How South Park Gets Trump Right - Wisecrack Quick Take


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  • Everybody's Pink Idiot

    WASPs like Cartman = real nazis, not a joke.

  • Everybody's Pink Idiot

    pigpile on ivanka, MAGA!

  • Vince Talatzko
    Vince Talatzko 19 hours ago

    Wisecrack is trash cut that hair white nerd it looks like a good handle to me


    im not regretful he is doing better than most presidents #trump2020

  • paul position
    paul position Day ago

    how did i not see that :0

  • Al Franco
    Al Franco 3 days ago

    I’ve used to love South Park but when present Obama became President you really didn’t. touched him and they were lots to criticized in a funny way but you guys didn’t the guy was a horrible president but you guys are typical Hollywood very far left you’re afraid to make fun of Obama

  • Triple Nickel
    Triple Nickel 3 days ago

    LOL. I love south park and laugh alot. Trump is your best bet to be free but I find it entertaining that leftists are too stupid to see it. Just keep watching Maddow and listen to operation mockingbird. Stupid people are easy to lead to slaughter. Trump makes us think for ourselves. Do research and become informed, then you see everything so differently.

  • GameUp
    GameUp 4 days ago

    I think thereresrent really any regretfully Trump supporters. Yeah he's not really qualified by our standers even if he is by thet rules of the constitution. And he is full of himself and does like to play the victim sometimes. He still had done a lot of good. People are keep more if their money, unemployment is down, the economy is up, his partens so far have good alright choices. He doesn't actually spread hate and racism like people say. He's even worked with others to raise money for inner citties and donates his salary as president. And has stood up for the LGBT community a few times when it comes to actual rights. I don't like the dude. He's got a lot of problems he's a cheater and can't shut up but he's doing his job well and that's what matters most

  • twisted twisted
    twisted twisted 4 days ago

    Why is every argument against Trump against his character and not his policy's?

  • john eckhartjr
    john eckhartjr 5 days ago

    God bless President Donald J Trump and his family and God bless the Jewish Nation Isreal

  • Francisco Novas
    Francisco Novas 5 days ago

    7:58 is that a jojo reference

  • max tojo
    max tojo 5 days ago

    >has cartmans bigotry grown up
    no, retarded video dislike and remove from youtube

  • willy reeves
    willy reeves 6 days ago

    yup south park has nailed Trump, Gore, Streisand, and just about everyone else they lampoon. all slightly over the top cuz that how comedy works

  • James Smith
    James Smith 8 days ago

    I cringed so hard at this video. You're sooo deep in your echo chamber it's unbelievable. I lost all my respect for you.

  • Steven Corns
    Steven Corns 9 days ago

    I think in reality Trump is doing what he said he would do. He is the most effective president the USA has had at least in my lifetime. And even though all the media is against him, he still improves the countries economy and jobs etc and holds down a strong supporter base against all the lies in the news. And the hate against him, when you throw facts in, doesn't make sense. Especially the he is racist or he is sexist argument.

  • Seeing Dragons
    Seeing Dragons 9 days ago

    brilliant Southpark episode. Clearer than any news piece.

  • BLT
    BLT 9 days ago

    So you're saying Trey and Matt are Far-Left simps?

  • tumamaencosplay
    tumamaencosplay 9 days ago

    Not someone from the US here, I always knew Trump was a walking parody of himself, and I would have totally voted for him because for it, and he has been everything I expected him to be, therefore I would hipoteticaly reelect him.
    Why? BEcause you fools live in a Plutocracy that pretends to have elections every 4 years. So most decisions Trump is making (besides a few token ones the overlords allow him to make by himself to retain the bi-partisan charade) right now, would have been made by hillary regardless.
    So I totally would rather vote for the funniest of the two.

  • Terry Rice
    Terry Rice 10 days ago

    Liberals are alway the victim

  • Terry Rice
    Terry Rice 10 days ago

    You are an idiot.

  • Thad Ward
    Thad Ward 11 days ago

    MAGA 2020

  • Duck Goes Quack
    Duck Goes Quack 12 days ago

    Voting for trump was a mistake.
    Voting for Hillary was a mistake.

