Kalaripayattu - Arts of the Battlefield

  • Published on Jul 14, 2018
  • Kalaripayattu - Arts of the Battlefield
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    Kalaripayattu is a southern Indian martial art based on Yogic techniques. It is considered as the oldest surviving martial art. Watch and enjoy!
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  • Yanjalesh Patel
    Yanjalesh Patel 12 days ago

    Mujhe bhi sikhna hai kalary fight

  • Arun Sah
    Arun Sah 19 days ago

    I love kalari

  • EngaPheniks
    EngaPheniks 22 days ago

    i have a feeling. martial arts wasn't just of fighting, violence and hurting others. it was in fact an art of healing and medicine as well. but the media twists it.

  • Nageswara Rao
    Nageswara Rao Month ago

    Grate indian


    டேய் மலையாளிகளா இது களரியும் இல்ல கொவுரியும் இல்ல இது தமிழர்களின் குத்துவரிசை

  • Kasireddy Muttumula

    He is the father of martial arts the great bodhi darma as called daamo

  • Arun Sathyan
    Arun Sathyan Month ago

    Suriya Anna, As Bodhi Dharmman....

  • Bharath chandran
    Bharath chandran Month ago +9

    Im from kerala, first of all, i studied in a malayalam medium so if there are any mistake in my english,don't make fun of me🙏kalaripayattu is the mother of matial arts,the ancient myth about kalaripayattu is its invented by mahadevan and he taught this technique to parasuram, (ancient tamil) pallava raaja bodhidarma (chinese called him damo)who teach kalaripayattu, to the chinese people, all other derived form of matial arts are from the kalaripayattu,thats why its called the mother of all martial arts, there are 4 levels in kalari payattu starts from maipayattu(from very base exercise ) to the 4 th level "verum kai". extreme level in kalaripayattu thats called "verum kai" ( bare hand defense, in chinese its called 18 hands of budha technique ) at the top of this level is called nokku or dristi varma, (it is invented by agasthya muni, in his tamil writing "mei theenda kalai" he mentioned about this trick )in fighting without touching the opponent, (fighting only by eye - hypnotism), after that the ultimate level called" panchaboodha vidya" 5-elemental manipulation, the person who know this technique, can manipulate, air, water, fire, sand (earth) and metal, at the period of british rule they banned kalaripayattu because they don't have the skills to fight with the kalari warriors, not even their gun powder so, one by one, they killed most of all top kalari gurukals by open firing to their houses at midnight.few of kalari gurukals are trapped in jail, after gaining independence, we restart our kalaripayattu, now 100 of kalari are in every districts in kerala, but killing the top gurukals we lost the techniques called panchabooda vidya, but rare of the rarest kalaris in whole kerala, teaches this techniques to the selective students who completed varumkai and dristi marma (hypnotism techniques ) now one kalari in palakaad district ( in kerala ) under Dr. Prakasham gurukal, who has expert invarma techniques (hypnotized fighting ) and he's an ayurvedic doctor too. If you have any doubt just search nokku varmam by prakash gurukal in youtube.in kerala there are several types of kalari, thekkan ( southern kerala style kalari), vadakkan or thulunaadan(northern kerala style kalari ), aatta kalari(kalari combined with dance), the kshatriya community in kerala kalari kurupp and kalari panickers from nayar and theeyar are the caste that ment to be warriors, in malabar region ( vadakkan kalari )the only one muslim royal family arakkal, and marakkaars and rawther warriors in muslim religion also have their own vadakkan kalari tradition, in southern kerala syrian catholics, marthomites who converted from ancient kshatriya nairs like kalari kurupp and panicker also continues their kalari skills, any person from any religion or community can study kalaripayattu from any kalaris in kerala, because we believe in equality and brotherhood 😊🙏 As a malayli im proud of our ancient pandya teachings, and im also proud because of im indian🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • Bharath chandran
      Bharath chandran Month ago

      @Vinodh R thanks for the compliment brother 🙏😊 bharathchandrasenan232@gmail.com, this is my mail id🙏

    • Vinodh R
      Vinodh R Month ago +1

      @Bharath chandran well m from the region rules by pandyas..never knew about the histroy..thanks for sharing . Would love to get connected with u. Can u share me ur number ? Or mail id

