What's Inside a Detectives Car?

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  • Gsa Gamer
    Gsa Gamer 25 minutes ago

    That hand writing though

  • Matthew Putnam
    Matthew Putnam 2 hours ago

    Shits broke again 😂😂😂😂 that was funny as crap for some reason another great vid!

  • helpthehurtlondon
    helpthehurtlondon 5 hours ago

    surprised no luminol

  • dirt nasty
    dirt nasty 7 hours ago

    so basicly any idiot can be an investigator? cause the equipment does all the work for you?

  • Joe Chappell
    Joe Chappell 8 hours ago

    I just got it fixed
    Aaand shits broke again
    Literally my life xD

  • Gabe_N
    Gabe_N 19 hours ago

    My brother has a 2012 Ford Fusion
    My question is
    When a crown Vic or this Ford Fusion in this case hit “retirement” and get sold in bublic auctions
    Can you open the back doors from the inside or does it stay the same?

  • DjResR
    DjResR 19 hours ago

    Sometimes the piezoelectric transducer in siren crack and fail, maybe the technician should have started with that?_

  • loyal brothers
    loyal brothers 20 hours ago

    Can u show us how that figure prank kit works with ur own print

  • Tikkon Galak
    Tikkon Galak 22 hours ago

    Sorry I can't take anyone seriously that can just say "DID YOU JUST REACH FOR MY GUN" and arrest someone with no cause.

  • 5kehhn
    5kehhn Day ago

    What's inside a detective car?
    A detective.

  • RaininPayne2
    RaininPayne2 Day ago

    Kinda weird you don't have a better switch setup for the lights and sirens. Should have different levels for the lights; backflashers, regular, priority/different pattern. And regular siren, priority siren, air horn.. etc

  • Tyler Kroll #THEREALONE!!!!

    Cid as in army Cid?

  • Black Shadow
    Black Shadow Day ago

    Is their anything about a state trooper

  • ray cs
    ray cs Day ago

    Where you keep the toss gun for set ups ???

  • biggestdodgefan
    biggestdodgefan Day ago

    Hey @Officer 401 im Canadian so things might be a bit different seeing that its RCMP rather than State Patrol or what not. Any way i just wanted a cops point of view on something that happened to me yesterday i was going down the minor high way with a speed limit of 100km/h and i passed a cop car, when i looked down i was doing 170km/h ,he pulled out be hind me and i began to slow down knowing he caught me red handed. The cop turned on his lights and sped past me well i was still doing 150km/h and a while up the road he shut his lights off and slowed down to 10k over the limit i fallowed him till my turn off came to go home. My question is why do you think he didn't pull me over and give me a ticket? Was he just trying to prove to me that he is faster then i am or was he cutting me a huge brake i don't know what do you think?

  • TurboFlush
    TurboFlush Day ago

    Hopefully no pursuits needed in that car. Pretty lame car. Atleast it is inconspicous. Lol

  • outdoorsman
    outdoorsman Day ago

    401 good to see you still going

  • Cody Dorriety
    Cody Dorriety Day ago

    I will be in forsyth for GDC, I wont say what agency , but I had a few questions like how is there, and how hard would it be to be a State trooper after time spent at this agency ,any opinions on it , or would city or county be a better ?

  • Carl Capps
    Carl Capps 2 days ago

    A hypocrite.

  • Squidward Tortillini

    Hey brother, I got a question for you.
    I’m going to paramedic school this fall, and don’t get me wrong, I love EMS.
    But I’ve found I’d rather treat shooting victims and hostages than 70 year olds with diabetes.
    I guess my question is.. would my EMT-P held me get onto SWAT?
    I’m not sure how many SWAT teams have full time officers who have medical training, but I assume it would be a better option than having to bring in a local firefighter/medic for tactical EMS.

  • Jake the Great
    Jake the Great 2 days ago

    What state is he from he said hurricane so i wonder if if hes talking about hurricane harvy

  • Fufjfkf Kvkfjfjd
    Fufjfkf Kvkfjfjd 2 days ago

    Your next vid should be about how you feel about illegal cars/ imported cars

  • Timothy Courtemanche

    Many, many years ago, I use to sell all the equipment for police vehicles, and install it, I was really good at the install and repair part of it. but sucked at the sales part.
    Is your department aware that they make a kit to remote mount the head of that radio? You can put the main box under a seat or in the trunk, and just have the little control head in your area. The nice thing about that, you can put it on a goose neck mount and always be able to position it perfectly.
    Have you ever considered putting the larger pistol mags in your vest? It would seem to me that if things were at a point that you were putting on that vest, a larger capacity mag would be a good thing.

