Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Is This Thing A Spaceship?

  • Published on Jan 6, 2018
  • Astrophysicist and 'Astrophysics for People in a Hurry' author Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the science behind the first observed interstellar object to visit our universe (which Stephen knows is full of aliens).
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Comments • 1 894

  • Javier Trevino
    Javier Trevino 3 days ago

    I love NDT, but hate how much he will not even remotely give the idea that it doesn’t have to be Aliens, but a space probe as we humans would send first to study a solar system. We humans sent Voyager, but we don’t want to fathom that aliens would do the exact same thing!! What is wrong with humans?

  • Jess Whallon
    Jess Whallon 4 days ago +1

    When people do these book tours, are they really the author? I mean, did they sit down and write out the whole thing or did someone else write it based on what was said to them and the "author" is just taking credit?

    • Gary L
      Gary L 2 days ago

      Professional non-fiction writers will usually acknowledge that they had "help" while writing their books. Namely their editors, publishers,,
      researchers, secondary interviewers, fact checkers, and ,of course, their wonderful colleagues, family and friends. They are, however,
      responsible for the final product . Some famous authors have occasionally been caught "cutting corners" (AKA PLAGIARISM).
      Fiction writers, likewise, sometimes have assistance from others but not to the same degree as the non-fiction writers. BTW if you ever come
      across a book, either fiction or non-fiction by a famous CEO, actor, pop star, or sports icon, etc. you can probaly be assured they got
      lots of "help" (AKA PROFESSIONAL GHOST WRITERS).

  • Rodolfo Villanueva
    Rodolfo Villanueva 4 days ago

    colbert is trying to outdo the interviewee. What a creep.

    • Gary L
      Gary L 2 days ago

      Its a Comedy Show. Colbert has to help Dr. Neil make ASTROPHYSICS both interesting and fun (for the audience) for 10 minutes. They all do
      it...its part of their job.

  • dick castle
    dick castle 5 days ago

    Oh shit is this where the Ngt meme comes from

  • Ian Latchford
    Ian Latchford 5 days ago

    He didn’t talk about how the cigar shaped flying object actually sped up on the way out from our galaxy

  • _Dawer
    _Dawer 5 days ago

    I wish he was my uncle

  • Adam Roach
    Adam Roach 6 days ago


  • H M
    H M 6 days ago

    He is great and so enthusiastic

  • proncess lynny
    proncess lynny 9 days ago

    his laugh absolutely kills me i fucking love it so much

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr 9 days ago

    I’d like to see Neil be on QI.

  • RandomUser043
    RandomUser043 10 days ago

    i love neil to death, but he's gotta come up with new material. he uses the same jokes in every one of his talks on youtube, and ive seen them all

  • SirOrrin15
    SirOrrin15 10 days ago

    Looks like a mon calamari cruiser to me.

  • Domino Classact
    Domino Classact 11 days ago

    7:46 Watch Neil's genuine reaction to Stephen's 100% free Star Talk Plug. Neil has the face of Denzel in Training Day, "My Nigga".

  • sartorian darkstorm
    sartorian darkstorm 11 days ago

    looks like a giant interstellar joint

  • Brendan Jackman
    Brendan Jackman 11 days ago

    hyperbolic time chamber?

  • J D
    J D 12 days ago

    He is one of the greatest human beings that has ever lived on this planet!

    LORDSHARKSKIN 13 days ago

    i say (Dr.Niel) i dnt knw wat they idea about their tech...still he can comprehend abouts unknow species

  • Jay Ti
    Jay Ti 13 days ago

    This video is way to much fun to watch."What a great video!"

  • Obie Dubya
    Obie Dubya 15 days ago

    "To visit our universe" fuck sakes late show use your brain

  • Engel
    Engel 16 days ago

    I want someone who loves me as much as Neil DeGrasse Tyson loves his job

  • JTD472
    JTD472 18 days ago

    Hahah i love NDT but imagine getting your ass beat in wrestling by this 6:32 guy

  • Joseph Tsouknakis
    Joseph Tsouknakis 19 days ago

    That’s funny I’m eating Amercone dream

  • The Hyperion Soldier
    The Hyperion Soldier 19 days ago

    Well done steve-0 haha well done

  • Destiny Deaton
    Destiny Deaton 20 days ago

    I LOVE Neil.

