We Spent 6 Days Attempting a 200m Basketball Shot in Lesotho, Africa

  • Published on Apr 6, 2018
  • A once in a lifetime experience!
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    Shot at Maletsunyane Falls in Lesotho, this video only came about because we had heaps of help. Firstly thanks to Duane Orriss (DuaneOrriss.com) and Ryan Lucas (Goyastudio.com.au) for coming along as videographers, you guys are both legends! Secondly thanks to Semonkong Lodge for housing and feeding us each day, we had a great experience and definitely recommend everyone stays there when visiting Lesotho. Thirdly thanks to all the local crew who helped find and walk up basketballs, operate the pulley and sort out our harnesses, we really couldn’t have pulled this off without you guys. And finally, thanks to Spalding for providing the basketball gear and Kathmandu for all the epic outdoor gear!
    This is genuinely our favourite video we've ever made and we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did! We've laughed so much at so many moments even though we've seen it a heap of times. We always wanted to make an extended version of our short 2 min world record video (that we released in January) but it's taken us a while to finally get there. It's certainly been worth the wait. If you like the video make sure you give it a thumbs up and if you haven't subscribed hopefully this video gives you enough reason to hit that button! Cheers and thanks again for tuning in - Brett, Scott & Derek
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    What's the 44 Club you may ask? Well it all started in the outro of this video tvclip.biz/video/AyLPMhp7qbs/video.html where we wondered if anyone was still watching the video at that point, and to comment 44 (Scott's fave number) if they were. Brett then said 44 Club get on board and the rest is history. The 44Club is the official How Ridiculous fan club made up of people who love our videos and watch them right to the very end. We've even got 44 Club merch now! So yeh, that's the story. Pretty random but good fun at the same time.
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  • Basterix33
    Basterix33 Year ago +6068

    1544 you absolute mad lads

  • RaiAnne Dunlap
    RaiAnne Dunlap 6 hours ago


  • CANitDO
    CANitDO 7 hours ago

    why didnt they just graple down a bag to put all the balls in instead of walking back and forth

  • Micah Fishel
    Micah Fishel 11 hours ago


  • DJ Mej
    DJ Mej 11 hours ago

    I hate that some people think Dude Perfect would hold this record...

  • Dennis Pentinio
    Dennis Pentinio 11 hours ago


  • Novanuke 31
    Novanuke 31 17 hours ago

    I live 200km from there

  • Q2 Leader
    Q2 Leader 21 hour ago


  • Q2 Leader
    Q2 Leader 22 hours ago


  • HashtagTex
    HashtagTex 22 hours ago

    19:53 oos


  • Connor Burger
    Connor Burger 23 hours ago


  • Jacob Grudziak
    Jacob Grudziak Day ago

    This was put together in such a dodgy order of clips

  • Cameron Lambert
    Cameron Lambert Day ago


  • Fernando Alanis
    Fernando Alanis Day ago

    You guys wrote the title on spanish but you speak english

  • Cornish
    Cornish Day ago

    1 attempt 100 hours of editing

  • Q Lorenz
    Q Lorenz Day ago

    5 million subscribers on June 14 2019.

  • IST Scattered
    IST Scattered Day ago

    I think it missed

  • Koning Monkey
    Koning Monkey Day ago

    Was i the only one that noticed that it bounced out?????

  • bass family
    bass family Day ago

    Those all should have poped

  • omri moshe
    omri moshe Day ago

    1368 shots

  • Tioma Austin
    Tioma Austin Day ago

    Who else dodge the ball when it hit the go pro

  • # 1
    # 1 Day ago

    Your energy is so pure and positive you guys are living a dream. You guys deserve nothing but the best. Congratulations to you guys. You all deserve it more then anyone else 😁😁😁

  • CoolCat623 Gaming and More!

