Top hacker shows us how it's done | Pablos Holman | TEDxMidwest

  • Published on Aug 30, 2012
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    You think your wireless and other technology is safe? From Blue Tooth to automobile remotes, PCs, and "secure" credit cards, Hacker extraordinaire shows how nearly every secure system is vulnerable.
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  • Half Seen
    Half Seen Hour ago

    I like how he works for Microsoft and the "videogame system" was a ps. 😂

  • Felvince Jm Dy
    Felvince Jm Dy Day ago

    so uuhhh..

    which pixel do i look at?

  • Equintrinity
    Equintrinity Day ago +1

    Is no one going to talk about how he looks a bit like Mark Zuckerberg?

  • Lyman Fern
    Lyman Fern 7 days ago

    This mans just made a twitch drone

  • matt mccreadie
    matt mccreadie 8 days ago

    20 million views and not enough pixels to fit on my calculator

  • the9file
    the9file 8 days ago

    why is he using netscape in 2007

  • oddaniel vives
    oddaniel vives 9 days ago

    Perfect example of what the future holds for AI technology!!!

  • Madbeens RC
    Madbeens RC 12 days ago

    The shady lady😂😂😂

  • flange
    flange 13 days ago +1

    That mozzy killing lazor just blew my mind........

  • Jose Rendon
    Jose Rendon 13 days ago +1

    My question is: How do you learn this? By learning to code? By studying computer science? How?

    • Chris Mealing
      Chris Mealing 13 days ago

      it's a big field. learning to code can be a first step as you need it as a "tool"

  • Charlie Cameron
    Charlie Cameron 14 days ago


  • chris kostopoulos
    chris kostopoulos 15 days ago

    If hackers want to be real heros, hack into banks and delete everyones debt.

  • Austin Verlinden
    Austin Verlinden 16 days ago

    why would Ted film in 240P?

  • SeedPlanter
    SeedPlanter 17 days ago

    Laser field defense. Cool...a lot cleaner than cheniicals... it will never happen because Monsaaaan.....Bayer .controls the pesticides... mmm mmm yummy

  • Thompson L
    Thompson L 18 days ago +1

    This guy hacked my resolution

  • Dr. Paul Plumbing Heating

    cool video's,, like i said i'm getting their

  • Dr. Paul Plumbing Heating

    I'm Getting their,, Me Paul hacker mind, just like the bad government , lol

  • Tarun Kumaar
    Tarun Kumaar 20 days ago

    I swear I even thought about using lasers to kill mosquitoes but looks like someone already had that idea.

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 21 day ago

    Samy is my HERO

  • Asse Rodgers
    Asse Rodgers 21 day ago

    6:09 Bleup

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 22 days ago

    "meet chicks on Myspace"

    *Feminists triggered*

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 22 days ago

    WOW! That automated voice on the phone is the same person I get on my phone here in Canada. I wonder who she is and where they get those automated voice messages from.

  • tyler massage
    tyler massage 23 days ago

    He shows none of HOW it is done, just what might be done

  • ItzShallow
    ItzShallow 23 days ago

    what a nerd

    DWYS WYSD 23 days ago


  • Jeff Matheson
    Jeff Matheson 24 days ago

    Even bill uses Apple 😂😏

  • Sgtjohn Sannicolas
    Sgtjohn Sannicolas 24 days ago +1

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  • corporatehippy
    corporatehippy 24 days ago +1

    Gave up after five minutes of bragging and no showing.

  • MrAMP1520
    MrAMP1520 24 days ago +28

    "I'm going to show this to your 250 closest friends"
    *20 million views online

  • 53 12
    53 12 24 days ago

    cicada3301 anyone?

  • AndyTheWoman
    AndyTheWoman 24 days ago

    Next is top *predator* shows us how it’s done

    BIO GAMING 25 days ago +1


  • Eddie Vale
    Eddie Vale 25 days ago +28

    Watching this 7 years later and still no anti mosquito lasers in my yard :/

    • Nathan Grass
      Nathan Grass 22 days ago

      I'm waiting for the mosquito laser net too.

  • DAILY updates
    DAILY updates 25 days ago

    Can anybody teach me hacking please I want to learn

    • J P
      J P 25 days ago

      Sure, first send me 3k in the mail and no refunds

    BEST OF LAUGH 26 days ago

    actually my pc is a toaster

  • byron yorks
    byron yorks 26 days ago

    240p how in 2019

  • Sid Michael Fajardo
    Sid Michael Fajardo 27 days ago

    Amazing presentation

  • ali jahedi
    ali jahedi 27 days ago

    Kos nagooooo nane jende

  • Sergeant of pewdiepies 9 yr old army

    It’s Wednesday my dude 2:05

  • Xotano
    Xotano 27 days ago

    wow, TED Talks needs a nice long talk about opening music being at least 4 times as loud as literally everything else in the video.