  • janet jackson
    janet jackson 12 days ago

    face it, hillary clinton called it right...'basket of deplorables'. they don't care what happens to anyone else as long as they get their numbers up. i know a basketball coach that pretends to be fair to everybody on the team but he voted for dump knowing it would upset his players. he said he did it because he is a pube and pubes stick together. it don't matter they are the bottom of the crap barrel; just as long as they can stick with the top of the crap barrel and bray like asses together. it is a matter of their way of thinking.

  • JonV1990
    JonV1990 13 days ago

    Geez this guy.

  • Cory Thompson
    Cory Thompson 13 days ago

    The problem with this stance is that it’s a blanket statement, I voted for Trump not because I felt rejected by society and Trump said all things I wanted to hear but because I got pushed into a corner and had to choose between an orange faced clown or a corrupt witch. I never liked Trump from the beginning, my top choices for the Republican Primary were Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Mike Huckabee. But since none of them won, Trump became my only option because I didn’t like Clinton for her economic stance and her shady political past, so my reluctant vote went to Trump. In the end, it doesn’t matter to me who’s in the White House, because they are always going to either disappoint or piss me off.

  • Nepu-Tech USA
    Nepu-Tech USA 15 days ago

    Really Ironic how Southpark took the side of the Democrats/Liberal Leftist and now they did a complete 180 because they're the one's who are always offended and will cancel their show. Just look at their latest seasons making fun of SJWs, Safe Spaces, Political correctness, Gentrification and everything Liberals stand for. Southpark completely changed their mind from the time this anti-Trump episode aired. Why don't you make a video about that?? Regretful Leftists?

  • stawksop
    stawksop 15 days ago

    I'll be honest, President Trump isn't great, he isn't the best. But I preferred him over Hillary Clinton. I am hoping for a better candidate later.

  • TzuCraft
    TzuCraft 15 days ago

    @6:07 This is why I love south park. Not afraid to call Both sides out on their bs. And it is Both sides that have bs.

  • Ahriman 616
    Ahriman 616 16 days ago

    I stopped watching South Park in 2000. This is just one more reason why.

    OPERATIONS (AZ)(TX) 16 days ago

    I love the modern and moderate approach of south park and wisecrack. KEEP IT UP.

  • Tylor Did
    Tylor Did 16 days ago

    Does this guy ever shut the Fuck up!

  • Andrew Owens
    Andrew Owens 16 days ago +1

    There is no regretful Trump voter

  • Andrew Owens
    Andrew Owens 16 days ago

    This video didn’t age well did it? LMFAO

  • Richard harris
    Richard harris 16 days ago

    The comment section is full of reasons why this planet is fucking doomed! They learned nothing from watching the video! I see idiots trying to talk Hillary into something that doesn't even involve her! We are doomed. Education means nothing. Being intellectual means nothing. Logic and reason means nothing.

  • Gaster
    Gaster 16 days ago

    Why is Trump bad ?

  • TheKnight OfCydonia
    TheKnight OfCydonia 16 days ago

    Fuck them all to death

  • Sol Badguy
    Sol Badguy 17 days ago

    Democrats are the most hypocrite people on earth, practice what you preach turd sandwiches.

  • Frank
    Frank 17 days ago

    I was looking for south park trump treatments but I got this gender confused narrator with the facial hair style that makes his mouth look like the greasy vagina of a Mexican whore.

  • Chandra Wagner
    Chandra Wagner 18 days ago

    Rewatching a year later. While I like the analogy and do think the doubling down is a thing that's happening, you did start your arguments on a false assumption. Trump supporters, 2 years in, still do not regret their decision (as this and many other comment sections show). They are doubling down though, and so is the other side (I dont want to say left or right because it no longer seems to me to be about that). The more one side bashes trump, his administration, and thier decisions, the more the other side doubles down. The more one side bashes people who are against trump and everything they stand for, the more that side doubles down. In the political climate, it's less about an abusive relationship and more about our need to be right and refusal to see when we aren't, even if we are mostly right and only wrong about a few things we still cant accept that. And the insistence on seeing everything as black and white, good and evil. Out of 1000 comments, I might see one discussion that has nuance, respect, and both people acknowledging when they get something wrong. That's the problem and has been for a while and it's something even you guys and south park cant acknowledge the importance of is a both sides issue. It's also, sadly something I dont think we can get past. Just look at this comment section.

