J vs Ben: The HARDEST Harry Potter Trivia Quiz EVER!


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  • Sarah Kate
    Sarah Kate 2 hours ago

    My first time beating them in one of these quizzes. I got 10!

  • Nicholas Osborne
    Nicholas Osborne 6 hours ago


  • jack clark
    jack clark 7 hours ago

    the year ollivander's was founded is on the shop front when harry goes to get his wand

  • Aurora Curti
    Aurora Curti 2 days ago

    hey just btw in the movie when Harry enters for like two seconds on the sign at the entrance there's written "Ollivander making wand since 382 BC" you have no idea how smart I feel right now

  • Edie LOL
    Edie LOL 3 days ago

    It was sort of easy

    • Edie LOL
      Edie LOL 3 days ago

      The house one were somehow obvious to me

  • thekeenan cole
    thekeenan cole 3 days ago

    the quiz said i got 11 right, but doing the point score that they did in this video, i got 14 right.

  • Paige Sicker
    Paige Sicker 3 days ago

    It's a fairly easy quiz, I remember the smallest, most insignificant things

  • lexy curran
    lexy curran 4 days ago

    i got 14/20 and i haven't even finished reading the whole series. i only just started 2 weeks ago so im only on the 2 book

  • Awkward Raven
    Awkward Raven 4 days ago

    It's pronounced Eat-on and it's a famous private boarding school in England. It's famous for a lot of the royal family going there.

  • mY tEa iS SugAr FrEe

    I knew the ollivanders one because it said it on top of the shop

  • Jade ANDREWS
    Jade ANDREWS 6 days ago

    17 out of 20

  • El Somni Culé
    El Somni Culé 6 days ago

    Got 15

    LUNA RAVENCLAW 7 days ago

    I got 16 yayyyyyy

  • Jose Vega
    Jose Vega 7 days ago

    this was a piece of cake to easy

  • PhoenixTrooper
    PhoenixTrooper 7 days ago


  • Emily Elsey
    Emily Elsey 8 days ago

    Moaning mrytles house is revealed in chamber of secrets with her house symbol on her robe one scene in the movies

  • Ava Melvin
    Ava Melvin 8 days ago

    I got 12/20, I'm proud cause I got more then them and usually I learn a lot about Harry Potter from them.

  • Bored Potterhead
    Bored Potterhead 8 days ago

    I got 10

  • Enut Peanut
    Enut Peanut 8 days ago

    It’s a posh muggle school where princes go and stuff, its famous here in England

  • TME Bonnell
    TME Bonnell 8 days ago

    Accidently spelled that wrong

  • TME Bonnell
    TME Bonnell 8 days ago

    I new about ollivanders. It says so on his sign in the movie

  • Nando Yale
    Nando Yale 9 days ago

    Wow!!!! You’re actually 2 people... I thought you just grew facial hair then shave it. Now your Chanel’s name makes sense...😂🤣

  • baseballseth
    baseballseth 10 days ago


  • baseballseth
    baseballseth 10 days ago

    382BC is clearly stated in both the first book and movie. In a description of the shop when Harry gets his wand, and it is on the sign in the movie.

  • That Guy Blue Gaming
    That Guy Blue Gaming 10 days ago

    i got lucky, i guessed about 11/20. the easiest one i guessed was the olivander one

  • zarovv
    zarovv 10 days ago

    i liked when they guess 2 out of 3 and gave themselves 2 points. like i would pick all the options and will always get max points. i like this logic.

  • zarovv
    zarovv 10 days ago

    i was able to answer a total of 0 questions. so proud of myself.

  • CactiSenpai :
    CactiSenpai : 10 days ago

    Guys I fools I haven’t read or watched Harry Potter in over a year and I got way more than you seriously you didn’t know moaning mirror was raven claw and 382bc! C’mon

  • Sammy The Turtle
    Sammy The Turtle 10 days ago

    I was surprised you guys did not know for sure the olivander question

  • Ruby Rasmussen
    Ruby Rasmussen 11 days ago

    I got 12

  • TheBrickGuy
    TheBrickGuy 11 days ago

    I got 13

  • PA
    PA 11 days ago

    Wingardium Leviosa

  • Joseph Orchard
    Joseph Orchard 11 days ago

    The time olivanders opened was on the sign in diagon alley

  • Alexx Straley
    Alexx Straley 12 days ago

    I got question 10 right. It is very easy. It shows in the movie on Olivander's sign

  • TheLonelyGod42
    TheLonelyGod42 12 days ago

    16 points

  • 5 Nuthinn Productions
    5 Nuthinn Productions 12 days ago

    Okay so my reasoning is because I'm pretty sure in the first movie when Hagrid directs Harry to Olivanders the sign they show an EST time! If it's not the first movie it was somewhere because I can just see the lettering saying 382 once I saw the choices. I knew it was 3 something but I couldn't remember it clearly. Anyone else?

