Tesla Model X 2018 electric SUV review | Mat Watson Review

  • Published on Aug 11, 2017
  • Nothing on the road looks quite like a Tesla Model X. It's not just imposing, its falcon wing doors are downright stunning, but what's it like once you get underneath its all-electric skin? I take an in-depth look at this futuristic seven-seater to see if it's the way forward or just a diversion.
    NOTE You can now fold the down middle seats - whoopee!
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Comments • 2 259

  • Socorro Martinez
    Socorro Martinez 43 minutes ago


  • manly567 playz
    manly567 playz 2 hours ago

    I swear this car topples out at 140mph

  • RoadCarReviews
    RoadCarReviews 3 days ago

    My neighbour just took delivery today of his 2019 Tesla Model X 75D

  • Sebastian Solheim
    Sebastian Solheim 4 days ago


  • Sebastian Solheim
    Sebastian Solheim 4 days ago


  • Olivia Anderson
    Olivia Anderson 4 days ago

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  • d dzerres
    d dzerres 7 days ago

    Much better looking than the I Pace. Still haven't figured out what Jaguar is using the front grill for on an EV? I just write that quirky stuff off on "being" British. Oh, and do Jaguar, MB, BMW or Audi have a supercharger network? Nope, nada, nyet.

  • Techody Channel
    Techody Channel 8 days ago +6

    I will work day and night to make this car parked at my home 👍🏻

  • Ira Aguila
    Ira Aguila 9 days ago

    Does the wing in the back can move?

  • Joelle Tan
    Joelle Tan 10 days ago

    just stop showing off ur car

  • Gille87
    Gille87 11 days ago +2

    I bet those doors aren’t as wonderful when it rains, and you need to get in/out.

  • Slava Slavia
    Slava Slavia 12 days ago

    Is it only me but the large mega screen on console is insanely large and does not fit in?

    • Slava Slavia
      Slava Slavia 12 days ago

      +Shawn Gaming I speak proportions...and its to large.

    • Shawn Gaming
      Shawn Gaming 12 days ago

      Yh it’s only you

  • Darian Carelse
    Darian Carelse 13 days ago

    Did anyone else see the durecell 🔋

  • theHighWard
    theHighWard 15 days ago

    so ugly

  • Dahoon
    Dahoon 19 days ago

    Cars that is updated over the internet without the code getting checked (which Tesla doesn't no allow) makes the car illegal. Cases are already popping up. Tesla = no insurance.

  • gavin vennemann
    gavin vennemann 20 days ago +3

    I've seen one in person its really good looking 🙄😀😀😀😀

  • Si mon
    Si mon 21 day ago +1

    your obvious bias has gotten in the way of your review. :-/

  • Backseat Bomb
    Backseat Bomb 22 days ago

    It's an Electric,Luxury,Minivan,4 door Coupé

  • Craig Mosdell
    Craig Mosdell 24 days ago

    Batteries in winter weather. Do they last in the freezing cold?

  • jimijackson
    jimijackson 27 days ago

    Cool car...but I've never liked falcon doors. I'd rather a door that electronically slides into it's side.

  • Jean claude Murinda
    Jean claude Murinda 27 days ago

    stearing wheel on the wrong side 😂

  • James Wilkinson
    James Wilkinson 28 days ago +3

    Pity you could buy two F Pace for the price of one of these

  • Alexander Asmussen
    Alexander Asmussen 29 days ago

    There are cup holders in the back. The hood closes very easily, but because the entire car is rust-free aluminium, it should never be closed like it was here as it will dent - place a hand on each side of the hood and press down once, then it’s closed. If you have a 5-seater you’ll have 2200 litres in the back trunk!! It’s an amazing car and the price has just been reduced by roughly £40-50K 😱

  • Αγόρι Πεταλίδα

    For this car SUV Means = Such Ultimate Vehicle

  • Villainz YumzZ
    Villainz YumzZ 29 days ago

    Damn i love it.. a very cool family car

  • Sergiu Puscasu
    Sergiu Puscasu 29 days ago

    It’s not quite an SUV, But it’s also not quite a minivan. Let’s just call it a station wagon. Like the big, old station wagons of the past.