  • lynnthegreat10
    lynnthegreat10 2 days ago

    Hey officer401 can you do a video on the specs of those police Chargers? I always wondered what the police package on a Charger was.

  • TheFilmMixer101
    TheFilmMixer101 2 days ago

    Ohhh SHit

  • Tom Hicks
    Tom Hicks 2 days ago

    I️ know this is off topic from this video. Maybe you have already answered this question. But when you were on patrol and you pulled someone over for a traffic violation and the reached out to shake your hand. Would you shake it? Could you answer in detail why you you would or why you wouldn’t. And does trying to shake a officers hand help get out of a ticket?
    Trucker Tom

  • Typical gaming
    Typical gaming 2 days ago

    So corny lmao

  • Bret Marzec
    Bret Marzec 2 days ago

    great vid 401 thanks for sharing

  • Bryan Mills
    Bryan Mills 2 days ago +1

    You're less armed on the street than I am. Tighten up.

    • Bryan Mills
      Bryan Mills 13 hours ago

      Iman Hosseini
      I waited a couple of minutes for a reply to your comment which I don't understand. Maybe you were just commenting like I said to him "I'll show you whose armed"? Take care.

    • Iman Hosseini
      Iman Hosseini 13 hours ago

      I’ll show you whose armed

  • OOM- 8018
    OOM- 8018 2 days ago

    wish ya had a crown vic!

  • Christos Chrisanidis
    Christos Chrisanidis 2 days ago +1

    So one thing that drives me crazy and would love to see a video about it is what a police officer thinks of the people beeing d*cks to police officers and not helping them out,,,i've seen so many videos lately of people misstreating police officers and writting the most idiotic comments acusing them of all sort of stuff...would love to see your reaction to these kind of comments and behaviours. Thanks :) @officer401

    • Squidward Tortillini
      Squidward Tortillini 2 days ago

      Christos Chrisanidis
      I think he has done something like that before.. but 401 is a fair guy in general. His judgement doesn’t stop with civilians.
      He calls out the absolutely STUPID police that make their way onto the internet, as well as the STUPID citizens that provoke such STUPID police.
      That’s why we like him.

  • Jared K
    Jared K 2 days ago

    Why do all officers have their weapons mounted vertically opposed to having them mounted horizontally for quicker draw and ease of access?

  • Cody Ross
    Cody Ross 2 days ago

    You should take the blur off your face in the video of you surprising your dad

  • One Video
    One Video 2 days ago

    Cheap whiteout

  • Eduardo Cambron
    Eduardo Cambron 2 days ago

    Is that motor tuned to go faster then stock

  • John Fisher
    John Fisher 2 days ago

    How about you stop wasting our tax money and get the fuck back to work....

  • Brady Loughner
    Brady Loughner 3 days ago

    What kinda of car was it ?

  • rusty
    rusty 3 days ago

    hey officer 401 I used to live in the same neighborhood as u and I just want to say keep up the good work and one day I want to become a cop

  • to_ dark
    to_ dark 3 days ago

    You should make a video on how to spot a undercover cop car before they spot you

  • to_ dark
    to_ dark 3 days ago +1

    Fuck 12

    • to_ dark
      to_ dark 3 days ago

      I respect what you do for people but I don’t respect the system

  • Golf Wanky
    Golf Wanky 3 days ago

    The speed limit on the interstate I was on was 70 mph and I was lets say going faster than that(90), I passed and unmarked police suv. I was about to get on an exit and noticed the suv starting to tail gate me then noticed the two lights next to the ford logo and said "damn I'm gonna get pulled over". I got on the exit and the suv didn't follow me but, stayed on the interstate. The suv turned their sirens on then off really quick. Why would a police officer not pull you over for speeding? The suv was in the middle lane I passed them in the third (left) lane. Then moved the the far right to get on the exit.

  • yoyohe2006
    yoyohe2006 3 days ago

    Huh officer401 how you doing?

  • CJ
    CJ 3 days ago

    Show us how you dust for prints

  • MR.MOD
    MR.MOD 3 days ago

    Hey, Nice video.