  • Cr8z4wolves
    Cr8z4wolves 13 days ago

    Wow! I got 12

  • Team 10 Furry Squad
    Team 10 Furry Squad 13 days ago

    Yay I got the ollivander question right

  • Kris Richardson
    Kris Richardson 14 days ago

    In the first movie the sign for the wond shop said since 382 BC

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life 15 days ago +1

    Yeah Go Ben

  • xanni1025
    xanni1025 15 days ago

    19 out of 20

  • Unicorn Whisperer
    Unicorn Whisperer 15 days ago

    18 out of 20

  • cameron martin
    cameron martin 17 days ago

    95% not bad

  • Gikle
    Gikle 17 days ago

    I got 8... yay?

  • Sophia Barenholtz
    Sophia Barenholtz 17 days ago

    I got the ollivanders question right! Anyone else

  • Sirquackington
    Sirquackington 17 days ago

    Funny thing is I knew that olivanders was founded in 365 because of a sign saying best wands since 365 B.C. on the olivanders sign in diagon alley

    Edit: I meant 382 B.C.

  • Alex Took
    Alex Took 17 days ago

    I got 17 points... I think they just had questions that appealed to my particular obscure knowledge, because I don't normally do this well on SCB quiz videos. :P

  • Leon Pascal Bendlin
    Leon Pascal Bendlin 17 days ago

    I am disappointed that I got more rigth then Ben and J

  • BZZBBZ Gaming
    BZZBBZ Gaming 17 days ago

    Question #3 is really easy if you watch "The Dom," as he stole Terry, and renamed him, and added "from Ravenclaw" to the end

  • Carolyn Gagnon
    Carolyn Gagnon 18 days ago

    Good on Ben for showing his work!

  • 18 Inches High
    18 Inches High 18 days ago

    I got twelve right! I did use multiple choice. I got the question about Ollivander’s correct. I got all three on the one about Lockhart, does that count as three points? If so I had 14 correct. I also got the one about Quirrel half correct because I knew about the Wildflowers. Does that count as half a point? Once again if so that means I got 14 1/2 points!!! I am actually kind of proud of myself and also concerned about the amount of time I have spent learning everything there is to know. I love you channel!

  • Inga Pinga
    Inga Pinga 18 days ago

    I got 16/20. And got the result: Poor. But Quirrells question, was a random guess.

  • Keziah Tabassomi
    Keziah Tabassomi 19 days ago

    Super easy, barely an inconvenience

  • Dee LGE17
    Dee LGE17 20 days ago

    It shows the date 382 on the store sign.

  • Ben Geezil
    Ben Geezil 20 days ago

    I got 10 right without multiple choice

  • Nora
    Nora 21 day ago +1

    Question 10: Ollivander's Building says that it was founded in 382BC. search it up. In between the two cylinders, there is a piece of trim that says: "MAKERS of FINE WANDS" under that it says " - SINCE 382BC."

  • Anne Kratz
    Anne Kratz 22 days ago


  • No I am not changing this user name 17

    If you get a 100% on that quiz then you are a Harry Potter need (I got 15) and I am a diehard potter more and Harry Potter fan.
    Multiple choice doesn’t help a whole lot honestly.

  • Isai Dimond
    Isai Dimond 22 days ago

    I got the Olivanders one correct because I remember after watching the movie a week ago, that it said 382 BC on the shop

  • Kalie Conley
    Kalie Conley 22 days ago

    Omg I got the pressing wildflowers right bc of starkid 😂😂

  • Stable Ape
    Stable Ape 22 days ago

    It was one of the easiest ones on Pottermore. I got o correct.

  • Garrett Kauffman
    Garrett Kauffman 24 days ago

    Lol it was a good video guys, I took the quiz before I actually watched ur guys video and I thought the multiple choice answers definitely made it a lot easier, most of them were like, once u saw the answer u remembered it. That being said I still only got a 55% on my first try soooooo...... Good job guys 😂

  • Jorge Jugar
    Jorge Jugar 24 days ago


  • Jorge Jugar
    Jorge Jugar 24 days ago

    23:20, okay im keeping score never mind. Knew this one as it was being read. Quidditch through the ages and the quidditch world cup game for gamecube talk about this. Positive that its mentioned in a pottermore article on quidditch as well.

  • Jorge Jugar
    Jorge Jugar 24 days ago

    Well now i don't know what to do after 22:29, done keeping score at 7 points across the board. Guessed wizard's chess and travel for quirrell question

  • Jorge Jugar
    Jorge Jugar 24 days ago

    Blaise Zabini

  • Jorge Jugar
    Jorge Jugar 24 days ago

    At 12:46 tied by their ruling.

  • Jorge Jugar
    Jorge Jugar 24 days ago

    Tied at 11:38 did not get the ollivander question. Knew moaning myrtle though. Missed Terry Boot unfortunately. Rowena forgive me.

  • Alex Spain
    Alex Spain 24 days ago

    Fourteen out of 20
    I am currently working on making a quiz of my own... I am going to try and make it about twice as hard as this one.

