What's Inside a Detectives Car?

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  • man auto
    man auto 9 hours ago

    Would be nice if you can catch an older Caprice still in service around your area...it's cool as fuck seeing older police cars.

  • Ninja k
    Ninja k 17 hours ago

    Do you need bachelors degree to become a detective? I remember on old cop movies they would have a light they pull out and put it on top of their hood. It was alway just a red light.

  • Вадим Мороз

    You, the American cops, are equipped with machines for war. In Russia it is easier for us.

  • Fan de chavalones
    Fan de chavalones 2 days ago

    Do u like maglite 3d cell flashlight incandecent.

  • dusneed
    dusneed 2 days ago

    I thought all detective's cars had a convenient bottle to pee in, for those long stretches of surveillance.

  • Bananas are good
    Bananas are good 3 days ago

    This is fucking sick my dream job is to become a detective

  • John Ahmed
    John Ahmed 3 days ago

    I would like to become a detective

  • John Ahmed
    John Ahmed 3 days ago

    I like your videos and planning to become a detective

  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 days ago

    Quick watch it before its taken down

  • 2GT1 GT
    2GT1 GT 5 days ago

    i want a video about chasing a crime

  • minecrafter tracey01

    what kind of car is it 401?

  • Faivre Samuel
    Faivre Samuel 6 days ago

    almost a 30 second intro

  • Slim Olson
    Slim Olson 6 days ago

    Hell yeah @officer401 I use same toolbox for gun polishing stuff.

  • Mark Maxwell
    Mark Maxwell 8 days ago

    we got a gray & white & blue & Furd car like this they have lights & sirens on them here in Evansville Indiana 👮

  • TheDiamondHusky191x
    TheDiamondHusky191x 8 days ago

    At the end of the video...
    Nice airbag light

  • UP 5199 Productions
    UP 5199 Productions 9 days ago

    R u a cop?

  • P G
    P G 9 days ago

    Officer 👮‍♀️ 401 my dream job was always to be a police officer and specialized in gangs so basically become gang unit and then throughout the job career become homicide detective. But it hasn’t gone quite there yet things in life have happened that has kept me from achieving my dream. But there was one time where I did applied for an agency and was Disqualified for to many discrepancies. I didn’t put down on your personal questionnaire paper some information that I wasn’t even aware of like did you quit a job without giving any noticed I say no and when PI when to my prior employments they all made me look bad. And another one was have I ever been involved in a civil lawsuit I said no because I really want yet but my prior employer assume I was suing them so they told that to my PI another one was has your CDL ever been suspended and I said no because my current dmv printout was clean no record and my PI pulled out an old dmv printout from a prior employer and that one showed my CDL was suspended back in 2012 and all this took place on 2017. My question to you is can I still applied at other departments and follow my dream or is my dream pretty much crush already from that outcome? I stay out here in California, oh and by the way that position I was applying it wasn’t a sworn in position it was going to be working for the California highway patrol but I was going to be and inspector, what I’m basically asking is can I still become a police officer? I have no criminal record never done drugs.. I had a lot of employers and because to be living better and it offer more pay. Can any of that effect me?

  • Its Sharlele
    Its Sharlele 10 days ago +1

    Shits broke again 😂😭

  • david murphy
    david murphy 11 days ago

    Peace to you keep safe on the streets .

  • Drew Radosevich
    Drew Radosevich 14 days ago

    That's the same stock car I have. Fusion SE

  • International Cow
    International Cow 14 days ago

    "Dab" Into the finger print

  • Tier Talk
    Tier Talk 15 days ago

    This is a great video ...thank you. I have video on handcuffing and weapons restraint if you would like to give me your thoughts.

  • Jason Jason
    Jason Jason 17 days ago

    I just bought some "Evidence Bags" to carry my sandwiches.

  • Ethan Smillie
    Ethan Smillie 17 days ago

    Love the intro tie in

  • tgardone
    tgardone 20 days ago

    Love the longer intro video 401... Use it more!

  • Chase Murray
    Chase Murray 20 days ago

    Hey, i was wondering what state do you do your detective work in?

  • JadenTRoblox Stuff
    JadenTRoblox Stuff 22 days ago

    Shits broke again lol

  • Bleach
    Bleach 22 days ago

    are most detectives car's undercover

  • Brian Link
    Brian Link 23 days ago +1

    Great work bro. You have completely changed my view on police officers .

  • Number White
    Number White 24 days ago

    That's a pretty bad handwriting for a detective...

