2019 Tesla Model X electric SUV - ultimate in-depth 4K review of every feature | What Car?


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  • pieta999999999
    pieta999999999 13 days ago

    love your videos...only one suggestion- could you please also add a label with kilometres whenever you mention miles for us who don't understand miles? thank you thank you

  • Ron Freund
    Ron Freund 19 days ago

    Did you mention the highly convenient "voice" prompting? You can speak "Drive to 345 Maiden Lane, Upper Slobovnia" without needing to type in the full address and the navigation tool just does it. Similarly, you can say "Call Theresa May" (assuming she's in your phone contact list....) or you can say "Play Beatles Radio" and it'll pick up their tunes and others of the same genre and timeframe. This means nearly no need to type on the screen. The screen is very intuitive, however, even without this voice activation feature.

  • Nicolas Dufour
    Nicolas Dufour 23 days ago

    Sorry, I had to stop watching at "orbiting the Sun". Really ? ? ?

    MICHGO1 25 days ago


  • Xenon The phenomenom
    Xenon The phenomenom Month ago +1

    Give it a Doug Score!!

  • Drmicky141
    Drmicky141 Month ago

    Don't be their guinea pig, wait till Telsa gained more experience mass producing cars.

  • Mark Hunter
    Mark Hunter Month ago


  • Market Merchandise
    Market Merchandise Month ago +2

    good review

  • kevin n
    kevin n Month ago

    Buy an Audi E tron, Jaguar I pace or Mercedes EQC.

    • kevin n
      kevin n 25 days ago

      +MICHGO1 The E tron, EQC are in production and will be available soon. Audi just showed the E tron GT at Detroit. Volvo will be revealing their Polestar 2 in Geneva and VW will be revealing their production ready ID and ID Crozz sport, Porsche Taycan will be available this year as well. Why buy a poorly built overpriced POS like this Tesla given what's coming very soon. Don't trust Jag, buy the Audi E tron. No question imo.

    • MICHGO1
      MICHGO1 25 days ago


    • kevin n
      kevin n Month ago +1

      +David Gregory Kent I've priced out higher levels of the I pace and E tron and it doesn't really add much to the costs. Funny how the Tesla is less where you live and much more where I live even though Canada is right next to America.

    • David Gregory Kent
      David Gregory Kent Month ago

      +kevin n We do pay a lot more for vehicles in New Zealand than in North America and most of Europe. We live a long way from where all of the new EVs are made and have a weak dollar. I wonder if anyone will buy the base model I-Pace, Audi e-tron or Mercedes EQC and what the price is after options are added to bring it to a similar level of specification to a Tesla Model X 75D. It is an exercise I'll be doing before making any decisions. I'm biased towards the Audi having owned 4 of them but I'll need to know how practical it is to drive a long trip in it first.

    • kevin n
      kevin n Month ago

      +David Gregory Kent Jag I pace starts at 89.8k CAD, Audi E tron starts at 90k CAD and the Model X 75D starts at 116k CAD and the 100D starts at 135k. That's Canadian. The exchange is 1CAD = 1.11.... wow you guys are getting screwed. I wonder what the E tron will cost down there.. Basically the Model X is 25/26k more than the competition here. It's a no brainer imo.

  • RayJ-HT
    RayJ-HT 2 months ago

    I so hate looking in a guy's face when I want to see the car.

  • Andrei Simionescu
    Andrei Simionescu 2 months ago +1

    This is one of the best videos on the Model X despite some minor inaccuracies. However, please man, fix your teeth, for your career's sake. Keep up the good work!

  • 234 pny
    234 pny 2 months ago

    I like driving I done won't all that tech help,and I don't like looking off the road ,and I like to use both hands to drive .but all new cars are good a Job well done tesla

  • David Gregory Kent
    David Gregory Kent 2 months ago

    Very fair and balanced review but What Car have lost credibility with me with their recent 'real world ev range test" as it appears to be badly flawed with completely different results from what the owners of the Tesla Model S and Model X experience in the real world.

  • Lee Ryan
    Lee Ryan 3 months ago

    The Tesla roadster is not orbiting the sun you imbecile. Grow up!

