This Week I Learned to Rip a Phonebook in Half

  • Published on Mar 7, 2018
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    In this episode of TWIL I learn how to tear a phone book in half.
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Comments • 2 347

  • Cirem52 Rim
    Cirem52 Rim 20 hours ago

    this is probably the most use a phone book has had in the last 4 years.

  • Travis Hillier
    Travis Hillier Day ago


  • Walvis
    Walvis Day ago


  • Ecerwv and Simon's channel

    Pause then click this ----> 3:32 oh and make shure captions are on 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • The funniest Mason
    The funniest Mason 5 days ago

    I know how to pick lock in 2 season 🤫

  • Danielle Stewart
    Danielle Stewart 5 days ago

    Yay Edmonton that's where I live

  • Kids Dream
    Kids Dream 7 days ago

    Don’t shave

  • Connor Howlett
    Connor Howlett 8 days ago

    HEY! Alberta I live there

  • Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

    Saw the title
    Saw the views

  • Meme Genarator
    Meme Genarator 10 days ago

    Now youd have to rip a phone because of e books

  • OniOni
    OniOni 11 days ago

    you should try to learn to hotwire a car

  • KWAOGA Gregan
    KWAOGA Gregan 12 days ago


  • KWAOGA Gregan
    KWAOGA Gregan 12 days ago

    Nah you make it seem more interesting then Steven
    PS just subscribe

  • Ryan Hay
    Ryan Hay 12 days ago

    I’m acc from Scotland

  • Electronic Dragon
    Electronic Dragon 14 days ago

    3:00 did you see the refrence?

  • NotAGod -
    NotAGod - 14 days ago

    the title not having the word how makes me think this week i learned that i should be ripping phonebooks in half

  • Bryson Erwin
    Bryson Erwin 16 days ago

    Oh what a time to be alive

  • Earlsean Nucum
    Earlsean Nucum 16 days ago

    then get one in Argos but if there is no Argos I really do not know

  • k wm
    k wm 16 days ago

    When you try to call someone!

  • k wm
    k wm 16 days ago

    When you try to impress your girlfriend lol😋😋😊🤔

  • k wm
    k wm 16 days ago

    WOW you are strong wtf. How did you do that?!?!?!

  • TheTimeForStuff
    TheTimeForStuff 17 days ago

    mike: now I can dial anybody from alberta and canada...
    me: Call me when you are in calgary

  • Luzios
    Luzios 19 days ago

    4:42 Ok 🙂🙃😈 HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Mathew Studios
    Mathew Studios 20 days ago

    Perfect firewood

  • Kristóf Göncző
    Kristóf Göncző 20 days ago

    5:56 I felt like screaming at that point.

  • pickle richard
    pickle richard 22 days ago

    I can do that with two pieces of paper

  • kushfellow
    kushfellow 22 days ago

    you are realy out of ideas.

  • amiel torres
    amiel torres 25 days ago

    learn how to do vape tricks

  • Diabolical gaming
    Diabolical gaming 26 days ago

    You could have used some Argos catalogues they’re really thick

  • Aldo Montecinos
    Aldo Montecinos 26 days ago

    Learn to trickshot I'm COD.

  • gurlin jolly
    gurlin jolly 28 days ago

    you should count the research time too.
    just saying.

  • its just hard
    its just hard 29 days ago

    Learn ecolocation

  • Studyin'Me
    Studyin'Me 29 days ago

    Use an Argos catalogue

  • Studyin'Me
    Studyin'Me 29 days ago

    I don’t find yellow pamphlets useful
    I do yellow pages

  • Bustonface
    Bustonface 29 days ago

    You are awesome, Mike.

  • Jennifer  Albrecht
    Jennifer Albrecht Month ago

    Learn how to hot wire a car

  • Game Maker
    Game Maker Month ago

    Learn to bunny jump with a bike

    REBEL VINER Month ago

    I know how to tear it easily first you have to break it from closed sealed part

  • Ethan King
    Ethan King Month ago

    satisfying on 5:10 threw 5:18

  • francina dalisay
    francina dalisay Month ago

    This is the fastest one i have ever seen

  • Harsh Patel
    Harsh Patel Month ago

    I want to Challenge you Tear a pack of Plastic card from up!!

  • Curry Rice
    Curry Rice Month ago

    Is this sponsored by phone book company?? The sales must be increased a bit because of this

  • Miodrag Vidacic
    Miodrag Vidacic Month ago

    Can We Copy Strike Pewdiepie?

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    ADITYA Raj Month ago

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    A very important boi who gives us oxygen and wants our waste air and uses their body to make things
    1 youtuber boi

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    Harry Potter Month ago

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  • NightEgde
    NightEgde Month ago +1

    When you have audio book!

  • nisorana
    nisorana Month ago

  • Chitoge Syarifu
    Chitoge Syarifu Month ago

    That is one way to waste 10 pounds yeah?😂

  • Tyler
    Tyler Month ago

    You should phone my house it’s in there somewhere.

  • MiniGangster
    MiniGangster Month ago

    He technically didn't finish it because the got said he has to be able to run it as easy as he can

  • nonnoxer
    nonnoxer Month ago

    Now pull apart 2 phone books that have their pages interlaced

  • Revo Kuivjõgi
    Revo Kuivjõgi Month ago

    That phonebook is a total


  • Winhax
    Winhax Month ago

    Steven here. Sup.

  • BDE PW
    BDE PW Month ago

    I can do same thing to my math book.

