I used an AIMBOT controller in ARENA Fortnite..

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
  • ► I used an Modded AIMBOT controller in ARENA Fortnite.
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  • ShotGunPlays
    ShotGunPlays  6 months ago +2605

    i'm going to make an asmr channel, what videos should i do on it? i got one ideas rn: shotgunplays boyfriend asmr but i need more ideas

  • TheTriggeredDuck
    TheTriggeredDuck 2 days ago

    Atomic and you are practically the same. It’s strange.

  • Cayden Niko
    Cayden Niko 5 days ago

    U weren’t playing arena

  • Tanish Gautam
    Tanish Gautam 7 days ago

    There were chug splashes at 8:00 🤖🤦‍♂️😂

  • Allan Tamez
    Allan Tamez 9 days ago

    YePoZu GLITCHERTM 10 days ago

    New vidéo please

  • elias quero
    elias quero 10 days ago

    Creo que yo tengo ese mando

  • Domanyk York
    Domanyk York 13 days ago

    where’s shotgun :,(

  • Elijah McLeod
    Elijah McLeod 14 days ago

    I heard him clicking the shoot button

  • Ewen Zietsman
    Ewen Zietsman 14 days ago


  • Candice Thomas
    Candice Thomas 15 days ago


  • molten salt salt
    molten salt salt 16 days ago

    Unknown army and me

  • Jelle van der Meer
    Jelle van der Meer 16 days ago

    Ik better

  • jack sahnnon
    jack sahnnon 16 days ago +1

    Yo this editing is absurd. Can’t even follow what is going on

  • JoshYTOMG
    JoshYTOMG 18 days ago

    Where is the 10000 v bucks giveaways

  • MaxO
    MaxO 20 days ago


  • Heno Potgieter
    Heno Potgieter 20 days ago


  • Eggie Spageggi
    Eggie Spageggi 20 days ago

    9:54 me XD

  • Domestic Wolf
    Domestic Wolf 21 day ago

    A person who’s better and younger than you is Bugha. Obviously

  • CrYsTaL_M4TT1 matt
    CrYsTaL_M4TT1 matt 22 days ago

    I Mean would website with hacks be deleted

  • Adventure Seeking
    Adventure Seeking 24 days ago

    Hey let me get 10000vbucks bro!

  • Nate Thompson
    Nate Thompson 25 days ago

    And ur a spammer

  • Nate Thompson
    Nate Thompson 25 days ago

    You don't have aim bot your just in a server of bad players 🤣

  • Legendary Dragon
    Legendary Dragon 27 days ago

    Like that's comment to you see PewD👇iePie. 👇°~°👇

  • Legendary Dragon
    Legendary Dragon 27 days ago +1

    Like that's video to you plays Fortnite 👇👇👇👇👇👌

  • Legendary Dragon
    Legendary Dragon 27 days ago +1

    Bro Facepalm You don't haveAIMBOT You only have AimAssist😂😂😂😂😂😴😴thats a Clickbate😧Fk you I will Report u for Clickbate Aimbot only Headshot Bro facepalm °-°Soo I will Report u. :() Wow That's Real Aimbot AimAssist ops That's Clickbate Fuk you

  • William Budiac
    William Budiac 29 days ago

    So, why did you get aimbot?

  • MaksimP007
    MaksimP007 29 days ago

    me @7:37

  • martialalmac
    martialalmac 29 days ago

    Up. Loud more

  • J_Dizzle_06 ———
    J_Dizzle_06 ——— 29 days ago +5

    Who here after Jarvis got banned?


  • SUB 2 LEO-KUN V2.0
    SUB 2 LEO-KUN V2.0 Month ago +1

    Lmao I was going to like anyway

  • Brodey Croy
    Brodey Croy Month ago

    Highsky1 is better then you even with your aimbot

  • Steve Holder
    Steve Holder Month ago

    Come on you need to give us 10k vbucks

  • ThE BoKi
    ThE BoKi Month ago

    Reverse card for all

  • Crystal Hewitt
    Crystal Hewitt Month ago +1

    9:56 faze jarvis is wayyy better lmao lol

    • Danny G.
      Danny G. Month ago

      It's sarcasm and why did you use lol and lmao

    • Danny G.
      Danny G. Month ago

      Its sarcasm

  • Chance Gross
    Chance Gross Month ago

    **** you for threatening people.

  • Joseph Hooper
    Joseph Hooper Month ago

    Didn’t u see him miss so many shots

  • XxMystic _ar5708xX
    XxMystic _ar5708xX Month ago +1

    His mom does every thing LoL

  • D-Does Gaming
    D-Does Gaming Month ago

    Honestly, i cant tell ur cheating cuz u miss some shots still

  • Robert Rodriguez
    Robert Rodriguez Month ago


  • Nitro Charge
    Nitro Charge Month ago

    How I think that controller works is that most shooter games have where once you zoom in it snaps in the general direction of an enemy or on an enemy, so it must like have something in there that keeps on re-triggering the trigger so fast you cant see it so it presses it 20 times in 2 seconds and your locked on the enemy. If this is the case you cannot get banned from using the controller. Sorry if this didn't make much sense

  • Malik Aultman
    Malik Aultman Month ago


  • IDK _CLaN
    IDK _CLaN Month ago

    Bro that was so coal I’m only 6

  • Th3Flassi Yt
    Th3Flassi Yt Month ago

    1:02 yes you are

  • ImNotUnderRatedヅ
    ImNotUnderRatedヅ Month ago

    7:40 faze sway

  • Blnx YT
    Blnx YT Month ago +1

    Hey I am a small TVclip bee trying to grow would you mind subbing 😔 not self promoting just trying to get bigger

  • Caden Brant
    Caden Brant Month ago


  • leo macphee
    leo macphee Month ago

    shotgun: name a better controler player than me

    me: well it was faze jarvis but hes perma banned

  • Ryder White
    Ryder White Month ago

    Red wave is better

  • tecid
    tecid Month ago

    I just love it when there are random red circles in the thumbnail.

  • Cyclxpzz
    Cyclxpzz Month ago

    My 10,000 vbucks??

  • Ibanez Fan
    Ibanez Fan Month ago

    Most people use aimbot and that's why I rage at it.

    • Dobred247
      Dobred247 Month ago

      No... Just think about it

  • FLAM3 _
    FLAM3 _ Month ago

    Any one watching when jarvis been banned

  • Benjamin Fix
    Benjamin Fix Month ago

    7:38. My answer anyone


    9:57 idk

  • gaming world
    gaming world Month ago

    who else didn't understand any shut he said😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

  • Little Life
    Little Life Month ago

    Stop destroying my thing!

  • carlos vielmas
    carlos vielmas Month ago

    your trash 1v1?

  • ChrOno Vortexzz
    ChrOno Vortexzz Month ago

    Is it just me or is he really bad at building and combat in general