CUSTOMIZING MY BULLET JOURNAL! | Copic Markers on Toned Paper

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
  • I just finished my Bullet Journal which means its time to dive into a new one. and of course I wasn't going to leave it blank, I needed to draw on the cover!
    Bullet Journal - Miliko
    Mechanical Pencil 1.3mm:
    Prismacolor Premier FineLiners:
    Copic Sketch Markers:
    White Posca Pen:
    Kneaded Eraser Pro-Art:

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  • Itz Pawnz!
    Itz Pawnz! 54 minutes ago

    Honestly whenever I do this I just fail

  • Hajer Siala
    Hajer Siala 4 hours ago +1


  • Miranda Lynn
    Miranda Lynn 5 hours ago +1

    OMG how does she do this

  • Maddie Lloyd
    Maddie Lloyd 7 hours ago +1

    I'm not the biggest fan of spaghetti'os

  • Jackie Stevenson
    Jackie Stevenson 7 hours ago

    That is beautiful, you are so talented

  • Yasmene Munoz
    Yasmene Munoz 9 hours ago

    Hey I really hope you see this and it not that sucks. Do you have any tips for drawing eyes I’m pretty bad at drawing those

  • Claire Bear
    Claire Bear 10 hours ago +1

    Dang forgot to add the glasses
    *Proceeds to freehand perfect circles*

  • Gacha Wolf
    Gacha Wolf 10 hours ago


  • Bobby Deb
    Bobby Deb 11 hours ago

    That is sooo good

  • Ashlyn Govan
    Ashlyn Govan 15 hours ago

    Can u draw me a pic

  • competitive dancer
    competitive dancer 16 hours ago

    I cant draw hair or faces or bodies. Help me

  • Gatcha Moon
    Gatcha Moon 17 hours ago

    My best friend has those markers,whenever I go to her house we always use them and draw.

  • Ariella Vehrs
    Ariella Vehrs 19 hours ago

    Do a face reveal!!!

  • Gacha Banana
    Gacha Banana 20 hours ago

    Your soooooooooooooOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooòoooooooòo good at drawing

  • Angie
    Angie Day ago

    Im ONLY 10... IDK... I want to Draw like you

  • Ashlea Colom
    Ashlea Colom Day ago

    I love your personality!

  • Mytris Hoyle
    Mytris Hoyle 2 days ago

    She had to be extra !

  • XxxartgamerxxX IDK
    XxxartgamerxxX IDK 2 days ago


  • Michele Meyer
    Michele Meyer 2 days ago

    it looks 3d

  • Angel Lavigne Ramos
    Angel Lavigne Ramos 2 days ago

    My absolute favorite😍

  • Marie Nguyen
    Marie Nguyen 2 days ago


  • bobcatroar
    bobcatroar 3 days ago

    I draw anime and I’m a kid.

    I feel like I will draw like you when I grow up

  • bobcatroar
    bobcatroar 3 days ago +1

    Every time I retrace cause I did it with pencil and want it to stand out:

    I change it

    Take risks

    Not change it

    Doesn’t look like before

  • K_A_Y_Ł_A 84
    K_A_Y_Ł_A 84 3 days ago

    This is soooo cute!!

  • jiji dola
    jiji dola 3 days ago

    I want to learn how to draw like u 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 u are awesome

  • Kiwi frxnches
    Kiwi frxnches 3 days ago +3

    Why don't u make a shop or something and sell your own journals with your drawings!? I would totally buy one of them!

  • Gabriella Shea
    Gabriella Shea 3 days ago

    Can you please give me drawing lessons your so good at drawing ✍️ and your so talented! I’m actually jealous because I love drawing but I can’t draw. 😣

  • azrena ena
    azrena ena 3 days ago

    U're so talented! I can't even draw a line🙄

  • Ruby Todd
    Ruby Todd 4 days ago

    Do you draw inside of your bullet journal or is it mainly to do lists? Xx

  • TooMuchGrace
    TooMuchGrace 4 days ago +2


  • Варя Сушко
    Варя Сушко 4 days ago

    Ты безумно красиво и круто рисуешь 😘😋😆

  • TheHelen End You
    TheHelen End You 5 days ago


  • Joanna Saloj
    Joanna Saloj 5 days ago

    No worry my favorite color is whit too don’t have to say any fancy words 😊

  • Poke 007
    Poke 007 5 days ago +1

    So pretty you did so good

  • Newdy Kingforwan
    Newdy Kingforwan 5 days ago

    *Watch this video*
    Me: This is so easy to do and interesting I will do one!!
    *15 minute later*
    Me: Just drawing one perfect circle finish