  • Rishi Kulkarni
    Rishi Kulkarni Month ago

    learn to do diablo (chinese yoyo)

  • Brandon Bacon
    Brandon Bacon Month ago

    Get a foot bag

  • Angie Arguijo
    Angie Arguijo Month ago


  • Purple Universe
    Purple Universe Month ago

    I live in Alberta I feel special

  • Kody Waszak
    Kody Waszak Month ago

    Why didn’t he look for a math book at social studies book

  • ja jakiśtam
    ja jakiśtam Month ago

    ffs DON'T destroy books! ;_;

  • AppleWeiry 11
    AppleWeiry 11 Month ago

    Learn to be the best fortnite builder

  • Neptwo
    Neptwo Month ago

    Friend: *calls* Sup bro, whatcha doing?
    Me: Nothing, just ripping a phonebook in half

  • Dwight Holcomb
    Dwight Holcomb Month ago

    It's not the Yellow Pages. Its a Pamphlet. 😂😂😂

  • τιm я
    τιm я Month ago

    u could learn how to make smoke/clouds with your mouth

  • JL Pflash
    JL Pflash Month ago

    what a fake, at 5:00 and at 5:08 you can see if you look carefully that the pages already have a tiny tear on the edge, otherwise it would be virtually impossible, except for bodybuilders maybe.

  • Rico Romano Bushcraft and Outdoors

    learn to start a fire by bow drill

  • Dacoolboy101
    Dacoolboy101 Month ago

    I want to do that to my homework

  • MrSylfa
    MrSylfa 2 months ago

    Everyone knows how to survive a zombie apocalypse, but at least 2 people in the world know how to survive the phonebook apocalypse now.

  • I am a guy name Lia
    I am a guy name Lia 2 months ago

    Learned to beatbox :3

  • Mikaela Anims
    Mikaela Anims 2 months ago

    I am from canada

  • Anuvab Chatterjee
    Anuvab Chatterjee 2 months ago

    subscribed! I'll do that with my high school books

  • IbokRock811
    IbokRock811 2 months ago

    I personally enjoy that brand of maple syrup and i’m dual Canadian/american. So glad he sent it

  • MoBiLe_LeGeNdS_ EPICS
    MoBiLe_LeGeNdS_ EPICS 2 months ago

    Be free my son

  • Esteb5n Caballero
    Esteb5n Caballero 2 months ago

    He is not learning ramdomly, EVERY THING HE LEARN *IS THAN A 100% OF HIS POWER*

  • Clara Brandão
    Clara Brandão 2 months ago

    Anyone noticed the glich in Mike's hand at 2:38? I don't know why it's relevant, I just saw it.

  • Ryokan Katfish
    Ryokan Katfish 2 months ago

    what about snapping a wrench like this??

  • Rishabh Vailaya
    Rishabh Vailaya 2 months ago

    The Princeton books for the sat should work perfectly 😂

  • villen
    villen 2 months ago

    The guy from mythbusters can rip a phonebook in half

  • Neetesh Raj
    Neetesh Raj 2 months ago

    on 05:02 you cheated

  • iNeedKen
    iNeedKen 2 months ago

    Why have you started to use tutorials? You were the one who inspired me to learn things on my own first. Now that you are using tutorials the videos are getting kinda boring, I liked to see you fail and try new ideas until you got it right... Now that you use tutorials/teachers it's no longer fun. I hope you are not selling out just because of deadlines made by the sponsors of the video.

  • ZorroChicken
    ZorroChicken 2 months ago

    What is the brand on that hoodie?

  • Emma Carlsson
    Emma Carlsson 2 months ago

    Why so much paper in your bin? Oh I was just ripping some phonebooks in half.

  • Alfred Koroye
    Alfred Koroye 2 months ago

    5:00 just look at where hes about to rip

  • PainNebula
    PainNebula 2 months ago +1

    this looks so satisfying damn

  • Mirandez
    Mirandez 2 months ago

    How to Rip someone's spine off

  • Ball Brother the First
    Ball Brother the First 2 months ago +1

    Never thought I see someone so happy in a montage of a phone book

  • Johnson Vlog
    Johnson Vlog 2 months ago

    Mike Boyds an idiot

  • Johnson Vlog
    Johnson Vlog 2 months ago

    Mike Boyds an idiot

  • NightRaven
    NightRaven 2 months ago

    It's really satisfying to watch like a thousand pages ripping in half at once

  • Regfa Rig
    Regfa Rig 2 months ago

    Mike: Hey,you wanna go out?
    Girlfriend: Can we go out later?I'm reading my favourite novel
    Mike: *Rips girlfriend's novel*
    Girlfriend: Hey,that's my novel!
    Mike: Not anymore

  • Joe72 [GD]
    Joe72 [GD] 2 months ago +1

    R.I.P big books
    Rip pathetic panflets

    (Get the joke?)
    Its bad 😂

  • Rheanne Limbo
    Rheanne Limbo 2 months ago

    Me when I’m doing my homework

  • The Matthew Patrick Show

    Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain.

  • [] ZerexGaming []
    [] ZerexGaming [] 2 months ago

    rip all the trees used in this video

  • BoredBroVids 09
    BoredBroVids 09 2 months ago

    Damn man useful skill for survival. You never know when a phone book will try to attack you

  • BoredBroVids 09
    BoredBroVids 09 2 months ago

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  • BoredBroVids 09
    BoredBroVids 09 2 months ago

    Can you really call that a learn? I mean
    Common you looked on a tutorial

  • Gamaholic Badass
    Gamaholic Badass 2 months ago

    He can do anything

  • Andi Shiddiq
    Andi Shiddiq 2 months ago

    So, this is the reason why we create paper from tree...