How To Remove Ford Fuel Line Fittings Without Fancy Tools! Quick Disconnect DIY

  • Published on Feb 8, 2013
  • This is a video of me replacing the fuel filter on my 1999 Ford Ranger. I was able to make a tool to overcome the quick disconnect fitting couplers out of an old felt pen. This method should work on many Ford vehicles from 1995 - 2012
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  • J C
    J C 2 days ago

    RIP Sharpie!

  • Ryan Quinlan
    Ryan Quinlan 3 days ago

    I have a Ford Falcon AU with these SHIT fittings I hate them have bought all the so called quick release adapters and its still a shit of a job, going to cut up my sharpie pen cheers mate for the info
    I said fucken nice one brother

  • John Dunn
    John Dunn 5 days ago

    cool stuff. thank you

  • Don Munro
    Don Munro 7 days ago

    If you think an 8 dollar filter is something you'll only change once in a lifetime, then i see why you're to cheap to buy a 4 dollar tool.

  • tim ovel
    tim ovel 8 days ago +1

    That’s cool AND Jeffry Epstein didn’t kill himself!

  • Hiram Abiff
    Hiram Abiff 10 days ago


  • Alan Brandywine
    Alan Brandywine 12 days ago

    Roll up soda can works 5 cents. Why was the old filter put back on.

  • GGALLIN1776
    GGALLIN1776 12 days ago

    Paid $3 for the multi sized metal version of the QD tool at autozone, cost less than the damn bottom of the barrel filter.

  • Gary McMichael
    Gary McMichael 12 days ago

    I've followed every step suggested on these sharpie cap tool videos and cannot get my line to release. Taking one more break before diving in again. The line I'm releasing is on the back of the fuel rail right next to the firewall under the hood of my 2007 lifted GMC and it's a bitch getting to it - no room to work like these examples. You all got it good. Pray for me....

  • Ray raycthree
    Ray raycthree 13 days ago

    Store bought tool has a flange to press on so no pliers required where there usually isnt room for them. Compressed air clean and wd40 helps a lot if gritty or corroded or even clean.

    • Gary McMichael
      Gary McMichael 12 days ago

      Thanks - will try a squirt of wd40 next. This has been a sonsabitch so far. No way as easy as this dude makes it look.

  • Curtis Bacon
    Curtis Bacon 18 days ago +1

    Tried for 30min with "their" quick disconnect tool no luck. Found this video and literally 2 mins later done. Thank you!

  • Illwillco01
    Illwillco01 18 days ago

    good thing a sharpee is only a dollar at the dollar tree!💵

  • mikerafone music
    mikerafone music 20 days ago

    Get the tool at auto zone much easier..the pen cap didnt work well

  • Ken Berscheit
    Ken Berscheit 20 days ago

    ford also uses the "chinese fingers" on their clutch slave and then went to the coil spring on these and also the ac lines , really 4.99 for a cheap set of dies to remove these is too they use a push button connector on their plastic lines , much better then their "L" shaped plastic clips

  • Trip Dapperson Jr.
    Trip Dapperson Jr. 21 day ago

    I love ur vids alot,
    but this video is a perfect example of why fords are over rated lol

    • Gary McMichael
      Gary McMichael 12 days ago

      Um, Trip, my 07 GMC Sierra fuel lines have an almost identical connector with the same locking clip at the fuel rail. If you think Ford is the only make that uses that connector you're misinformed.

  • Roberto Maldonado
    Roberto Maldonado 23 days ago

    But how to release the pression...where to go to¨?

  • Corey Busby
    Corey Busby 28 days ago

    How did you release the fuel pressure before starting?

    • Gary McMichael
      Gary McMichael 12 days ago

      There is a fuel pressure release valve under the hood. Search youtube for THAT video based on your make/model. Wait.......why the hell did you ask that when you're on you Tube already? Baffling, man, baffling.