  • don't mind me
    don't mind me 27 days ago

    Im actually so blown away

  • Morgasm420
    Morgasm420 29 days ago

    unrelated comment but Canadian citizens need to have Universal Income so i can live

    • HBKHow05
      HBKHow05 25 days ago

      @Mr LloydVal There are still jobs in Canada, there is -not- a lack of opportunity for a man living in Canada.

    • Mr LloydVal
      Mr LloydVal 25 days ago

      or use your brain. with more and more robots being developed to take on workload, there are drastically less than 7 billion jobs. it is impossible for every human to have a job. it is also impossible for every human that has a job to have a decent living wage depending on where they live.

      mindlessly telling people who you do not know "get a job" is the same thing as defending all animals in the Savannah from predators while at the same time telling the starving lions in the same savannah to go hunt for food.

    • HBKHow05
      HBKHow05 26 days ago

      Morgasm420 or get a job

  • virginfitness
    virginfitness 29 days ago +2

    This guy is the new definition of a True Badass.

  • Static 3ric
    Static 3ric 29 days ago


  • Blue Quirk
    Blue Quirk 29 days ago

    How is the malaria research going ? Please update and thank you for your work in this field ,

  • undeadpresident
    undeadpresident 29 days ago

    Yeah so let's all get "smart" homes and self driving cars so unknown people can intrude in and take control of our lives.

  • Salut Salut
    Salut Salut Month ago +1

    He Does NOT show anything .

  • super yassh
    super yassh Month ago


  • Rhonda Heggs
    Rhonda Heggs Month ago

    Eye opening thanks for using your knowledge for good I definitely have to learn more!!!!!!

  • Daniel Roets
    Daniel Roets Month ago

    "top hacker" lol

  • Mang Lyanzaw
    Mang Lyanzaw Month ago

    i love how they shoot mosquitoes

  • Adam Taylor
    Adam Taylor Month ago +3

    Fbi waitin for him outside after the ted talk

  • Benyamin 100subs no video

    TVclip 2012: Thou shall not watch!
    TVclip 2019: you wanna know a bit about hackers? and not to panic if you're target cuz you're finished. As you can see in this video with that kind of monitor in the video and ah... still helpful yah

  • Ice_wallow_ Come
    Ice_wallow_ Come Month ago

    11:30 I used the credit cards

  • iRideMtb
    iRideMtb Month ago +1

    Now this, this is why I have youtube.

  • bytossen10
    bytossen10 Month ago

    Is this mosquito-killing laser gun going to be affordable for smaller villages in Africa?

  • Maryj
    Maryj Month ago

    How do you tap the tumbler when it is located inside the frame of the door?

    • Michael Pat
      Michael Pat 28 days ago +1

      Not sure. Figure people breaking in don't care. I'm not a lock guy. Just seen similar things in the past. Trigger guns, vibration tools, etc

    • Maryj
      Maryj 28 days ago that also breaks the lock?

    • Michael Pat
      Michael Pat 28 days ago

      thru the keyhole

  • Robert Lafarge
    Robert Lafarge Month ago

    I wish I could give a TED Talk

  • Irin Bon
    Irin Bon Month ago

    If he is showing how it is done, he is not a top hacker.

  • EDM Music
    EDM Music Month ago

    Hello, comment your country

  • sethblack3443
    sethblack3443 Month ago

    I'm here.

  • Amnesia
    Amnesia Month ago

    @profeNolasco del Simón Bolívar xd

  • Michael, Simon Giesbrecht

    is the lazer mosquito grid working yet for consumers I would hate it if i died from a bug bite

  • imperfekt
    imperfekt Month ago

    Wrong title, should be: Shows us that it happens, now how it's done.

  • Chris Corona
    Chris Corona Month ago

    Buys the laser for my backyard, gets drunk, and laser kills me when I walk through it.

  • Chris Corona
    Chris Corona Month ago +2

    Who else thinks the rifle that retrieves information from a mile away is an extraordinary device!!

    • Andrew Bartlett
      Andrew Bartlett Month ago

      Chris Corona it works on the same principal as a satellite dish or an antenna

  • Always BeGrateful
    Always BeGrateful Month ago

    I read an article awhile back that talked about Wi-Fi appliances. It stated that hackers can cruise by neighborhoods and they use their laptop to identify which house has theses appliances. Then they can see a layout of the interior of your home.Your Wi-Fi appliance betrayed you , Dang. They can even see If your home. Now that is scary.

