry, the coating always pops open and the egg comes out.

  • Michael Kohlman
    Michael Kohlman 2 months ago

    I've made the Indian version of this and they taste great too!

  • Corrine Harleman
    Corrine Harleman 2 months ago

    "...with whiskey...and the tape" hahaha! Chef John is always good for a laugh or two. Thanks for making me smile today.

  • TruFantom21
    TruFantom21 2 months ago

    LOL....this guy is really funny plus he knows his food.

  • jack wright
    jack wright 2 months ago

    Thank you for showing this.

    LJ THE GEEK 2 months ago

    i would have to make the egg medium i can not eat runny white part of the egg but the yolk somewhat runny is ok but other then that this looks awesome .
    some places make them here and i love them but the egg is cooked more than this one was

  • Scott Elmore
    Scott Elmore 2 months ago

    I don't care what you call a runny yolk pal, it's not cooked and I don't recommend raw eggs to anyone.

  • John Crabtree
    John Crabtree 2 months ago

    Bravo! My goodness, now I'm starving.

  • Shino San
    Shino San 3 months ago

    that just made me soooo hungry ...

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 3 months ago

    What's that mayo dip made of again? I can't understand the second ingredient beside mayo and cayenne

  • R Savage
    R Savage 3 months ago

    He's not kidding, they are awesome, Yet I do like mine with the hard boiled egg. I could try the soft yolk, too. _Cheers!

  • Travis H
    Travis H 3 months ago

    Your voice is annoying. Why do you talk like that raising your voice like that all the time. Food looks great but ur voice is so annoying.

  • Nelson Melamund
    Nelson Melamund 3 months ago

    Beyond perfect. Thank you.

  • James Lee
    James Lee 3 months ago

    IT LOOKS AMAZING. but I do wonder what it would taste like with chirizo instead of the italian sausage.

  • Jack Dawkins
    Jack Dawkins 3 months ago

    Great job 👍🏼!

  • Laurie Swanson
    Laurie Swanson 3 months ago

    I was always told cold water with ice cubes work really well

  • Quiet Storm
    Quiet Storm 3 months ago

    I just discovered you, I subscribed and I'm bInge watching. Love your sense of humor and the delicious recipes.

  • Samuel S A Walker
    Samuel S A Walker 3 months ago

    Pretty sure that they are English (potentially inspired by an Indian meat ball), invented at Fortnum & Mason's.

  • Justified Life
    Justified Life 3 months ago

    man oh man.

  • Dan A
    Dan A 3 months ago

    looks delicious and a funny episode!

  • FerretJohn
    FerretJohn 3 months ago

    Never heard of Scotch Eggs before, but I'm definitely going to have to give them a try

  • Richard Beck
    Richard Beck 3 months ago

    How have I not ever seen your videos?!?! Great cooking and banter. I like your whit.

    KHAN WINK 3 months ago

    It's Nargis ke kofte.

  • coldfire05
    coldfire05 3 months ago

    Does it make a difference if the eggs are cold or room temp. when putting them in the boiling water?

  • Spencer Trumbore
    Spencer Trumbore 3 months ago

    I'm trying this tomorrow, pray for me.

  • russ hochman
    russ hochman 3 months ago

    do the comments ever-stop, i went to the bottom & nope, more-came ----- lol, but egg,s concerned, i love-em/ all-types, i do mine 8min & its full-proof, my other-half makes the devil-egg,s, i dont think i,ve got the know-how, scramble with a bit of mustard, 4 eggs a day makes me happy :-)

  • Robert Grace
    Robert Grace 3 months ago

    Lol cooking always sounds sexual

  • drishy94303
    drishy94303 3 months ago

    I too have watched this video probably 5-10 times and never made it but I will soon... I'm gonna make scotch eggs!!!

  • mlopez6179
    mlopez6179 3 months ago