CUSTOMIZING MY BULLET JOURNAL! | Copic Markers on Toned Paper

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
  • I just finished my Bullet Journal which means its time to dive into a new one. and of course I wasn't going to leave it blank, I needed to draw on the cover!
    Bullet Journal - Miliko
    Mechanical Pencil 1.3mm:
    Prismacolor Premier FineLiners:
    Copic Sketch Markers:
    White Posca Pen:
    Kneaded Eraser Pro-Art:

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  • TheGreatEve
    TheGreatEve 6 hours ago

    Omg its amazing

  • Aislid Quezada
    Aislid Quezada 12 hours ago

    Every like I get I put this

  • Bri Cheeze
    Bri Cheeze 12 hours ago


  • Kylie Rogers
    Kylie Rogers 16 hours ago

    I love it but the different glasses kinda made me mad

  • Emily. Slimes
    Emily. Slimes 20 hours ago +1

    Can you do a tutorial on how you draw your body figures on your characters?

  • Don't Forget Me
    Don't Forget Me 22 hours ago

    I try to draw something on my artbook but with Metallic pens IT WAS A DISASTER:(

  • Adeline Williams

    You should try doing prompt book! Like Create This Book, This is Not a Book, ect. :)

  • The Amazing Emily

    God, your so dang good at the space buns and the freaking Bodie🤯🤯🤯!!!!

  • Mecole
    Mecole Day ago

    Can I meet you

  • Fruity Cuber
    Fruity Cuber 2 days ago

    You should make and sell custom bullet journal s

  • Sharon Bailey
    Sharon Bailey 2 days ago


  • Lydia Grace
    Lydia Grace 2 days ago

    who else skips through because they’re so excited to see the end product 😂

  • Nikki Maxwell
    Nikki Maxwell 3 days ago

    U do realize how awsome, amazing, wonderful tht looks right

    Edit:how can u draw freehand circles and perfect lines🤩🤩

  • Gatcha Girl gamer
    Gatcha Girl gamer 3 days ago

    I think the first girl would be nice if you didn’t draw a line in the middle of her teeth no offence but it’s frustrating but I understand if that’s the way you like it you can do it!

  • crazy thing
    crazy thing 5 days ago

    Why do you draw clothes that my grandma wears?? Lol

  • Craft n Canvas CnC
    Craft n Canvas CnC 5 days ago +1

    So many markers and drawing freehand circles ... Richness level 3000 ..
    Anyways Your sketching skill is awesome girl . Keep it up.

  • Olivia Easterling
    Olivia Easterling 5 days ago


  • aaliyah
    aaliyah 6 days ago

    It's like I'm listening to a story while watching it occur. It's so amazing. ♥️😍💕

  • Bloopzia ._.
    Bloopzia ._. 6 days ago

    Theres a dot on the table that annoyed me but I LOVE THIS IMAGE 💗

  • Robloxxxyouknowfirllol Hiephoy

    Hi you’re my new idol and now did you make a beautiful art on your journal but i have one question: how did you got All that inspiretion?

  • AliceArtAnimal
    AliceArtAnimal 7 days ago

    Can we just take a moment to ask how she draws so perfectly?

  • Brooklyn30303 MSP
    Brooklyn30303 MSP 7 days ago +2

    The drawing is beautiful but I am bothered about the jeans because they are low rise , and I know some people may like them but I personally don't

  • Muffit
    Muffit 7 days ago

    i have the same pencil sitting on my desk rn lmao

  • Sssalami Prince-S
    Sssalami Prince-S 7 days ago

    I love the random inspiring talk while you’re drawing

  • Cubicle5
    Cubicle5 7 days ago

    1:30 Switched off as soon as I saw her hold the pen like a monkey. USE THE CORRECT PENCIL GRIP FFS!

  • Simsationelle
    Simsationelle 7 days ago

    I wish I could draw

  • Ashley Mia matute patiño

    OMG!!! Stunning

  • Annabell Adams
    Annabell Adams 8 days ago

    That mouth though

  • Emilia Prodan
    Emilia Prodan 8 days ago

    You are so good at art 🥳

  • Jay Hada
    Jay Hada 8 days ago

    What is this art style

  • Lydia. Kate
    Lydia. Kate 8 days ago

    Find the odd emoji

  • alejandro freijanes
    alejandro freijanes 8 days ago +3

    Who else thought it was Drawing With Waffles 😂
    Like if u read it wrong since the beginning. Let's see how many people did too!

  • Rose Gold
    Rose Gold 8 days ago

    If you don't mind please share more about how you design the inside of your bullet yournal

  • Rose Gold
    Rose Gold 8 days ago

    Gives me 70s vibes - love it !

