I Bought A FAKE James Charles Palette

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
  • HI SISTERS! Counterfeit makeup has always been a dangerous problem in the beauty industry. I've tested out fake makeup on my channel before, but now that I've released my own palette, people are trying to sister scam. Watch as I try out a FAKE James Charles palette and compare it to the real deal. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!

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    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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  • Shadow_The_Skeleton
    Shadow_The_Skeleton 11 hours ago

    How to make getting punched in the face, look absolutely fucking fabulous

  • LynxySenpai !
    LynxySenpai ! 13 hours ago

    I’m loving James hoodie

  • Melanie Garcell
    Melanie Garcell 14 hours ago

    This is how many times he snapped his fingers
    I liked my own comment because he only did it once

  • Trinity Patterson
    Trinity Patterson 14 hours ago

    Lol I love how much he says sister 🤣

  • Melinda DeWalt
    Melinda DeWalt 16 hours ago

    The siser hood

  • Henry Li
    Henry Li 16 hours ago

    15:13 yw

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    Stephanie Ariana 17 hours ago


  • Chris Monito
    Chris Monito 18 hours ago

    Who are you are you a girl or a boy

  • karina Jensen
    karina Jensen 20 hours ago

    Love your videos 😍😍😍

  • Oliver King
    Oliver King 20 hours ago

    14:56 you can hear him unleash his inner straightness

  • Dianna Gale
    Dianna Gale 21 hour ago


  • Odd_Little Quotes
    Odd_Little Quotes 21 hour ago +1


  • Kristina Satka
    Kristina Satka 21 hour ago

    I love your palette

  • dlt1948
    dlt1948 22 hours ago

    u are awesome
    luv uuuuuu

  • Emilija messer
    Emilija messer 22 hours ago +2

    James: speaks *PERFECT SPANISH*
    Me: despacito?
    sorry i just had to 😂

  • Alba Campo
    Alba Campo 23 hours ago

    He speaks sooo fast!!! I can't even understand him!

  • Anna Harris
    Anna Harris 23 hours ago

    The thought is counting......

    In sales

  • Maurice Estes
    Maurice Estes 23 hours ago


  • Maurice Estes
    Maurice Estes 23 hours ago

    I am not and will never be a sister cuz I. Don’t. CARE

  • Maurice Estes
    Maurice Estes 23 hours ago


  • Anna Harris
    Anna Harris 23 hours ago

    James: ...so i dont get sister-sued
    Me: Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Melissa Magnusson

    I didn't know James cn speak Spanish

  • The Smith Family!
    The Smith Family! Day ago +1

    James: one of these things is not like the other.
    Me: Taylor swift lyrics?

  • lara :3
    lara :3 Day ago


  • Denise’s Life
    Denise’s Life Day ago +1

    I’m fallowing you one all social media but can there be a a giveaway of your palettes cuz my mom can’t because it’s to expensive 😭 and I really really want one I’m even following you on TikTok

  • talan Craddock
    talan Craddock Day ago

    Sorry I wrote gust I ment just I'm really really really sorry 😣😣😣😣

  • talan Craddock
    talan Craddock Day ago

    Hi sister James i love love love your videos even though I gust started to watch your videos and I am allready subscribed and please mind my spelling and I subscribed yesterday June 18th and once again I love love love you and your family and friends and videos and would like to win one of your givaway prizes I'm not sure how to spell prizes sorry 😘 OK TTYL SISTER

  • Julia
    Julia Day ago

    Tim Kristian is beter then u

  • orange aza
    orange aza Day ago

    Don't hate me but 8:43 doesn't it look like he purposefully put more on his index finger (from his palette) to make it seem like it's more pigmented? I'm not hating, I'm just seeing what I saw XDDD

  • Gurl Grace
    Gurl Grace Day ago

    The real one is 100% good the other one is like 00000000.1%

  • Its Richelle
    Its Richelle Day ago

    Why is he a boy but he use makeup

  • Rachel Cook
    Rachel Cook Day ago

    7:52 I’m dying lmao

  • Jayla Tucker
    Jayla Tucker Day ago

    I love you so much 😍😍

  • Ivana Matejic
    Ivana Matejic Day ago +1


  • Lynnzie's Life Abby

    I'm depressed because I am not aloud to have all social media 😖😫😓😭😢

  • David Porter
    David Porter Day ago +2

    This is how many times he said sisters

  • Yukti Sharma
    Yukti Sharma Day ago +8

    You are beautiful james no matter what
    ♡love from a sister

  • Victor Figueroa
    Victor Figueroa Day ago

    I’m gonna unleash my inner lawsuit

  • Kate Cringe
    Kate Cringe Day ago +4

    Omgggg 11:02 he knows songs that are coming out anyone know???? 2019 ME! By Taylor Swift in Brandon Uri ahhahah genie right there

  • Chidimma Ebiye
    Chidimma Ebiye Day ago

    Are your pallets sold at the ultra beauty stores

  • TANHA tanha
    TANHA tanha Day ago +18

    OMG! I don't know why but I freaking love James Charle's earring...... Love that!💖💖

  • Meh 362
    Meh 362 Day ago

    His Spanish is better than mine, and I’m Chilean

  • Dragon Ball Super

    I love youu ay bon a fan so long orlediy Four 6or7 yirs ay subskraybd andnlaykd the vidio and hitd the Bell

  • WeiWei Oaht
    WeiWei Oaht Day ago

    Jame: ...um CAN'T RELATE...

