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  • StevenCrowder
    StevenCrowder  7 months ago +445

    Did you see Marvel’s ‘Avengers Infinity Wars’? What did you think; was it worth the hype?

    • gollum 475 de jong
      gollum 475 de jong Month ago

      StevenCrowder 4.49 you guys suck when it comes to film taste.

    • HeyitsGina!
      HeyitsGina! Month ago

      I liked the movie

    • HeyitsGina!
      HeyitsGina! Month ago

      marvel movie's capture their audience & build up the story over a course of several movies

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  • Spipu
    Spipu 6 days ago

    You should just stay in the politic standoffs. Sorry man, but you suck at reviewing movies. Peace!

  • Anom N. Ous
    Anom N. Ous 7 days ago

    The Dark Knight can bank on being seen by people who didn't see the last film, but Return of the King really can't. Doctor Strange is a Dark Knight. Infinity War is a Return of the King in the most extreme version possible. Banking on people seeing earlier films isn't necessarily bad.

  • mike cornew
    mike cornew 11 days ago

    I used to really value your opinion but all that has been wiped away by this one video

  • Nathan Shokalook
    Nathan Shokalook 12 days ago

    I know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail nonetheless. Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives. Or should I say, I have.

  • Eimob _
    Eimob _ 14 days ago

    You can’t judge a movie that’s not meant to stand alone based on whether it can stand alone or not.

  • fredfour0
    fredfour0 14 days ago

    Can't believe the biggest error with this is that it's a sequel to other things. Barely said anything about the movie

  • Ryan Liddle
    Ryan Liddle 21 day ago

    #3rd highest grossing movie of all time

  • dnmangle117
    dnmangle117 25 days ago

    I dislike most of the mcu if i compare it to the comics, expecially logan ( I had just read the old man logan and had my hopes too high) but if i ignore the comics they're pretty well made movies

  • dAN Wolff
    dAN Wolff 26 days ago

    I disagree with almost every view you expressed in here... Star Lord is no different... I don't think that it's pushing diversity... I will give it to you that not *every character has progression* but Thor, Iron Man, Rocket, Groot, Dr. Strange, Gamora, and definitely Thanos all have interesting characters arcs.
    Also, you criticize it for not standing on its own and expecting you to know the past films... but it's a sequel...
    Do you go into a ____2 without having seen the first one and really expect to understand everything? No, that's usually part of what being a sequel is.

  • Chris Bernhard
    Chris Bernhard 29 days ago

    The main problem here is you shouldnt be grading it right now since its basically a part 1. You cant really give it a grade until after the next film.

  • jonathan Castellon
    jonathan Castellon Month ago

    I feel like marvel has grown its audience over the years and you are severely underestimating their fan base. If you like romantic comedies why would you go watch this movie, if you didnt keep up with the rest of the marvel cinematic universe why would you go watch this movie except for the entertainment value because there is a large portion of Americans that just like to see stuff blow up and watch things that would normally be impossible and disconnect from reality even for just a little bit I think it accomplishes the goal every movie has which is to entertain. That being said your right, it doesnt stand on it's own as well as iron man 1 or cap the first avenger because these are origin films literally designed to stand alone. This is the culmination of years of other films it's like going to five star diner and expecting take out which is not what the food was designed for but still accomplishes the goal to fill your belly.

  • Chubby Panda
    Chubby Panda Month ago

    What a pair of fucking cunts😂😂😂

  • Anthony Burgis
    Anthony Burgis Month ago

    Jesus.... talks about how he loves x men first class of all things and disses this masterpiece

  • Make Prussia a thing Again

    Personally really like this movie but you can like what ever you want I know one of the factors of you not liking it is the shitlib soy boys like so you don't. just like you like quiet place because the shitlibs don't like it.

  • SIR Churchill
    SIR Churchill Month ago


  • Arthur Alexander
    Arthur Alexander Month ago

    If he said Doctor Doom was a better villain,he's high

  • Tim Mauntler
    Tim Mauntler Month ago

    ...It's his own review... He thinks it should've been able to stand on it's own and it didn't... Literally asks you how you liked it because he knows he's not speaking for everyone lmao Get a grip people