  • Alexander
    Alexander Month ago +8

    “When you put your foot down it eats into your battery range.” That’s the same as fossil fuel cars, Matt. Floor it, and it will consume more fuel.
    Most people drive 25 miles a day, which can be recharged at home, and you’ll never have to see a petrol station ever again in your life. For longer trips, the car plans your route so that you visit a Tesla Supercharger. I could live with that easily, if the Model X was cheaper. I know it’s a great car, but the price is a big turn off.

  • omar socias
    omar socias Month ago

    hideous and overrated!

  • Mubble Mann
    Mubble Mann Month ago

    7:50 lol

  • Blue G
    Blue G Month ago

    If you were to leave those doors open and pressed that launch button, do you reckon it would fly?

  • shawntia Marshall
    shawntia Marshall Month ago


  • Enigma McC
    Enigma McC Month ago +2

    Looks like a car not an suv. Make an suv for us taller guys

  • Mario Passendorf
    Mario Passendorf Month ago

    Tesla needs more competitors , Audi E-tron is one of them :)

  • yeet yeet
    yeet yeet Month ago

    I would hate having white seats

  • Olamide Agboola-Kolawole

    i still prefer my range rover 2019
    oh just finshed watching it
    i didn't know it could drive its self
    maybe i've changed my mind
    or not i dont like the design

  • Zaki Jalal
    Zaki Jalal Month ago +5

    I watch car reviews that presented by Mat only
    I love they way he presents he’s best at his job

  • Billie Dharmajaya
    Billie Dharmajaya Month ago

    the best family cars ever

  • Tim Rogers
    Tim Rogers Month ago +1

    No more tesla

    • YT11
      YT11 Month ago

      no more ice

  • Rohit Khare
    Rohit Khare Month ago

    You do the best reviews, hands down

  • Nik Man
    Nik Man Month ago +2

    Overpriced flashy crap

    • YT11
      YT11 Month ago

      yup I agree ice cars are so overrated

  • House Gregory
    House Gregory Month ago +2

    Tesla is our future car. Love it. My dream car

  • Divyam Singh Chauhan

    Looks like a toy.

  • ALEX458 A
    ALEX458 A Month ago +8

    My dream car😍

  • Random Millionier
    Random Millionier Month ago

    Iys price

  • j benz
    j benz Month ago

    Ironically, Tesla models:
    S E X

  • Future Of Gaming
    Future Of Gaming Month ago

    The sound of motor.... Is relaxing then anything i have heard till now

  • Hey
    Hey Month ago

    Dream car

  • nik nak
    nik nak Month ago

    And not being able to fold the middle seats with no decent storage space in the front except on sides and the leg space looks crazy tight!
    Would never buy this.
    The only thing is the doors open funky and it just looks great but I wouldn’t call it a family car at all especially having 5 children of my own.
    Citroen c4 Picasso’s is excellent.
    The new look is beautiful and slender, the compartments in the front are perfect.
    All 7 seats are brilliant with a good amount of leg room even for the last two seats without anyone being squashed and my kids are teens so they’re fussy as hell with space and they’re tall but I could never fault the Picasso’s.
    The next best thing to the old ford galaxy.

  • FinardoLittle 123
    FinardoLittle 123 Month ago +1

    Am I able to get a discount if I am a car wow member?

  • Muhammad Ali Umair
    Muhammad Ali Umair Month ago

    If super charger not available then how it take time for recharge?

  • 少年 ベルマーレファン Chanel

    Doug is the type of guy

    Oh wrong channel

    D4VE THEFIRST 2 months ago

    Fapboys! Tesla fapboys everywhere!

  • godra051
    godra051 2 months ago

    Amazing car! Future is here

  • Fresh Trees
    Fresh Trees 2 months ago +1

    The front trunk is easy to close but you have to do it in a specific way

    • William Powell
      William Powell 16 days ago +1

      haha loll its stupid isn't it, especially for a car between 80 and 100k

  • PadmaNaidu Payavula
    PadmaNaidu Payavula 2 months ago

    You can do a review of the Land Rover discovery SVX

  • PadmaNaidu Payavula
    PadmaNaidu Payavula 2 months ago

    I say that model X is truly a great model for environmentalists

  • Lewis A
    Lewis A 2 months ago


  • Czeal Tamahawk
    Czeal Tamahawk 2 months ago

    Would the 2nd row center back rest blocks your rear visibility looking at the rear view mirror?