    1782 shots it might take

  • Teagan Birch
    Teagan Birch 2 days ago

    Y'know attempts

  • Teagan Birch
    Teagan Birch 2 days ago


  • Preston Murray
    Preston Murray 2 days ago

    784 shota

  • HockeyDude 98
    HockeyDude 98 2 days ago

    When MJ thinks hes good at basketball

  • Iggy Harl
    Iggy Harl 2 days ago

    Oh for fuck sake 'Praise god' for fuckin what? God didn't do shit, its pathetic that you give god your achievement. IT WAS YOUR ACHIEVEMENT, GOD DOESN'T EXIST, DONT BE SO STUPID AS TO GIVE AN IMAGINARY CHARACTER YOUR CREDIT.

  • Brody C S
    Brody C S 2 days ago


  • Jasper Reynolds
    Jasper Reynolds 2 days ago

    Its funny, Gaunson has been the closest to hitting something, mainly Derek and brett

  • Harry Ellis
    Harry Ellis 2 days ago

    8:06 what are the chances of that

  • Jairo Medina
    Jairo Medina 2 days ago

    I would have gotten an H forsure lol

  • T W
    T W 3 days ago

    next group of western tourists to visit this town: why does everybody have a basketball?

  • Proxii
    Proxii 3 days ago

    It took them 6 days to shoot the ball in the hoop but it only took 1 day to hit the go pro.

  • T W
    T W 3 days ago

    only a true friend would let you sneeze directly on his head twice and not be offended

  • Tate Kruer
    Tate Kruer 3 days ago

    the made shot is at 22:48. thank me later

  • Brycen Stickel
    Brycen Stickel 3 days ago


  • Ashley ODONNELL
    Ashley ODONNELL 3 days ago

    900 shots

  • Carlos B.
    Carlos B. 3 days ago

    that village had so many basketballs left after this that their economy is now supported by them.

  • TheRealKingKass
    TheRealKingKass 3 days ago


  • Timothy Martin
    Timothy Martin 3 days ago

    South africa is basically Australia but with a few more mountains

  • Logan Y Nielson
    Logan Y Nielson 3 days ago

    Actually 612 try’s

  • Logan Y Nielson
    Logan Y Nielson 3 days ago

    120 try’s is my guess

  • Itz Kazz
    Itz Kazz 3 days ago

    8:04 that scared the ahit out of me i didn't saw that coming!

  • Austin Phinney
    Austin Phinney 3 days ago


  • Nature Boy
    Nature Boy 3 days ago

    It didn’t go in

  • Jacobo Cervantes
    Jacobo Cervantes 3 days ago

    I'd say about 3,482 tries

  • Pranks_and_squad_4
    Pranks_and_squad_4 4 days ago

    Comtest: 2336

  • Türk Gamer
    Türk Gamer 4 days ago

    I jumped out of my bed at 8:06

  • Sadie Goetz
    Sadie Goetz 4 days ago


  • je broer -
    je broer - 4 days ago

    When you look closely it bounced on the ring.
    Just saying

  • Joseph F
    Joseph F 4 days ago

    it's stupid but i like it

  • Ray What
    Ray What 4 days ago

    610 tries

  • KodyTV
    KodyTV 4 days ago

    I literally ducked and threw my phone at @8:06!! My heart is still pounding 😢

  • Lilik Aja
    Lilik Aja 4 days ago

    hore indonesia

  • Doreen Pearson
    Doreen Pearson 4 days ago

    6923rd atemps

  • Tony
    Tony 5 days ago

    Hey now wettgie Miller is pretty good. Lol 😂

  • Joshua Kemble Bluegrass

    That was epic!

  • Pato Cam Lop
    Pato Cam Lop 5 days ago

    Me pone el título en español

  • William Phillips
    William Phillips 5 days ago

    FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE slow it down to .25 speed full screen youll see the ball completely change directions and go into the net...splice and dice filming.

  • Rodrigo Vergara
    Rodrigo Vergara 5 days ago

    204 attempts

  • Dakota Mcree
    Dakota Mcree 5 days ago +1

    8:06 I'll admit, i jumped out of my socks there

  • Young.dagger . Tae
    Young.dagger . Tae 5 days ago

    1544 is my gues

  • robin dowse
    robin dowse 5 days ago

    Health and Safety, How ridiculous.