  • The Official BlackOut

    I liked Venom but dc is better

  • HurtfulShrimp
    HurtfulShrimp Month ago

    Well I get it marvel movies aren't for everyone but he really showed no real arguments as to why the movies were bad. Like I get it you don't care about the characters anymore but the only reason you wouldn't is because you don't care about the characters from the start. Every movie builds off the last movie. It's a new(ish) style of movies in which it's not just a sequel building off a sequel. This on the other hand is multiple different movies building off each other. I think that's where people don't like it. You have to see all of the movies in order to understand then next film based chronologically when they come out (mostly) obviously you aren't going to like this as a standalone film if you don't know any of the back story... I can agree that I think thanos was built up badly and was only reinforced as the strongest bad guy by people who knew him in the comics. comic book movies are different from other movies. They don't have a traditional plot sequence. I know they aren't for everyone but the only reason you think it's a bad movie is because it's not a good standalone film (minus political shit cause who gives a fuck it's just a movie) is just dumb. And no I'm not a lover of marvel films just because they are super heros, I'm extremely critical of movies, but this was just a (rarely seen) poor argument from my good man steven

  • Kurt Kreeger
    Kurt Kreeger Month ago

    It was a great film damnit!

  • Stephen Vojta
    Stephen Vojta Month ago

    Yeah, they kind of expected you to know everything beforehand, which is why it was lousy. I'm a DC fan, but I love Iron Man.

  • PlayerIs Awesome
    PlayerIs Awesome Month ago

    He made a lot of great points that I hadn't even thought of. But I happen to be one of the people invested in marvel soooo.

  • Joseph Franc
    Joseph Franc 2 months ago

    I immensely disagree with this video but I still respect it

  • Bryan Abrego
    Bryan Abrego 2 months ago

    Who the fuck is looking for a movie that stands alone? This movie consists of 10 years of movies buling the plot, and its a part 1 of 2. Just stick to politics you're ignorant in this scenery

  • Isaac Zelinski
    Isaac Zelinski 2 months ago

    So many dislikes because of an opinion, grow up lol.

    • Make Prussia a thing Again
      Make Prussia a thing Again Month ago

      Isaac Zelinski some people agree some people don't if they don't agree they'll dislike that's how TVclip works

  • Daniel Dejun
    Daniel Dejun 2 months ago

    Full fan service this movie. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it to a certain extent. But for me this van be wrote off as a build up movie. So if the next movie makes up for it then all is well. If it doesn't then it's a big let down this movie.

  • Tom Chan
    Tom Chan 2 months ago

    Only thumbs down that I have ever given you.
    I love the movie for the same reasons you don't like the movie. I was just talking to my son about this. I think to really enjoy this movie you really needed to go back and binge-watch all the others to get the full scope of Infinity War.
    My only down side to this movie is that not one of the characters said "No shit Sherlock" and have Tony Stark and Dr. Strange look. That would have been amazeballs.

  • The Mitch Zone
    The Mitch Zone 2 months ago

    What's funny is that the dislikes to this video is nearly as many as the likes, which is as it should be. Lol I don't think they know much about movies like they do with politic-related subjects. Clearly not everybody agrees with them, and the ones who disagree isn't in the minority. Myself included. They kept saying that basically not many people cares about the Heroes, and that the writers/directors assumed that people care... Well, if that's the case, then why was the *majority* of people who watched it was heartbroken and devastated at the end, huh?? Myself included... I get that they were just giving their thoughts, opinions, and criticisms of the movie, but so am I. This is MY opinion. The movie was great. Yes, I said GREAT, and I mean it. I'm not changing anything. Good day. 👌

  • Rofee305
    Rofee305 2 months ago

    Star Lord wasn't the same?? Neutered?? James Gunn had a big hand in making sure the guardians were exactly how they should be. Doom is better? Ok no more

  • Rofee305
    Rofee305 2 months ago

    Oh lord...

  • Joshua Galli
    Joshua Galli 2 months ago

    I have friends who didn't like any superhero movies outside of the Dark Knight Trilogy, and they thought it was a good movie...

  • Adrian Gomez
    Adrian Gomez 2 months ago

    Not gay Jared is a yes man.. change my mind

  • Stock Brazen
    Stock Brazen 2 months ago


  • Lucio Iva
    Lucio Iva 2 months ago

    Okay but when you say all this stuff about the MCU then you say it’s gotta build a lot on characters (witch it did but it’s not an origins story). Dude mcu is like one massive story, you don’t start a show on the 6th season...so annoying when people try and build social issues into these films. Stan lee wrote a shit ton of this stuff into his comics. Anyone thinking it’s because of modern day shit is just flat out wrong.

  • Ethan Collins
    Ethan Collins 2 months ago

    I liked it because I grew up with superhero movies the first movies my parents showed me were the Sam Rami spiderman movies and I loved them because I was young and impressionable and spiderman was really cool, and my love for spiderman gave me a love for superheroes in general and then iron man came out in 2008 and I loved it beacause I was 8 at the time and I was still very impressionable, ive grown up watching these movies and that's why I loved this movie.