  • mitchell martin
    mitchell martin 28 days ago

    can you do a video with a go pro and do a pull over just have it on at the start of your shift

  • Ninja Gaming
    Ninja Gaming 28 days ago

    Yo c'mon does anyone know the name of this vids intro music

  • Hans Landa
    Hans Landa 28 days ago

    Jeez. Too bad 401 can’t just drive his own Hemi Charger, and get paid for mileage. Seriously - lamest police vehicle ever! ;-)

  • AgentMCCityDE
    AgentMCCityDE 29 days ago

    I love this car

  • ronnie Jones
    ronnie Jones 29 days ago

    Great video

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen Month ago

    Whats the paperwork for a standard arrest like and those with multiple events going on at once (Domestic Call > Fight > Evading > Chase > Arrest).

  • Joe Jarrell
    Joe Jarrell Month ago

    Quick question... what brand is your outer carrier?

  • Faze Prank
    Faze Prank Month ago

    My mom has dad she had a Ford Fusion 2012

  • Myztic
    Myztic Month ago

    2:28 "Shit its broke again!"


  • tankapples
    tankapples Month ago

    is that a glock i see

  • pg royal
    pg royal Month ago

    But Is there an aux cord lol

  • Evan Stewart
    Evan Stewart Month ago

    yooo, couple questions, have you ever had to run code in your detectives vehicle? have you ever made a traffic stop in it?? just curious because i know many departments are different

  • 21 Fire Films
    21 Fire Films Month ago

    You didn’t show us the lights!!

  • Mason Hanson
    Mason Hanson Month ago

    What medical items do you carry? Atleast a tourniquet I hope.

  • TheRealBoss_Jon 914

    I love unmarked cars

  • Simon Bach
    Simon Bach Month ago

    ''Shits broke again'' - The story of my life xD

  • lisamarie russo archuletta

    Woodland California fourth and hope all of these people are cheese

  • Jason Shwim
    Jason Shwim Month ago


  • PowwowTime
    PowwowTime Month ago

    I have that exact tool box. Be very careful of the folding handle it busts easily and makes the whole thing a pain in the @$$ to carry.

  • Rick David
    Rick David Month ago

    officer 401 what are your thoughts on the unfortunate discontinuation of the the best police vehicle ever...the Crown Vic? I know it has nearly 7 years but I hear many LEO and agencies wish they still made them. if you were able to have a brand new patrol vehicle what would you pick? I assume the Fusion is stock?

    GYZZO Month ago

    He dabs on those fingerprints

  • Rick David
    Rick David Month ago

    my my officer 401....what a big gun you seem to have there!! lol great video much respect to you and all LEOs

  • Code
    Code Month ago

    "Pretty simple L is for lights and S is fo... CLICK CLICK shitsbrokeagain"

  • VLONE Vlad
    VLONE Vlad Month ago

    Do what's inside a federal agent's car?

  • deadzone 20026
    deadzone 20026 Month ago

    What is that car you have????

  • Lekker Gamen
    Lekker Gamen Month ago

    show us what is in A SWAT TRUCK

  • FoxStinger
    FoxStinger Month ago

    Download a police siren app then when you need to use it plug it in to the cars aux input and crank up the volume :D

  • JustinSTeam2
    JustinSTeam2 Month ago

    *Likes before watching*

  • ari rosen
    ari rosen Month ago

    cool thank you for your serves

  • YouTube Moderator
    YouTube Moderator Month ago

    Congrats on the detective rank bro I've been watching your channel for a little while. I really like the story videos you make. Keep up the good work.

  • Purelife1991
    Purelife1991 Month ago


  • Colin Dickisson
    Colin Dickisson Month ago

    Your probably a trump supporter smh 🙈

  • Colin Dickisson
    Colin Dickisson Month ago

    Nice car you fucking nark

  • Julie Criscoe
    Julie Criscoe Month ago

    Officer401 have you shot a dog

  • Nico M.
    Nico M. Month ago

    Are you still GSP or local? I'm down in Chatham, I've been considering GSP or possibly SCMPD but there's a lot of rumors about Metro. Thanks!

  • Crystal Coleman
    Crystal Coleman Month ago

    I have noticed more officers have their taser right in the middle of their vest now instead of their belt. Are more officers doing that so it's quicker and less deadly I think is the word I'm looking for . Just something I've noted over the past year. Good videos . Keep them up .