  • Noogie 21
    Noogie 21 5 days ago +1

    Thanks for making this blue ohh wait that’s mine

  • notti2501
    notti2501 5 days ago


  • Xander Xtorm
    Xander Xtorm 5 days ago

    Er i Danske?

    • Jeppe Stampe
      Jeppe Stampe 5 days ago

      Nej det er de ikke, men af en eller anden grund er titlen på denne video blevet oversat til dansk her i Danmark

  • SGT Hulka
    SGT Hulka 5 days ago

    greatest celebration ever

  • FaTal Hyperr
    FaTal Hyperr 5 days ago

    23:31 me and my friends making a half court and them making a 200m shot lol

  • Dawson Hughes
    Dawson Hughes 5 days ago

    24:15 when someone leaves you hanging for a hug

  • TheReaLDeaL 69
    TheReaLDeaL 69 6 days ago

    Oooo aaaaaah eeeeee aaaaaay

  • Cian Eberle
    Cian Eberle 6 days ago

    767 attempts

  • River Janson
    River Janson 6 days ago

    21:03 that rainbow tho

  • RantOnReality
    RantOnReality 6 days ago

    *Oh Michael Jordan...*

  • Adan baeza
    Adan baeza 6 days ago

    Who else jumped at 8:06 no just me ok

  • Feard _6
    Feard _6 6 days ago

    1054 shots to make

  • Julian Staniewski
    Julian Staniewski 6 days ago

    Avarage facial expression in this vid:😮

  • Lilly-mai Gwilt
    Lilly-mai Gwilt 6 days ago

    That was lit shot🔥

  • Autumn Love
    Autumn Love 6 days ago

    Isn’t this video more like::: “we spent 6 days almost killing eachother with baseballs and trying to make the balls in the hoop to”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jake Sugden
    Jake Sugden 6 days ago


  • ZingyFiber245 Braeden
    ZingyFiber245 Braeden 6 days ago +1

    when ur brother is in your room

  • bkbgb vhiuyu
    bkbgb vhiuyu 6 days ago

    I flinched so hard when you hit the go pro

  • Miller Aiden
    Miller Aiden 6 days ago


  • Tomáš Baršváry
    Tomáš Baršváry 7 days ago

    The Holy Spirit is strong with these boys.

    JOHN WHITTEN 7 days ago


  • DukeDarkshadow
    DukeDarkshadow 7 days ago +10

    Six days of hard work. And on the seventh day, they rested. And it became known as the Sabbath.

  • karl pelletier
    karl pelletier 7 days ago +1

    8:07 i was fuc*ing scared holy s*it

  • dreamyhxlo
    dreamyhxlo 7 days ago

    9:00 anyone else see that ball? 😂😂

  • david gibson
    david gibson 7 days ago +1

    1046 shots o

  • Scavage Gamer
    Scavage Gamer 7 days ago

    In South Africa we like noise. Our screaming and whistling is natural.

    please next time come to gauteng and do it of a building the views are great for some shots.

  • ChickenRetard
    ChickenRetard 7 days ago

    Dude perfect but with slavery

  • Mark Wheller
    Mark Wheller 7 days ago +2

    This is the greatest How Ridiculous video of all time because it absolutely proves the existence of the divine.

  • Oros Abaddon
    Oros Abaddon 8 days ago

    You should get 60fps cameras for this. I think it would be beneficial

  • Christoph Wein
    Christoph Wein 8 days ago

    Stop at 8:08 there’s a eye by illuminati.😱👁

  • cairimS
    cairimS 8 days ago

    you guys should do the zorb ball from somewhere like this, where you dont need to life the ball over a tall rail, probably be able to get more spin on it.

  • King of Europe
    King of Europe 8 days ago +1

    When they hit it

    Have a good day

  • Amanda Jenkins
    Amanda Jenkins 8 days ago


  • Mary Kate
    Mary Kate 8 days ago

    How does GoPro not sponsor you guys?

  • Squidword Tenticals
    Squidword Tenticals 9 days ago

    Notice at the beginning the only people helping are black people