Airbus A380 vs. Boeing 747


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  • Osmar Fernandes
    Osmar Fernandes 20 hours ago

    Essas são as máquinas mais icrives do mundo.

  • Louis Oberg
    Louis Oberg Day ago

    The 747 has been and will be around longer than the 380.

  • Sandy Meng
    Sandy Meng Day ago

    the a380s height is too tall for its length and the wings are too short for its height, a380 is ugly

  • Gordon Ferrar
    Gordon Ferrar Day ago

    I sometimes wonder if normal people realise that in small corner of the internet there's a raging battle between A380ers and 747ers.

  • YouTube Uzbekistan
    YouTube Uzbekistan 11 days ago

    A380 - best!

  • Moren Lee
    Moren Lee 12 days ago

    Why peoples hate A380? He is biggest , futuristic inside & outside. For me A380 kinda Titanic flight.

  • Ricky Navarro
    Ricky Navarro 16 days ago

    Airbus 380 very ugly plane.747 looking Awesome.#1

  • Rhuan Deyvison
    Rhuan Deyvison 17 days ago

    747 wins

    ADL KHDR 19 days ago

    For airbus fans:
    Airbus wins, in your dreams.
    For more dreams, please visit the dreamliner

  • rex lee
    rex lee 20 days ago +1

    its sad because american compines trashed jumbo jets

  • rex lee
    rex lee 20 days ago +1

    a380 wins

  • rex lee
    rex lee 20 days ago +1

    777 vs a380

  • Richard Ndegwa
    Richard Ndegwa 22 days ago


  • Diego Alzogaray
    Diego Alzogaray 22 days ago

    4:48 es gigantes jajaja que gran avion

  • D the awesom3
    D the awesom3 22 days ago

    747 is better, the design is very good and it is much louder than the a380

  • Aaron Alagos
    Aaron Alagos 23 days ago

    747 is dangerous because it has longer body but shorter wing span also the front part is bigger than middle and the end and that can cause drag or make plane fall especially during extreme turbulence......unlike a380 it has longer wingspan and the size from fromt to end is the same

  • bambang daryanto
    bambang daryanto 24 days ago

    B737 vs A320

    ADL KHDR 26 days ago

    7:14 looks like.boeing butters more than airbus

    ADL KHDR 26 days ago

    Umm looks like airbus a380 is having some landing problems

  • H MH
    H MH 26 days ago


  • Kovács Dániel
    Kovács Dániel Month ago

    Which one do you like????? 😁

    LUTHFI GAMING Month ago


  • Leo_ 8000br
    Leo_ 8000br Month ago

    As asas deles balança pra carai em

  • Lheng Gomez
    Lheng Gomez Month ago +1

    Airbus a380 is better

  • michael hoang
    michael hoang Month ago

    747 looks sexy , A380 looks fat

  • Ady Sembako
    Ady Sembako Month ago

    Airbus very smooth landing

  • Agg Bjb
    Agg Bjb Month ago +1

    Speed airbus or boeing?

  • Fernando Araujo Oficial

    A380 i love you forever

  • Mohd Saleem
    Mohd Saleem Month ago


  • Azan Mahammed
    Azan Mahammed Month ago

    A 380 is best

  • Aj Daniel
    Aj Daniel Month ago

    A380 easy win

  • BoudewijnvanHouten
    BoudewijnvanHouten Month ago

    Boeing 747 looks aesthetically pleasing whereas the Airbus looks right out ugly. In comparison a 747 looks like a swan and a 380 like a too fat goose.

  • conman
    conman Month ago

    Easily the a380. The 747’s fuselage looks like a cock

  • bruno aviador
    bruno aviador Month ago


  • hola K hace
    hola K hace Month ago +2


  • Ajat Sudrajat
    Ajat Sudrajat Month ago

    Airbus modern, Boeing legend

  • Daniel Phillips
    Daniel Phillips Month ago

    A380 is the better, more modern, more capable, more efficient with more comfortable facilities/cabin/seating vs the 747.

  • Veizai
    Veizai Month ago

    Airbus A380 VS Boeing 747. Who would win in a dogfight?

  • GoldGhost Gamer don’t read my description

    O my gosh. If you made the video 1 second longer, it would be 7 mins and 47 seconds

  • Zidan Rachmat
    Zidan Rachmat Month ago

    Boeing 747

  • Imane Moussaoui
    Imane Moussaoui Month ago


  • Viswa Kalukurthi
    Viswa Kalukurthi Month ago


  • Paul Paul
    Paul Paul Month ago

    I notice that thr is no A380 Cargo..747 is the best for transportation

  • Royce Orville 2
    Royce Orville 2 Month ago

    You Would Crash On A380 😒🤣

  • Royce Orville 2
    Royce Orville 2 Month ago

    Boeing 747 Wins #Boeing747

  • Royce Orville 2
    Royce Orville 2 Month ago

    Concorde Vs A380 #BringBackConcorde

  • Robin John
    Robin John Month ago

    B747 is looking great from its older design compare to A380 bulky outer look. B747 lands in control manner whatever weather is it compare to A380.

  • mia haskurti
    mia haskurti Month ago

    Airbus A380 Is My Faviourt

  • Rafael Ferreira Da Silva Ferreira

    A380 ✈

  • Karen Lim
    Karen Lim 2 months ago

    747 for me

  • emmangaming2000 yt
    emmangaming2000 yt 2 months ago

    A380 and 747 for me

  • Neo Anderson
    Neo Anderson 2 months ago

    The 747 looks awsome but the A380 is quiter and bigger. If i am a rock star then 747 but as bussiness man the A 380 is a good option. Very very nice footage btw.