    • Bharath chandran
      Bharath chandran Month ago +3

      @Vinodh R cheera, choola, pandya are the three kingdom originated from the ancient tamizhakam, (aadi dravidar/tamizh dynasty). Before the formation of Kerala state, it was 3 kingdoms, malabar, kochin and thiruvithancore, the malabar kingdom is from the ancient choola raja family , kochin from cheera thiruvitamcore from pandya vamsham. Because of pallava raaja bodhidarman this kalaripayattu became famous in asia but according to ancient myth parasuraam(ram) learned kalari form mahadevan, and gained a powerfull weapon called "khanda parasu" (powerful axe)then he got the name "parasuram". After he killed all kshatriya kingdom because of the revenge, he turned himself into a monk(sanyasi), he went to kerala for get rid of the weapon khanda parasu,(he thrown it into the sea) at that time, whole southern areas are forest, the adi dravidas ( the ancestors of thamizhakam) are the tribal clans were lived in this zone, they have there own defense techniques called "kankettu vidya, cheppadi vidya, tantra vidya maya/maayajaala vidya, paathaala vidya, indrajaala vidya, triloka vidya and finally mahendra jaala vidya ",if a person master in one of these techniques he can not just fight, he can kill several people at a time with out a physical contact, they were considered as "asuraas/mayavis" by aryas(magic, mind controlling and making illusions, all that kind of stuffs, the people like barbarikan, khadolkhajan, thadaka, soorpanaka mentioned in mahabharata and ramayanam also it include ancient tribes that looks like partial human and ape called vanaraas )but they doesn't have any martial arts from,all adi dravidas are devotees of samban(sivan) and kaaliyamma(vana durga/maha kaali) parasuram also a deep devote of lord mahadev, so creating a good bond with parasuram, he teached all the martial arts to them, thats how adi dravidar learned kalaripayattu, so even now im a malayali but i respect the pandyas (whole tamizhakam include cheeras and choolas ) to keep these traditions from that time to this century. In 8th century CE navy existed in chera kingdom, if you have any doubt just google yourself. That much tradition we have but in north india i have several experience the white people insulting black and brown tamizh and malayalees by simply called them "MADRASI /MALLU " we also have our own great tradition in magic, ayurvedha, martial arts, music, architecture and so many fields, but don't get the deserving respect from north indian fellows 🙏

    • Vinodh R
      Vinodh R Month ago +1

      Well explained bro... tho ur grammar wasnt right at places....u made us understand the history well..... but why mention the ancient pandyas in this context...? What do pandyan kinga has to do with this.. can you please explain

  • Suresh Babu
    Suresh Babu Month ago

    Oru mahaa paavm chytnu bodhidharmàn

  • Basava M
    Basava M Month ago


  • Ananthu Vasudevan
    Ananthu Vasudevan Month ago +1

    ബോധിധർമ്മൻ 😍

  • Ratheesh nadar
    Ratheesh nadar Month ago +3

    Kalari Nadar❤️

  • Vinay Kumar
    Vinay Kumar Month ago

    Where is Vidyut Jamwal? Celebrity of Kalari

  • Ajay 143
    Ajay 143 Month ago +1

    Tamilanukku perumai sertha surya Anna 😎🔥🔥

  • Ajay 143
    Ajay 143 Month ago

    Surya 🔥😎🔥🔥😎😍😍

  • Michael Batts
    Michael Batts Month ago


  • Sujith Kumar
    Sujith Kumar Month ago +4

    Kerala land of maritial arts

  • Loki Music – Tamil
    Loki Music – Tamil Month ago +1

    Suriya 😍😍😍

  • Beverly Watson
    Beverly Watson Month ago +1

    I am glad. I. Found this. App. My. Favorite. Actor. Is. Showing. Letting. Me see. How. And. Why. This. All. Happens. For. India. Why. India. Is. The. Way. It. Is. Love. Love bye USA

  • Tera baap Commando
    Tera baap Commando Month ago +1

    vidhyut kha h

  • sathish p
    sathish p Month ago


  • rakeshpm Rakeshpmannagol


  • rakeshpm Rakeshpmannagol

    Kannada Dali tege eri

  • bhondwe mayur
    bhondwe mayur Month ago

    Goverment should compulsary a course of kalary

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee Month ago

    Only the stupid person believe it hahahaha

  • Sri Kanth
    Sri Kanth Month ago


  • Rajkumar Rajkumar
    Rajkumar Rajkumar 2 months ago +2

    Tamilan da 💪

  • roman vidieo
    roman vidieo 2 months ago

    Picture ka nam batao Bhai dekhna hai please

  • dillon sanjeewa
    dillon sanjeewa 2 months ago

    Bodidarma a monk of load buddaha.sadu sadu sadu

  • karthi usianbolt
    karthi usianbolt 2 months ago

    Music is game of thrones

  • Shubham Yadav
    Shubham Yadav 2 months ago

    Bhai yah kalari parsuram ke javane se hai hamre bhart me
    Page decko apne puran ke tab samj aiga ki ham kitne ag hai

  • Sreesha KV
    Sreesha KV 2 months ago

    Jai Hind

  • Alfred Isac
    Alfred Isac 2 months ago

    If this is so great, why no one from India is fighting in MMC, UFC. They know they can come home more faster than going knocked out in hardly 10 seconds.

