Best Nintendo Switch Accessories in 2018

  • Published on Jul 23, 2018
  • Some of Nintendo Switch's Best Accessories comes by the end of 2018.
    Ranging from the Pokeball plus, the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Gamecube Controller Adapter and controller and finally the Charging Stand.
    In this video we go more over these Nintendo Switch Accessories and some other recommendations!
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    Dbrand Merch:
    Skull & Co. Gripcase:
    Pixelquest Arcade Kit:
    Orzly Carry Case
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  • Commonwealth Realm
    Commonwealth Realm  4 months ago +82

    What Nintendo Switch Accessories do you consider to get and which ones are you looking the most forward to?

    • Monica Batista
      Monica Batista Month ago +1

      The Pokemon ball

    • Cremudgen Guy
      Cremudgen Guy Month ago +1

      1 nfc card gamez bcuz nfc trayding cardz + swich wud b op
      2 big manifying glass 2 put ovar the screen 2 make it look big like wut game boyz had
      3 reel d pad
      4 glo in the dark buttins so i can c ware they r wen i play undar the coverz
      5 reel mike 4 voyce chat
      6 xtra battary

    • Epic Tutorials
      Epic Tutorials 2 months ago


    • Matthew Lane
      Matthew Lane 2 months ago

      Commonwealth Realm I only buy official accessories that I see on

    • Matsuri2009
      Matsuri2009 2 months ago

      The Sf30 pro 8bitdo wireless controller is a great controller for the switch.

  • Kiane Heng
    Kiane Heng Day ago

    where do i get the adjustable charging stand from?

  • Closhy
    Closhy 2 days ago

    *HiT oR mIsS*

  • Colt 159
    Colt 159 7 days ago +3

    *I guess they never miss huh*

  • Samus Aran
    Samus Aran 8 days ago

    Loved that Samus intro

  • Wrecker 99
    Wrecker 99 9 days ago

    Starts at 1:36

  • Cinxirios
    Cinxirios 11 days ago

    The steel series headphones are irrelevant

  • alexis keller
    alexis keller 12 days ago

    Has anyone tried the bloody freaking Dock Shield?!?! It looks AMAZING but I'm skeptical because there are no reviews.

    • alexis keller
      alexis keller 12 days ago

      yes there are. I was just looking at the website and didn't see any. what a fucking derp moment.

  • Chicken Turds
    Chicken Turds 14 days ago

    I saw the GameCube controller at target today while I was buying my pro controller. Should I get one? 🤔

  • 856mk
    856mk 14 days ago


  • lea sandra
    lea sandra 14 days ago

    So cool

  • Shark_Puggy Puggy
    Shark_Puggy Puggy 15 days ago

    I know just get a keyboard and mouse

  • Doppler
    Doppler 16 days ago +1

    4:20 weird flex but okay

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 16 days ago

    Te sobra

  • Luis Abreu
    Luis Abreu 16 days ago

    2:20 Hit or miss, I guess Nyko never miss huh

  • Ant Man 1101
    Ant Man 1101 20 days ago

    Deja vu

  • Woggy TOO
    Woggy TOO 22 days ago

    When he started talking about the travel items he sounded like vsauce2 game lut

  • General Ford
    General Ford 23 days ago

    Hoping for one of these on christmas, I want one soooo bad

  • Joe Militello
    Joe Militello 24 days ago

    hit or miss I guess they never miss huh

    TRUMOO 27 days ago

    Anyone remember that foam Nerf DS case thing?

  • sniff pepper
    sniff pepper 28 days ago


  • gamrage
    gamrage 28 days ago

    There are docks that are licensed with Nintendo. It won't make the console to brick. I got the Hori Multiport USB Playstand. And it's better than anything that the Nintendo has came up with so far.

  • Shari Small
    Shari Small 29 days ago

    my pro controller was 25.00$

  • DW_ DreAm
    DW_ DreAm Month ago

    I got a nintendo switch ad...

  • Legend 4
    Legend 4 Month ago

    At least there's no clickbait

  • Redstone King
    Redstone King Month ago

    how are the white headphones sitting? on the ears or next to ears?

  • supernintendosp / The Game Room

    You forgot to peel off the blue shipping protectors on your light-up dock. Watch my review video to see the full effect.

  • KelixPlays
    KelixPlays Month ago

    I have a question. I own a logtech g230 and I'm wondering if it can be used for the switch for fortnite. I tried it out and it doesn't enable voice chat, I used an a adapter for it. Can you give me any solutions?

  • Morgan Mireles
    Morgan Mireles Month ago

    I’m gonna get the car stand

  • OkaAltin09
    OkaAltin09 Month ago

    Question where can I get the headset? (The one stated at $80)

  • IlLuZioNz Cry
    IlLuZioNz Cry Month ago

    Where's the link for the first headset ?