  • Shaik Yasheen
    Shaik Yasheen 3 months ago

    Hai...how ru my dear can u tell me about tesla model x both keys with me but doors can’t open when i go near car with key parking lights on but doors not open can u tell me please...? How to open doors 🤷‍♂️

    • MICHGO1
      MICHGO1 25 days ago


  • Tech4 Networkers
    Tech4 Networkers 3 months ago

    S’es are Z and Z’s are Zed
    Tesla or Tesla ?

  • Noel Nebin
    Noel Nebin 3 months ago

    you pointed your midde finger

  • Ali Erikenoglu
    Ali Erikenoglu 3 months ago

    Tesla is done :(

  • tonynibbles
    tonynibbles 3 months ago +26

    BMW want £150 for me to subscribe to travel updates, which were all working fine until they decided I needed to pay. Tesla gets it. Google maps, no subscriptions, lifetime software updates, over the air updates, remote control from phone, no extortionate petrol prices, no maintenance, less brake usage, autopilot, quiet, less stressful to drive, safest cars on the road, rapid acceleration and performance. There's no going back to the petrol/diesel/steam age. All these other car companies have got to sort their ducks out.

    • Aurum
      Aurum 26 days ago +1

      Tesla > Everything else

  • Jackson Chen
    Jackson Chen 3 months ago


  • Amjid Ali
    Amjid Ali 4 months ago

    I’ll stick to my vogue

  • Colin Campbell
    Colin Campbell 4 months ago

    I wondered if the UK Government would start charging EV's a new road tax? Seems the greedy sods are doing that. £300 a year like paying for the ICE car insurance cost on top of the charging! Damn the Tax.

  • djhvideo
    djhvideo 4 months ago

    Battery capacity is measured in Kilowatt-hours. Power is measured in Kilowatts. Please get it right

  • TSM _Brantly
    TSM _Brantly 4 months ago

    Sit in the premium leather those are the most comfortable seats in the car industry besides a rolls Royce

  • Mario Miranda
    Mario Miranda 4 months ago

    The Tesla model 3 base model isn’t all wheel drive just has one motor in the back

  • CSTwister
    CSTwister 4 months ago

    Id take a model X if it were as cheap as the model 3, exited for the Y, maybe will trade in my model 3 for one one day.

  • Fatehjot Singh
    Fatehjot Singh 5 months ago +2

    METRIC pls! km is key

  • Rod Lister
    Rod Lister 5 months ago +3

    Try the air suspension with those low profile tyres. My testdrive was amazing and the smoothest I have ever driven.

  • ukmonk
    ukmonk 5 months ago +5

    Had my model X since April and LOVING IT! BEST car i have ever owned! Got the 100D and honestly i am blown away with it!

    • Amalgamated Potato Packing Pocatello
      Amalgamated Potato Packing Pocatello Month ago

      I drive the model3. Love it.
      Model X was going out of the dealer while picking up my 3, got a great look at it. They are phenomenal. Enjoy.

  • Terry Hayter
    Terry Hayter 5 months ago

    rich rebuilds repairs them as tesla refuse to repair any salvage ones even though legitimately are allowed back on the road.

  • Gavin Nash
    Gavin Nash 5 months ago

    Tesla needs to update it's exterior. It's getting bit outdated now.

  • Saharian
    Saharian 5 months ago

    British, using imperial units...

  • The Zanzibarbarian
    The Zanzibarbarian 6 months ago +4

    By far the best review I've seen on ANY Tesla to date. Not that I'm going to buy one.

  • David Tran
    David Tran 6 months ago +2

    Awesome review!

  • Peter Dobbinga
    Peter Dobbinga 6 months ago

    15:12 Don't agree on that. It is pointless and childlike. Can't see why such useless features would help the brand Tesla becoming more popular

    • MICHGO1
      MICHGO1 25 days ago


  • J-Sala
    J-Sala 6 months ago

    Why do all English people have glowing yellow teeth?

    • Glynn Thompson
      Glynn Thompson 4 months ago

      Very Christian thing to say - God knows you know...