  • Card Tricked
    Card Tricked Day ago +1

    Go killyourself

  • aron sarah
    aron sarah Day ago

    Sister I love you 😘😍 you are a blessing🙏❤

  • Epic Moon
    Epic Moon Day ago

    You talk to much just do the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rudy and Gabby
    Rudy and Gabby Day ago

    James charles do you know a girl named ariel nichols

  • Eimy :3
    Eimy :3 Day ago

    I love you sister ❤❤

  • Hayden Gonzales
    Hayden Gonzales Day ago

    It would’ve been more fair if you swatched them the same and also same amount of eyeshadow when you swatched them

  • Sophia Saccone
    Sophia Saccone Day ago

    Thank god I bought mine at morphe 😂

  • Casey Bass
    Casey Bass Day ago

    I like Jeffree Stars but I think I like you more

  • Glossy Arts X
    Glossy Arts X Day ago

    Ik I am late
    Is frikle fracking nails!!

  • Matias Barraza
    Matias Barraza Day ago +2

    Sos el mejor .Love you makeup

  • darlene b
    darlene b Day ago

    I love your makeup !!!!

  • Agata Kolataj
    Agata Kolataj Day ago

    Can u please talk slower I want to understand what your saying

  • chanyeol's trash

    14:57 i love that scream ugh

  • Puppyunicorns123
    Puppyunicorns123 2 days ago

    *Hi SiStEr* Xxx

  • Ribbons gloss
    Ribbons gloss 2 days ago +2


  • Allison Staker
    Allison Staker 2 days ago

    Hmm sis I have a ultra beauty kit my face is shining

  • Barbara Rosser
    Barbara Rosser 2 days ago

    I’m new

  • McKinley A
    McKinley A 2 days ago

    Will you transform yourself into Donald Trump? Or Hillary Clinton? Cuz that’d be hilarious!

  • Sarsi Vlog
    Sarsi Vlog 2 days ago +1

    You talk to fast😂 do u have time to breathe?😂

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    Mackenzie Beck 2 days ago +7

    This is have many times he said sister in all of his videos

  • Ava Taylor
    Ava Taylor 2 days ago +1

    how many times he said "dip into the_______"

  • Bott Yuup
    Bott Yuup 2 days ago

    Will anybody get upset if I yell "hay brother" I mean he sead "hay sisters" so is brother the right/best response? I will probably never know. Also you have a lack of testosterone brother.

    • Bott Yuup
      Bott Yuup 2 days ago

      What dose a street have to do with "triggered" or being "triggered"?

    • Kaitlyn Bassford
      Kaitlyn Bassford 2 days ago +1

      Bott Yuup Hey *Sister* is the best thing you should say to him

  • Mohamed Emara
    Mohamed Emara 2 days ago

    Plzz I want a give away since mother's birsday is soon

  • Harper Fam
    Harper Fam 2 days ago

    If ur a British sister and want the pallette. Go to cult beauty. It is an affiliate to morphe and I got my palette from there and it’s AMAZING!

  • Destiny Richen
    Destiny Richen 2 days ago

    I'm sorry but your nose is shiny sorry sis

  • sleesha
    sleesha 2 days ago +97

    *james reading the pallet : unleash your inner artist*
    *also james : more like unleash my inner lawsuit*

    *HAHA IM DEAD 😂*

  • engrudy5
    engrudy5 2 days ago +9

    *what he is saying to me* : *Audiejhddisourhnfbsuqiwieichsnheurosiiwhdhyxueiednnshsueijdhsnwhurdisjannsdhjdsoiehhsjwjeiidkllmnbmshxhjsajjwruedxzzsfggcdqdxjsiosh*

    *wow that’s cool that you can talk faster than my me* *love the vid tho*

    • Chaima Diyani
      Chaima Diyani 10 hours ago

      English is not even my first language and i totally understand what he says stop being rude

  • Period Girl
    Period Girl 2 days ago

    He was doing a better job on his real one but no hate

  • Klove .A
    Klove .A 2 days ago


  • Carly Kubovcik
    Carly Kubovcik 2 days ago

    Why is there a rubber band on your ear??

  • Kelly Sudyatmiko
    Kelly Sudyatmiko 2 days ago +60

    This is how many times he said “dip into”

  • Kelly Sudyatmiko
    Kelly Sudyatmiko 2 days ago

    7:33 no more talk opening palette

  • Kelly Sudyatmiko
    Kelly Sudyatmiko 2 days ago

    4:23 your welcome

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    Krmn Ramos 2 days ago

    Dámelo ❤️

  • Илья Новиков

    Фу пидр

  • Lucy
    Lucy 2 days ago +2

    Una forma de promocionar tu producto, para que sepan que el tuyo es mejor idk

    • Lizeth Gamez
      Lizeth Gamez 23 hours ago

      Por fin alguien que habla español xd

  • Litzy Villa
    Litzy Villa 2 days ago

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    Rebecca Gledhill 2 days ago

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    Puppy Kitty 2 days ago

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  • xXKawaiiKristenXx -Drawing Channel-

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    Does he still have insta because I can't find it

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    Riley Martinez 3 days ago

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    tae with honey 3 days ago +16

    "So now you wanna be pigmented"

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    Daphne Greenley 3 days ago

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    Daniel Choy 3 days ago

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    Jonas Drayer 3 days ago

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  • Jonas Drayer
    Jonas Drayer 3 days ago

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    Coralys vlogs 3 days ago

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    BellaDonna L. 3 days ago

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  • vishakha sonawane
    vishakha sonawane 3 days ago

    Hey..... I'm from India....I want to buy this palette....bt isn't available in India.....if I order from out of country..... it's get too much expensive

  • KookieNichiwa
    KookieNichiwa 3 days ago


    my friends were literally annoyed by that/

  • Cheyenne White
    Cheyenne White 3 days ago

    James: -.- *dámelo*

    UNKNOWN 3 days ago

    You Speak Spanish Better Than Me I Finished The Curse And I Can't Pronounce The Spanish Well, English Too Lol 😂😂😂