  • Hannah Brownlee
    Hannah Brownlee 8 days ago +1

    You are so talented have a good day luv u

  • Lucyvlogsandvids !
    Lucyvlogsandvids ! 9 days ago

    When i watch her i wanna draw then i remember if i tried to draw what she drew it would look like a dumb monkey with a giant backpack. Yes i suck at drawing :( ;). :/

  • tHe UnkNoWN
    tHe UnkNoWN 9 days ago

    I hope to get on your level someday.... maybe..... not. Le sigh.

    ELÇİN EĞİLMEZ 9 days ago

    I loged ın to solve MATH but ı'm here

    ELÇİN EĞİLMEZ 9 days ago


  • Kato Willekens
    Kato Willekens 9 days ago

    The white really makes it pop!

  • litly checards 45
    litly checards 45 9 days ago

    teach meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jasmine Rackham
    Jasmine Rackham 10 days ago

    That London look on the front cover design made me really triggered. But overall that was amazing.

  • Dogs Xox
    Dogs Xox 10 days ago

    I have been watching your videos from 7:44 am and it is now 9:47 am

  • Dicte Sara Mosholt
    Dicte Sara Mosholt 10 days ago +2

    Can you plz do more tutorials🥺

  • Xxcookie SanchuxX
    Xxcookie SanchuxX 10 days ago

    I had waffles while watching this, now I feel bad.

  • Polly
    Polly 11 days ago

    Great job 👍👍

  • Karli V
    Karli V 11 days ago

    Oh and also I'm 8 years old and my I want to be artist like you!

  • Karli V
    Karli V 11 days ago

    Hi my name is Karli with a K-A-R-L-I everyone says in my school that my name starts like this C-A-R-L-Y

  • Angellie G. Yang
    Angellie G. Yang 12 days ago

    Where do you get your white pen?

  • Sara Nylander
    Sara Nylander 12 days ago +2

    I also use that white pen. It really is the child of god isn’t it ❤️😂

  • crystal 16
    crystal 16 12 days ago

    When you make the lines darker di you use a marker or a pen

  • Lyn R
    Lyn R 12 days ago +1

    Plz can u do an art tutorial plz I love your style!!!

  • Rachel Bazilian
    Rachel Bazilian 13 days ago

    AHH this inspires me to draw nerdy college girls holding apples and ukuleles hahaha

  • dcaisy !
    dcaisy ! 13 days ago

    ive always wanted copic markers but i know my mom wouldnt let me buy the whole pack but if i bought just one it would be useless anyways

  • dcaisy !
    dcaisy ! 13 days ago

    her=only tooks like 10 seconds to sketch
    me=spends a whole day trying to sketch and still not done

  • Natalie Potato
    Natalie Potato 14 days ago

    How are the glasses so perfect

  • FangirlLivy :
    FangirlLivy : 14 days ago

    Can you so a video about shading?

  • Laci Octo OwO
    Laci Octo OwO 14 days ago

    Hey Waffles! I know that you may or may not see this comment but I want to you read this.
    Watching your videos not only makes me happier, they inspire me to keep going and one day be like you! Watching your way of art has taught me a lot and my art has improved dramatically! I’ve learned new outfits, hairstyles, eyes, and noses! Thank you, Waffles, for so much. ♡☆
    -An artist that was unhappy with their work- ~An artist who is proud of their work

    DJ BRAT 14 days ago

    You made this on my birthday

  • Cookie Kooky27
    Cookie Kooky27 14 days ago

    How do you draw face?

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith 15 days ago +1

    Can you please do a tutorial???

  • Dan and Phil's Phanatic

    She laughs alot. Like, she laughs at her own jokes and I think that's adorable

  • Angeleah Gonzalez
    Angeleah Gonzalez 16 days ago

    how do you record from a birds eye view ???

  • Khadzz 18
    Khadzz 18 16 days ago +1

    Those *bubbles*

  • Yasline Pena
    Yasline Pena 16 days ago

    This is amazing and you're so funny.

  • A Hufflepuff with a ukulele

    Omg this art is SOOOO GOOD!!! I am going to try and draw like that :^ oof. Wut I mean is I'm gonna LEARN! BECAUSE THATS THE BEST THING YOU CAN EVER DO WITH ANYTHING!!! ❤️❤️

  • Zeus Zetris
    Zeus Zetris 16 days ago

    It was my birthday couple weeks ago and I love to draw I love you so much I love your drawings you make me feel like I want to draw more this is not my TVclip channel my TVclip channel is called Leah and Bubba I love you so much and I am getting Coppic markers Love you 🎨🎨🎨❤️💛💚💙🧡💜🖤❣️💘💖💞💕💗💝💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • Marilyn's Corner
    Marilyn's Corner 16 days ago

    Girl ur my idol!!!!!💜💜💜💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    ISABELLA MERRIGAN 16 days ago +1

    Me: *reads one short comment*
    Me: *looks up*
    Character: *bag is colored*
    Me: *makes comment*
    Me: *looks up*
    Character: *done being colored starting on background*
    Me: *visible confusion*
    Me: ExCuSe Me BuT aRe YoU aLlOwEd To Be PeRfEcT dOsE yOuR mOtHeR KnOw AbOuT tHiS?.?.?
    Video: done
    Me: done........with life

  • ihav brothers
    ihav brothers 17 days ago

    I DECLARE A FACW REVEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abi Reese
    Abi Reese 17 days ago

    When I watch drawing vids I want to draw, but I M SO BAD,..
    Not even just saying that like for real, I have to use templates to m,e it look Okay!