  • Peter Harrison
    Peter Harrison 6 months ago +38

    Not a bad review and broadly reflects my own experience of owning a Model X for the last 6 months. It should be noted that this test car is now a little behind the current production models, which now include much nicer synthetic leather (no creases like this one clearly shows and the seat bolsters are much firmer). Also the standard 20" wheels give a better ride quality than the optional 22" wheels on this car and are also more efficient (you lose quite a bit of range with the 22" wheels). The Premium Upgrade Package mentioned at the end is now standard fitment too, although it is partially reflected in a recent price increase. Overall it's a very impressive and highly versatile car to live with on a daily basis. I had some doubts on reliability before buying, but at 8K miles I have no complaints or regrets so far. My wife and kids love it too as it's so airy and quiet inside and the sound system is awesome with premium Spotify!

    • Ying N Yang
      Ying N Yang 3 months ago +1

      Peter Harrison I too have one since March 2017 with 50K miles on it. Been pretty reliable for drivetrain / battery n brakes (85% life). I have 72 amp charger, but recently started charging at 32A and my range has gone up by 2 miles now after a month. Was at 240 max charge and now at 242 miles range. exception is rubber seals on falcon wing glass on top dry rotted. for the rubber seals around front doors adhesive fell off as well as same adhesive on the front door vertical seal. Good daily driver and comfortable on long trips (LA to Houston).

    • Austin A
      Austin A 5 months ago

      Peter Harrison I need to take my dad tesla shopping. Cheap bastard wouldn't buy a nice car if he had a million bucks

    • Peter Harrison
      Peter Harrison 5 months ago

      He should get one, it's been a revelation for us!

    • JETSTREAM123
      JETSTREAM123 5 months ago +1

      Nice we test drove one last week, my father is thinking about it. I loved the car and it's sound system and everything!

  • Kai West
    Kai West 6 months ago

    How does the Tesla react in self drive when a motorcycle filters past close to the car? Would it stop because it thinks it is going to crash or would it know that it’s a bike?

    • DominantData
      DominantData 3 months ago

      Kai West it knows it’s a bike. It can even detect people on actual bicycles

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 6 months ago +1

    Good extensive review. The free lifetime supercharging ends after September 16th. Use a code before to get it or get 1 year free supercharging after September 16.

  • knowledge share
    knowledge share 6 months ago

    It is a TESLA it has a FRUNK and a TRUNK not a pair of large shoes.

  • knowledge share
    knowledge share 6 months ago +2

    ALWAYS drive a TESLA S or X with the standard size wheels. The results are smoother ride and more range.
    The MODEL 3 is a little different because it so far does not have the Smart Air Suspension, some people prefer
    the in between Sports wheels others the standard aero wheels with or without the caps on or off. But again the
    largest wheels to be avoided at all costs.

  • knowledge share
    knowledge share 6 months ago

    Quote EPA range NOT NEDC no one takes NEDC seriously.

  • Valentine Salumu
    Valentine Salumu 7 months ago +5

    just because of this comprehensive video I am re-subscribing. Short car video reviews has it's advantages but longer in-depth ones are just as important.

  • VirtuousMoose
    VirtuousMoose 7 months ago +24


    • doraptor
      doraptor 5 days ago

      +Leona Mccoll tezla =tool used for cut wood in east europe,born place of NICOA TESLA...so TEZLA :)

    • Mark alt
      Mark alt 2 months ago +2

      Leona Mccoll its pronounced interchangeably...deal with it

    • Angus Chandler
      Angus Chandler 3 months ago +1

      It's pronounced tez-la. Americans pronounce stuff wrong alot

    • Leona Mccoll
      Leona Mccoll 5 months ago +4

      hate it when people say Tezla

    • Iwill Xpozeu
      Iwill Xpozeu 5 months ago +5

      Elon Musk pronounces it TEZLA :-) Depending on what part of the world you live in you would pronounce it one way over the other.

    ZILL NIAZI 7 months ago +1

    Beautiful review! Never have seen one such review before where it covered from what the buttons on the steering wheel do to how the tweaks work on the infotainment screen. And I like the recommendation of 100D model. However, I don't like that massive windshield. In countries where the sun is blisteringly hot, it's not going to be of much use during the day time. Also, the slant on the rear hatch costs a lot of trunk space. And the colour of the model in review is simply disgusting.