  • Life Happened
    Life Happened 6 days ago +1

    Drawing? Good
    Bullet? Journal
    Pencil? Iconic
    Hotel? Trivago

  • JustYourAverageWannabe

    watching these art videos just inspire me to keep improving my own art and persevering ❤️

  • Eden Wilson
    Eden Wilson 7 days ago

    The girl on the old notebook looks like the one on the new one just grown up its looks cute

  • Sasha Wright
    Sasha Wright 7 days ago

    *happy little accident*

  • TillyTea
    TillyTea 7 days ago

    Omg this is actually the most beautiful drawing I’ve ever seen! I remember when I really liked a smalll cute drawing I did and I did the line art and i want to use my crappy markers so I started and.... IT SMUDGE MY DRAWIINGGGGGG I was so annoyed lol

  • IvelinaStudio
    IvelinaStudio 7 days ago +2

    This. is. a. masterpiece.

  • Auryani Carmona
    Auryani Carmona 8 days ago +1

    Does anyone else wonder if she is doing a voice over or if she is actually speaking

  • Brxken Mxdnight
    Brxken Mxdnight 8 days ago

    Great good!

  • Alex Rayne
    Alex Rayne 8 days ago +1

    Idk if you’ve ever shown your face on your channel before but are you on TikTok just cause your voice reminds me of a user on there?

  • catmine
    catmine 8 days ago +1

    In 20 minute she do this
    -----> (In a video)
    In 20 minute I do this
    -----> 👧 (and that's so ugly...)

    (I'm franch it's for tchat m'y english is ont perfect)

  • gacнa_pυrpoѕe
    gacнa_pυrpoѕe 9 days ago

    i was bored so i tried to skip to a interesting part and while i was skipping it sounded like you were speaking some sort of chinese language

  • Harlekin Morow
    Harlekin Morow 9 days ago

    What pencil do you use to draw the sketch for the cover?

  • Emily Steele
    Emily Steele 10 days ago

    i also love youre videos

  • Emily Steele
    Emily Steele 10 days ago

    i love you're origanale OCs this charecter is sssssoooooo cute.

  • Happy Potato
    Happy Potato 10 days ago

    What are those pens you color with from?? And what is the white pen again? 😅

    • Happy Potato
      Happy Potato 6 days ago

      Thank you!!

    • uwu
      uwu 9 days ago

      Happy Potato copic markers and you can buy any white pen and it would be great! try your local craft store and you should find a few

  • Maggie Mckenzie
    Maggie Mckenzie 10 days ago

    What's a bullet journal?

    • matahari natal
      matahari natal 9 days ago

      It's a planner, journal, everything in 1 book. Alot of people use art supplies to decorate it🙂

  • Nico Yawaza
    Nico Yawaza 10 days ago

    How do you draw like that?!

  • gacha brook
    gacha brook 11 days ago


  • Ella Hemingway
    Ella Hemingway 11 days ago +1

    Why is she so amazing! I’m jealous.😒🥰

  • tacosnek5 Roblox
    tacosnek5 Roblox 12 days ago +2

    Did anybody notice that the thumbnails teeth had no gap but the cover of the bullet journel lol :draws perfect circle: I CANT EVEN SRAW A STRAIGHT LINE

  • Jayda The Gamer
    Jayda The Gamer 12 days ago

    You should definitely try painting!You would probably be really good!

  • Makala Willingham
    Makala Willingham 12 days ago

    She looks like the girl on f the prom. Stuft...

  • nina hady
    nina hady 12 days ago

    OMG i'm fall in love with your AWESOME ART!

  • Art Drawer
    Art Drawer 13 days ago

    Yeah who else

  • Tamara Rafay
    Tamara Rafay 13 days ago

    Omg that’s soo good I love it

  • Jennifer Hernandez
    Jennifer Hernandez 14 days ago +4

    When I watch drawing vídeos i have the sudden urge to draw 😂

  • Khalayah Martin
    Khalayah Martin 14 days ago

    I love it.

  • MiMi Plays
    MiMi Plays 14 days ago

    Where did you get that bullet journal? I’ve been looking for one I could draw on the front, back etc.

  • Marley W.
    Marley W. 14 days ago

    What a coincidence I am eating waffles while watching this.