  • DragonNinja 365
    DragonNinja 365 2 months ago

    Infinity Wars was not made to stand alone. If you take a random Star Wars movie (not counting number four) or a random Lord of the Rings, they aren't going to stand alone. That's why they are movie series.

  • DragonNinja 365
    DragonNinja 365 2 months ago

    Did he seriously just say Doctor Doom was a better villain than Thanos?! Is there some Fantastic Four movie I missed somewhere? I mean the one from the first attempt was pretty good, even if the movie wasn't great, but he was no Thanos.

  • DragonNinja 365
    DragonNinja 365 2 months ago

    I think Starlord was in character. He always freaks out when he learns someone killed his loved ones. Remember how quick he turned on his dad? And everything else was on point.

  • DragonNinja 365
    DragonNinja 365 2 months ago

    I like your politics, but not your movie criticism. Infinity Wars was amazing!!!! One of the best movies of all time. The audience was earned. The reason they assumed we cared about the characters was because we did. The way they brought everything together was incredible! And I don't think the marvel movies are SJW films. (The tv series are a different story, but the movies are fine.) I was really worried when they got to Black Panther, but it wasn't putting down white people as evil and I thought the whole thing was very fair. Same thing with Thanos's crazy overpopulation concerns. He's evil, all the good guys believe he's crazy and wrong. Maybe I just watched it differently, but I didn't feel the overpopulation is a huge threat like I thought it might. P.S.I hated Logan. The premise was just so stupid. I don't care how good the action or acting is if the story is dumb.

  • David c.
    David c. 2 months ago

    Movie is overrated as shit. Look at the comments jacking it off. Not as bad as you said though

  • Joshua Woodard
    Joshua Woodard 3 months ago

    Thanos is that dude bro I’m sorry btw this film had to pipe down many of the characters because the movie is so bloated they have to break them up into groups smh he may need to look at film making before he says dumb things lol

  • Chip Blackwood
    Chip Blackwood 3 months ago

    I loved that movie

  • Keith Grubaugh
    Keith Grubaugh 3 months ago

    This movie is an amalgam of all the previous Marvel movies and is the sequel to them all. It is not intended to be a standalone movie and to look at it through that lens... well, it makes sense why you might not like it. Don't get me wrong, what you said is fair, but I think you missed the point of the movie.

  • Lunwi88
    Lunwi88 3 months ago

    Going into infinity war and expecting it to stand on its own is like walking into Calculus 3 without taking Pre-Calc, Calc 1 And Calc 2. Of you won’t understand it.

  • Filip Kara
    Filip Kara 3 months ago

    i dont care about majority of the characters in this movie, but man... avengers infinity war was GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY vol.3 for me

  • ThePlaugeBoi
    ThePlaugeBoi 3 months ago

    I agree with your political beliefs, not your movie critiques.

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith 3 months ago

    Every time I see someone I like not like something I love, my soul dies a little.

  • MyAwesomeSon
    MyAwesomeSon 3 months ago +1

    Well you're absolutely right about Spider-man 2

  • The Bashful Turtle
    The Bashful Turtle 3 months ago

    Green lantern was good.

  • Friday Night's Out
    Friday Night's Out 3 months ago

    The movie works better with context

  • Gamer 61379
    Gamer 61379 3 months ago


  • TakTheFox
    TakTheFox 3 months ago

    I am *really* getting tired of people who use the fact that these movies are tied-in with each other as a reason why they're bad. It's like people who complain about not having the entire context for a sequel story.
    First off, when you start a comic-book-based movie universe, that's the entire point that all these movies tie together and you may have to watch SOME of them to get the whole story. (You only have to watch Avengers 1, Civil War, and...Ragnarok really for Infinity War to make sense. The horror. Three movies.) These movies are easily accessible, and considering how much money they keep making, I don't think people are having a hard time keeping up with it.
    Second, these movies do a pretty good job giving you enough context to get thrown in. Things like the Accords, Asgard, and all that are explained.
    THIRD, NO, STEVEN, you *don't* need to be a mega fan of the MCU that loves *every* movie and so on. I disliked Thor: The Dark World, Thor Ragnarok, Guardians 1, Ant Man and the Wasp, and Black Panther. I'm lukewarm on Iron Man 2, Spider-Man Homecoming, Ant Man, and Captain America 1. Even genuinely liking or loving all the other movies, that's still 9 I don't consider great movies. Still able to enjoy this movie.
    Fourth (and people already touched like this), this movie isn't made to "stand on its own", and it's not designed to "create" characters for you to care about. They already did all that with all the other movies. The characters they do focus on new for this movie like the Black Order aren't designed to be relatable. Thanos on the other hand gets a ton of focus and character depth. You know what though? You can still care about these characters.
    At least Ben Shapiro addressed the logic of Thanos's plan instead of this nonsense.