  • Jj Raia
    Jj Raia 2 months ago

    747 is flawless tho

  • Orlando99 Orlando
    Orlando99 Orlando 2 months ago

    Besar banget keren 👍👍

    CAPTAIN PAKISTAN 2 months ago +1

    Whatever u say,747 is always better.than any other type of plane!

  • donner man
    donner man 2 months ago

    A380..... Wonderful

  • Joel Cruz
    Joel Cruz 2 months ago

    100% Boeing 747-8

  • Les Williams
    Les Williams 2 months ago

    A 380 for me,an absolute beauty of the skies and Emirates best airliner in the world.

  • Erich Honecker
    Erich Honecker 2 months ago

    I think deep down inside us we know, no matter what, that Boeing is and always will be the better aircraft. :)

  • Muhammad Ghozali
    Muhammad Ghozali 2 months ago

    a380 I think more better

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee 2 months ago

    A350 looks better than A380

  • Familjen Johansson
    Familjen Johansson 2 months ago


  • Rosli Romasa Rms
    Rosli Romasa Rms 2 months ago

    Im pick A380

  • swagk cool gaming
    swagk cool gaming 2 months ago

    I love Airbus A380

  • Adi Lesmana Putra
    Adi Lesmana Putra 2 months ago

    747 iron maiden🤣

  • Richard Anthony L
    Richard Anthony L 2 months ago

    b747. Always

  • Roland Frutiger
    Roland Frutiger 2 months ago

    Only Boeing 747!! The A380 is too ugly

  • Asma Maqbool
    Asma Maqbool 2 months ago

    boeing has nice look but a380 is better

    GERONIMO ALFRES 2 months ago

    Sexy body Boeing 747.

  • Fernando Alonso
    Fernando Alonso 3 months ago

    Solo hay que ver la forma el A 380 es mas perfecto, rompe molde en todo, el 747 no, es mas de lo mismo 👎

  • lobsterman08
    lobsterman08 3 months ago

    if i owned emirates airline i would order some 747's

  • Peter Kotara
    Peter Kotara 3 months ago

    I love them both, but the wing on the 744 looks primitive in comparison.

  • Frederik Albrecht
    Frederik Albrecht 3 months ago

    I think it's a difficult comparaison if possible. The Boing is close to 50 years anniversary where the Airbus is much newer. The take off weight and range is in favor of the Airbus +640 tons. The Boing might be quicker to emthy and fill making it faster to operate. A380 cost 446 Mill. $ Boing 403 Mill. $ I love both planes but have only flown the Jumbo 4 times which is a very pleasant experience. But pilots tell that the A380 is a bit more sophisticated and easier to operate.

  • dyllen1907
    dyllen1907 3 months ago

    That's easy...A380, in which I call "Budgie".

  • Ronnie Adamos
    Ronnie Adamos 3 months ago

    Ill take A380 more range more passengers King of the skies!

  • Joachim Manech Reyes
    Joachim Manech Reyes 3 months ago

    I vote a380 747 is like a child who has been spanked on the head but a380 is soooooooo cool and the biggest

  • Joachim Manech Reyes
    Joachim Manech Reyes 3 months ago

    It's same three just both airplane but a380 better for me

  • helicopter weewee
    helicopter weewee 3 months ago

    747 is best for cargo. A380 is best for passengers. That's it.

  • Abdul Basith
    Abdul Basith 3 months ago

    A380 the king

    WILLEM STEPHANUS 3 months ago

    It's excellent committed well train pilots, good job they did keep it on.

    WILLEM STEPHANUS 3 months ago

    World became small with airtravel.

  • Swedish Potato
    Swedish Potato 3 months ago

    It is not about Boeing or Airbus..... A real aviator will just fall in love with all airplanes

  • The Philippines
    The Philippines 3 months ago

    A380 For me! I like the design, less Noice, much bigger than 747, more rooms, and fuel efficient

  • David Gray
    David Gray 3 months ago


  • Stefan Pereira
    Stefan Pereira 3 months ago


  • Stefan Pereira
    Stefan Pereira 3 months ago


  • Jashim Ahmed
    Jashim Ahmed 3 months ago

    "Surely the "A380" is a better plane because it has more range, speed and much less fuel per passenger. So, the "Airbus A380" is an absolute choice."

  • felix Felix
    felix Felix 3 months ago

    pelo que eu percebi o 747 tem mais força e facilidade pra subir

    ANAS ABO SOLB!! 3 months ago


  • Hamza Fiaz
    Hamza Fiaz 3 months ago

    I love a380

  • Cpr1234
    Cpr1234 3 months ago

    A380 definitely. A380 has entire upper deck while 747 upper deck is only at the front of the plane

  • Marcelo Pereira dos Santos

    Só falta o A380 da Companhia de aviação TAM.2018

  • Marcelo Pereira dos Santos

    Só falta o A380 da Companhia de avaliação TAM.2018

  • Md Dilwar Young
    Md Dilwar Young 4 months ago

    or I like to emirates..

  • Md Dilwar Young
    Md Dilwar Young 4 months ago

    I like the emirates..

  • Emperor Luke
    Emperor Luke 4 months ago

    I like the 747

  • Wilfred Farrell
    Wilfred Farrell 4 months ago

    The king of the skies wins again long live a380

  • South ern
    South ern 4 months ago +1

    I like both airplanes
    But I prefer the a380

  • jose victor
    jose victor 4 months ago


  • The Phenom
    The Phenom 4 months ago