  • Aaron Rudder
    Aaron Rudder 29 days ago

    The "special tool" is like $12 at Napa for a set. A set that fits multiple vehicles you may own over time. A fuel filter is not a once in a lifetime replacement item. I ha e in fact used a sharpie cap in a pinch but dude, just get the tool and do it correctly. It will pay off in the long run!!

  • F is for Fish
    F is for Fish Month ago

    I like the clear filters so you can see inside

  • Nick Douglas
    Nick Douglas Month ago

    AWESOME! Done in 1 minute...

  • lickitysplit roberts

    Damnit I just paid 16 bucks for that tool

  • Joel Simpson
    Joel Simpson Month ago

    in Australia it costs $25 aud for a fuel filter which is like $18 usd, 8 bucks for a fuel filter i wish

  • Xavier Batis
    Xavier Batis Month ago

    The tool is less expensive than the sharppi

  • Montana White
    Montana White Month ago

    I bought the tool for my ford rangers fuel filter when I was 15 or 16. I got a f150 with a bad pump. Need to use that same tool. 9 years later. Twice in one lifetime baby.

  • bobby lee
    bobby lee Month ago


  • Pray It Forward
    Pray It Forward Month ago

    Genuis!!! Thank you

  • Richard Beckmann
    Richard Beckmann Month ago

    Getting the front end off was easy the back end was stuck and the fuel line and would not come off no matter how hard I pulled. I gave up and paid 85 to have it installed. I was too nervous about breaking something. Any reason why it could be unbearably tight in the back? And what could someone do in that situation?

  • RC Hobbyist Extreme

    I never had a tool for removing those. A simple pair of needle nose pliers works fine.Just hold the tips of the pliers on eather side of the connector and push in. GM also had a simular type release on the Trailblazer. I had a Bronco 2 and never had a special tool. I actually ended up buying one and never used it. They are dirt cheap at Harbor Freight.

  • billy Hensley
    billy Hensley Month ago

    You call eight dollars expensive my filter on my 1999 cost 21$ good lord you can but the whole tool set for less than 20$

  • Khanspiritor NRG
    Khanspiritor NRG 2 months ago

    Trump would be proud.... implementing a sharpie....

  • BiG BaKeR
    BiG BaKeR 2 months ago

    Pretty pricey?? $8.74 😂😂😂😂

  • babar ali chaudhary
    babar ali chaudhary 2 months ago


  • Michael Gordon
    Michael Gordon 2 months ago +2

    Simple genius guy! I told my wife, "go ahead and leave, I've got everything I need". Then I got to the freeking fuel line. An old dried up sharpie in my tool box and line off five minutes later!

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird 2 months ago +1

    The little QD tool is only about 2.99 or 4.99 well worth the money given the time to make one.

  • Moises Ramirez
    Moises Ramirez 2 months ago

    You are the best thanks. Better explain imposible😀😀😀😀😀😅😅😅

  • wonnieboy
    wonnieboy 2 months ago

    I can't believe this worked really well. Thx for the tip. I finally changed fuel filter with your marker top tip

  • VashthStampeede
    VashthStampeede 2 months ago

    Been using the band from a number 4 or 6 mini hose clamp for many years. Back when you could buy one for a quarter or less. Just snipped the plain end to length at the ends of a slot, wrapped it around the filter nipple, pushed it into the connector and it came right off. Took a lot less effort than trying to jam that chunk of plastic in there with pliers. Didn't weaken the springs either. Afterthought: why didn't you use the new filter you bought to demonstrate putting it back together?

  • Jared Hempfield
    Jared Hempfield 2 months ago

    Omg, just buy the damn tool lol, that was painful to watch unless you are 2k miles from a parts store. Just messin, good idea when you can't find one. Makes it easier when you spray it out with silicone before jamming anything into it, don't want to set your ford on fire.

  • El Comanche
    El Comanche 2 months ago

    Did it today on my 2001 f150. Worked perfect , thanks for the video.