  • TakTheFox
    TakTheFox 3 months ago

    What is it with people who are great with politics being so bad at movies? Both Steven and Ben are just completely out of touch with these.

  • spliff02
    spliff02 3 months ago

    As someone who's been keeping up with all the movies over the past 10 years I loved infinity war

  • Islam Swaty
    Islam Swaty 3 months ago

    I watched every single MCU movie leading up to Infinity War and I still didn't like the movie.

  • Islam Swaty
    Islam Swaty 3 months ago

    The only gimmick this movie has to offer is the shock ending. And I call it a gimmick because we all know it's going to be reversed in Avengers 4.

  • The Hat
    The Hat 3 months ago

    Well; everyone likes what they like and they just didn't like Infinity War. I loved it but that's me.

  • Dashing David
    Dashing David 4 months ago +1

    Gotta say you're wrong here lol Thanos is easily the best villain. Leagues above Doom for sure.

  • Ferrite Productions
    Ferrite Productions 4 months ago

    You must have drank a ton of that punch bowl for a review this bad.

  • Gas Station Bathroom in Nevada

    your worst take

  • Aidas Ale
    Aidas Ale 4 months ago

    Lol a comic book movie review attracts more dislikes than almost all his 'controversial' shit

    But yeah

    He's one annoying dumbfuck

  • Shaun Lyle
    Shaun Lyle 4 months ago +1

    My personal favorite marvel (MCU) movie. But I do see where you are coming from.

  • TheOverlord
    TheOverlord 4 months ago

    The point was that it banks on all the other films. It’s a complete “finale” to all the solo films. You can’t introduce every character and make them have a backstory with this many people. The only person we didn’t know was thanos, and they “humanized” him to a certain extent while giving him true motivation for his actions.

  • Thot Quin
    Thot Quin 4 months ago

    You have to care about the characters lmao that’s with any franchise I can say star wars is bad because I’m not invested. This movie is a build up

  • Thot Quin
    Thot Quin 4 months ago +1

    Doom better than Thanos ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ShakespeareanMetalhead
    ShakespeareanMetalhead 4 months ago

    My only gripe with the film was Thanos never had been developed enough for us to feel how the film makers apparently try to want us to. I felt there was too much told to us about his character without any developed.
    Yes, I know that he has been introduced but that was still not character development.
    Fun movie though.
    Screw Malthus.

  • Rip & Tear gaming
    Rip & Tear gaming 4 months ago +1

    I waited 10 years to see this movie and I thought it was awesome

  • Snootigan
    Snootigan 4 months ago

    Okay so the reason it doesn't "stand on it's own" is because it is the very bringing together of different pieces of an extended Universe, that you would have to see the past movies to get, and the reason A Quiet Place stands on it's own, is because it's a friking stand-alone film with no forethought in previous movies, it doesn't need to be cohesive with anything but itself.
    And the thing about Peter Parker's classmates all being different races and creeds, well he literally lives in NYC.

  • San Pol
    San Pol 4 months ago

    lol, the first video I saw from you, was with the gevara red shirt . I thought you liked him and did not understand how it could be possible.
    Later , I realize I was wrong about you, and also saw what was written below at the shirt :-)
    You have a great channel !
    Cheers !

  • happyyface66
    happyyface66 4 months ago +1

    This movie is not the best but it is still way better than the first and second one

  • xLasered
    xLasered 4 months ago

    He’s tired of superhero movies.... then don’t watch them. Problem solved

  • Garrett Preston
    Garrett Preston 4 months ago

    Will people stop complaining about Star Lord being out of character because it shows a lack of knowledge about how this movie was made and how Guardians 2 build his character. With guardians 2 when he finds out about Ego killing his mom he attacks him which shows he doesn’t handle loss well so when he’s looking for gamora and being a jerk it makes sense and when he finds out Gamora is dead it makes total sense for what he did. Also James Gunn wrote the stuff for the guardians in infinity war so Star Lord was in character he wasn’t changed at all but a different side was shown more

  • Pimp Lotion
    Pimp Lotion 4 months ago

    TLJ suck

  • Abi Thomas
    Abi Thomas 4 months ago

    Can you PLEASE do a review on Incredibles 2???? There's been some debate on gender roles at church and would love your thoughts!!!