  • Adwaid R Anandan
    Adwaid R Anandan 2 months ago +2

    Surya ❤️😍Nadippin Nayakan

    WHAT THE HELL? 2 months ago


  • TonY StarK Gaming
    TonY StarK Gaming 2 months ago +1

    Suriya is really mesmerizing

  • Ajay Pal
    Ajay Pal 2 months ago

    Kon si movie ka hai

    ABHIJITH SHANKAR 2 months ago +1

    please check google google saying kalari is an indian martial art and fighting system that originated in "kerala" in kerala the warriors belonged to all castes it is considered by some to be the oldest martial art still in existence with its origin dating back to at least the 6th century BCE .😏😏😏

    • Right Time
      Right Time Month ago

      😁😁😁😁😁when this Kalari originated malayalam and malayalees not born in history only Tamils in kerala

  • Raju Nadesh
    Raju Nadesh 3 months ago

    First God of all Tamil and Tamilan masters

      ABHIJITH SHANKAR 2 months ago

      lol😂😂 fool please check google google saying kalari is an indian martial art and fighting system that originated in "kerala" in kerala the warriors belonged to all castes it is considered by some to be the oldest martial art still in existence with its origin dating back to at least the 6th century BCE .😏😏😏

  • theWiseman23
    theWiseman23 3 months ago

    If you could go back in time just like Bill &Ted and Bring back the most deadliest fighter and put him in the UFC ring with no weapons and no rules whatsoever who would be victorious 🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐🤨... open minded people only comment on this

  • Half&Half
    Half&Half 3 months ago

    not my cup of tea dont like it

  • ACTIVE GameR Malayalam
    ACTIVE GameR Malayalam 3 months ago

    It is not kalaripayatu it is kung fu

  • Tejaab
    Tejaab 3 months ago

    Where can I find Kalari guys in Mumbai... I’m trained in Goju-Ryu and Ninjitsu... I’d like to challenge these guys so badly.....

  • sophia sophia
    sophia sophia 3 months ago

    Hi, what is the original name of the movie? The one with the indian fighter with brown long hair. I want to watch the whole movie :-D Thank you so much for the isnpiration!

    RAJESH M 3 months ago

    Bodhi dharma Tamil pallava king

  • Kimberly Hartman
    Kimberly Hartman 3 months ago

    Very beautiful

  • jeakson singh
    jeakson singh 3 months ago

    are Bhai tum log next generation ko galat shiksha maat shikhao bhai ye kongfu chin ka apna traditional martial arts Hain ye koi bodhi drama ne invent nahi Kiya baat ko samjho china ka kungfu to alag hi tha pehlle sehi baat main bodhi drama chin janeke baat china ke kongfu main kalaripayatu ka 2/3 step hi jordiya tha taki kongfu ko aur bhi sakti sali martial arts bane yehi asli Kahani Hain kongfu main kalaripayatu jordiya bolnese iska to koi matalab nahi ke Sara ke Sara kongfu ko hi bodhi drama ne invent Kiya tha ye baat to galat hoga

  • sumit kumar Arya
    sumit kumar Arya 3 months ago

    I want learn it.... anyone can help me??

  • Haleem Abddul
    Haleem Abddul 3 months ago

    Not India TAMIL NATION

  • Shubham
    Shubham 3 months ago

    Proud to be Indian ❤

  • Akash Pandian
    Akash Pandian 4 months ago

    Suriya anna fans...

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar 4 months ago

    Souerthern states are one country 18th century

  • Dhineshwer. K.S.
    Dhineshwer. K.S. 4 months ago +1


  • MukeshGupta Jupudi
    MukeshGupta Jupudi 4 months ago

    Not full vedio is kalaripattu some scenes only

  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar 4 months ago


  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar 4 months ago


  • arun murali
    arun murali 4 months ago +2

    Keralas own martial art.... proud to be a keralite, Indian

  • Ravi Padache
    Ravi Padache 4 months ago

    I just want know that in movie When he was About Too Leave India He Gave A Book Of Medicines? or what was That I Don't know But Where Is Book Now..??

    ABHIJITH SHANKAR 4 months ago +2

    Kalari payattu is mother of martial art Orginated from ❇kerala ❇ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • EvolutionSTUD10S
    EvolutionSTUD10S 5 months ago

    Okay. Does anyone know the name of the movie that Dragonball Buddha is in? I need to see this. It's actually amazing.

    • kailash saro2
      kailash saro2 2 months ago

      Ezam arivu and u can search as Chennai vs china