This Week I Learned to Rip a Phonebook in Half

  • Published on Mar 7, 2018
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    In this episode of TWIL I learn how to tear a phone book in half.
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  • Gordon Chan
    Gordon Chan 6 hours ago

    rip phone book
    phone book rip

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    do math books

  • triple clutch
    triple clutch 6 days ago

    Who else they thought they broke there phone at 2:13

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    Jaskaran Singh 6 days ago

    I save a lot of trees 🤥🤥🤥

  • Berrak Gürel
    Berrak Gürel 7 days ago

    "in 2018 , there gonna be flying cars"
    2018 : I LeArNeD HoW tO RiP blah blah

  • KRB 0706
    KRB 0706 8 days ago

    I'll try it with my mathematics book

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 8 days ago

    he did his challenge in 40 seconds

  • Juicy Grandpa
    Juicy Grandpa 9 days ago

    Weird flex but okay

  • Gladiator Mediator
    Gladiator Mediator 9 days ago

    Lern how to 'REDO' in Windows

  • Ivan_FPV_
    Ivan_FPV_ 10 days ago

    3:28 the new phone books are here!

  • Avery Clauss
    Avery Clauss 10 days ago

    i have that exact brand of maple syrup in my kitchen, a true fucking Canadian thing

  • Dhillan Bedi
    Dhillan Bedi 10 days ago

    Edmonton for the win

  • ZaksChannel
    ZaksChannel 11 days ago

    I actually am from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Fiera Phoenix
    Fiera Phoenix 11 days ago

    What is a phonebook?

  • taLLdavidproduction
    taLLdavidproduction 12 days ago

    Youre gay

  • Yeetasaurus ThiccBoi
    Yeetasaurus ThiccBoi 13 days ago

    y’know, just the practical things

  • justabit
    justabit 13 days ago

    I t thought phonebooks were gone since a long time ago.

  • Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson 15 days ago

    Does it have to be a phone book

  • Zhengisbek Rysbekov
    Zhengisbek Rysbekov 17 days ago

    Mike Boyd is my name and Speedrunning life is my game

  • Turtle Saber
    Turtle Saber 18 days ago

    Are you a lefty

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    JQcuber 18 days ago

    Learn to Asian squat.

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    Rizky Rianto 18 days ago +1

    Save EARTH

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    Day 1... hour 0

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    Canyare Panyare 20 days ago

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    Devin Lucius 20 days ago

    Can u PLEASE learn how to do zippo lighter tricks

  • Deserboy
    Deserboy 23 days ago

    I challenge you to learn clean front lever! It is exremely hard but i believe you can learn it :)

  • jithshalimar shalimar
    jithshalimar shalimar 23 days ago

    accidently teared up my english tes book wit the tutorial

  • Kami2Kaze
    Kami2Kaze Month ago

    OwO-- 1-Brazilian TVclipr Right--- 2-"Manual Do Mundo".

    SAVAGE SAUSE Month ago

    I've got an idea, how about Mike Boyd rips some FLEX TAPE in half ??? in a week ;)

  • mark lepka
    mark lepka Month ago

    You reached 1 million

  • unsectable gaming
    unsectable gaming Month ago

    This should should be age restricted for school

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    Derpy NEWB Month ago

    No books were harmed in the making of this video

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    Ethan 83 Month ago

    I live in Canada Alberta like if you do to

  • IPlay RblxiPad
    IPlay RblxiPad Month ago

    I live in Alberta too

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    Mighty Miget Month ago

    Does anyone think he looks like ali a xD

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    Awesome Hammy Month ago

    Learn how to write with your non dominant hand!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jackie The Elf Month ago

    Alberta!? That’s where I live!

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    woodsy12_ Month ago

    Argos would of been free

  • Anton Nio Consunji
    Anton Nio Consunji Month ago

    I RIPPED THIS BOOK IN HALF *Insert philswift voice*

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    pro pro Month ago

    It was cuted litle bit

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    I think that's not done yet tho

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    Abhi Gamer Month ago +1


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    Mohammed Boukhlouf Month ago

    Poor novel.

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    SHIN_WILIAM Month ago

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    I get really excited when people start to realize Canada is a place

  • ARaine Raining diys


  • Monoj Homagai
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    RedArmy Month ago

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    Isaac Parker Month ago

    Learn how to rip a phone

  • can we hit 5000 subscribers with just few videos?

