First SpaceX Starlink mission, why 60 Satellites? 550 km?

  • Published on May 20, 2019
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Comments • 902

  • Curious Elephant
    Curious Elephant  4 months ago +68

    Some information regarding Orbit planes are my speculations, we do not have any details from SpaceX on that yet, but suggestions in the comments are welcomed!

    • BlueHope
      BlueHope 2 months ago

      Why do the rockets have to curve? Why can't they just shoot straight up?

    • Koda crowder
      Koda crowder 4 months ago

      Devashish Gole *shil poes go eat soy coated poison* ,

    • Devashish Gole
      Devashish Gole 4 months ago

      Also, where did u get ur data about internet connectivity in India?
      You literally used India's map icon to show as an underdeveloped region for internet connectivity while India has one of the cheapest 4G data rates, and easily twice the number of internet users than USA.
      How do u think T-series got to the no. 1 spot in TVclip? 😅

    • nofaithjusthope
      nofaithjusthope 4 months ago

      @Devin B Plan is for 12,000 Satellites That's right TWELVE THOUSAND so basically free for all in space, regulations hahahaha
      AND that's just what SpaceX has planned there's 9 more companies that are going to launch mass satellites too.

  • MsElodie14
    MsElodie14 13 days ago

    @Curious Elephant Hello,what is the name of the piano song please? It is beautiful.

  • xeriusyarishniku
    xeriusyarishniku 20 days ago

    People should support this so Elon can have funds for Space Explorations.

  • H. kitten
    H. kitten Month ago

    thank god iam not an American . i would pay a lot of money for these liars

  • perry lc
    perry lc 2 months ago

    Want have to worry about global warming, there’s going to be so much stuff up there to the point sun light can’t get through.

  • Excelsoft
    Excelsoft 3 months ago

    Beautiful #Palestine at: 6:27!

  • Benjamin Vestergaard
    Benjamin Vestergaard 3 months ago

    I can't help but to worry that 10'000+ non-geo-stationary satellites in LEO, it'll get very difficult to plan further space launch windows? Not least if you're not SpaceX... Is this a monopoly in the making?

  • Chip Griffin
    Chip Griffin 3 months ago

    people they think you are so stupid they are willing to bet you will not question any of this. it is a show to slow down the flat earthers. google flat earth proof. they have removed every single video?!!!!? why out of room, nope you did well and exposed the truth. yeah it is cheaper to put up thousands of million satolights then use the millions of poles that are in place and up and running. end time show before the nukes start flying. the forced mark, obama returns. end time show, thats all and it is darwin level....

  • Chip Griffin
    Chip Griffin 3 months ago

    A DARWIN LEVEL FOLKS A DRONE PULLING AROUND A BUNCH OF LIGHTS AND AS LONG AS THEY KEEP THEM FLYING WHO CAN PROVE THEM WRONG??? hey one of you flat earthers, hunt the landing and film it! let bust this buble on youtube!!!!!! christmas in july!!!!!

  • goose gatherer
    goose gatherer 3 months ago

    And another empty tube is launched into the darkness so no one can see just how short these flights actually are....and to fool all you gullible idiots out there who think that somehow satellites can magically float at a height that has never been determined or proven with any believable data.....but that doesn't matter to you fools out there....the fact that no one has ever seen any satellites "Up there" is totally un-necessary for are so smart YOU don't need any proof do you......What a Numpty you are....Gullible is your middle name fool....idiot is your credence....lololololololololol....arsetronuts to the moon......but today's prize for "Dope of the Day" goes to A.Quinn....the shill who thinks the satellite train was actually real and orbital mechanics are somehow real....Doh !!!

  • Moustafa Ascoura
    Moustafa Ascoura 3 months ago

    Sorry but I think India launched about 104 satellite in one mission (PSLV-C37) check it here

  • Johan Olsson
    Johan Olsson 3 months ago

    I feel like someone is gonna try and hack these satellites and fuck shit up, just because it's gonna fk all the other internet competition. Why you ask? because money

  • Steven Tech Channel
    Steven Tech Channel 3 months ago

    CuriosityStream is not bad but there are o lot of small documentaries from 2min or 5 or 10m
    some of them are full documentaries
    keep that in mind

  • Nick Devlin
    Nick Devlin 3 months ago

    No Nobel Peace Prize for Musk. We don’t know the hidden agenda for all these satellites. 1984 is going to become reality

  • Thomas Lee
    Thomas Lee 3 months ago

    Why can't you pronounce so many English words? It's not "gat" but "get".