    • A piece of fucking sliced white bread!
      A piece of fucking sliced white bread! 18 days ago

      You people live in your own fantasy reality
      Trump has an easy victory in 2020.
      He wins because he delivers and the left keeps losing because they don't learn from their mistakes, they keep trusting the media and they keep closed minded and ignorant on purpose because they can't admit they were wrong.
      It's not left vs right, right now, it's right vs wrong.
      If the left finaly wakes up to this and reforms their party and additude then they can argue for leftwing politics, though more likely beat people up, threaten them, harras them or advocate for their children to be raped to death, the leftwing loves violence and bigotry.

  • PrinceCanute
    PrinceCanute 19 days ago

    What if I told you that the left doesn't exist as a real political entity in America and liberals aren't leftists?

  • Fluffy
    Fluffy 21 day ago +2

    Orange man bad

  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones 21 day ago

    Dont get me wrong, I'm no trump supporter and never was. But I fail to see how slyly mocking trump supporters while also more overtly mocking liberals for HOW they say "I told you so" to the occasional regretful trump supporter is a good example of how southpark so bipartisanly handles satire. It just seems like they're mocking one side and scolding the other side for mocking the first side for being wrong. Which once you cancel out all the negatives is one-sided.

  • Sugarhighme Gaming
    Sugarhighme Gaming 21 day ago

    Solid episode. I caught the comparison in the episode but not this clearly. Well done!

  • Philip Lorenz
    Philip Lorenz 21 day ago

    Hate to say it but, he'll be reelected. Just about everyone has handled just about everything at every social and political level in a way that only benefits themselves and makes them feel better in the moment. Americans seem to have lost the ability to conceive of how to approach anything in a way that serves any greater purpose other than their own desires.
    The Wisecrack team seems to understand this and also seem to know that, yeah, we're fucked, at least for now. So settle in for some more crazy days kids!

    • A piece of fucking sliced white bread!
      A piece of fucking sliced white bread! 18 days ago

      Wisecrack are biased and are being unobjective and clouded by emotions delivered to them by the mainstream media.
      Donald Trump is one of the greatest presidents in US history, if only he were anti zionist then he be a true revolutionary, now he is only a mild reformer.
      He will seem great compared to disasters like Obama and Bush but is still a mild reformer and might start a war with iran if Israel gets their way.
      Perhaps this is a bit too much to swallow, look up stxyhexxenhammer666, he predicted all of this and why.

  • Preston Cole
    Preston Cole 21 day ago

    Trump: “wrong” /) 3 (\

  • wisard734
    wisard734 22 days ago +1

    The liberal bias here is very clear. This analysis is clearly a leftist vision of Trump and his supporters trying to pass off as fact. And it's not true.

  • The DJ
    The DJ 22 days ago +1

    Give Trump a chance... he seems less like a piece of shit politician. I hope he gets voted in for another 4 years.

  • Jelley
    Jelley 22 days ago

    Trump 2020

  • joseph lazer
    joseph lazer 22 days ago +1

    Can you re-upload this video now
    I would really love to see the difference between the like and dislike ratio between now and when you release this video first XD
    I dare you
    If you guys have the balls

  • Christian Butler
    Christian Butler 22 days ago

    The Alt-right has made no "recent rise" or at all for that matter. I didn't like Trump but I chose him because I like my Constitution. That being said, I'm more then happy with his performance. Record high tax plans, immigration handled well, North Korea is no longer a serious threat to us anymore, and I love the spirit he's resurrected into America. But anyone who likes Trump is basically "alt-right" to you. Also you said the show dosen't usually take sides and makes fun of both ends of the spectrum but this video was basically you telling trump supporters they're in a abusive relationship, and some liberals could be nicer about it. Wtf? That's really only relevant if you just see yourself as the good guy in every situation no matter what.

    • Christian Butler
      Christian Butler 18 days ago

      A piece of fucking sliced white bread! As a right wing conservative, I actually agree. There is plenty of proof of financial and economic growth that would occur if the alt right had more of a role in politics today. However a lot of there tactics are straight up racist and over all fucked. It isn't even close to worth it. I agree with Trumps travel band on Muslims, and deportation of illegal immigrants, and focusing on America first and everyone else after. But what the alt right desires is to ban everyone. And yes when you get rid of that many immigrants, a lot of things are bound to open up.

