Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Is This Thing A Spaceship?

  • Published on Jan 6, 2018
  • Astrophysicist and 'Astrophysics for People in a Hurry' author Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the science behind the first observed interstellar object to visit our universe (which Stephen knows is full of aliens).
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Comments • 2 594

  • Hamad Osuna
    Hamad Osuna 12 hours ago

    Greywracke Is Fundamentally Irrelevant, You See.

  • Nothingness
    Nothingness 21 hour ago

    for somone whom claims to be so knowledgable about the Universe, hes quite idiotic

  • Braden Lee
    Braden Lee Day ago

    Looks like a rock...

  • illistfloo
    illistfloo Day ago

    Everytime hes on i swearXD do u two hang out!?xD

  • GodSpeedPrime 55

    That was kinda smart what he said about gravity lol

  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay Day ago

    "If it were alien it would be turning and manoeuvring" based on what Neil?? and assuming aliens use engines!!! What a load of unintelligent nonsense NDT dribbles.
    According to Neil alien transport uses engines like we do and will always be manoeuvring left right up and down when obderved! And would never harness natural energy (as colbert rightly pointed out, even humans use the method for satellites)!Man, NTD is a true scientist!
    Colbert had more common sense than he did!

  • Stephen Enders
    Stephen Enders 2 days ago

    Shit. I didn't know that that was an artist rendering. What does it actually look like ..

  • Andre Howard-Mitchell

    It’s probably Elon’s roadster making its return trip. Oh right, no life in the universe theory, too bad We prove that theory wrong.

  • Matt H
    Matt H 5 days ago

    Also, aliens sent the planets, moons, and asteroids, cause it's possible they did.

  • Kaeda Sonata
    Kaeda Sonata 5 days ago

    That image reminds me of Thanos' Sanctuary. XP Quick! Somebody call the Avengers and hide Vision! >.< er.. too late... :*( And I love how Neil just told Stephen straight up to steal from an alien ship! lol XD

  • Reese Torwad
    Reese Torwad 6 days ago

    Why alarm people by pointing out that a probe could be designed to look like an asteroid? Because I just can't help myself, I HAVE to. Coming to a theater near you.
    No, this isn't a "viral" marketing campaign...although...I suppose it could turn into one. Anybody interested? Lots of up-and-coming writers and/or directors out there, looking for a shot. Sure, most probably suck, but you won't know 'till they try.

  • jhwheuer
    jhwheuer 6 days ago

    I miss this man as a guest in Stephen’s show!

  • J
    J 8 days ago

    its not a spaceship lol. Its better. Some people still have connections.

  • dcscreenworks
    dcscreenworks 8 days ago

    Neil can be so naive. Always the showman though...

  • Eric Duvall
    Eric Duvall 8 days ago

    it was a good argument but not a great one with the pen

  • Ice _ C-U
    Ice _ C-U 8 days ago

    2:54 a thinking creature started the process. In which Neil DeGrasse Tyson should have thrown a curve ball and replied with "I'm not sure that a thinking creature started the process" or something like that
    Edit:I know I'm a year late to this but it was in my recomended

  • Joseph Ngome
    Joseph Ngome 9 days ago

    N A S A wants to know your location

  • Project Management CW

    He knows what it is. The U.S., China, and Russia all have these nuclear powered vectored thrust aircraft. They pollute the air and are dangerous for ground crews and others that work on them. They have been classified since the 50s. Search HTRE nuclear engines

  • Sewer Man
    Sewer Man 9 days ago

    Neil reminds me of the water boy but the african american version

  • darren henry
    darren henry 10 days ago +1

    When aliens do get here...we'll be nothing but ants to them....industrious little ants...😨😨😨

  • Ting Tong
    Ting Tong 11 days ago

    DGT has nothing to offer this world. Hes a soap salesman.