    Be eco friendly mike.

  • Rodrigo Rosas
    Rodrigo Rosas Month ago

    Song name 4:50?

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    Jordan Hill Month ago

    Wait he's left handed?

  • Anthony Paul
    Anthony Paul Month ago

    Paper cuts you idiot

  • TheAmazingPiggle
    TheAmazingPiggle Month ago

    Left hand club

  • Julian Machado
    Julian Machado Month ago

    Bet you can’t pull apart two phone books that you put together by the pages interlocking :)

  • xXNightmare Xx
    xXNightmare Xx Month ago

    This is how you start
    1.Go to gym get your muscle big training for 1 month.
    2.RIP IT OFF

  • Rasmus Jørgensen
    Rasmus Jørgensen Month ago

    His reaction when he did it: jaas wuhuuu yeees yeah
    My reaction if i tryed and it worked: oh shit it worked

  • Avatrix MC
    Avatrix MC Month ago

    Anais (From The Amazing World Of Gumball) can rip a dictionary in half

  • TotallyRandomThings

    I like how everyone believes him and just a few understood that he precut all those book to do that SO easly. You dont believe me? They have the first page plastified, you really think they would tear them apart so easly? Take some phone book, also small, and try it yourself, not even john cena would make it on a book with so many pages, wake up people, they precut a little piece, its almost invisible, and it makes it so easy to tear it.

  • TotallyRandomThings

    0:08 too easy to be real, he precut it, just a little cut, almost invisible, and you can easly tear it apart like he did.

  • Sovereign Shahid
    Sovereign Shahid Month ago


  • S A M E F A C E
    S A M E F A C E Month ago

    Roll a frying pan next

  • The Hand
    The Hand Month ago

    You look like Mac miller

  • The Unstoppable
    The Unstoppable Month ago

    i watched jazza do it

  • Ahmad Hilman
    Ahmad Hilman Month ago

    Bruf,sorry to say but dont make tjat video again please cause you waste many papers

  • kayla dutson
    kayla dutson 2 months ago

    I promise not all us Canadians where plaid shirts, and a beanie!! He’s just trying to look more “Canadian” LOL

  • Woshi Fatpig
    Woshi Fatpig 2 months ago

    Step 1: tear the book but now your hand is broken
    Step 2: forget the number for 995
    Step 3: say shit cause you tear the phonebook with the number in it
    Step 4: die

  • Pelle Chamliden
    Pelle Chamliden 2 months ago

    That technique is not nearly that efficient as the "T shape" technique :

  • Firey Rubik's cube
    Firey Rubik's cube 2 months ago

    I have an even thicker phone book that I don't think you can rip apart.
    Btw, it's 10cm or ~4 inches thick.
    But anyway congrats! ;P

  • • JKNIFE •
    • JKNIFE • 2 months ago

    I love how much paper was wasted in this video

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    Cash Corcoran 2 months ago

    Learn to balance rocks

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    BN Spool 2 months ago

    Rips the maple syrup bottle in half

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    That is a waste of a book... gotta say...

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    Lxrd Sapphire 2 months ago

    *Mike other videos* I WILL REFRAIN FROM WATCHING ANY TUTORIAL VIDEO, this video: *watches tutorial* me: ah I see..

  • Orli M the terrible content maker Septillionsubspls

    i just saw em in half

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    For those in the UK, you could probably use an Argos catalogue

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    A.R.I.A 2 months ago

    The books were precut

  • רום חן
    רום חן 2 months ago

    Steel car without key

  • The Great1
    The Great1 2 months ago

    Love how he said thumbless grip he grips the crap out of it with his thumb

  • CarMcK
    CarMcK 2 months ago

    Im kinda dissapointed... I'm convinced something wrong is happening here. If you look at 4:30 it looks like it jumpcuts, then at 5:00 after the jumpcut it looks like the book has been precut.
    Finally at 5:08 It looks precut again. It makes me sad to think he precut it to win some stupid challenge... I still trust in him though and I didn't unsub, just disliked. I hope this dosn't happen again.

  • bubba ford
    bubba ford 2 months ago

    10 pounds? Those seem like 3

  • itsaraxtv
    itsaraxtv 2 months ago

    This week I learned to RIP 10£😂

  • Ezra Sianturi
    Ezra Sianturi 2 months ago

    Well done, but not as fluently as steven(I don't know how to spell it)

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