  • Sandy BoleYT
    Sandy BoleYT 7 months ago

    Crap build quality tho

  • Mark R
    Mark R 7 months ago +9

    Sorry some wrong information here. It doesn't charge at 120 mph at a supercharger, it is 120 kW, so you can work out how long it takes to charge a 100 kW battery - but charge speed depends on what you start your charge at. Finally for anyone thinking of an EV the biggest benefit is waking up with a nice full battery (tank) everyday. Charging is not an issue with Tesla's.

    • djhvideo
      djhvideo 4 months ago

      What he means is that the charger will add range to the battery so it will add 120 miles of range in an hour or a mile of range every 30 seconds. The car generally uses power at around 500 watt hours per mile or half a kilowatt-hour per mile (2 miles per kilowatt-hour). A supercharger on a well discharged battery will charge at a rate of 100 kilowatts which gives the figure of 120mph. Charge speed tapers off after around 80% charge. (Little nit-pick - Battery capacity is Kilowatt-hours!)

  • Memelord Andromeda
    Memelord Andromeda 7 months ago +1

    Tesla needs to remove their grills entirely on all their cars.it makes drag on the aerodynamics.theyre pretty much useless except for the one in the bottom front bumper am I right?

    • Elizabeth McGinn
      Elizabeth McGinn 3 months ago

      They changed the design 2 years ago just as you described. Hindsight is 20/20.😜

  • Ti Co
    Ti Co 7 months ago

    Loved this. Shows me everything I wanted to know from the comfort of my seat lol

  • ECHO Nart
    ECHO Nart 7 months ago

    Well in 2050 you dont even need to learn driving because there is new cars that they can drive alone
    Thats why i love the world theeeeen in 2090 there is robots that go to school instead of you lul

    • Bryan Channell
      Bryan Channell 6 months ago

      And robots or ai doesny need schooling even currently

    • Bryan Channell
      Bryan Channell 6 months ago

      Nart TheGuy bro its def not gping to be 2050, more like 2025

  • Brady's Rhoads
    Brady's Rhoads 7 months ago +5

    How many times do u have to flip us off

  • Marriz
    Marriz 7 months ago

    Maybe Tesla should consider making same as Suzuki samurai and G wagon??? for offroad I don't like the sedan type.

  • robontube12
    robontube12 7 months ago

    UK switched 1965 to the metric system???

  • jansen
    jansen 7 months ago +7

    Peaple that think it's an off-road vehicle are huge idiots

  • SteveHPhotos
    SteveHPhotos 7 months ago

    Contact me if you want a Tesla referral code for FREE supercharging!

  • Bill Feinberg
    Bill Feinberg 7 months ago +3

    Great review!

  • Tallguy203
    Tallguy203 7 months ago +1

    umm...same in english...?

  • Julian Parish
    Julian Parish 7 months ago +1

    Falcon doors may not need too much width to open, but how much height? The underground parking in my apartment building is just 2m high, I'd be surprised if that's enough for the Falcon doors.

    • Aaron
      Aaron 7 months ago +1

      The doors do have sensors so that they won't hit any obstacles. If the ceiling is low, they would still work but not open fully. A bit of a nuisance when getting in and out of but you could still do it

    • David Keenan
      David Keenan 7 months ago

      Two metres? Definitely too low for the Model X.

  • BigDudeUK
    BigDudeUK 7 months ago

    Not a bad review my only issue is for approximately 7 seconds the reviewer is looking at the camera or looking at the instrument display and using controls to alter vehicle parameters etc. So he’s travelled 210 metres effectively not looking at the road therefore he doesn’t have control of the car. Yeah I know I’m a killjoy but I drive on the roads and motorways I don’t want someone behind me with their concentration on fiddling with whatever whilst 'driving' a 2 tonne projectile. I’m sure What Car? can find a runway to do such reviews in future. I know it’s got advanced safety features but how many times has computer crashed or frozen?

  • Theta
    Theta 7 months ago

    Does the rear view camera automatically come up on screen when you shift into reverse?