  • Filthje
    Filthje 13 days ago

    Dark Matter Engine will always fit and never detectable

  • suburban pyromaniac
    suburban pyromaniac 15 days ago +16

    "WeLl HoW dO yOu KnOw?"
    "Because, beCAUSE BECAUSE WE KNOW!"

  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV 17 days ago

    Do we have a real photo of it?

  • TheColombianSpartan
    TheColombianSpartan 18 days ago

    OMG the crowd just shouting STEPHEN after he tries to outsmart Tyson made me laugh!

    • Eoin Donnan
      Eoin Donnan 14 days ago

      He done well tho Tyson didnt have much to say back.

  • lIMZEY
    lIMZEY 18 days ago +4

    3:24 but pause
    Nobody in the entire universe:
    Neil deGrasse: I’m bout to end this mans whole career

  • Xentradi97
    Xentradi97 18 days ago

    So this is a Space dung floating into our solar system. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • davod khalafkhany
    davod khalafkhany 19 days ago +3

    dear #Stephen Colbert you are the best I really like your show but, may I ask if you could interview Professor #VincentRacaniello he is a great scientist trying to spread science among people. I think you have invited excellent guests and inviting and letting him tell his story would be of great help to his efforts.

  • Jebediah Clang
    Jebediah Clang 19 days ago

    Oh my god, Stephen's argument and that audience that came after it *facepalm*

  • Ben McIver
    Ben McIver 20 days ago

    Mr Tyson you are a fake.

  • mjimih
    mjimih 20 days ago

    not aliens. heads up display affect

  • David Musial
    David Musial 21 day ago

    Tyson Is cover up artist

  • Robert Feight
    Robert Feight 21 day ago

    One of the best, fun Tyson banter I've yet to witness.

  • king Jaffe
    king Jaffe 22 days ago

    I love Neil Degrasse Tyson

  • Angel Ortiz
    Angel Ortiz 23 days ago

    This guy is a clown real smart people no he's been trying to play the not alien card for years all u guys saying how u love him n tht he's amazing are why we will never no the truth put in to steer everyone from the is one of the smallest planets in our solar system WTH millions of different species jus on our lucky planet but no way are there any life out there in outer space when people don't think tht we're floting in outer space daaaaaaa Neel your so smart

  • FilmsFor SMARTpeople
    FilmsFor SMARTpeople 23 days ago +7

    "Yup, it's aliens" -Giorgio Tsoukalos

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith 24 days ago

    Dont cover it up degrasse its alien made

  • Unfathomable Reasons
    Unfathomable Reasons 26 days ago +4

    Neil is easily the most interesting person in the physical world.

  • geezusispan
    geezusispan 27 days ago +1

    Astronomy is mind expanding? Try psychedelics!

  • geezusispan
    geezusispan 27 days ago +1

    Obviously it's a turd.

  • Patrick Hannon
    Patrick Hannon 28 days ago

    Neil: We say Hyperbolic, that is that hyper has more energy...
    Stephen: than a Bollock!
    I love Neil, but the guy can't take a bloody joke, I pissed myself laughing at that!

  • Ap0c
    Ap0c 29 days ago

    i love this man so much. Always positive vibes where ever he is.

  • Joseph Poole
    Joseph Poole 29 days ago

    In theory though.. We have done research in traveling using solely gravity as the moving force. Dont you think that if life way more intelligent than us have already discovered how to manipulate gravity in a way as a means to travel? Makes you wonder.

  • Shifu Sage
    Shifu Sage 29 days ago

    Who bought this book???

  • Ahmed S
    Ahmed S Month ago +1

    Oumuamua is the fastest object passing our solar system, and with such a speed, scientists are saying it could take roughly 20,000 years to leave the solar system. Mindblowing !

  • Frangan Macloud
    Frangan Macloud Month ago

    What a IDIOT!

  • Joey Lidd
    Joey Lidd Month ago

    Is nobody going to mention that 34 is already an even 2 digit number 😂

    • beccabunny09
      beccabunny09 29 days ago

      Tyson he been in the show 9 times. Stephen was asking to make it 10.

