Top hacker shows us how it's done | Pablos Holman | TEDxMidwest

  • Published on Aug 30, 2012
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    You think your wireless and other technology is safe? From Blue Tooth to automobile remotes, PCs, and "secure" credit cards, Hacker extraordinaire shows how nearly every secure system is vulnerable.
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  • Матвей Письмеров

    Лайк, если с УРТК

  • Jesse Creaven
    Jesse Creaven 2 days ago

    Let's be real, they dropped the quality on this video so it'd be harder to notice Pablos with his popped collar

  • FBI / Federal Bureau of Investigation

    WTH ARE Y’all DOING HERE!!!!?????

    Trying to learn how to hack. Oh it’s ok because I know you won’t do wth did he do
    And because we’re in 2019

  • panshu t
    panshu t 4 days ago


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  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 6 days ago

    Curious how many agent Smiths are in that room

  • Morgan Sherman
    Morgan Sherman 7 days ago

    Anyone else believe that bees aren't real?

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 7 days ago

    This guy could team up with elon musk and take over the earth

  • Gregory .Ramirez
    Gregory .Ramirez 7 days ago

    Cory doctorow's writing about a few of these things, the laser mosquito zapper is from "pirates Cinema" and the toaster is from his new book "unauthorized bread."

  • Derek Hodges
    Derek Hodges 10 days ago

    I gave a Thumbs up for giving me a gimps of Realty ! Firefox said that ****** leading to *********r Breached my system, which lead me to this Fascinatingly Disturbing eye opening information!

  • Leonardo Tiepolo
    Leonardo Tiepolo 12 days ago

    gotta install a VPN on these damn samsung fridges

  • SiriusGD
    SiriusGD 17 days ago

    IoT. Target got hacked through their HVAC system.

  • Paul Davidson
    Paul Davidson 20 days ago

    This hacker ( louistate007) on IG
    +16318707229 via WhatsApp
    helped me to restore back my lost account...
    Bet, he is good and legit

  • Unfunny Guy
    Unfunny Guy 21 day ago

    Just showing your credit card to 350 close friends. And a couple million youtube friends.

    WAHLUF ABIDIAN 21 day ago

    2019 ?

  • mohamed kaka
    mohamed kaka 22 days ago +1

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  • zing210792
    zing210792 22 days ago

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  • Sgtjohn Sannicolas
    Sgtjohn Sannicolas 25 days ago +1

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  • Derek M
    Derek M 25 days ago +2

    I want an update on the mosquito laser

  • Michael Lloyd
    Michael Lloyd 26 days ago

    The top bar on my phone started messing up watching this... Now I'm freaking out he's embedded a code into the video...

  • Jason Harnois
    Jason Harnois 26 days ago

    3:58 MySpace?! That’s so pre-historic. This is 2019 😂

  • Fitrah Hudzaifah
    Fitrah Hudzaifah 27 days ago +1

    yg kesini karna digitalentnya kominfo, ngumpul kuy wkwkwk. burem coyy

    21-08-19 still 240p

    NAJARRO 27 days ago

    *Top hacker*
    Anonymous: hold my codes

  • Eric Dary
    Eric Dary 28 days ago

    Happy to tell you that my toaster is still not hackable.

  • Not C9 Shnoopy
    Not C9 Shnoopy 28 days ago

    Omg u fricin hakcer

  • Not C9 Shnoopy
    Not C9 Shnoopy 28 days ago

    Omg u fricin hakcer

  • Suman Nath
    Suman Nath 28 days ago +1

    This NERD LOOKING guy is a hacker, now that's believable.... GENIUS...

  • ze
    ze 29 days ago

    Tramp wants his laser wall @ the border...

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 29 days ago

    240p no thanks

  • Brant Richardson
    Brant Richardson Month ago

    I'm surprised youtube wasn't hacked to give this 10 billion likes.

  • Rajesh M
    Rajesh M Month ago

    Intellectual Ventures is a patent troll.

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M Month ago +2

    You don't need to wonder what I'm watching, I'm watching YOU. lol

  • Alex Fok
    Alex Fok Month ago

    still impressed watching this in 2019

  • 行きなさいピクルスリック

    Good fckn quality didnt see fckn sheit

  • oleg nemyrovskyy
    oleg nemyrovskyy Month ago

    2 hours later he disappears forever

  • JoeMacPlumbing
    JoeMacPlumbing Month ago

    It's not called the world web for no reason at all folks the spider is coming try and run sheep for we all thought the shepherd was the one to be.

  • Stand up for GOOD
    Stand up for GOOD Month ago +1

    If you were REALLY good, you would step up your game and erase everyone's debt numbers. JS.