  • L Pearce
    L Pearce Month ago

    Pablo must have been talking to people in a room filled with laughing gas.

  • L Pearce
    L Pearce Month ago

    The magic keys with the magic mallet? Let me see a closeup of that in your 4 pixel video!

  • L Pearce
    L Pearce Month ago

    So now we know laser walls are why there are no mosquitoes around any of Bill Gates' mansions!

  • 𝗙𝗶𝗿𝗲𝗙𝗶𝘀𝗵𝗠𝗶𝗸𝗲

    This guy is supposed to be a “hacker”? And I thought TED talks was supposed to be a symbol of excellence in one”s field. This guy is an analog hack at best.

  • Bubbaboo27
    Bubbaboo27 Month ago

    This guy hacked the resolution to 240p

  • Quentin Latimier
    Quentin Latimier Month ago

    Seems like his project will make 2005 online tower defense games a reality xD

  • Yolo Beans
    Yolo Beans Month ago +1

    Laser Wall:
    Bug: Flies over laser wall and comes into village from above.

  • Audrey Flemming
    Audrey Flemming Month ago +2

    Very educative video, more light needs to be shed on ethical hacking as well. An experienced hacker offered me his service through the deep web. Ever since I have been finding unsual way around everything tech.
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    FALCONPUNCH Month ago

    Wow. I learned something.

  • smyffmawzz
    smyffmawzz Month ago

    Thanks Paul.

  • John Kirby
    John Kirby Month ago

    It would be more effective to put the mosquito killer around their breeding areas. Stop them at the source and they will be eliminated. We did that when building the Panama Canal and it worked.

  • Tim Whiting
    Tim Whiting Month ago

    I got a big dog too nl

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Month ago

    Let's kill mosquitoes as they do what's in their nature. Let's kill humans as they make a conscience decision to harm others.

  • Austin Tenney
    Austin Tenney Month ago

    This is james vietch not pablo whatever

  • Christopher Sampson

    Do you really think Africa... the poorest continent in the world, is going to purchase laser mosquito vaporizers when they cant afford food for starving children...

  • Inter Net
    Inter Net Month ago

    He reminds me on Boris from Goldeney

  • [visionary]
    [visionary] Month ago

    So this wasn’t banned but the talk on ESP was? Okay..

  • John Kean
    John Kean Month ago

    The real reason they don't like hackers is that hackers will discover what a fallacy it all is and MI havent got any secrets worth hacking!

  • White knight
    White knight Month ago

    mosquitos really are the perfect enemy they're bug vampires, aint no one coming to their rescue.

  • Nick Corso
    Nick Corso Month ago +5

    When is this TED guy gonna show up to one of these talks?

  • Bon Go
    Bon Go Month ago +1

    You can't take this guy seriously when he's using a mac.

    • Bon Go
      Bon Go Month ago +1

      @deven langston mac lives matter amIrite?

    • deven langston
      deven langston Month ago

      That's technology racism!

  • Bora Erdoğan
    Bora Erdoğan Month ago

    Love when people are at their best !

  • AOC yeah you know me

    7 years since this video, I've been hacked 10+ times since this chip. Before maybe 3 in 20 years.

  • ocsrc
    ocsrc Month ago

    Even thinking about hacking is not just a felony, it is a terrorist act.
    If you are really good you will go to work for the NSA or CIA, not by choice
    If another govt finds you before ours, you will be working for them, again, not by choice.
    If you are not really good you will be thrown in a hole and forgotten about
    The best hackers in the world work in the coolest places that the govt doesn't want you to know exist
    Just ask Ed.

  • Kirstine Termansen
    Kirstine Termansen Month ago

    Stalkers,,,,, but lossing you child, house, cars, then still fun... No

  • Kirstine Termansen
    Kirstine Termansen Month ago

    Dear I hear you,

  • Kirstine Termansen
    Kirstine Termansen Month ago

    Scary they think it's fun, he can Start a ruin, diplomat crise, a bankrupt

  • Kirstine Termansen
    Kirstine Termansen Month ago

    13 hours hacker government,

  • J
    J Month ago

    It's been 7 years since this was uploaded and I still can't buy a mosquito Lazer

  • gordon stevens
    gordon stevens Month ago

    What a berk. Him and oh so cool jeans Smug twerp telling you how clever he is.

  • ClueSemb
    ClueSemb Month ago

    Wish he had more time to talk I want to hear more.

  • TheLeonthalee
    TheLeonthalee Month ago

    having just started in IT studies and not having a clear vision what to do with it... this guy is a huge inspiration!

  • Sambit Nayak
    Sambit Nayak Month ago +1

    The video quality also hacked 😐😆😆😗😗🙂🙂