  • Touch Bionics
    Touch Bionics Month ago +12

    Imagine you steal an ashtray from alien ship, come back home , look at it and see Made in China😁

    • henrlima87
      henrlima87 4 days ago

      Bro you should watch a movie called the sphere. Its awesome and it plays right into what youre saying.

  • Charles Bake
    Charles Bake Month ago

    Steven you claim the pen you tossed was launched by an intelligence. The evidence suggests absolutely no intelligence was involved.

  • Brian Brewster
    Brian Brewster Month ago

    Also, Mr. DeGrasse, extrasolar space object Oumuamua was claimed to be tumbling. A spaceship would not be acting this way unless it had been struck by another object or engaged in some sort of engine failure. But you are right, sir, that this any object, vis-a-vis, a tennis ball, would stil have a similar hyperbolic trajectory as Oumuamua while whipping around our star (the Sun).

  • 1000 subscribers no videos

    Neil : I'm so done with this guy

  • Karan Desai
    Karan Desai Month ago

    He would play a perfect Joker!

  • Snaggle Toothed
    Snaggle Toothed Month ago

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson preserves my hope for a post-racial society.
    He's one of a _very few_ non-whites who gets invited onto TV to talk about non-racial topics.
    'Black Holes Anti-Matter' is the nearest he gets to politics.

    OLGMC Month ago

    A late night show segment with neil will teach you more about science than the educational system will ever do during your school time

  • Habib Habib
    Habib Habib Month ago +1

    its pretty genius of him to write a short book about astrophysics, he understands were all in a hurry and want to know the catch of things not an entire volume

  • SOIV1000
    SOIV1000 Month ago

    Oumouamoua? Alienship, right?

  • Cyber Doomgirl
    Cyber Doomgirl Month ago +1

    A UFO imagery released by the pentagon has more chance to be alien than some random crazy looking asteroid.
    You don't hear that everyday.

  • Ben Hogan
    Ben Hogan Month ago


  • Gene Miller
    Gene Miller Month ago

    See the story Propagandist by Murray Leinster about a manned human space ship sneaking into an alien solar system with several populated planets.

  • Louis Hong
    Louis Hong Month ago

    Why are people praising this racist, self important man who hates white people and has nothing to say good about any religion? Have you people ever heard him off TV?

  • Siren
    Siren Month ago

    to sit and talk with these two men....would be INCREDIBLE!!!!

  • Milan91Za
    Milan91Za Month ago

    So much fun at 6:33

  • Jared Somerville
    Jared Somerville Month ago +5

    I swear after Hawking, Neil is the most interesting man of science today

  • Emerald Serpent
    Emerald Serpent Month ago

    When Niel sounds like a preacher

  • Steve Lamberts
    Steve Lamberts Month ago

    Gotta love him.

  • John Petersen
    John Petersen Month ago

    Great bit with Neil. He's wonderful. So great we have minds like his to share and explain the mysteries of the Universe!

  • Professional Meme Enthusiast 1

    Heath Ledger's Joker laugh right there

  • DeX
    DeX Month ago

    Can Neil be my science teacher please?

  • Robert Cartier
    Robert Cartier Month ago

    Oh, man! How Neil wishes he had written that last bit!

  • Maniac Bob
    Maniac Bob Month ago

    Probably the first time I have seen Neill speechless by somebody elses insight about a scientific subject, well done Mr Colbert.

  • Duke Brickhouse
    Duke Brickhouse Month ago

    Deep State Neil DeGrasse Tyson is wrong and full of horse shit.

  • Jimmy Holloway
    Jimmy Holloway Month ago

    NDT asks, "You don't know what it is so you're just going to say its aliens?" You're asking the wrong guy Neil, he's the most famous Catholic on the planet next to the Pope. Suspension of critical thought is only slightly less problematic for his band director.