  • Qtino
    Qtino 21 day ago +1

    “Cigars don’t come journeying into solar systems” hahaha

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 22 days ago


  • Raymond Monk
    Raymond Monk 23 days ago

    We use the forces of gravity to control and save energy as well as increase speeds not using our fuel when in the slingshot maneuver..

  • Cornelius Maximilianus

    Neil needs to stop ashtray joke, we heard it 1000 times already from him

  • Keith Culton
    Keith Culton 24 days ago

    They're maintaining an orbit to monitor us.

  • Rene Villarreal
    Rene Villarreal 25 days ago

    7:28 I bet not Stephen or a single member of his audience understood what Neil said.

  • hyperninja
    hyperninja 25 days ago

    Maybe the aliens are dead

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus 25 days ago

    Hi. Let it be aliens, so that it's not boring, again.
    God bless, Proverbs 31

  • The Gator
    The Gator 26 days ago

    The man.

  • Godfrey Bett
    Godfrey Bett 26 days ago

    Yes checkmate

  • godson johnson
    godson johnson 26 days ago

    One of the brightest minds alive today.

  • Blake Hampton
    Blake Hampton 26 days ago

    Dude when stephen got Neil with explaining that although it followed gravitys path it could of been placed there. My jaw dropped and i couldnt believe it

  • Rowell Mason
    Rowell Mason 27 days ago

    I fuckin love Neil Tyson but Colbert gets so fuckin annoying I can’t watch him very long

  • Ethan Kuehm
    Ethan Kuehm 27 days ago

    Neil should play the grandpa in The Princess Bride reboot.

  • Kate Cunio
    Kate Cunio 27 days ago

    Neil could read me the phone book and I’d be enthralled

  • Darkdragonblade
    Darkdragonblade 27 days ago

    It's an alien protomolecule

  • BurmaBerm
    BurmaBerm 28 days ago

    I love how stephen thought that picture was an actual photograph

  • Colin Kehoe
    Colin Kehoe 28 days ago

    Did they ever find out what the objects were that the pentagon was observing?

  • Al GotIt
    Al GotIt 28 days ago

    Is there any chance...... that’s a tennis ball 🤣

  • Valeriy Proklov
    Valeriy Proklov 28 days ago

    I understand orbital mechanics, Neil does too, but Stephen doesn’t.

    DOOM DAY 29 days ago +2

    5:37 tha's what they do we all know that!!!.........

  • Bio Beast
    Bio Beast 29 days ago

    Imagine being high with Neil Degrasse Tyson dude he would fuck your mind

  • william thompson
    william thompson 29 days ago

    Sad ! We are so interested in super genius !But I am more interested in their ethical concerns about something like CERN. And we never hear about it about it .why

    • Gary L
      Gary L 2 days ago

      On late night Comedy Guy TV? Are you kidding? Producer to the typical on-air talent:" For Thursday night we can get either
      the latest pop tart "BAMBI BRANDI-TIFFANY" or some professor from M.I.T. who wants to talk about CERN.Who do you want to go with?" Duh?
      This is AMERICA.If you want serious, ethical information about science suggest you subscribe to SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN-really

  • Dark Diddler
    Dark Diddler 29 days ago

    If these two are just exaggerating chemistry I'll eat my car.

  • WherAmxZnHappns
    WherAmxZnHappns Month ago

    If you can't see this object, how do you know it doesn't have engines?
    It could be very much like coasting down a mountain, you don't need to press the gas pedal to move forward.

  • noirettebeauty
    noirettebeauty Month ago

    Can PBS please offer a Stephen-NGT show? They can be driving around, reviewing books, discussing imagined/sketched alien scenarios--anything!--and still be fun to watch

  • Sofea Khan
    Sofea Khan Month ago

    What a delightful interview! Stephen and Neil seem to be having so much fun❤

  • Relyt345
    Relyt345 Month ago

    I don’t know how anyone could hate Neil, he’d be perfect for seasame street.

  • yoppindia
    yoppindia Month ago

    Now you know what Stephen would have been if he was not a talk show host.