    • Electrical Jude
      Electrical Jude 3 days ago

      You do realize that the comment section is for comments, or if your thoughts on the video are more complicated than "Good, nice" or "Bad, sucks", right? Please use the rating system from now on to avoid spamming the chat. Thank you.

  • Josh Boyda
    Josh Boyda 3 days ago

    Can you do a video on conservation officers

  • Evanjuli !
    Evanjuli ! 3 days ago

    you should make a sorta series about different types of officers besides the general police officer maybe like a game warden or another federal agent

  • R Boyd
    R Boyd 3 days ago

    Someone needs to send him some pink fingerprint dust 😂😂😂😂He's short one color. LMAO

  • CrimsonEagle45
    CrimsonEagle45 3 days ago

    I've got a Ford Fusion too. It's a great little car 👍🏻

  • Christian secaida
    Christian secaida 3 days ago

    I’ll take those mres off your hands 😉

  • bassguitarplayer123
    bassguitarplayer123 3 days ago

    Evidence bags or your old lunch sacks? Lol

    HATER FACE 3 days ago

    Wish they'd do a video showing us all their undercover equipment/gadgets/vehicles stuff

  • Ethanbeefer McMuffin

    You said "recovering from the hurricane," are you from houston?

  • Frosted Phoenix 53
    Frosted Phoenix 53 3 days ago

    What is the car?

  • Santiago Bernasconi
    Santiago Bernasconi 3 days ago


  • Jager Ash Main
    Jager Ash Main 3 days ago

    That was a Ford Fusion right?

  • Alyssa Nicole
    Alyssa Nicole 3 days ago

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  • Yvonne Behrens
    Yvonne Behrens 3 days ago

    Can you maybe go and text crownrickauto and do a vid with him pls

  • slobboy
    slobboy 3 days ago

    Should do a, what do cops think of people who drive retired squads.

  • ThatEquine Pilot
    ThatEquine Pilot 3 days ago

    Why a ford though?😭

  • Robert Clolery
    Robert Clolery 3 days ago

    What ? no first aid kit??

  • Nick Adams
    Nick Adams 3 days ago

    What year is your Fusion?

  • I Am The Man With No Name

    Without watching the video, I’m going to say paper work scattered everywhere, empty chew cans, empty coffee cups with taboo spit in them, and a briefcase.

  • Jordon morrissey
    Jordon morrissey 3 days ago

    Do you video about End of Watch please

  • beastm0de7
    beastm0de7 3 days ago

    Damn I wish you were able to record crime scenes and shit like that.
    Detective401, You need to work your way up to chief and allow youtube videos of officers on duty, And you need be the badass chief that goes into crime scenes and such even tho hes chief.

  • Moist grandma
    Moist grandma 3 days ago

    Are you Fr a police officer 😟

  • Joe Martin
    Joe Martin 4 days ago

    Dude your broken phone screen is killing me lol

  • Matthew
    Matthew 4 days ago

    Hey this was posted on my birthday :)

  • Sweegy Swag
    Sweegy Swag 4 days ago

    That's a lot of info on that bag amigo And that's pretty sexy that you have MREs m8!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 days ago +1

    *flips switch *flips switch again

    "Shits broken"

  • Super Fails
    Super Fails 4 days ago

    so have you decided if your staying on as a detective or going back to patrol?

  • king Abdulle
    king Abdulle 4 days ago

    Fire introoo

  • colten greenfield
    colten greenfield 4 days ago

    Dude I remember when you only had 100 subs

  • Blake Miller
    Blake Miller 4 days ago

    Hey can u make a video on what you think of prison guards??? Like my dad worked in a federal penitentiary for 27 years and told me some bad stories, do you think they have it just as bad as cops???

  • Pantsology
    Pantsology 4 days ago

    You should make a shirt that says Officer 401 is my porn! I'd wear that.

  • albertx330
    albertx330 4 days ago

    What state are you from ?

  • Andy Taylor
    Andy Taylor 4 days ago


  • Ryan P71
    Ryan P71 4 days ago

    I will subscribe to anyone that subscribes to me leave a comment if you subscribe

  • Chris Singletary
    Chris Singletary 4 days ago

    I'm currently in the security Forces academy for the us Air Force I was thinking of when my four years is done trying to get a civilian sector job and I've heard mixed things about it in your opinion how much would being security Forces help me competition wise and maybe if you know any prior security forces how well it translates?

