Airbus A380 vs. Boeing 747

  • Published on Jun 4, 2016
  • Which of these planes do you like more? Write it in the comments. In addition to that please tell me which planes I should compare next. You decide !!
    It` s time for another "versus" video. This time I would like to know if you prefere the Airbus A380 or the Boeing 747. This is my 10th comparison and this time I decided to compare the biggest passengar planes, the A380 with the B747.
    The first Boeing 747 entered service in February 1971. A total of 2000 planes have been built within the past 45 years.
    The first Airbus A380 was delivered in 2007 to Singapore Airlines. Until today 187 planes have been bulit and Airbus is currently thinking about producing an Airbus A380neo which will be more fuel efficient.
    Previous "Battles":
    Boeing 767 vs. Airbus A330:
    Boeing 777 vs. Airbus A340:
    Boeing 747 vs. Antonov An-124:
    Dc-10 vs. Md-11 vs. L1011:
    Thanks for watching.
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  • Jdh Ahx
    Jdh Ahx 2 hours ago

    one 737

  • dragon7777
    dragon7777 Day ago


  • Tygozwart55 Tygozwart33

    Boeing 747 is dying

  • weliton weliton da silva santo

    Muito bonito eu adoro aviao👍🙄😎😎👍

  • karl ferrari
    karl ferrari 5 days ago

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  • Carson Blakesley
    Carson Blakesley 13 days ago

    airbus but each and every one of them are amazing

  • Franchisemae Castillo
    Franchisemae Castillo 13 days ago

    Me cringe cause a380 did no butter qwq

  • Xade Cipriani
    Xade Cipriani 15 days ago

    The airline is the best out of all

  • Xade Cipriani
    Xade Cipriani 15 days ago

    I wana become a pilot for Emirates a380-800

  • Xade Cipriani
    Xade Cipriani 15 days ago

    A380-800 who aggres

  • Фархат Есенгалиев

    Аэробус а380 красавец

  • Laiqat Ali
    Laiqat Ali 15 days ago


  • Rosy Flores
    Rosy Flores 16 days ago


  • Rosy Flores
    Rosy Flores 16 days ago

    A380 A380

    SUPER MÁRIO 18 days ago

    Nossa. So aviaozao

  • Nauval Gaming
    Nauval Gaming 18 days ago +1

    B 747 me

  • ömer vardar
    ömer vardar 19 days ago

    airbus a380

  • Binoy Kuriakose
    Binoy Kuriakose 20 days ago

    A380 super model

  • 4Nick3
    4Nick3 21 day ago

    a380 because the 747 has a shite history.

  • Zaid Karp
    Zaid Karp 22 days ago

    No Economy bed in Economy Class , we can't sit 16 hrs. Ticket Prices $ 900, + Tax $ 900 = 1800 in Economy Class airbus 380. Now company is Failed they are Stop Builting 380 air bus

  • kl tv
    kl tv 24 days ago

    but I vote for the A380

  • kl tv
    kl tv 24 days ago +3

    b747:the jumbo jet
    A380:the super-jumbo jet !

  • Amankwaa beatrice osei Oosei

    Awesome aeroplanes.

  • Amankwaa beatrice osei Oosei

    Why will someone be afraid or panic sitting in these special aeroplanes?? Beautiful. Splendid.

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 26 days ago

    Airbus 💟

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  • Payback 2 Gamer
    Payback 2 Gamer Month ago

    boeing 747 And A380 are same?

  • Luis Ibarra
    Luis Ibarra Month ago

    The aviation is my world! And this video I enjoyed a lot!
    A380 great! But, Iron Maiden's 747; amaizing!

  • The Musical Entertainment

    A380 is better.....

  • Roopjeet Kaur
    Roopjeet Kaur Month ago


  • Ken Aray
    Ken Aray Month ago

    Vote for Airbus

  • Unknown 5oldierPL
    Unknown 5oldierPL Month ago

    747 transport cargo not a380.
    747 king of cargo!

  • fauzan al
    fauzan al Month ago

    A380 Vs Boeing 787

  • komitet Bedzino
    komitet Bedzino Month ago


    EMIRATES LOVER Month ago

    the last time i check...a 380 is far more better then his ex-competitor..they are so jalous of this 21 century invention of the a 380...i hope a 380 will rise again.

  • Aimal Aimal
    Aimal Aimal Month ago

    A380 is the king 👑

  • J J Reason
    J J Reason Month ago +3

    747 IS WAY BETTER THAN 380

  • luiz adriano Pereira

    Prefiro mil vezes o 747esse é insubstituível! !!

  • remino777
    remino777 Month ago +1

    A380 for me

  • Hayk minecraft Hayk


  • atila lemos bezerra

    Já viajei no A380

  • Sutar Nooo
    Sutar Nooo Month ago

    Kepada rekan rekan fb di facebook yth di mana pun berada terutama mak ee soimah trima kasih thanks you hatur nhuhun phuisan Wilujheng wengik?

  • Sutar Nooo
    Sutar Nooo Month ago

    Kepada rekan rekan fb di facebook yth di mana pun berada terutama mak ee soimah trima kasih thanks you hatur nhuhun phuisan Wilujheng wengik?

  • Sirajuddin Bharoawala

    B747 is but A380 is also gone after some time🙄

  • Ch Haris
    Ch Haris Month ago

    Boeing 747 love you

  • Madhu Nayak
    Madhu Nayak Month ago

    Boing 747 is the best aircraft

    • Devon Tut
      Devon Tut Month ago

      747 has more crashes the. 380

  • Mayed_playz -bloxburg-

    Boeing 747 is hella scary

  • Håkon Sætre
    Håkon Sætre Month ago

    Boeing 747 is best!!!