  • Jeffery Downs
    Jeffery Downs Month ago

    Not sure he showed us how it's done as much as showing that it can be done

  • 傑的心就是你的心_

    hacker watching us watching this video

  • Renier Van Rensburg

    This is not relevant at all anymore

  • Reelworthy
    Reelworthy Month ago

    Tragically, their teams dressed as mosquitoes for that year’s halloween party and were all killed on the way through the front doors. Thus the technology was buried and swept under the rug of 240p.

    ĐORĐE M Month ago

    Who is watching this in 2020?

  • Commander McFadden
    Commander McFadden Month ago

    "We have no idea how mosquitoes fly". Uh , wings maybe.

  • Ivor
    Ivor Month ago +3

    Wiping mosquitoes out! One at a time. Lol

  • Jamie Mendenhall
    Jamie Mendenhall Month ago +2

    You should turn the mosquito laser system into a live video game. I would wait in line to play that game.

  • JP
    JP Month ago

    If you really wanted to work on something cool, you'd be figuring out where the human body gets electricity from. It's not from food or water.

  • Nick P
    Nick P Month ago

    God damn these guys are scary

  • miguel vidal
    miguel vidal Month ago

    irl aimbot code

  • Michael Daniel
    Michael Daniel Month ago

    The comment with OCD and ADD made absolutely no sense. Have both and didn't see the connection between either.

  • Mike Riley
    Mike Riley Month ago

    This is alarming!!! Wow great video.

  • MrPottato
    MrPottato Month ago

    A not updated toilet I can say is the worst thing to have in a house ever

  • Milan Sreckov
    Milan Sreckov Month ago

    Seen it four times...lost its gloss by now

    • Imethankade
      Imethankade Month ago

      Milan Sreckov its my 3rd time still liking it hopefully next time it doesnt lose its gloss for me

  • Aleck Ramon
    Aleck Ramon Month ago

    Any and everything that is conectes to the WiFi or network or just a signal can be “hacked”. The only problem with finding a way to catch that signal and manipulate it is the gadget. Is it already made or not. If the program is already out there or do I have to create one? Credit cards, phone company’s, the biggest and most impressive company’s that you wouldn’t expect to be hacked can be hacked. You can’t slow and hacker down either it’s happening or not. They put firewalls and they are effective. These company’s have protection because it’s a complicated network that has more than one source you have to enter before you do anything else. Surprise is when ever a company say apple, Microsoft or a tech company coming up gets hacked, and when the hacker is arrested or a deal is set, the company that believed they were safe contacts the individual or individuals and basically ask them how they did it. Why? Because he saw something no one saw. He figured out how to beat them. Most the time charges are dropped unless is federal or government based situation but they offer them a job. Sure they don’t have to since they already repaired or fixed the problem in no problem. The point is he got in, and the problem is they don’t know how. When Sony was hacked years back they actually hired those hackers to improve their system and basically fix the problem their people missed. Hackers are smart individuals because they don’t see or think like others such as a cashier they are totally different. They view something as a problem they have to figure out and if there isn’t one, they make them to fix them. A phone I’m the 80’s could have been used as the start of a hack or phreaking. Nowadays everything that has a signal is open. Something small as a watch that shows time and TVclip videos. He showed a key could be used to open any model of car the same as the key car model its for. Hackers are the best people because they find a solution or make something shown as strong but is really weak. This ted talk was intriguing because they were laughing and it’s was funny but for the wrong reasons. Don’t believe when it says secure because nothing is, things are only more time and thinking based to figure out the weak points like with the amazon system. Trial and error. What if we could create a code a system that would not only stop the hack but put a rouse on as if they were. Idk what I’m talking about anymore brain fart

  • spilvuks
    spilvuks Month ago

    aren't the TV screenshots the same ones used in DefCon "no tech hacking" presentation?

  • Ian Home
    Ian Home Month ago

    Controlling a TV is simple. It's just known RF codes.

    • xtul_
      xtul_ Month ago

      Yeah, this dude didn't show anything related to hacking. Especially with that credit card scanning. He did show that in modern times our data isn't as private as it may seem, and all it takes to uncover your data is someone creative that also has a technological know-how, but was it really hacking?

  • Milan Gavrilov
    Milan Gavrilov Month ago +5

    "Your toaster will become a PC"
    -me watching this in 2019 knowing that there is Razer Toaster on sale

  • Carter Springer
    Carter Springer Month ago +1

    After they finished this ted talk the B&E’s in America went up by 200%

  • Kuhtuva Malli
    Kuhtuva Malli Month ago

    Why a mosquito might be less valuable than say a dog? Point is that if you have fun killing it like that hacker then you are on your way to become a ......

  • Hugo Svensson
    Hugo Svensson Month ago +1

    7 Years later and nobody wants to live in the same Hotel as him

  • the21gamer
    the21gamer Month ago +7

    Hacker:I can see your online transactions
    Audience:*music intensifies*