  • katy donawether
    katy donawether 2 months ago

    and electric comes from thin AIR right, most electric comes from nuclear power plants and its much safer you thing and transporting nuclear waste and making sure its secured its safer yeahh lol, the car is only fast 0-60mph but a gas car will smoke it, the car sucks if you live in winter area and charging it $$$$, Charging it at home sucks 220V 240V and your electric bill will ingress 120$ more the car is complete junk

  • shabina saifullah
    shabina saifullah 2 months ago

    I want real cars back

    NICK XP 2 months ago

    I hate these doors

  • mozzie
    mozzie 2 months ago

    Mat has any1 suggested you should do Top gear .... you will be a natural

  • Jief Yang
    Jief Yang 2 months ago

    Is matt’s eyes a bit off? It wasn’t before

  • Suleman Junaid
    Suleman Junaid 2 months ago

    Amazing 😉

  • Florinz
    Florinz 2 months ago +1

    to use the screen you have to be left-handed, uk rules

  • Sakura Matsakoto
    Sakura Matsakoto 2 months ago

    Look, it's a whale with duck wings😁😁😁

  • Nicolas Bocchino
    Nicolas Bocchino 2 months ago

    That interior is crap. Over 100k for that?

  • Manan Awasthi
    Manan Awasthi 2 months ago

    That Duracell will run the car!

  • lord Michael
    lord Michael 2 months ago

    Give it to me

  • Pork Ball
    Pork Ball 2 months ago

    Its grim

  • waqar wattoo
    waqar wattoo 2 months ago +1

    Flop car
    Deserves worst car of the century award, especially keeping in view the price tag

  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sanjeev Kumar 2 months ago

    If electricity produced from fossil fuel is used to charge the electric cars then how it is eco friendly 🤔

    • Hemiacetal
      Hemiacetal Month ago

      Electricity is not produced from fossil fuels only. Also the CO2 emission from an electric car+fossil fuel power plant is 1/4 of the emission from an ordinary car+power plant.
      Go and research a little bit on your own.

  • Mohammed Essam
    Mohammed Essam 2 months ago

    Just play the video on full playback speed 😹😹

  • MrGorian22
    MrGorian22 2 months ago

    No load lip, though you do have this false floor so you could create one if you... uh... wanted to???
    HAHAHA, best line in the whole video

  • draxzhy -
    draxzhy - 2 months ago

    If LA was a car this is it !

  • Andy Booth
    Andy Booth 3 months ago +1

    0-60 on the P100D is 2.9 seconds! There are cup holders for the second row in the middle. Who the hell would want a sun blind that big? Further more the glass is so well tinted in the upper part you dont need it. 7 seater option is actually cheaper than the most expensive 6 seat option! Get you facts correct buddy most of your negative comments are no true.

  • Arik Mesilati
    Arik Mesilati 3 months ago

    מחכים שיגיע לישראל כבר...

  • Aamien Gurung
    Aamien Gurung 3 months ago

    Right hand driver

  • J0nsku
    J0nsku 3 months ago

    You didn't show the frunk!

  • Dorian M
    Dorian M 3 months ago

    7.50 X) Matt your a genious

  • Charlie K
    Charlie K 3 months ago

    This is a 5 door's car?

  • supersport16
    supersport16 3 months ago

    this guy is such a bad liar

    ADEL RAAD 3 months ago

    It's ugly

  • Lee Ryan
    Lee Ryan 3 months ago

    Not worth the dough

  • James Meyer
    James Meyer 3 months ago

    Such an ugly car though

  • R Han
    R Han 3 months ago +1

    They do have 5 seaters i did not realise

  • Naor L
    Naor L 3 months ago

    Most futuristic car you can('t) buy .. look like a Prototype from 2000 that everyone dream about. and now when you have full electric car with crazy doors and huge screen, people still find on what to complain.