  • Rob Collins
    Rob Collins Month ago

    This is the shit you get when a stupid guy who thinks he's funny talks to an intelligent guy and the stupid people in the audience cheer.

  • Everything
    Everything Month ago

    What up now science XD Stephen

  • Albert Knabe
    Albert Knabe Month ago

    The object course corrected...

  • Masyaf
    Masyaf Month ago

    Look at all these sheep praising a freemason lmao...

  • Zapdog
    Zapdog Month ago

    description: “first observed interstellar object to visit our universe”
    this is why talk show hosts should stay off the internet

  • Jella Faith
    Jella Faith Month ago +1

    6:31 to 6:35 I've never seen such genuine excitement! cuuuute

  • Tricky Ricky
    Tricky Ricky Month ago

    You’re lied to

  • Gie Diola
    Gie Diola Month ago

    5:38 So does this imply that he already met them? So suspicious hahahahaha 😂

  • Annon User
    Annon User Month ago +1

    His gov contract won't let him say. Trust me they are real. Lol.

  • armisttice
    armisttice Month ago

    Just asking you guys : did anyone do a physics on whether this could jsut be satelite, descending into the earth (caused probably by gravity or its programmed self destruction), while having this enormous spin around the earth that could probably accelerate- onthe video at the end -the object even dissapears into the side(left side)- and that could be explained that the object suddenly gained speed.
    And then he says -its rotating, but in fact the airship is rotating too-changing the speed.
    Please guys im not a physicist, just asking can anyone confirm ?

  • T. Le
    T. Le Month ago

    If he was a pastor, he'd also be a great speaker as one

  • RocKiteman _ 2001
    RocKiteman _ 2001 Month ago

    *_IT'S RAMA!_* 😝

  • Mack Darwinian
    Mack Darwinian Month ago

    just call it dfo dark flying objext. Put a put of dark energy on the desk so we can see if.

  • bladerj
    bladerj Month ago

    Cigar shape ufo have been spoted on earth since early civilizations and integranted into mithology and religions
    So yeah,there are cigars in space.
    In fact there are two stationed around mars and one on the moon

  • Chuck Stark
    Chuck Stark Month ago +1

    Neil is like "you are wrong Jedi about a great many things".

  • TrickWithAKnife
    TrickWithAKnife Month ago +1

    NDT is a galactic treasure.

  • Kev Man
    Kev Man Month ago

    When you're not clothed on the slab, in which pocket do you put this ash tray?

  • megaraitei
    megaraitei Month ago

    Oumuamua ..

  • SeungHyun
    SeungHyun Month ago

    i love neil and coly

  • Mohamed Aly
    Mohamed Aly Month ago

    you don't challenge a physicist, IN HIS OWN FIELD!

  • Othello Ousay
    Othello Ousay Month ago +5

    Honestly don't think I ever seen Neil get schooled before lol

    • MrTruehoustonian
      MrTruehoustonian 21 day ago

      And he still hasn't, steve had a team of researchers to get that

  • Emman
    Emman Month ago

    He’s funny

  • A fat rabbit
    A fat rabbit Month ago +1

    Ffs let the man speak Stephen no one cares about your attention humour

    • A fat rabbit
      A fat rabbit Month ago

      @Dark _ so true, American talk shows are terrible, I'd honestly say Ellen is the best because she actually is interested in what the guests talents are instead of churning out political garbage

    • Dark _
      Dark _ Month ago +1

      Lord Chungus II he doesn’t like to be inferior in any situation

  • Chang.
    Chang. Month ago

    Two actors talking shite!

  • Fernando Sarmiento
    Fernando Sarmiento Month ago +1

    If you listen closely you can hear the joker laugh at 6:32

  • Garrett Green
    Garrett Green Month ago +1

    Neil trying not to laugh at "para-bolic" 2:25-2:31

  • All Vill
    All Vill Month ago

    I mean both these free masons

  • All Vill
    All Vill Month ago

    How can any one take this guy serious