  • 666 666
    666 666 Month ago

    I have a custom pro controller so I don’t have the Easter egg and motion controls

  • Jordan Baeza
    Jordan Baeza Month ago

    What is the best screen protector for the switch?

  • S9S_lowgan2020 12
    S9S_lowgan2020 12 Month ago

    Don’t get the Zelda pro controller lagging and get move the thumb stick

  • Dianna Cokinos
    Dianna Cokinos Month ago

    Do they anything that protects it if dropped

  • Scott Tessem
    Scott Tessem Month ago


  • Seth Witte
    Seth Witte Month ago

    It’s 80 dollars well spent” You know you can just by a head set with a mic for about 20 dollars you know right?

  • baredas
    baredas Month ago

    Genki bluetooth headset adapter with Bose headset

  • MumChum
    MumChum Month ago

    The Mario maker music makes me want a Mario maker port for Switch...

  • Channel
    Channel Month ago

    "Only $20" Excuse me. What? That's not a small amount of money

  • MinecraftW/Pablo
    MinecraftW/Pablo Month ago

    poor waluigi 9:16

  • jun watson
    jun watson Month ago

    pokeball plus... and headrest for screen

  • SoijaPoika
    SoijaPoika Month ago

    I bought my SteelSeries Arctis 3 for 50 Euros that is like 60$

  • Donovan Suttner
    Donovan Suttner Month ago

    What I use for a mic in fortnite is just a apple one, and it works fine and it’s not scratchy on the other end.👍🏻

  • Kevin Thelwell
    Kevin Thelwell Month ago

    You know when someone is intelligent when they say “Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.” Finally someone who doesn’t sound like an idiot! Subscribed!

  • Jinx Bizzar
    Jinx Bizzar Month ago

    Fuck GameCube controllers. The Switch Pro controller is superior!

  • Meow Maximum
    Meow Maximum Month ago

    *need to have word with my girl friend about that...*

  • Larri S
    Larri S Month ago

    I want starlink and smash bros

  • Cruel Hercules_24
    Cruel Hercules_24 Month ago

    Dats ma b

  • Daniel Long
    Daniel Long 2 months ago

    I should of brought an xbox

  • Ahmed Teach
    Ahmed Teach 2 months ago +1

    7:11 thank me later

  • Peter von Feldt
    Peter von Feldt 2 months ago

    The GC controller sucked. Why does anyone like that controller? No I'm not a hater, I just couldn't gravitate to the GC because of a worse controller than the 64 one.

    KARLS SPELINVASION 2 months ago

    I lov that acsesories

  • Moises Perez
    Moises Perez 2 months ago

    Lol 1:14

  • Moises Perez
    Moises Perez 2 months ago

    Lol 1:14

  • K Worldwide
    K Worldwide 2 months ago

    Joy cons are red , others are blue, plz Nintendo switch, lemme buy you

  • tripplem
    tripplem 2 months ago

    This is helpful, I'll be getting a Switch in 2 months, so I need accessories.

  • Quackles
    Quackles 2 months ago

    Who payed more attention to the music rather than the video 😂

  • Razor DMG
    Razor DMG 2 months ago

    before the video there was a fifa 19 ad for ps4😂

  • Java Zap
    Java Zap 2 months ago

    Why must you torture me with the super Mario maker at the start of the video

  • Chad Man
    Chad Man 2 months ago

    You definitely don’t have a girlfriend

  • Chad Man
    Chad Man 2 months ago

    God I can’t stand your voice

  • Chad Man
    Chad Man 2 months ago


    • Indigo's Studio
      Indigo's Studio Month ago

      You are a nerd since you are watching this video

  • TurtleDubz GT
    TurtleDubz GT 2 months ago

    7.49 song??

  • SneakyFruitBat
    SneakyFruitBat 2 months ago

    anyone else get a Nintendo Switch ad?

  • Cameron Moon
    Cameron Moon 2 months ago

    smack that bitch

  • Jurassic Fan
    Jurassic Fan 2 months ago

    Can I get 50 likes for my birthday

  • KiShIk0
    KiShIk0 2 months ago

    What is the song called that is used in this video ?

  • David Kurniawan
    David Kurniawan 2 months ago

    Powerbank on Switch is a terrible idea. It's type c and all, but it didn't recharge fast enough, unlike smartphones and tablets with type c. Wtf happened!?

    • Seth Kauffman
      Seth Kauffman 2 months ago

      The Switch requires a 15v charger, most adapters usually only push 5v max, at least ones I've seen, you just need a power bank with an output of 15v, and use a Nintendo brand type-C and you'll be fine.