    • MICHGO1
      MICHGO1 25 days ago


      MODOU LAMIN BADJIE 7 months ago

      Theta is always on automatically

    • sali man
      sali man 7 months ago

      Automatically when in reverse, or you can have it always on while driving

    • Theta
      Theta 7 months ago

      Yes, but do you have to fiddle with buttons to view the feed or does it come up automatically? By 'always on' you mean always visible on the centre screen?

      MODOU LAMIN BADJIE 7 months ago

      The camera is always on

  • Dream Black
    Dream Black 7 months ago +1

    I seriously don’t get the point of this video. Why do you repeat everything that’s known for Tesla’s. Why can you just show a new perspective or your own opinion about the car. Show something that we haven’t noticed about it’s practicality or how do you manage the range or how it drives. There are 1000 videos about model s & x. I miss Rebecca.

  • hutchcraftcp
    hutchcraftcp 7 months ago +1

    So typical American car reliability.

    • Derek Decker
      Derek Decker 7 months ago +2

      hutchcraftcp not much different than the brits, that’s for sure

  • Harkmannah
    Harkmannah 7 months ago +17

    Excellent review! Even handed and intelligent journalist. In particular the comment about the rear seats - most reviews don’t understand these seats are for kids or ‘occasional seats’. Also fair criticism of Mercedes questionable build quality. First class.

    • LgrmYT
      LgrmYT 7 months ago

      Harkmannah fair criticism of Mercedes xD ? Since when Mercedes is known for cheap built quality ... As far as I know Tesla should be the one to worry and take example on German brands, especially in this price range. I was surprised the reviewer mentioned Mercedes being cheap but then I realized he was welcoming the cheap plastic throughout the car as a normal thing for an expensive car. The inside of an E-class is far superior but still the tech in a Tesla makes it more attractive. I would love to see Tesla improve their interior to German standards

  • Raymond
    Raymond 7 months ago +7

    I remember in December they (via air software update) made all Tesla's 1 second to 60 mph faster!

  • Raymond
    Raymond 7 months ago +5

    It also doesn't kill pedestrians by toxic gases. I so hope I'm wrong tho :/

  • Raymond
    Raymond 7 months ago +6

    It also has largest storage space in segment!

  • Raymond
    Raymond 7 months ago +1

    Everyone should try it definitely!!!

  • Raymond
    Raymond 7 months ago +41

    Also, it has best air filtration system in history (saves many lives in china specifically)

    • Callum Ja
      Callum Ja 26 days ago

      +Tom Wheeler Having some stupid medial grade air filter is unnecessary and expensive; that's why not other automaker has bothered to do it. You act like mining metals and producing the enormous battery on an electric car doesn't cause environmental pollution, in fact many studies say just that does more damage to the environment than a petrol car's lifetime. The Mercedes Benz S-Class has had numerous innovations over decades; including collision warning, nightvision, and a suspension system that reads the road ahead to adapt to bumps. Get out of your Tesla bubble, it's all marketing man, you're being taken for an idiot. You're paying for an extremely expensive car with the build quality of a 2001 Renault Clio. Luxury is not a massive iPad stuck on a blank dashboard.

    • Tom Wheeler
      Tom Wheeler 26 days ago

      +Callum Ja Also caring about panel gaps more than about everything else perfectly represents what was wrong with the automotive industry for a long time - lacking at least ONE very innovative company, lazy, no real inventions, just slow development of some details. I understand that some base models have to be boring at reliable, without innovations, but whole automotive sector was like that in last decades. The most innovative thing was putting too much unnecessary comfort module computers under seats (like Audi and Mercedes). For me the fact that Tesla tries to challenge them means more than panel gaps on their cars (which are improving, compare 2012 model s to 2018 version, but you have probably never driven in a Tesla😅).

    • Tom Wheeler
      Tom Wheeler 26 days ago +1

      +Callum Ja First answer to my question and dont try to save yourself by cliche manipulation of changing topic :) You represent the typical mindset of Tesla hater. Panel gaps on SOME models are more important for you than air you breathe? Then you should work at Volkswagen, especially Audi. Their boss was obsessed with panel gaps, but sticking to German 'engineering miracle' 'clean' cancer-spreading diesel TDI and cheating in emission test was not a problem for him

    • Callum Ja
      Callum Ja 26 days ago

      +Tom Wheeler Show me a Tesla that has all door panels aligned correctly

    • Tom Wheeler
      Tom Wheeler 26 days ago

      +Callum Ja Show me the other car with hepa medical grade full size filter

  • Raymond
    Raymond 7 months ago +1

    Also, You can fill up for free for lifetime! Also, it's material value is 3 times more than any comparable priced car.. in other words - nice value!