    • A piece of fucking sliced white bread!
      A piece of fucking sliced white bread! 18 days ago

      True the globalist media saw us as a threat so they silenced, censored, tried to propagandise and dox our movement, many therefor have gone underground, changed tactics, became full Trump supporters or changed retoric, we are still there just realy, realy censored and demonised by everyone.
      Imagine if the USA was alt-right, they be 100 times richer, 60 times safer and 10 times more free, you can look at demografic voting paterns if you want proof.

  • Megumin EXPLOSION!!!
    Megumin EXPLOSION!!! 22 days ago +1

    You know I’m pretty sure a good portion of trump supporters may actually have liked the joke of trump fucking establishment Republicans

    • Megumin EXPLOSION!!!
      Megumin EXPLOSION!!! 3 days ago

      Fistful of Crashes I don’t really listen to attacks on character since those are fallacies. I’d suggest either trying to get better about wording at least or attempt to do research on trump when he talks about stuff in current times. I know I’ve seen a number of times he’s been talking about injustices whether real or imagined. From what I can gather I think he’s a bit like I am, misguided in certain ways but overall says what he believes.

    • Fistful of Crashes
      Fistful of Crashes 3 days ago

      > treats high profile allies like shit
      > voters believe he actually gives a shit about people like them
      If that’s not delusion, I don’t know what is. I’m not saying Hillary or Bernie, or whoever else were better, but come on, the man is clearly playing pissed off people like a fiddle. I’m sure he thinks you’re all scum behind closed doors.

    • A piece of fucking sliced white bread!
  • Scipio Africanus
    Scipio Africanus 22 days ago

    The thing is though by the metrics that really matter, Trump is not doing bad. Economically, 4 percent GDP growth, unemployment at decades long lows. Foreign policy wise, perhaps we won't have nuclear Armageddon with North Korea, ISIS is nothing more than just another terror group now rather than THE terror group to fear because the U.S. military has been allowed to pursue them with relaxed ROE thus eliminating their gains . I really think most people hate Trump because people they know hate Trump and the shows they watch hate Trump. Disliking him I understand, I dislike him, he is an immoral person, a terrible role model for children etc. But dislike can result from personality and be justified, actual hatred cannot. Also, there is a HUGE echo chamber in entertainment and many people take for granted just how many silent supporters Trump has.

    • Fistful of Crashes
      Fistful of Crashes 3 days ago

      A piece of fucking sliced white bread!
      Trump supports Israel, remember he recognized Telavev as its new capital? And, to boot, America is deeply militarily and economically tied to Israel as well. If you think he’s going for Israel then, well, I don’t even know what to say to ya.

    • A piece of fucking sliced white bread!
      A piece of fucking sliced white bread! 18 days ago

      You mean under Trump the USA finaly stopped arming ISIS.
      They were never a threat, now israel, there is a major threat to world stability, much worse than north korea.
      People don't hate Trump, not realy, NPC's hate Trump because they are told to do so and they have no cognative developed frontal cortex.
      They hate a bunny if they were told the bunny was evil.

  • Oliver Niemann
    Oliver Niemann 24 days ago

    I’m confused trump isn’t in South Park it mr garrison

  • The RightStuff
    The RightStuff 25 days ago +1

    This video is nothing but a guy who doesn't like Donald Trump, Trump's fans don't agree with you. Matt and Trey have recently come out as conservatives, so get over it. Jobs are coming back, wages are rising, the stock market is having the longest continued uptrend in (I don't know how long.) We are fighting the insane immigration policies of the previous administrations, we are still not tired of winning though (the only promise Trump isn't close to achieving, we will never be tired of winning.)

    • A piece of fucking sliced white bread!
      A piece of fucking sliced white bread! 18 days ago +1

      Maybe a little tired, also your winning because the rest of the world is worse off because of you, why you think most nations hate the USA, esspecialy your "allies"
      The motto of the USA sould be "it does not matter if they hate us as long as they fear us" well you got that right.
      USA sould be kicked out most of the world, of course you guys would rather start ww3 then live in peace but that's been this way for decades so what els is new.