  • Chris Ofsthun
    Chris Ofsthun 4 days ago

    Evidence bag huh? That looks more like the bag you keep a 40 of Olde English 800 in while you're day drinking from the corner store. Keep up the great videos sir!

  • Александр Михайлов

    Ima run from a ford fusion all day .. sorry. Unless its that 7.0l v8 chevy caprices- those are fast as shit

  • Gabbakitty
    Gabbakitty 4 days ago

    Why did youtube demonetize this video wow

  • Wyatt Jacobus
    Wyatt Jacobus 4 days ago

    Hey officer401, just wanted to let you know I'll be doing my first ride along this week because of this channel; thanks for all the great videos. Keep up the good work.

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams 4 days ago

    I'm training to become a cop in nyc do u have any tips

  • Kaden Mott
    Kaden Mott 4 days ago

    My dad works for the Illinois State Police, his squad is a 2015 Ford F-250 Crew Cab with a 8ft Bed. He calls it the patrol barge. 😂

  • xavier butt
    xavier butt 4 days ago

    Why did it get so quite when you started to go throw your trunk

  • Tackler12
    Tackler12 4 days ago

    Damn I wanted to see the sirens all around the car. ;(

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 4 days ago

    For non police people, could u please go into more details of thr scanning fingerprint thing at the end of the video?

  • Fred 662971fred
    Fred 662971fred 4 days ago

    can you do a video about police issued gear like what patrol officers get when they first start the job and the gear they get when they transfer to like a detective devision

  • 杰克罗宁
    杰克罗宁 4 days ago


  • epic ben
    epic ben 4 days ago

    Officer 401, How fast can you go on the interstate, Because I've seen you go 107 108 in your videos when your behind slow people

  • jbarah05
    jbarah05 4 days ago

    YES!!! you brought back the full intro love it.... also gear view brah you made my fucking day

  • Mickey Tatertots
    Mickey Tatertots 4 days ago

    officer401= win B)

    RUGARELLS GAMING 4 days ago

    Have you done any ride alongs? Are you allowed to? What does it take for you to have one? Great videos you definitely have a great sense of humor

  • Dakota Cochran
    Dakota Cochran 4 days ago

    Officer 401 I'm a 20 year old when I got out of high school I was 6'5" and weighed 325 lbs as of last month I decided to cut weight and be a cop because of ur vids I'm down to 250 with 7 percent body fat and I'm needing to cut only 50 more pounds till I'm ready for the academy I can run a mile.and a half in 13 min I need to be able to shave 2 min off my time to pass the academy just wanted to thank you for your videos with out them I wouldn't be in the best shape I've been in my entire life thank you once again have a good day

  • Nick Thompson
    Nick Thompson 4 days ago

    A detective 🤔

  • lisa fitzsimmons
    lisa fitzsimmons 4 days ago

    You can never have too many ______

  • Spec Ops SCORPION
    Spec Ops SCORPION 4 days ago +1

    *I Am Street Racer >:)*

  • McKayla Dill
    McKayla Dill 4 days ago

    My brother is a detective so this is cool to see! Thanks!

  • Firebrand Inquiries
    Firebrand Inquiries 4 days ago

    Hi Officer401. Been watching your videos for a while, and I know you have lots of topics to usually talk about in your videos. I was wondering what your thoughts are on people out on the streets who call themselves 'Real life superheroes'. A lot of cops seem to agree the #1 issue is safety which comes with a lack of training, but some officers (and others such as firefighters) have expressed other reasons for their support or disagreement with the movement's ideals. Idiots aside, a lot of people affiliated with the RLSH do seem to be doing good work, but are often untrained or ill-equipped regardless.
    Do you have an opinion on the subject? And if so, would you consider it a worthy topic for a future video? I love what you're doing man. You bring clarity and trust back into people's minds regarding the police, and teach valuable lessons in safety and use of common sense. Whatever the response, keep up the good work and stay safe out there!
    Sorry for the novel, its a habit.

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla 4 days ago

    Gotta love Officer 401 he's like an uncorrupted child that never lived life.... Drinking moonshine is as ballsy he gets.... Maybe he hit the weed pipe when he was 12-teen.... Hahaha - he's like a retarded kid with good intentions...... 401 seems ok, but it's like he lives in a "bubble" alas "Pleasantville"....