  • aux1z11
    aux1z11 3 months ago

    So why did you put the old one back on right at the end instead of the new one

    • Clown Shoes MMA
      Clown Shoes MMA 3 months ago

      A lot of shady car dealers will use the old filter. They just poke a hole through the guts of the filter to have a constant gas flow. Not saying he did but that’s the only reason why you’d use the old filter unless the old filter wasn’t clogged.

  • Geoff Schneider
    Geoff Schneider 3 months ago

    Finally, a good video that doesn't take forever to get there and is thorough. Thank you.

  • Brett R
    Brett R 3 months ago

    And a positive attitude! Haha

  • Ben Cano
    Ben Cano 3 months ago

    RIP Sharpie 😭😭😭 I hope the cap is doing good

  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis 3 months ago

    My 1999 ranger uses similar on the AC system. Harbor freight has a plastic set of those caps for a few bucks. they come in different sizes. I bet one is for the fuel quick disconnect but good DIY tool.

  • Jerry Peterson
    Jerry Peterson 3 months ago

    My hats off to you very, resourceful. From a retired Ford mechanic!

  • David Minton
    David Minton 3 months ago

    Very genius of you to develop that! But for about ten bucks, without pliers, would've taken about the same time to disconnect, with the proper tool. Cool find though nonetheless! Very impressive!

  • S.O.S
    S.O.S 3 months ago

    The tool is only 3$ same price of a 2pack of sharpey he just didn't want to wate for shipping and it's only there bucuse it's faster to build on the assembly line

  • Ray Wengerd
    Ray Wengerd 3 months ago

    Thanks so much!!! I used your technique tonight. It saved me a trip to the auto parts store plus the cost of the tool.

  • Bart Staton
    Bart Staton 3 months ago

    I miss your videos! even if you guys don't end up making any more things like this are actually super helpful. thank you for ALL the videos you made! This is going to be super helpful!

  • uKnow
    uKnow 3 months ago

    oh my gosh there is already a tool LIKE THIS not a guineas idea that already exists.

  • randy rivera
    randy rivera 3 months ago

    Thanks man you help me alot.....

  • Ryan Price
    Ryan Price 3 months ago

    Easiest way to get rid of fuel pressure is to pull the pump fuse. Of course ford doesn't label the fuses like other manufacturers but on an explorer I believe it is 4th from the back. Then run your truck until it stalls.

  • greybird4u
    greybird4u 3 months ago

    Thank you for your time and experience.

  • Jose Selina
    Jose Selina 3 months ago

    Sir I was given some wird plastic clamps to remove mine. And I couldn't use it or it wasn't even for it . but with your help I did it with no issue. And I came back to this video to thank you. This is the firt time I do it and it took 10 min . thank you.

  • Joseph Doaques
    Joseph Doaques 4 months ago

    Such a terrible waste!!! I had the same problem. I knew that there was some sort of gripping device in the fuel line fitting. I tried several methods to get it to release. Completely stonkered. Very frustrated. Lots of imprecations and curses. Used your Sharpie Pen Cap Method. ... Worked like a charm. Here's the waste: Plenty of cap left over to moosh down on the Sharpie pen. Hey.... Have to honor the sacrifice of a brave marker. THANK YOU (both)!!!!!

  • Robert Brockwell
    Robert Brockwell 4 months ago

    Great idea!! I'll be using this idea here soon. Thx for the video bud!!

  • 1derncool
    1derncool 4 months ago

    I used a 3/8" insert from a shark bite pipe connector, and split it down the side... worked like a dream

  • L. G.
    L. G. 4 months ago

    You didn’t try and wow people with your intellectual prowess, just showed folks how to save some money in a pinch. You not only walked us through it, but also maintained that positive attitude you mentioned in the video! Kudos brother! Thanks again!
    Lou G. “If you can’t explain something in simple terms, you don’t have a firm grasp of the topic” - Albert Einstein

  • Derek Turnock
    Derek Turnock 4 months ago

    2.2 million views because they are a bitch to do

  • Rafael Cardenas
    Rafael Cardenas 4 months ago

    8 dollars is expensive?