  • Peter Sage
    Peter Sage Month ago

    Please, Neil; that's a deep rabbit hole, but we've had top neurophysiologists working on it even before Chris Carter codified it in his little TV show. If the aliens are "doing those sex experiments on you" and you aren't fighting them off, you're paralyzed or otherwise restrained. Practically anyone who's experienced hyonogogic sleep paralysis recognizes the feeling of helplessness that comes with it and produced cultural fabrications like alien abduction, succubi, and shadow folk. If you can't move, how you gonna steal that ashtray? I'm serious, Neil: let Alice tie you up in bed, try to stop her from dripping candle wax on your nuts, then imagine asking someone who claims he was abducted by the fair folk why he didn't grab their pot of gold. I'm not saying their claims can't be dismissed without evidence; I'm just saying that if you understand the physiological origin of these claims, you also understand why there can't be any evidence.

  • bebe rivera
    bebe rivera Month ago

    I would love to take a course with Neil DeGrasse Tyson as my professor. I'm sure it would be hard but since much fun I wouldn't care! Going to purchase this book asap!

  • snake420100
    snake420100 Month ago

    I don't get why neil is so touchy kinda bugs me in every interview he has he touches the person. he does a video with that guy from space time an the guy is talking an neil literaly touched the guys lips an said stop talking lol. an neil said that ship they had on video was more likely to be aliens. Stephen had that all day because there is more evidence showing that there anre aliens than aren't.

  • Lance Williams
    Lance Williams Month ago

    We need more Cosmos!!!😭😭😭😭😭

  • kelly cox
    kelly cox Month ago

    Night show people are so dumb

  • Maggie Zaborsky
    Maggie Zaborsky Month ago

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is the best!

  • nikkygtv
    nikkygtv Month ago

    3:09 I love how the pen flies past his face

  • Thought Provoking - Vinny

    Debunking of Oumuamua's sensational shape - search for a video called "Oumuamua's Rubbish Shape Estimate" on my channel.
    Estimating shapes of asteroids/ comets by studying a tiny flickering dot of light in space (lightcurve analysis) is pseudoscience. The video explains why.

  • Skyler Prati
    Skyler Prati Month ago

    This is some government cover up bull shit.

  • ode k
    ode k Month ago

    this is so much fun. i have no clue what tyson is talking about (i presume, neither does stephen), but this is so adorable

  • Ed Briscoe
    Ed Briscoe Month ago

    Where to buy Neil's tie?

  • Terra Europa
    Terra Europa Month ago

    I love this man. Greets from Europe :)

  • Tumen Odnuud
    Tumen Odnuud Month ago

    Is math related to science?

    • FromNorway
      FromNorway 18 days ago

      Your question is comparable to asking if a fish is related to water!

    • Mister X
      Mister X 27 days ago +1

      That's probably the dumbest question I've heard all day, and I've heard "Is the earth Flat?" Yes, Science and math work together in ways that seem like magic.

  • Mobile Oppression Palace

    4:44 sounds like Putin’s new nuclear delivery system.

  • yshouldi foogle
    yshouldi foogle Month ago

    That Pen demonstration was a good point. he won that round Neil deGrasse Tyson an object using only Gravity to move, if you only partially observed its life, is not evidence either way.

  • אמיר בן חיים

    I see dear Colbert did some homework since his last interview with Terence Tau, and also grown a bit

  • GerriRose
    GerriRose Month ago

    Neil deGrasse Tyson - always interesting, informative and amusing. Great guest!

  • Tanzonia Flakes
    Tanzonia Flakes Month ago

    NDT just humors our stupidity. Lmbo

  • A J
    A J Month ago

    I want to see the released pentagon footage.

  • Lookout Piano
    Lookout Piano Month ago +2

    Quite the bromance going on between these two.

  • Allison Benton Queen of Ice

    Neil smoking that good good😎😂

    JO LYN MORRIS Month ago +1

    yes we have math rules. the most basic one is caledd the rule of mathematics. use search on you tube to loook for it. without this rule no one can do math. thanks n d t. great guest s. c. thanks. enjoyed the clip.