  • Grimm Viper
    Grimm Viper 26 days ago +1

    So basically South Park is calling Trump voters crazy white racist people, thank you fucktards because Trump will win yet again because of you assholes lol, its like Hillary calling voters deplorables. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE!

  • T33K3SS3LCH3N
    T33K3SS3LCH3N 27 days ago +1

    So in the end the message is: Trump supporters are fundamentally wrong in their choice, while Liberals are not very good at converting people to their cause. This is not even close to a "both sides are equally bad" situation, and yet South Park and a seeming majority of its viewers treat it as such. There is a huge "radical centrist" group out there that veers to the right, looking to deflect substantial criticism against the increasing extremisation of the right with superficial, dramatised, or outright made-up example of how the left is also bad.

    • A piece of fucking sliced white bread!
      A piece of fucking sliced white bread! 18 days ago

      What? The left is a disaster, I live in western Europe,I know the evils of leftwing people I can tell you that.
      God if I had the power I would do so much cruel things to leftists, they can't be forgiven for what they have done, they are evil and must be treated as such.

  • zebb1111
    zebb1111 28 days ago

    they just came out as republicans. lol

  • beansnrice321
    beansnrice321 29 days ago

    No, there is no hope.

  • Rocco Anders
    Rocco Anders Month ago +1

    I like political videos, but I HATE political comment sections.

  • heatseekerx51
    heatseekerx51 Month ago +1

    Boy, this video didn't age well with the whole 'America in an abusive relationship with Trump' narrative.

  • Ultimum Draco
    Ultimum Draco Month ago

    That sentient pile of shit No Bs should watch this

  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D Luffy Month ago

    5:23 What is that music called.

  • Rahul kayastha
    Rahul kayastha Month ago +1

    You guys are fucking dumbshit liberals

  • Anthony Perrini
    Anthony Perrini Month ago +1

    Another soy boy who hates Trump. How do you live? Must be hard in such dark times. You're pathetic.

  • GravitySloth
    GravitySloth Month ago

    jesus fucking christ I think this comment section just gave me colon cancer. so many trump bitches

  • Jim Marcinko
    Jim Marcinko Month ago +1

    You sir are an absolute moron.

  • Vert Rex
    Vert Rex Month ago

    I don’t get that abusive relationship with trump and his voters thing at all

  • Charlie Vance
    Charlie Vance Month ago

    This commentary has such a leftist agenda

  • jay hathaway
    jay hathaway Month ago

    great take

  • Chuck Chequers
    Chuck Chequers Month ago +1

    Hmmm, NK and SK making out. Lower taxes, pay rises, more jobs. China on the defensive. Illegal, wage suppressing, cheap labour style mass immigration tackled. Yeah, terrible job Mr Prez. Should be like Obama. Look good, sound good, do nothing.

  • Optimus JudyHopps
    Optimus JudyHopps Month ago +1

    I don't even care about Corporate democrats or neo liberal or corrupted republicans and even conservatives, Cause I only like democrats who are not taking money from wall street or DNC. That's why like the progressive democrats better like bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and even Andrew gillum.

  • l' russe
    l' russe Month ago +1

    so trump was a bad choice ? we should have voted for hilary ? right , RIGHT ?! politics have never been about chosing the best but about chosing the least worse ^^

  • Wilhelm Von Heinzerling


  • Adam Lacy
    Adam Lacy Month ago

    HaHa! "Thinking Ludacris" tee. I mean... Something political. Sorry.

  • DM Sullivan
    DM Sullivan Month ago

    10 months ago, still spot on. "Dude, did she just call me a dirty Jew?" ....Sigh....

  • Kevin Korenthal
    Kevin Korenthal Month ago


  • Soaring Faithfully 1111

    LMFAO xD this is too much! Ridiculously fucked up lol

  • Joey Palmer
    Joey Palmer Month ago

    Wait...wait, wait... why does my love/hate for cartman have anything to do with loot crate yo

  • nongthip
    nongthip Month ago

    At least thankful this level of criticism is allowed under the 1st amendment. In most other countries it would be forbidden, banned, or some guys would just come and kill them (Matt & Trey). Freedom of speech, fuck yeah!