  • Alexander Carnathan
    Alexander Carnathan 3 months ago

    I'm a complete fan of tesla and anything that involves then and Elon there cars missions to Mars starlink I'm about it all and realy want to get a tesla modle 3 some day soon

  • Hachi chan
    Hachi chan 3 months ago

    How about the Ping of the games because it spike the connection when the airplane pass by? It always occurred when Im playing Mobile Legends?

  • C G
    C G 4 months ago

    India has 4G internet in remote areas as well. Check India's internet consumption and Internet penetration ratio.

  • Mit Seraffej
    Mit Seraffej 4 months ago

    Rather than the Chinese Communist Party controlling one sixth of the earths population, Google will control the entire globe.

  • Charles Yeo
    Charles Yeo 4 months ago

    You can't play video games on a network where the network switches from high latency high orbit satellites to low latency low orbit satellites regularly as the low orbit satellites go out of range. It would spike the latency suddenly causing decrease gameplay experience

  • Charles Yeo
    Charles Yeo 4 months ago

    So basically... Until it has many many many lower orbit satellites. The coverage will be spotty and the latency will be high. The promise of low latency will not happen until years later. All I want is 50ms ping to the other side of the world that would enable so many technologies

  • Leandro Silva
    Leandro Silva 4 months ago +1

    12k satellites for 480 million people seems a bit much. Anyone knows if that coverage is good or not?

  • Rajesh Siripurapu
    Rajesh Siripurapu 4 months ago

    Can you please do a video on rocket launch schedule.. How they arrive at the time of launch? What factors considered?

  • Mayuri Tathe
    Mayuri Tathe 4 months ago +2

    R.I.P wildlife and birds.😔

    • Mayuri Tathe
      Mayuri Tathe 4 months ago

      @JD Hedrick the x Rays and other radiation that comes from the satellite and the mobile phone disrupt the signal that Animals and birds use to communicate and migrate. If this happens they won't know where to go and they will die. You can actually watch that on you tube or just read about it. There is also an Indian superhero movie on it called robot 2.0 really it to know more. It's really sad to see how they die.

    • JD Hedrick
      JD Hedrick 4 months ago

      @Mayuri Tathe what do you mean

  • Dino d
    Dino d 4 months ago

    Good script.very professional sounding par with BBC n CNN top reporters content.
    Well there's a problem here with so many satellites cramming at such close distances will it not affect our telescopic outer space observations.
    It reminds me of Wall E intro scene.

  • Devashish Gole
    Devashish Gole 4 months ago

    T-series - Most subscribed TVclip channel
    More than +100 million Subscribers
    And this guy uses India's symbol in the list of areas which needs external support to meet our internet demand?
    Yeah right 😑

  • Devashish Gole
    Devashish Gole 4 months ago

    India is already ahead in terms of total number of internet users.
    There's been a great shift in Indian Telecom & ISP since 2016 after the entry of Reliance Jio
    4G data is relatively cheap and efficient as of now.
    And here we have, this guy literally using “India” map icon to show as an underdeveloped region for internet connectivity?
    Do ur research before claiming such things man.

  • Dicky Tsuki
    Dicky Tsuki 4 months ago +1

    With this, could be google stadia more promising?

  • venu gopal
    venu gopal 4 months ago

    What the hell no Internet in India?????
    Jio:- am i joke to you
    Idoit if you don't know about India shut up close ur channel fuckoff now
    India has Internet idoit

  • alex salunas
    alex salunas 4 months ago

    Click bait no rocket launch

  • Anthony Borrego
    Anthony Borrego 4 months ago +1


  • Sachin Pal
    Sachin Pal 4 months ago

    7:07 BTW India has one of the cheapest 4g internet. A person can get 1.5gb of 4g data everyday for 84 days for just 5 dollers.