  • JúniorG4mePlay
    JúniorG4mePlay 2 months ago

    Gosto muito das duas aeronaves, são minhas preferidas !

  • Jon Limbong
    Jon Limbong 2 months ago

    So great pict for Etihad cargo 👍

  • PlayZone300
    PlayZone300 2 months ago

    And the winner is:

    Airbus A380

  • Sohaib Wildan Khan
    Sohaib Wildan Khan 2 months ago

    A380 is more stable

  • Ellis Javier
    Ellis Javier 2 months ago

    747 is much more tested and proven

    MORNING STAR LYRICS 2 months ago


  • František Ševčík
    František Ševčík 2 months ago

    Ledové kaštany v mléčné čokoládě . URYCHLOVAČ SRANÍ.

  • Multiplanet
    Multiplanet 2 months ago

    Wtf what is happening at 2:20

  • Luca Dago
    Luca Dago 2 months ago

    Boeing 717 vs airbus 380

  • RatchetTurtle
    RatchetTurtle 2 months ago

    I really like the way the 747 looks but the wings of the a380 are awesome

  • يونس ابو مراد

    AirbasA380 vs boeng 777

  • Osmar Fernandes
    Osmar Fernandes 2 months ago

    Essas são as máquinas mais icrives do mundo.

  • Louis Oberg
    Louis Oberg 2 months ago

    The 747 has been and will be around longer than the 380.

  • Sandy Meng
    Sandy Meng 2 months ago

    the a380s height is too tall for its length and the wings are too short for its height, a380 is ugly

  • Gordon Ferrar
    Gordon Ferrar 2 months ago

    I sometimes wonder if normal people realise that in small corner of the internet there's a raging battle between A380ers and 747ers.

  • YouTube Uzbekistan
    YouTube Uzbekistan 3 months ago

    A380 - best!

  • Moren Lee
    Moren Lee 3 months ago

    Why peoples hate A380? He is biggest , futuristic inside & outside. For me A380 kinda Titanic flight.

  • Ricky Navarro
    Ricky Navarro 3 months ago

    Airbus 380 very ugly plane.747 looking Awesome.#1

  • Rhuan Blacky
    Rhuan Blacky 3 months ago

    747 wins

    ADL KHDR 3 months ago

    For airbus fans:
    Airbus wins, in your dreams.
    For more dreams, please visit the dreamliner

  • rex lee
    rex lee 3 months ago +1

    its sad because american compines trashed jumbo jets

  • rex lee
    rex lee 3 months ago +1

    a380 wins

  • rex lee
    rex lee 3 months ago +1

    777 vs a380

  • Richard Ndegwa
    Richard Ndegwa 3 months ago


  • Diego Alzogaray
    Diego Alzogaray 3 months ago

    4:48 es gigantes jajaja que gran avion

  • D the awesom3
    D the awesom3 3 months ago

    747 is better, the design is very good and it is much louder than the a380

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 3 months ago

    747 is dangerous because it has longer body but shorter wing span also the front part is bigger than middle and the end and that can cause drag or make plane fall especially during extreme turbulence......unlike a380 it has longer wingspan and the size from fromt to end is the same

  • bambang daryanto
    bambang daryanto 3 months ago

    B737 vs A320

    ADL KHDR 3 months ago

    7:14 looks like.boeing butters more than airbus

    ADL KHDR 3 months ago

    Umm looks like airbus a380 is having some landing problems

  • louay MH
    louay MH 3 months ago


  • Kovács Dániel
    Kovács Dániel 3 months ago

    Which one do you like????? 😁

    LUTHFI GAMING 3 months ago


  • Leo_ zika
    Leo_ zika 4 months ago

    As asas deles balança pra carai em

  • Lheng Gomez
    Lheng Gomez 4 months ago +1

    Airbus a380 is better

  • michael hoang
    michael hoang 4 months ago

    747 looks sexy , A380 looks fat

  • Ady Sembako
    Ady Sembako 4 months ago

    Airbus very smooth landing

    KISAH BANUA 4 months ago +1

    Speed airbus or boeing?

  • Mohd Saleem
    Mohd Saleem 4 months ago


  • Azan Mahammed
    Azan Mahammed 4 months ago

    A 380 is best

  • Aj Daniel
    Aj Daniel 4 months ago

    A380 easy win

  • BoudewijnvanHouten
    BoudewijnvanHouten 4 months ago

    Boeing 747 looks aesthetically pleasing whereas the Airbus looks right out ugly. In comparison a 747 looks like a swan and a 380 like a too fat goose.

  • conman
    conman 4 months ago

    Easily the a380. The 747’s fuselage looks like a cock

  • bruno aviador
    bruno aviador 4 months ago


  • said lopez
    said lopez 4 months ago +2


  • Ajat Sudrajat
    Ajat Sudrajat 4 months ago

    Airbus modern, Boeing legend

  • Daniel Phillips
    Daniel Phillips 4 months ago

    A380 is the better, more modern, more capable, more efficient with more comfortable facilities/cabin/seating vs the 747.

  • Veizai
    Veizai 4 months ago

    Airbus A380 VS Boeing 747. Who would win in a dogfight?

  • GoldGhost Games And Stuf

    O my gosh. If you made the video 1 second longer, it would be 7 mins and 47 seconds

  • Zidan Rachmat
    Zidan Rachmat 4 months ago

    Boeing 747

  • Imane Moussaoui
    Imane Moussaoui 4 months ago