Monsta X - MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • "MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT" available at:
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  • soft for Kookie
    soft for Kookie 3 minutes ago

    Guess who stans MONSTA X now

  • Shashank Jain
    Shashank Jain 41 minute ago


  • 장미블랙 핑크
    장미블랙 핑크 Hour ago +1

    Who luvs 'dis song?

  • meesh6
    meesh6 Hour ago

    wonhoya ......

  • meesh8
    meesh8 Hour ago

    what im doing in the middle of the night .. thinking about wonho and monstax ........

  • meesh8
    meesh8 Hour ago

    but what i should do if i miss wonho ?

  • meesh9
    meesh9 2 hours ago

    i miss wonho

  • inoka thilakarathne
    inoka thilakarathne 2 hours ago +1

    This is a mv that should hit 1B views

  • ItsMePakistani
    ItsMePakistani 3 hours ago +3

    I love MONSTA XXXXX I think I am the craziest and the biggest fan of Monsta X

  • La hora kpoper
    La hora kpoper 4 hours ago


  • Ellie Cass
    Ellie Cass 5 hours ago

    Me: *enjoys the song *
    Also me : (see's that mic in the back ) * Starts crying *

  • Sarah Silvani
    Sarah Silvani 7 hours ago +1

    Wonho oppa???? C'mon Starship bring Wonho back

  • Hilal Ergin
    Hilal Ergin 8 hours ago

    Monsta x 😘😍💋❤️💖💖💖💖

  • Lenilyn Luna
    Lenilyn Luna 9 hours ago +5

    *so this is how it feels to watch K-pop MV in English.ghad!what I've been missing.This song is a masterpiece.*

  • Ruby Peña
    Ruby Peña 10 hours ago +1

    Hey guys so I’m doing a raffle for Monsta X upcoming 2020 tour..I’m raffling two VIP send off tickets 🎫 for MONSTA X in the #DFW area. To cover for the ticket expenses I’m just asking for a 10$ donation to be entered into the draw. If you want to enter more than once it’ll be an extra $10 per entry. Lets say someone wants to enter 3x you’d have to donate $30. I’m only asking for 96 #monbebe to enter OR until I reach the goal. If 50 monbebe enter and give a total of 19-20$ then the chances of you winning increases. That means I’ll pick two winners out of 50 ppl in total. 👀 The paypal pool link is in my IG bio @myheony (dm me your PayPal user once you’ve donated so I can put you down into the drawing) I posted proof of tickets bought on my IG as well. This is only available for monbebe who live in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area who are able to make it to the show. PLEASE DO NOT RESELL IF YOU WIN AS I WANT A CHANCE FOR A FELLOW MONBEBE TO SEE THE BOYS!!

  • ruda song
    ruda song 10 hours ago

    마음이 퍼즐같다. 조각났다 붙었다를 반복하는 것 같아. 어찌저찌 해서 다 모아서 맞춰놓은 거 같다가도 한 번에 쏟아지길 반복해.

  • Annaliza Ticoy
    Annaliza Ticoy 10 hours ago

  • Carolina Silva
    Carolina Silva 11 hours ago

    So perfeeeeeeeeeect

  • wonho's shunshine :D
    wonho's shunshine :D 14 hours ago

    wonho, i miss you my babe💙

  • Momo Im
    Momo Im 15 hours ago


  • Ismar _02
    Ismar _02 17 hours ago +1

    Whenever I hear his voice I cry like a baby....again 🥺

  • Purple Taejin
    Purple Taejin 17 hours ago


  • Survein Liew
    Survein Liew 19 hours ago

    To jooheonie rest well and recover fully you are great 👍🏼 and awesome

  • Leslye Tamayo
    Leslye Tamayo 19 hours ago

    This song is so good 💖💖💖

  • Momo Im
    Momo Im 19 hours ago


  • 장미블랙 핑크
    장미블랙 핑크 19 hours ago +1

    Who stans Monsta X?