  • Gramite Playz
    Gramite Playz 24 days ago

    My score was 15/20

  • Nick the Superb
    Nick the Superb 24 days ago

    i got the olivanders question right because i recently read the part of the sorcerers stone where they go into olivanders,but at first i thought it 82 bc not 382 bc but when the multiple choice came in knew it was 382 bc

  • Catholic Inspiration
    Catholic Inspiration 25 days ago

    Super hard!

  • Walter Perez
    Walter Perez 25 days ago

    yes the Ollivanders one

  • Zachary Schaelow
    Zachary Schaelow 25 days ago +5

    For number 10, if you pay attention to the olivanders sign in philosophers stone it says 382bc (btw I got the question right without guessing).

  • MrDomination19
    MrDomination19 25 days ago

    For the olivander question in the movie for the philosopher stone when Harry goes and gets his wand it shows the sign to the store and on the sign it says when it was founded

  • harry Arney
    harry Arney 25 days ago

    19! only missed the bank number

  • YouCube
    YouCube 25 days ago

    I got the Ollivanders question right, because the Ollivanders sign says "OLLIVANDERS - Fine maker of wands since 382 BC" in the film, and also my son is named Ollivander, so I've come to pay more attention to Ollivanders scenes :)

  • Montserrat Elechiguerra Chávez

    Team Ben all the way. #TeamBen

  • Bonobo Man
    Bonobo Man 27 days ago

    I got #10 right! He he he!

  • Alaina Udzinski
    Alaina Udzinski 27 days ago

    I got 5 correct, 7 incorrect, and 8 I did not know.

  • Bryce Martinez
    Bryce Martinez 27 days ago

    11 713

  • Da Beef Stew Boiz
    Da Beef Stew Boiz 27 days ago

    i got 11 correct

  • Da Beef Stew Boiz
    Da Beef Stew Boiz 27 days ago

    The spell for losing someones memory is "Obliviate" so what else would they be called...

  • Milly O'Donoghue
    Milly O'Donoghue 28 days ago

    I said ravenclaw I said ravenclaw for mouning murtle

  • Geoffrey Comstock
    Geoffrey Comstock 28 days ago

    my wife scored an 11, but I wanted to deduct a point for one of your badly worded questions and score scale. :) GREAT CHALLENGE!

  • Christian Ali
    Christian Ali 29 days ago

    Can we all agree that Harry Potter was literally cinderella? Hear me out for a couple of sentences. After the untimely death of his parents, Harry Potter is adopted by family that is not his birth parents and treat him like absolute garbage for as long as he lives with them. They make no secret of not wanting him to live there, they punish him for virtually no reason at all, they make him sleep in a place where a kid should not be sleeping [Cinderella was just Ella before she slept in a cinder shield fireplace kitchen corner. Compare with Harry Potter sleeping in a wardrobe under the stairs of his house], And to top it all off, The Dursley‘s have a biological son that I treat like an absolute prince, spoiling him rotten every chance they get. I mean minus the chores piling up on him [his aunt does enjoy cleaning her own House, and they only seem to make him wait on them when they are too busy to help themselves, like when they had a guest], His story is the perfect fairytale beginning. Of course the Chi difference here is that, rather than have any interaction with fairy god mother to grant his wish for a better life, he makes a half giant groundskeeper and take him to school when he lands to be magical enough to grant his own wish for a better life, and the rest is J. K. Rowling‘s story. At the beginning, however, he was very much like Cinderella. Well, she had to get her ideas from somewhere, and the cinders thing does make him a good underdog to root for, so good job J. K. Rowling. Nice work on the fairytale references.

  • Chris Campos
    Chris Campos 29 days ago

    hmmm... does not doing the test count as winning

  • Seth Kunzler
    Seth Kunzler Month ago

    I only got 4 right. geese that was tough

  • fred fred
    fred fred Month ago

    olvanders shop was founded which i would assume that means his famly founded that shop if it was that early not him

  • Random Emma Rose
    Random Emma Rose Month ago

    I got all except 13,16,17,and 20

  • Blayden reviews
    Blayden reviews Month ago

    i got the year olivanders opened

  • Gideon Freeman
    Gideon Freeman Month ago

    And I did beat you XD.

  • Gideon Freeman
    Gideon Freeman Month ago

    I thought it was easy.

  • Stacey Harris
    Stacey Harris Month ago

    yes i did
    hint the company name board it say wand making from 382 bc easy

  • Bendy Bones
    Bendy Bones Month ago +1

    I got 382 BC I remembered it on the movie

  • captain pog
    captain pog Month ago


  • Connor Lindsay
    Connor Lindsay Month ago

    I GOT 14!!!!!

  • Scott Gibson
    Scott Gibson Month ago

    You see the founding date for ollivanders in the movie. It’s on the sign for his shop in the philosophers stone

  • Bronwyn Whelan
    Bronwyn Whelan Month ago

    I wouldn't think Moaning Myrtle would be a Hufflepuff cause she doesn't act like one.....

  • Rhys Wheldon
    Rhys Wheldon Month ago

    Eeeton not Eton it's a British school