  • delta squad4577
    delta squad4577 4 months ago

    Spider-Man: Homecoming brownwashed Flash Thompson.

  • Saiahzion
    Saiahzion 4 months ago

    do incredibles 2

  • Rohit Eagala
    Rohit Eagala 4 months ago

    When you think about the whole movie is just the heroes trying to stop thanos and failing over and over, but the main reason I liked the film was because of thanos's motivations and how we saw his emotional side. Thanos was really the main character of the movie.

  • Tim B
    Tim B 5 months ago

    Infinity War is basically just an extended commercial for Avengers 4

  • Aramis Stavridis
    Aramis Stavridis 5 months ago

    Holy fuck this was the worst movie review I’ve ever seen

  • Adriana Reyes
    Adriana Reyes 5 months ago +2

    Steven pls stick to politics and comedy. This movie made 2b. It was amazing

  • Cameron White
    Cameron White 5 months ago

    Did he just say Dr Doom from the Fantastic 4 movies was a better villain than Thanos?

  • Chuckle Dell
    Chuckle Dell 5 months ago +1

    Ayy I finally found something me and Steven disagree on!

  • Benjamin Lemons
    Benjamin Lemons 5 months ago

    Straw. Man.

  • Lil Leslie
    Lil Leslie 5 months ago

    yes it was worth the hype . to me AVENGERS INFINITY WAR WAS SO GOOOD IT WAS EPIC . IT WAS THE BEST MOVIE EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Valère Hirwa
    Valère Hirwa 5 months ago +1

    How could you spend 7 minutes criticizing Infinity War for "not developping its characters" and then say that Doom, FROM 2014 FANTASTIC FOUR, is better than Thanos?
    Love you Steven but you're just being a hater on this one and it's quite frankly hard to listen to!

  • Patrick Todd
    Patrick Todd 5 months ago

    Probably the biggest, baddest, boldest comic book movie ever made. I've seen it 10 times and can't wait to watch it again.

  • Tater Tot
    Tater Tot 5 months ago

    You should do a review on The Last Jedi.... so far you’re my favorite all around guy, comedy, politics, reviews, but Ben Shapiro did a TLJ review and he lost me 😫😂

  • Andrew Venezia
    Andrew Venezia 5 months ago

    But avengers 3 was pretty good

  • Andrew Venezia
    Andrew Venezia 5 months ago

    Avengers 4 is where itll be at

  • faht fak carl
    faht fak carl 5 months ago

    This show is simply awesome

  • Jose Arcentales
    Jose Arcentales 5 months ago

    Yeah... stick to politics...

  • Kromazone
    Kromazone 5 months ago

    IW was a great movie, black panther on the other hand.......meh lol

  • Rumble Shakes
    Rumble Shakes 5 months ago

    I liked Infinity War 1. It's nice when a movie has the bad guy win. I do know everyone comes back in the next movie.

  • Tivis boothe
    Tivis boothe 5 months ago

    Finally, someone that prefers Toby McGuire Spider-Man.

  • Andrew Gonzales
    Andrew Gonzales 5 months ago

    “You won’t like it if you’re looking for a film that stands alone” ITS THE 19th MOVIE IN A FRANCHISE WHICH IS THE FINALE OF ALL OF THEM!😂😂😂 Thats like reading the final chapter of a book and being like “you won’t like it if your just looking for an interesting short story”😂😂

  • KH-mixerX
    KH-mixerX 5 months ago

    The movie isn’t supposed to stand alone. The entire point of the MCU is that they all connect with each other. As a culmination of the past ten years, this movie succeeded. In leaps and bounds. You cannot judge it by its stand alone worth. It’s not meant to be consumed as such.

  • Allaster Gaming
    Allaster Gaming 5 months ago

    Lots of soy boys defending Marvel in the comments on this one jeez

  • Bryan Fernandez
    Bryan Fernandez 5 months ago

    the xmens are garbage except for days of future past and even that sucked, it was just fun to see the sentinels shred the x-men.

  • David Duron
    David Duron 5 months ago

    I think this movie did an incredible job of what it was trying to do. It’s like the season finale of the Marvel Universe. Of course the season finale doesn’t stand on its own - that’s not its purpose. Honestly I think that it was incredible how they kept my attention with SO MANY different heroes throughout the movie. They don’t have to make us like the characters in this movie because we’ve already made up our mind about these characters in their own movies. I absolutely love most of your content crowder and have been following you on TVclip/podcast for a couple years now but think this review is pretty shallow 😐 Still love you guys though 😎