  • Ethan R17
    Ethan R17 Month ago

    Ew a ford lol

  • steven wolfe
    steven wolfe Month ago

    shouldn't it be detective401 now?

  • Scrqmblr7
    Scrqmblr7 Month ago

    Dream job *_*..

  • SLBTerminatorFTW
    SLBTerminatorFTW Month ago

    did you like Mrs. Tillers room?

    TK RIDES Month ago

    anyone notice in the b-roll that blue lights were on the driver side?

  • Dr99
    Dr99 Month ago

    So you're a detective?

  • Teto Garcia
    Teto Garcia Month ago

    Hi am new

  • Xxswag_dawgxX
    Xxswag_dawgxX Month ago

    was the high school you slept in Boca Raton High School because i might of seen you there?

  • Ultimate Top 5
    Ultimate Top 5 Month ago

    Just started checking 401s channel recently, wow so many vids

  • mohanned alamin
    mohanned alamin 2 months ago

    How big of a boner did you get from the Intro?

  • Evel Cruz
    Evel Cruz 2 months ago

    2017 and you're still using the original taser x26... Upgrade needed

  • JoeSneaker
    JoeSneaker 2 months ago

    I love that music in the beginning. It sounds like sirens going off...

  • AirForceKat
    AirForceKat 2 months ago

    +officer401 What would a officer have to do if he or she is responding to a armed robbery (with shots fired) in the country and hits a person or deer and causes heavy damage to their unit and the nearest responding officer is 15 plus minutes out?

  • fc3s rotory
    fc3s rotory 2 months ago

    Listening to you talk in you're videos leads me to believe you're not an officer who feels superior to residents. Thank you. I have family members, whom I love, in law enforcement and they do not compliment the oath or our family name. God bless you officer 401.

  • KekMason
    KekMason 2 months ago

    Four Oh wan
    Oh wan

  • Bruno Wolmer
    Bruno Wolmer 2 months ago

    What holster is that you're using?

  • Deez Nutzz
    Deez Nutzz 2 months ago

    Officer401 is the SHIZZNIT i wouldn't even resist an arrest by him. No HOMO.

  • Bryce112 6
    Bryce112 6 2 months ago

    Drug bust in my town once...... these cars I thought were regular people had turned out to be detectives i was like WHATTTTT

  • Michael Hazell
    Michael Hazell 2 months ago

    No full car shot! I love the appearance of unmarked cars when they flip their lights on.

  • htxdreams
    htxdreams 2 months ago

    Officer401 I️m a 19 year old kid wanting to become a police officer, hopefully future detective. My issue is, school has never really been my thing. Currently enrolled in college but defiantly not enjoying it and struggling. I️ was wondering if college or no college will affect my goals to becoming and officer or even a detective, etc.

    • htxdreams
      htxdreams 2 months ago

      Definitely** as you can see 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • The Virtual Astronot
    The Virtual Astronot 2 months ago

    What rank are you?

  • Antonio G
    Antonio G 2 months ago

    @ 4:37 starts him talking in an ASMR voice haha😂😂😂 ps.officer 401 I love your vids man

  • daderpy1
    daderpy1 2 months ago

    what's ure current intro music 401?

  • Frankie Boots
    Frankie Boots 2 months ago

    Nothing is in their cars...lol

  • Mr B
    Mr B 2 months ago

    About time

  • PoseidonGaming
    PoseidonGaming 2 months ago

    *Flips siren switch* sHiTs BrOkE aGaIn

  • ArcturusNuva
    ArcturusNuva 2 months ago

    I never knew you were CID!

  • mrcheesenut2
    mrcheesenut2 2 months ago

    That was rather underwhelming....

  • Gsa Gamer
    Gsa Gamer 2 months ago

    That hand writing though

  • Matthew Putnam
    Matthew Putnam 2 months ago

    Shits broke again 😂😂😂😂 that was funny as crap for some reason another great vid!

  • helpthehurtlondon
    helpthehurtlondon 2 months ago

    surprised no luminol

  • dirt nasty
    dirt nasty 2 months ago

    so basicly any idiot can be an investigator? cause the equipment does all the work for you?

  • Joe Chappell
    Joe Chappell 2 months ago

    I just got it fixed
    Aaand shits broke again
    Literally my life xD

  • Gabe_N
    Gabe_N 2 months ago

    My brother has a 2012 Ford Fusion
    My question is
    When a crown Vic or this Ford Fusion in this case hit “retirement” and get sold in bublic auctions
    Can you open the back doors from the inside or does it stay the same?