10 Things Alex Rodriguez Can't Live Without | GQ Sports

  • Published on Oct 1, 2019
  • There are a few things former Yankees World Series Champion and ESPN Sunday Night Baseball analyst Alex Rodriguez can't live without when he hits the road. From his sunglasses to his sneakers, A-Rod shows us all of his travel essentials.
    A-Rod calls the exclusive national MLB game of the week Sunday nights on ESPN. He'll also be calling the Rays-Athletics Wild Card game on ESPN at 8PM ET.
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    10 Things Alex Rodriguez Can't Live Without | GQ Sports
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  • Nico Vickers
    Nico Vickers 10 hours ago

    Tik tok whatever that show is called

  • YoungNamath
    YoungNamath Day ago

    Sun goddess for men? Make up for men not constantly on camera? Pause asf

  • elle frye
    elle frye Day ago +1

    I love him i wish him the best in all that he does. I hope he is still as kind as he once was.

  • Cordell Reed JR
    Cordell Reed JR Day ago

    So apparently he played for the Yankees

  • One-Eye
    One-Eye 2 days ago

    You better have a good razor if you're playing for the Yankees, since they have a strict 'No Facial Hair' policy.
    A former player who signed with the Yankees tells the story of how he went in on his first day to meet the GM, and he had maybe two days of growth on his face. He walked in, introduced himself and the GM said "Go shave your f***ing face!"

  • One-Eye
    One-Eye 2 days ago

    Watching A-Rod talk baseball with other players proves that he has an astounding baseball IQ. The depth to which he can go talking even to a third baseman is amazing.

  • Mia
    Mia 4 days ago

    Fruit cake

  • Nx3
    Nx3 4 days ago +1

    The only reason I clicked on this video was to see the steroids comments 😂😂

  • karpu marde
    karpu marde 4 days ago


  • Blue Sparrow
    Blue Sparrow 6 days ago


  • Sapostropheez
    Sapostropheez 8 days ago

    I feel the chap stick thing on an emotional level.

  • I Has 10k subs with no videos

    I like a rod he so humble

  • Elliot Pierach
    Elliot Pierach 15 days ago

    Surprised he didn’t bring steroids with him

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad 15 days ago

    Imagine being a yankees fan, couldn’t be me

  • M Noorist
    M Noorist 21 day ago

    Can't believe a cheat like him gets rehabilitated.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 21 day ago

    I find it very insincere when people advertise their own products 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Yer Nan
    Yer Nan 23 days ago

    As a young lad

    L3GENDARY 3DITS 24 days ago

    "Ralph Low-ren" lol

  • SJ Swift
    SJ Swift 24 days ago +1

    Where are the Roids?

  • Ole’s at the wheel
    Ole’s at the wheel 26 days ago

    4:51 Lmao I thought that said dope kit

  • Wölf Carter
    Wölf Carter 27 days ago

    He’s vanilla asf

  • Legalize Ranch
    Legalize Ranch 28 days ago

    Roids & Jlo’s booty

  • Zach Isaacs
    Zach Isaacs Month ago

    I think he forgot Valtrex

  • botta noog
    botta noog Month ago

    i cant underdstand why this contract shopping ( 25 million per year wasnt enough?? )....cheating... MLB suing douchebag is geting any attention these days....a terrible role model.....and Pete Rose is bannned for life. Any true Yankee fan was thrilled to see him go.....a disgrace to the pinstripes....

  • fvck off
    fvck off Month ago

    Omg. Please no more talking. A rod is nice to look at but please don’t let him open his mouth.

  • Jackie L
    Jackie L Month ago

    So when he offers you a gum then you know that you have a bad breath.

  • Ryan the Dolphin 62

    How can he tell that the people with bad breath want to speak closer to you if they are far away how can you tell if they have bad breath so really we all have bad breath

  • 黃姵樺
    黃姵樺 Month ago

    腳板扁平很適合 腳背高或許是腳指外翻

  • Adrian Rangel
    Adrian Rangel Month ago

    J-Low married this guy?

  • Marco Ortiz
    Marco Ortiz Month ago

    People posting negative comments are cowards.

  • Tori Maldovan
    Tori Maldovan Month ago

    How does he get to bang JLO 🤔

  • Jeremy Laningham
    Jeremy Laningham Month ago

    This dude creeps me out so much

  • Vivian Davis
    Vivian Davis Month ago

    hey arod I can't live without u ether. n that's real talk

  • Jerry Traveler
    Jerry Traveler Month ago

    Did I miss The needles and bottles of stuff.

  • Daniel Solis
    Daniel Solis Month ago +1

    Yeah. Every guy is going to want to wear a product called Sun Goddess.

  • NeonBrownPear
    NeonBrownPear Month ago


  • Sh8y 96
    Sh8y 96 Month ago

    Idk what it is but I don’t like this dude

  • Singh 100
    Singh 100 Month ago


  • Vivian Davis
    Vivian Davis Month ago

    hey Alex arod I can't live without u either

  • Can I get 10,000 subs with no vids?

    What about that good shiiii
    U kno the juice
    A.K.A Roids

  • Twen Caffer
    Twen Caffer Month ago


  • Tyler Black
    Tyler Black Month ago +1

    I’m surprised steroids weren’t on the list

  • Javier Mora
    Javier Mora Month ago

    Arod has a punchable face ,Back to watching the cowboy cerrone gq

  • skiingrocks00001
    skiingrocks00001 Month ago +6

    You’d never think by looking at this that this man is or was an elite athlete

  • Ryder Logan
    Ryder Logan Month ago +1

    Is it just me or does he slightly sound like Christopher walken

  • Solange
    Solange Month ago


  • Connor Rockom
    Connor Rockom Month ago


  • Young Prince
    Young Prince Month ago

    How did he get j lo

  • Spencer Holmes
    Spencer Holmes Month ago

    Those shoes🤢🤮

  • Ryan VanOudenhove
    Ryan VanOudenhove Month ago +1

    5:14 J-Lo fell in love with that hairline how?

  • Scott Piper
    Scott Piper Month ago +1

    So, ARod made over $600 million during his playing career and he still wears Ralph Lauren Polo as his go to fragrance?! No doubt, you’re frugal.

  • RS_ Jones
    RS_ Jones Month ago

    Hes a millionaire but has Polo cologne! ? Ha

  • Cod Sune
    Cod Sune Month ago

    What’s the song in the intro

  • Jesse Kang
    Jesse Kang Month ago

    no steroids??????

  • Milagros Niño
    Milagros Niño Month ago

    Speaking stupid

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez Month ago

    10 things Jorge masvidal can’t live without

  • Gunner dean 1233
    Gunner dean 1233 Month ago

    He likes the Yankees better that his og team the Mariners!?

  • James Bond
    James Bond Month ago

    11. bitches

  • Tannermcboss
    Tannermcboss Month ago

    Yanks suck

  • John Levine
    John Levine Month ago +1

    “This essential is a must”