  • SaltyTearsTM
    SaltyTearsTM 17 days ago

    When I saw this in my recommended, I was like "ooh I video I haven't watched yet, *click* " then I watched it and realized I had watched it before

  • Pavika Pandey
    Pavika Pandey 19 days ago

    Hi aunty I m ananya's really good school friend.....I just live it drawings....😃😃😃

  • Parameswari Ramasamy
    Parameswari Ramasamy 19 days ago

    What program did you use for editing videos and editing thumbnails? Cos i want to do videos like this...

  • adavailus
    adavailus 19 days ago

    This is incredible and makes me want to customize alllllll my notebooks. Even ones I've used up already.

  • LeRousa
    LeRousa 20 days ago

    love this! I just started posting more on an art insta account I created @boldincontrast It'll be nice if some of you guys can check it out and tell me what you think. Constructive criticisms welcome!

  • Ariana Sari
    Ariana Sari 20 days ago

    Damn so good!

  • Skate fast, Eat ass.

    The arm holding the bag looks pretty weird....

  • The Potato Avocado Not Human

    33 seconds into the video her drawing looks good

  • Ailee Na
    Ailee Na 21 day ago

    Can you do a drawing tutorial plz I suck @ drawing

  • Best book Friends
    Best book Friends 21 day ago +1

    Don’t you just love waffles

  • Delfin
    Delfin 22 days ago +4

    "someone with a pretty good handle on things" and then you think "college student."

  • Bubblepopkidsjr
    Bubblepopkidsjr 23 days ago

    Can you please do a Greatest Showman drawing or something, that would be SOOOOO awesome!!!

  • Breeze
    Breeze 24 days ago +2

    Can you do a drawing of Ben Franklin he means a lot to me I can’t see without my glasses and he’s the one who invented glasses so I wanted something dedicated to him

  • jen k
    jen k 24 days ago +1

    How many times have you heard that you sound just like Baylee Jae?

  • Ariella Zalen
    Ariella Zalen 24 days ago +1

    A few days ago me and my sis and mom went to micheals because my sister wanted a sketch book and art supplies like me. We looked through the store and got a bullet journal similar to the one u are designing. I had watched this video a couple times before and had told my sister I would decorate it for her. When we got home she emedietly asked me to draw something I told her not now because I had gotten some new copec markers and wanted to test them out an hour later I went down stairs and sed “hey -“ she had her markers out and had drew two completely uneven circles one large one small in each other in the middle stuck her neede earaser she asked if I liked it I sed,I asked if I could draw something in it useing the copec markers I had gotten that day she replied with a simple yes I opened it and in my horer the paper was thinner than printer paper! The next day she lost it and we found it a couple days after that,she still hasn’t drawn anything in it yet .,.

  • Jiya Patel
    Jiya Patel 24 days ago

    Hehe, totally not jealous
    *Goes in room, locks door, get jealous*


  • April Luzier
    April Luzier 24 days ago +1

    I have that same exact prismacolor marker

  • demi d
    demi d 24 days ago

    If you Made more designs and copy those and sell them they would totally be something!

  • GoldenGirl 101
    GoldenGirl 101 25 days ago

    I have that yellow pencillll!

  • Art dreams
    Art dreams 25 days ago

    Teach me how to draw plz

  • Nana D
    Nana D 25 days ago

    What’s the eraser called tht she uses

    SKYLAR 26 days ago

    you’re so talented! i loved watching your art come to life

  • Kendall Hubbard
    Kendall Hubbard 26 days ago

    Your voice is calming

  • rings.around.saturn
    rings.around.saturn 26 days ago +1

    yOur art style is liTerally eVerythinG i aSpirE tO be aND mORE OMG

  • Infamous smile
    Infamous smile 28 days ago

    This is amazing 😊😍💖

  • Dionis Goris
    Dionis Goris 29 days ago

    This calms me because today I have school after spring break and I’m mad that I have to go

  • Eunice C
    Eunice C 29 days ago

    My drawings r sooo bad i cant draw eyes ;-;
    edit : the picture in my head is fine but when i draw...

    • Ariella Zalen
      Ariella Zalen 24 days ago

      Eunice C I cant get the shoulders right .,.

  • Sydney Sapp
    Sydney Sapp 29 days ago

    You are so talented!!!

  • Paiton Johnson
    Paiton Johnson 29 days ago +1

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Your a great artist
    I wish I was you ! 😁