  • minnie saab
    minnie saab 7 months ago


  • Del Mac
    Del Mac 7 months ago +10

    Sorry, I ain't going to spend 30 minutes of my day watching a review on 1 car.

    • Costel Coaie
      Costel Coaie 6 months ago

      Del Mac yeah but no

    • Del Mac
      Del Mac 7 months ago +4

      ArslanValentine:- I don't know how stupid and "slow" you are, but it took 0.5 sec to just scroll down 3 inches and my sentence maybe took 10 seconds to type. Unlike your bitchy trolling, my comment is meant as feedback for What Car, that I personally will not waste 30 minutes watching a review on one car. What's your excuse/justification for you bitter and pointless comment?

  • Nass - 118KillBill
    Nass - 118KillBill 7 months ago +1

    What colour was that Tesla S on the left (drivers side) 👍
    I should point out the time line. It’s at 19:30 love how in-depth this video is.

    • BigDudeUK
      BigDudeUK 7 months ago

      Think it’s a grey/silver. As far as a custom wrap I’ve no idea...

    • Nass - 118KillBill
      Nass - 118KillBill 7 months ago

      Randy Smith thanks. My bad for not pointing out the time line. It’s at 19:30 it’s like a sky / baby blue grey colour. Looks like a custom wrap?

    • Randy Smith
      Randy Smith 7 months ago +1

      Nass - 118KillBill just watch the video again! It’s blue

  • Benzinio
    Benzinio 7 months ago

    A big fat piece of crap!!!

  • Rob Elsey
    Rob Elsey 7 months ago +7

    27 mins..... & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Alam Rahman
    Alam Rahman 7 months ago +1

    The maps are provided by Google but the actual navigation is done by Tesla and not as good as Google

    • Peter Harrison
      Peter Harrison 6 months ago

      2018.26.2 but the routing update (on the dash display) is a separate download. I've had it for a few weeks now and it's a huge improvement, especially the routing part and vector maps on the dash display. The Google map part is not much different (grey-scale colours and smoother scrolling).

    • Alam Rahman
      Alam Rahman 6 months ago

      Peter Harrison wow I don't think I have this update yet! What version are you on?

    • Peter Harrison
      Peter Harrison 6 months ago

      The whole Tesla satnav system has recently been updated (free over the air update) since this video and is now very slick indeed. Took it through central London the other day and it was flawless and very clear. Using a satnav in any other car now seems like a bit of a joke.

  • jaroslav44
    jaroslav44 7 months ago +4

    The Sun??? hmm

    • Lee Ryan
      Lee Ryan 3 months ago

      Yup, the earth is flat and fixed

    • Glen TheMan
      Glen TheMan 5 months ago +1

      Yes, the Roadster is orbiting the sun, roughly the same distance as mars is orbiting the sun.

  • Paddy Downey
    Paddy Downey 7 months ago +7

    This car is €193k here in Ireland, with only the autonomous packages added. It’s merely a car for wealthy early adopters, nothing more. €193,000!! (Or just get his and hers rs4’s)

    • Paddy Downey
      Paddy Downey 7 months ago

      Kristian Smith you’re right, however it’s still €141,900 with just 2 key options ticked: six seats and full autonomous driving. It’s a family car for very wealthy early adopters. Firmly in the 0.1% net wealthy demographic.

    • Kristian Smith
      Kristian Smith 7 months ago

      Paddy Downey he's driving the 100D not the P100D, which is significantly less

    • Paddy Downey
      Paddy Downey 7 months ago

      Marriz I just rechecked the Irish Tesla site - it’s €196k for the p100d (the one tested in this vid), with 6 seat config, and full autonomous driving. Nothing else ticked. September delivery.