  • Zelda Honda
    Zelda Honda 2 months ago +1

    LOL when speaking on fortnite with good sound, I recommend apple ear phones with the turning up and down thingy one the side. IMMA SERIOUS IT ACTUALLY DOES WORK! Try it!!!

  • clintonbodycount
    clintonbodycount 2 months ago

    1:30 I really hope youre out of the closet because its super obvious that youre a gay

  • gaminguy 456
    gaminguy 456 2 months ago

    yeah.... I stick with my hesh 2 wireless with mic on aux cord

  • PJ CB
    PJ CB 2 months ago

    I'm not seeing a working link for the Grip Case by Skull & Co on Amazon, only for replacement grips (the link redirects, even in their official page). Has the case been discontinued? Or are they soon releasing an updated version or something? I REALLY would like to get the entire kit as I got a Switch a week ago and am looking for more comfortable ways to use it in handheld mode.

  • Jinsei Cast
    Jinsei Cast 2 months ago

    Doesn't the Skull & Co grip case scratch the Switch up after removing it a couple of times due to its grip? Not sure I want to order something like that yet.
    P.S. Those head phones are mine!

  • tyler reid
    tyler reid 2 months ago

    why do people love the gc controller so much?

    • Felix Emminger
      Felix Emminger 2 months ago

      They‘re the only standard Nintendo controllers that don‘t suck

  • Pamela Sheehan
    Pamela Sheehan 2 months ago


  • The Gamer Guy
    The Gamer Guy 3 months ago

    Where can you buy both the skull and co. Case and shell? The link only goes to the shell.

  • morgan !
    morgan ! 3 months ago

    Do they have legend of zelda travel gear?

  • Yassin Ezz
    Yassin Ezz 3 months ago +4

    1:40 DID U SAY ASS?

    • Shady Return
      Shady Return 7 days ago

      Yassin Ezz what grade u illiterate fuck

    • Yassin Ezz
      Yassin Ezz 7 days ago

      Fortnite,roblox and vlogs.

    • Shady Return
      Shady Return 7 days ago

      Yassin Ezz I saw your videos, so what are you in?

    • Yassin Ezz
      Yassin Ezz 7 days ago

      im not 4th grade k?

    • Shady Return
      Shady Return 8 days ago

      Yassin Ezz go back to doing your 4th grade homework lmaooo out here talking smack

  • Nathan Ledesma
    Nathan Ledesma 3 months ago

    7:11 godammmm👀👀🍑

  • Pole O Rama
    Pole O Rama 3 months ago +10

    Girlfriend!!!! Who is he kidding???? Lol

    • Homer Reyes
      Homer Reyes 2 months ago

      Pole O Rama 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Comedy Group
    Comedy Group 3 months ago

    3:24 That's not very necessary, but yea

  • Peck Proctor
    Peck Proctor 3 months ago

    The two presenters who did the voice overs until the game cube controller guy came on are more bland than oatmeal made with water in the fucking microwave.

  • Connor Denton
    Connor Denton 3 months ago

    Oh my god

  • P McCoy
    P McCoy 3 months ago


  • Hau Robo
    Hau Robo 3 months ago

    Literally the only thing I have from my childhood is my old gamecube controller

  • shadow flame
    shadow flame 3 months ago

    3:25 fun fact i actually found one of these at gamestop for only 12 bucks it really is worth the money

  • RaZ0r
    RaZ0r 3 months ago

    I found the headset in an local store lol

  • Hi Shy Guy
    Hi Shy Guy 3 months ago

    I am looking forward to the POKEBALL plus!

  • Gmodifire
    Gmodifire 3 months ago

    Alan becker?

  • Rhys Thompson
    Rhys Thompson 3 months ago

    Dude that's really cool!!!!!🤣😘😍😗

  • Emily Wellman
    Emily Wellman 3 months ago

    Are all of these safe

  • Abdulrahman Mustafa
    Abdulrahman Mustafa 3 months ago

    Does anyone find it funny when they played star for music while they were talking about starlink

  • alpan
    alpan 3 months ago

    That’s hell of a cool accessories as hell 😍😍😍😎😎

  • Meme Meme
    Meme Meme 3 months ago

    And you know what's ironic? I got a Nintendo switch ad for this.

  • Meme Meme
    Meme Meme 3 months ago

    Back in my days, Wii was 2008's switch.

  • TheGamerBoy Time
    TheGamerBoy Time 3 months ago

    I'm getting a switch

  • Cooper The Nintendo Nerd

    Music at 7:39?

  • Oskar winters
    Oskar winters 3 months ago

    don't bother buying a passport cover...the airport security will force u to remove it, i got a long ass lecture off them about how they are not allowed. The staff in Europe seem to have been instructed to shout at people, i tried using mine 3 times and then returned it as it's not fit for purpose.

  • Adam Salama
    Adam Salama 3 months ago