  • 2010axlslash
    2010axlslash 3 months ago

    Awful British accent

  • Astraeus Cro
    Astraeus Cro 3 months ago

    Great job , save Earth , move those oil cars away and drawn those people in oil

    • William Powell
      William Powell 16 days ago

      accept for the amount of landfill it will create as the batteries need to be replaced eventually and aren't biodegradable

  • Robert Blackford
    Robert Blackford 3 months ago

    It’s not an SUV. It has very little ground clearance and would be totally useless for serious off-roading.

  • The Hollow Heart
    The Hollow Heart 3 months ago


  • Dylan Lickteig
    Dylan Lickteig 3 months ago

    Hopefully they don’t park in a tight spot cause it looks like those falcon doors would hit a car when opening.

    • Dylan Lickteig
      Dylan Lickteig 3 months ago

      So you have to do that every time you park. Hmm sounds time efficient

    • Sniper Trading
      Sniper Trading 3 months ago

      Did you see the ghost riding feature at the end? The car can be move without you in the car.

  • baotran
    baotran 3 months ago

    Someone please send me background music at 7:37. Thank a lot!

  • Anton Markov
    Anton Markov 3 months ago

    There’s someone in the driver seat when the car is driving in circles. Autopilot is an aid! The car is not autonomous so don’t lie to people. I don’t know why you would do that just for the shot. You could even hear the car complaining about the doors being open telling that asshole behind the wheel not to drive. You could have bent the doors.

    • Anton Markov
      Anton Markov 3 months ago

      Thomas Sittidang Yes, forward and backward. It’s called summon. But only works at really slow speeds and never with open doors.

    • Sniper Trading
      Sniper Trading 3 months ago

      The car can be move without you in the car.

  • Logan Rundle
    Logan Rundle 3 months ago

    A f*** Lamborghini faster

  • Root6532
    Root6532 3 months ago +56

    Few things have changed since Aug 2017
    1. Middle seats are foldable.
    2. The supercharging network is huge and the car only needs 15-25min top up to get 80% charge. Not 45 mins.
    3. The car's onboard navigation and range estimation is very accurate and will tell you exactly where to stop for charging. (Route planner)
    4. The falcon wings are practical and work just fine. I own a car and I'm telling you. (Ignore the 13-year-olds commenting here)
    5. The fit and finish have improved significantly.
    6. The car has Autopilot Version 9 (Car sees with 8 camera's, Radar and Ultrasonics) and autopilot works great. (Requires full supervision of the driver)
    7. Tesla is upgrading its Autopilot HW suite to version 3 soon with a super-powerful computer that can handle their super neural network. (Means level 4 self-driving is close to reality) and any cars built with hardware suite 2.5 is easy to upgrade with a small chip plug and play.
    8. The car's onboard cameras can be used as a dashcam.
    9. Remote Tesla app is improved and can heat the car remotely (Even seats, steering wheel)
    10. If you install a level 2 charger at home you can 100% charge the car in under 4hrs.
    11. Version 9.0 firmware has activated all cameras and the car has blind spot detection, vehicle type recognition, pedestrian, cyclist recognition.
    12. New update enables "Nav on autopilot" feature which enables automatic overtaking slow vehicles and intelligent driving)
    13. The car UI is improved significantly and much pleasant to use.
    14. EU Tesla owners get Spotify premium lifetime to stream as much music as they want. (US users get Slacker I think)
    15. The supercharging network is massive and you can drive from north Norway to South Portugal)
    Few not so good things.
    1. No 360' parking view so still some blind spots when parking.
    2. The over the air updates can create bugs and sometimes cause error messages.
    3. Autopilot is still not 100% safe on normal roads but works perfectly fine on motorways. (Auto lane change is amazing)
    4. Nav on Autopilot is great but still need a lot of work.
    5. If you damage the car it can take forever to get it fixed due to slow parts supply chain.
    6. Customer service is OK and could be improved.
    7. The car's interior quality is still not that great compared to some other ICE vehicles like Audi Q7. (Nowhere near in my opinion)

  • Jay
    Jay 3 months ago

    With the Falcon wings up, this car looks like it’s about to take off on a runway.

  • steve turpin
    steve turpin 3 months ago

    I'm 6'2" and those door corners would hit me about middle forehead I think!

  • ron marninks
    ron marninks 3 months ago

    Thx to Tesla i can see the future at my age.

  • Aruna Solanki
    Aruna Solanki 3 months ago

    It looks like an SUV but gay.