  • 장미블랙 핑크
    장미블랙 핑크 19 hours ago +1

    Who stans Monsta X?

  • Momo Im
    Momo Im 21 hour ago

    underrated bop!

  • Momo Im
    Momo Im 21 hour ago

    monsta x english kings

  • Momo Im
    Momo Im 21 hour ago


  • Saoirse Matthews
    Saoirse Matthews 21 hour ago +2

    Their skills of speaking English has left me quaking.😂

  • kkk katy
    kkk katy 23 hours ago +1

    the middle of my nights are saved cause of monstax, thank you mx

  • laur fromthegrove
    laur fromthegrove 23 hours ago

    This song has me swooning! LOL!

  • Joanna Mary Moran
    Joanna Mary Moran Day ago +2

    I miss WONHO😭💕

  • BARRERAぢあな
    BARRERAぢあな Day ago +1

    Como es posible que tenga tan pocas vistas si es la mejor canción

  • Rihana Akk
    Rihana Akk Day ago

    WONHO we love you please comeback 🙏🥺

  • Rihana Akk
    Rihana Akk Day ago

    WONHO VOUS 😭😭😭🥺💔

  • Rihana Akk
    Rihana Akk Day ago +1

    WONHO please comeback 💔🥺

  • Arlen Romero
    Arlen Romero Day ago +1

    i love mosta xx !!!

  • Monbebe Monbebe
    Monbebe Monbebe Day ago +1

    Shownu ♥
    Wonho 💙
    Kihyun 💗
    Hyungwon 💟
    I.m 💜

  • Monbebe Monbebe
    Monbebe Monbebe Day ago +1


  • Christine Jones
    Christine Jones Day ago +3

    🙋🏻‍♀️. From. 🇺🇸. Army here.... I got you....I am hoping in this new year Monsta X will soar in success as they are talented in music, song choices, choreography and eye candy 😍 Most importantly the company that they are under contract with recognize and treat them as the treasure they are, treat them fairly and promote the heck out of them 🙏🏼 ⭕️❌⭕️❌💜💜💜💜

  • Purple Taejin
    Purple Taejin Day ago +2


  • Debora Fernanda
    Debora Fernanda Day ago

    Ahhh I.M vc ainda vai me deixa louca ......

  • Carolina Silva
    Carolina Silva Day ago +1

    So perfeeeeeeeect

  • Kaonashi Kamma
    Kaonashi Kamma Day ago +1


  • Kaonashi Kamma
    Kaonashi Kamma Day ago +1

    WONHO siempre te esperare no importa el tiempo ❤

  • Kaonashi Kamma
    Kaonashi Kamma Day ago +1

    Wonho vuelve a MONSTAX!

  • Kaonashi Kamma
    Kaonashi Kamma Day ago +1

    MONBEBE! Demuestra tu apoyo a Wonho en twitter para seguir siendo tendencia 💪

  • Kaonashi Kamma
    Kaonashi Kamma Day ago +1

    MONBEBE hagamos que Wonho vuelva!

  • Kaonashi Kamma
    Kaonashi Kamma Day ago +1


  • Beyonce Mascariola
    Beyonce Mascariola Day ago +2

    new fan here but I wanna ask who's this guy 0:47 he's so cute
    Edit: 0:56 he is very attractive

  • κιм нуυиа

    Me: *On my phone*
    Dad: Is that who I think it is?
    Me: It's not BTS!
    Dad: Yes it is!
    Me: That is not BTS! It's NCT 127
    *But then I looked up this video and it's Monsta X-*

  • Lina Bieber
    Lina Bieber Day ago

    Yaasss 4M 💕

  • Stephanie Abrenica

    I miss you so much😭

  • Stephanie Abrenica


  • Belle Crispian
    Belle Crispian Day ago


  • MJ Smith
    MJ Smith Day ago

    Jooheon stop being a pabo and be strong!

  • BARRERAぢあな

    No puedo dejar de escucharla

  • BARRERAぢあな

    La mejor canción