    • Reparateur Telephone
      Reparateur Telephone 4 months ago

      Sachin Pal i pay 5$ for 50gb and my friend in france has unlimited 4G for 0,99€ in france with a carrier named Free

  • jwb 281
    jwb 281 4 months ago

    60 at once hell yeah
    Fuck you Russia and China

  • jwb 281
    jwb 281 4 months ago

    60 at once hell yeah
    Fuck you Russia and China

  • jwb 281
    jwb 281 4 months ago

    60 at once hell yeah
    Fuck you Russia and China

  • jwb 281
    jwb 281 4 months ago

    60 at once hell yeah
    Fuck you Russia and China

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B 4 months ago +1

    So the cell poles and internet cables can be snipped and removed across the earth now? Can we return the earth to a natural looking marvel?

  • James Green
    James Green 4 months ago

    Hey kids I remember a time when I could look up at the sky or photograph the milkyway and just see the stars. But hey if you want to access Facebook or stream a film in 4k I guess its worth ruining space for.

  • JayaKumar - Mr JK
    JayaKumar - Mr JK 4 months ago

    my game not gonna lag as much ?

  • matycee
    matycee 4 months ago

    There HAS to be more pressing issues than improving our fucking internet experience.!!!! Fucking cat videos for third world countries...? Is this the end game?

  • zero tsang
    zero tsang 4 months ago

    We cant predict when space debris fall to earth though. Wouldnt alot of them destroy these satellites???

  • shivendra mishra
    shivendra mishra 4 months ago +5

    Please correct some information, India have a good internet service and cheaper also

  • brandowag3
    brandowag3 4 months ago +2

    Also the different levels will be brought out at different times. For different dependence of up and down load linking.

  • brandowag3
    brandowag3 4 months ago

    Also, you dont seem to understand the point of deployment. It will be global and weak, but proven.

  • brandowag3
    brandowag3 4 months ago

    I think you are low on your count of total sats. Its gonna be 20,000 plus.

  • ramon ortiz
    ramon ortiz 4 months ago

    Fraudsters!! All your footage of space and alleged orbits are all artist renderings and conceptions !! Satellites are a blatant fraud and so is NASA and SpaceX.....!! Liars!!

    • tgstudio85
      tgstudio85 3 months ago

      We have footage from space dating 1960, so nope you are just an idiot;)

  • Kokshith Sagar
    Kokshith Sagar 4 months ago +10

    Memes all over the world

    Hell yeah

  • Sandy Cactus
    Sandy Cactus 4 months ago

    Mind control all

  • lucy a
    lucy a 4 months ago +1

    This seems to good to be true. Someday we will find out the real reason for it. And it won't be to help humanity.

    • tgstudio85
      tgstudio85 3 months ago

      LOL, it's true and Musk doesn't do that for free;)

  • matthew ferguson
    matthew ferguson 4 months ago

    " Use all the lower latency for games ". There is no midnight Sun at the south pole.

  • Rajat Bansal
    Rajat Bansal 4 months ago +1

    If you use someone else's animation ( the starlink simulation ) please give credit

  • john doe
    john doe 4 months ago

    i love elon musk but he needs to stop this. you know there are people that get headaches from cell signal. to the point where they cant live in big cities or any where near a cell tower. if he finishes the projet these people wont have anywhere to go.

  • I'm the captain now
    I'm the captain now 4 months ago

    all ground based comms are quaking in their boots.

  • UUB Repus
    UUB Repus 4 months ago

    Look what happened to Huawei/china... it would a dumb idea to be dependent on SpaceX for your Internet connection as a country

  • CyberPunk
    CyberPunk 4 months ago

    All BS

  • Maky L
    Maky L 4 months ago +1

    On conclusion. Starlink will be a big help to fund the Mars Mission.. Switching to starlink when its online.

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 4 months ago

    They do know that the satilites are going to make collusions with ships much more likely?

    • tgstudio85
      tgstudio85 3 months ago

      @Calisthenics Chicken nope, try to understand that even 1mil of that satellites wouldn't get in the way of rocket. Try do the math and calculate area on which they are orbiting;) Think about airplanes, every minute in air there is 10000 planes, do you constantly see them?

    • Calisthenics Chicken
      Calisthenics Chicken 4 months ago

      Not only that, wont the sattelites get in the way for future launch to mars?

  • Rocky Ugsod
    Rocky Ugsod 4 months ago

    So many times Elon proved to us that his brains functions on a different level than us.

  • Games TV
    Games TV 4 months ago

    space pollution.

  • Jarid Gaming
    Jarid Gaming 4 months ago +3

    I would love to work for space x one day as a computer scientist