  • Ana F.
    Ana F. 14 days ago


  • Sweet Ageha
    Sweet Ageha 15 days ago +1

    Love your art supplies and Love your awesome drawing skills...😍😍

  • M.J. Meece
    M.J. Meece 15 days ago

    So... Graphic weight? Love how it turned out, btw

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl 15 days ago

    Every time I watch youtvideos I enjoy how yoy talk, that really makes me chill and gives an efect to your drawing and every time acter watchig I feel so, soooo happy!!!

  • Linda Eska
    Linda Eska 15 days ago

    LOVE this! You are so creative and talented!

  • Star Parker
    Star Parker 15 days ago

    This game is called category guessing
    What is the first word you think of

  • Juana C.
    Juana C. 16 days ago

    How can you draw so good

  • Yum vs. Yuck
    Yum vs. Yuck 16 days ago

    you seem really nice and this is probably just me but does the way she’s like jokingly saying studious bother anyone else? sorry if this is rude

  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan 16 days ago

    Why always girlsssss😭😭😭

  • Lol Welt
    Lol Welt 16 days ago

    Its soooooo cool 😍 i like it ❤

  • Ashvin Lad
    Ashvin Lad 16 days ago +4

    *_I can’t even draw a decent stickman._*

  • Emily McManus
    Emily McManus 16 days ago

    you are so talented wow

  • كن أنت
    كن أنت 16 days ago


  • Mizuki Chan
    Mizuki Chan 16 days ago

    How did you learn to draw like did you learn from yt or lessons I wanna learn to draw like you ^~^

  • Alicia Worley
    Alicia Worley 16 days ago

    Waffles, you are a great youtuber but could you please try to keep you table a bit cleaner. I know you can’t help it but could you please try to wipe I down when marks get on it. Thanks!!!

  • Ava Isabelle
    Ava Isabelle 17 days ago

    When you can’t even draw a straight line....

  • Shemaira Ramdien
    Shemaira Ramdien 17 days ago

    Roses or red
    Violets or blue
    I love drawing
    And so do you

  • sindy art
    sindy art 17 days ago

    Great video thanks for sharing 😃

  • Oreo Remix
    Oreo Remix 17 days ago


  • Taegen Johnson
    Taegen Johnson 18 days ago

    I love this video it's one of my favs

  • StupidApple the Woozle

    My pen is FINE I can draw anime with it...

  • Lemi Loom
    Lemi Loom 18 days ago

    Did you install a perfect circle machine on your hand?

  • Beans The ultimate
    Beans The ultimate 19 days ago +1

    What is a bullet journal for??

  • bubble tea
    bubble tea 19 days ago

    *that line was so straight it made me feel crooked inside*

  • Deetiny Noisey
    Deetiny Noisey 19 days ago

    You're voice sounds like Vanya from umbrella academy

  • Rallerz
    Rallerz 20 days ago


  • Natalie Genser
    Natalie Genser 20 days ago

    Is your name wiff or waffles

  • Isla Haines
    Isla Haines 21 day ago

    I won’t be having waffles it’s pancake day- March 5 2019

  • ValeLuna 69
    ValeLuna 69 21 day ago

    Este fue el primer vídeo de tu canal que vi.

  • Heart Cosplays
    Heart Cosplays 22 days ago

    You could put your signature were the place is on the back cover it will look cool not that this doesn't already look cool already but you said that it looked unfinished so I was just saying an idea you could do for that corner.

  • Mermaid Vlogz
    Mermaid Vlogz 22 days ago

    why no potter ?!?!

  • TheVegetarianBurger 1
    TheVegetarianBurger 1 22 days ago +5

    The amount of COPIC MARKERS OMFG

    ... are you rich

    • -blob- -blob- Day ago

      TheVegetarianBurger 1 she bought them cheap from a friend. she has a video on it

  • Foxy Pawz
    Foxy Pawz 22 days ago

    That cover looks cute Xd!

  • Kaelyn Lael
    Kaelyn Lael 22 days ago

    tell me why
    i blew on my computer screen to blow away the eraser bits

  • Klara Holmer
    Klara Holmer 22 days ago

    I LOVE

  • Pluto fan :3 Margot
    Pluto fan :3 Margot 23 days ago +2

    I would’ve never be able to do that. Your too good.

    I feel like you should show it to your friends. They’ll think the Bullet journal designers would’ve drawn that.