  • starzandearth
    starzandearth Month ago +1

    Thank God for this man

  • youwuli
    youwuli Month ago

    If I have an alien, I’ll sell it

  • Tamika Morris
    Tamika Morris Month ago


  • Luca Bertani
    Luca Bertani Month ago

    it all makes sense now. The cigar aliens have been visiting earth, and dropped off their top psychologist, named Sigmund Freud to psychoanalyse us, but sadly they projected their own anatomy onto our sexuality., thus prompting the whole subconscious dream symbolism developmental fallacy

  • Felicia Gardner
    Felicia Gardner Month ago

    Colbert is the only one that can comically challenge deGrasse. I love their dynamic.
    Edit: buying the book.

  • Nathaniel Worthley
    Nathaniel Worthley Month ago

    Stephen Colbert = The voice of dumb Americans.

  • Tom Martin
    Tom Martin Month ago

    Is Neil high?

  • yaridanjo1
    yaridanjo1 Month ago

    Since you like to quote old astronomers, See what astronomer Forbes's said about a planet in our outer solaar system and compare his three orbital parameters to the six orbital parameters Warmkessel got for His planet/brown dwarf 'Vulcan' at the turn of the millennium:

  • ZdenekLU
    ZdenekLU Month ago +2

    NdGT has some awesome drugs! ;)

  • papaolhos
    papaolhos Month ago

    okay if it isn't doing funny things prolly is not aliens i can accept that.... seems logic but Neil why is it swamp gas or weather baloon's when they are doing funny shit like entering the atmosphere and leaving a turning in the middle of vaccum or pulling plasma out of the freaking sun?

  • Alexander
    Alexander Month ago

    So he was from the 18th century!!!

  • Krash Kart
    Krash Kart Month ago +4

    AshTray Physics for People in a hurry

  • Jason Drake
    Jason Drake Month ago

    imagine colbert is representing the average intelligence. half the population is dumber than that.

  • Vloggerihardlyknowher

    I love how exacerbated Stephen makes Neil.

  • JOFOXIXX v5.3
    JOFOXIXX v5.3 Month ago


  • JOFOXIXX v5.3
    JOFOXIXX v5.3 Month ago

    My first car...

  • Don Wayne
    Don Wayne Month ago

    Neil thought that picture was real when it was drawn , he looked a again and said it was fake because stephen said it has to be a spaceship, neil dont know hes fake a liar eh

  • bRandomFPV
    bRandomFPV Month ago

    Its aliens... Neil deGrasse Tyson is such a lamo debunker. He know about E.T.'s and he's just a figurehead that people like so they use him to create doubt.

  • FalloutJack
    FalloutJack Month ago +1

    Mr. Tyson, you don't know if asteroids are loosely held together or solid pieces, in reality. I have heard the loose gravel asteroid theory and somehow that doesn't seem very 'space' to me. You see, our objects in space don't loosely clump if they've got mass. They pound and wedge and compress, unless you have a real reason why not. We have celestial bodies that have greater, equal, or less mass than these asteroids, and many can be considered solid (exceptions due to gas giants, at the least). Your nemesis, Pluto, and his buddy, Charon are both small and solid, so chances are that many of the space rocks that are truly not planets are solid themselves. That is my on-going theory. Now, go get me the funding to send a satellite to determine just how solid (or not) an asteroid is.

    • Thought Provoking - Vinny
      Thought Provoking - Vinny Month ago

      Debunking of Oumuamua's sensational shape - search for a video called "Oumuamua's Rubbish Shape Estimate" on my channel.
      Estimating shapes of asteroids/ comets by studying a tiny flickering dot of light in space (lightcurve analysis) is pseudoscience. The video explains why.

    • Thought Provoking - Vinny
      Thought Provoking - Vinny Month ago

      I agree with you. rubble pile is nonsense. zero evidence to justify it. even icy comets is nonsense as my playlists show

  • timo 418
    timo 418 Month ago

    Blind fool

  • timo 418
    timo 418 Month ago

    Wow !what a stupid segment!

  • Cindy Sea
    Cindy Sea Month ago

    Just saying

  • Cindy Sea
    Cindy Sea Month ago

    Pregnancy lasts how many weeks?

  • Cindy Sea
    Cindy Sea Month ago

    I do

  • Cindy Sea
    Cindy Sea Month ago

    You exist because? Meet me