    • Paddy Downey
      Paddy Downey 7 months ago

      sali man perhaps that’s the entry level 75d, but would you really want to buy the 5 year old battery tech, and kilowatt size, in a complicated car like this? The P100d in 6 or 7 seat config and full autonomous driving is €196k on their website, as I write this. No other options ticked.

    • Marriz
      Marriz 7 months ago +1

      If it's that expensive no one will buy it..the idea of the electric cars is for people who want to live an economic life to control their spending and to save some but with their crazy prices no one will buy except the rich people who wants to show off the new technology blah blah...you said it meant to be that expensive for them to build the next generation...that is the stupid move they make look at Toyota they make models high price and low price they make everyone happy they don't sale one type of car and force you to buy this specific one they make you choose the range you are willing to pay they make an economic cars that last for more than 10 years that's what Tesla people don't understand you don't rope your customers you make them trust you and believe in you years ahead.

  • Mike Newbold
    Mike Newbold 7 months ago +3

    you can tell this guy prefers ev cars. I'm sure they are great at what they did but give me a snarling v8 with a supercharger any day of the week.

    • Sean Z
      Sean Z 7 months ago +5

      Mike Newbold I used to have a “snarling” v8. But no way in hell am I ever going back to it after owning a Tesla Model S. I now find it hilarious to hear all that drama with no decent results compared to the instant acceleration of a Model S or X or 3 for that matter. You should try it out before just discounting it. I’m sure glad I did.

    • sali man
      sali man 7 months ago +2

      Slow and stupid compared to EVs

    • Tom Jackman
      Tom Jackman 7 months ago +2

      Yeah, ICE vehicles are boring. Too noisy and despite all that noise they aren't even that fast. That V8 is headed the way of the dinosaur, which is only fitting.

    • Rob W
      Rob W 7 months ago +1

      So do you have to like V8 noises and billowing smoke to be a "true" motoring enthusiast?

    • INUMIMI28
      INUMIMI28 7 months ago +2

      Mike Newbold Supercharged v8 will be provided....until mid 2020’s and it will be all gone so yeah it’s like watching stage 3 cancer patient. Enjoy your remaining V8, until it ends, permanently

  • Anthony Dayspring99
    Anthony Dayspring99 7 months ago +1

    What a f**king Fan boy! Is this a paid ad?. Please put your man stick away and stop creaming off this car. It’s ok, but it absolutely has flaws. That infotainment system, same principle as a Velar or Audi’s but they’re slated for having ‘too many screens’ but with the Tesla it’s F’ing brilliant?!...wtf!, you’ll be dead long before you’ve figured out how to open your glove box! The interior isn’t too bad next to an Audi? You tw*t, the build quality is worse than a Dacia. Also, Ever had to repair a ding on a Tesla, you’ll wait 3 months and then it’ll cost you a second mortgage. I hate F**king Tesla Fanboys and their biased reviews... really disappointed WhatCar, this video is little more than a paid promo👎🏽

  • Anthony Dayspring99
    Anthony Dayspring99 7 months ago +13

    SUV?... minivan you mean. Also - HOW MUCH??? IPace please!

    • knowledge share
      knowledge share 6 months ago +1

      I-PACE is utterly mediocre compared to MODEL X the I-PACE is inferior is so many ways.

    • Pat McDaniel
      Pat McDaniel 7 months ago

      YOu will never take a long trip in it. I do with my Model X every year. Just finished 5146 miles 2 week trip. Never do that in a iPace.

    • Antonio Lomeli
      Antonio Lomeli 7 months ago


    • Sean Z
      Sean Z 7 months ago

      Anthony Dayspring99 I think you are over simplifying it. I have been hearing your same “argument” for over a decade. Enjoy the ipace. Nothing wrong with it. But just know this, you will be waiting more than 5 years for a decent charging network.

    • Sean Z
      Sean Z 7 months ago

      Anthony Dayspring99 tesla supercharger is a huge plus. I charge my Model S 95% of the time at home too but it is sure nice to take it on long road trips with the supercharger network.

  • Lintassimilator
    Lintassimilator 7 months ago

    lots of "it's comfortable IF IF IF IF"... It's shit in the back. It's okay to say it. Demand better design!