  • John Maarqz
    John Maarqz Month ago

    So many salty bitches bringing up Hillary, yet there is nothing on here even mentioning her. Lmao! You idiots just proved that you want to blame anyone when you bigoted trump lovers are the blame for everything being fucked up these days. Deal with it. Accept it! You fucked yourselves and the rest of us.

  • John Maarqz
    John Maarqz Month ago

    I LOVE THIS!!! Perfectly explains the fucked up mindset of trump supporters.

  • Q John Q
    Q John Q Month ago


  • Caleb Cotten
    Caleb Cotten Month ago

    What did the dems tell the reps that gives the a "I told you so" opportunity? Other than the bs that the news says that if you do any research on is usually skewed at best and blatant lies at worst. Seems to me that trump is doing way better than I ever thought he would. Not that i had high hopes but the economy seems to be improving and unemployment is down. I've been feeling dumb for hating on the guy based on how things have been going. So it's just funny how i keep hearing the opposite on everything i watch for entertainment but never can find the evidence of when actually reading up on actual things that actually happened. The way they actually happened not just the one sided version you get on tv. Gotta read all sources cause they all skew and lean one way. But if you read every report you can kind of piece together the actuals. Opposed to just listening to whatever doosh is on the local news telling me what they think.

  • Riley ruth
    Riley ruth Month ago

    Incoming conservative snowflakes

  • 744 748
    744 748 Month ago

    When will South Park make an episode about what Hillary would have been like as president?

  • Joseph Ragonesi
    Joseph Ragonesi Month ago +1

    I mean,i love the episode and the theme and show, and mostly wisecrack. But if we are gona say this was "nuanced and layered" y'all might need to start a "justcrack" channel.

  • realmontgomeryfan
    realmontgomeryfan Month ago

    Cool episode Faramir, uhm.... Jared.

  • Real Red American
    Real Red American Month ago

    im a strong conservative. I hate what stupid comedians do making jokes about trump, because theyre tasteless. Mr Garrison trump is hilarious :D

  • Justin LeGrand
    Justin LeGrand Month ago +4

    Yeah we're so ashamed of electing a president who has lowered unemployment, boosted the economy, and done almost everything he promised. So regret full

    • joseph lazer
      joseph lazer 22 days ago

      I wish this video was released now
      The like dislike ratio would have been way different XD

    • Yuval Sela
      Yuval Sela 28 days ago +1

      Hes riding obamas wave.

  • lking1540
    lking1540 2 months ago +2

    Trump 2020.

  • A Wild Doggo
    A Wild Doggo 2 months ago +1

    Idk if these dudes are liberals or democrats. Some of these thing were right but I legit don't regret voting for trump.

  • jose zepeda
    jose zepeda 2 months ago


  • adritz400
    adritz400 2 months ago

    it is already at the point of no return, so better focus on: Sanders 2020 vs Ivanka 2020 vs Oprah 2020..

  • What Happened?
    What Happened? 2 months ago +1

    I like trump

  • winstonS
    winstonS 2 months ago

    Trump/Wall 2020

  • Duchess
    Duchess 2 months ago +2

    This video is biased af.

  • charlidog2
    charlidog2 2 months ago

    Conservatives hate liberals because they think we think they're stupid. And liberals hate conservatives because they're so fucking stupid. Don't want to be mocked? Stop being an idiot all the time.

  • Mitchell Weedmark
    Mitchell Weedmark 2 months ago +2

    Maybe this video made sense 9 months ago when trump wasn't delivering on his campaign promises but right know hes doing a amazing job and has given America one of it's best economic year ever, so a lot of people are actually pretty happy with what hes been getting done

    • charlidog2
      charlidog2 2 months ago

      The polls say the opposite. But keep protecting your delusions with lies; it's worked so far.

  • Quacks Dashing
    Quacks Dashing 2 months ago

    Very insightful, you have to give people room to make a mistake and come back from, a utility for redemption. Going to show this to my friend who is convinced Southpark is just dumb shock humour.

  • Wise Owl Gaming
    Wise Owl Gaming 2 months ago

    Most of my family regrets voting for trump now I told them that they would