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What Things Do People Actually Buy With Food Stamps?


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  • FortNikitaBullion
    FortNikitaBullion 5 days ago

    I've spent time both on and off SNAP and the only one of the 10 I buy is the fresh chicken. I also don't spend much more than the average SNAP benefit, so don't talk about cost.

  • jade xade
    jade xade 8 days ago

    how does soda be #1, that's why diabetes is on the rise... people have soda addiction

  • John Kim
    John Kim 14 days ago

    Most SNAP benefits are too small to buy nutritious food on top of many not being well-educated on nutrition. Many of them also live in low income areas where brand name grocery stores providing nutritious foods have dis-invested from, very few adults supervise children on eating, little space exists for growing food, etc. So these people are likely to even see less fruits, vegetables, and whole grains on top of not being well-educated about them. And many SNAP recipients aren't getting much exercise on top of their diets. At the end of the day, SNAP recipient diets don't differ much from many people in different economic classes or the vast majority of other people as well.

  • Tamara Magdalene
    Tamara Magdalene 19 days ago

    So basically this video should've been named What Most People Buy At The Supermarket.

  • Heather Combs
    Heather Combs 27 days ago

    Great video! New subscriber here!

  • it's a bully
    it's a bully 29 days ago

    0:00 mr stretch is that you

  • Gig Zaw
    Gig Zaw Month ago

    I think the government should just send ready made meals like they do in schools and like 100 bucks for other products like tampons and soaps and such. Because EBT is out of control. Yes junk food is cheaper but it still doesn't make it okay. When you're ur broke your broke it sucks. But EBT should be used for buying stuff like bread and ramen. I'm being completely honest here. I went to the store one time just to get some groceries and this girl ahead was buying like 5 or 6 jugs of milk. She payed with EBT and the cashier asked "You like your milk huh?" And she literally said she's buying it for a party to make mixed drinks. Remember EBT is for people who can't afford food to eat. And she is literally buying it strictly for alcohol. Maybe once they cut it to just ready made meals and only send like 100 bucks they might get sick of it and just quit.

  • ksol1460tv
    ksol1460tv Month ago

    I like food stamps because it lets me afford granola, fresh fruit and vegetables. Farmers Markets now take them, and in some places you CAN get seeds and plants, Hallelujah! I also get coffee and baking stuff to make my own cookies and so on. What I really wish is that they'd let you get toilet paper. Anyway, I used to exist on commodities and I thought food stamps was going to be restricted to things like that. They are TONS better!!! Elizabeth White was on NPR yesterday & said more seniors should apply for them.

  • Bryan Bernard
    Bryan Bernard Month ago

    I didn't fully get it
    can I buy Healthy stuff like broccoli or tomato on my way back home?

  • Sanura McGill
    Sanura McGill Month ago

    Can't even buy soap? How ya gonna wash your butt?

  • boring.
    boring. 2 months ago

    I buy anything but hot food tbh

  • PfunkNH
    PfunkNH 2 months ago

    im just not retarded so i never got married so my "girlfriend" who i have 2 kids with is considered a single mother. so i get 600 free foods moneys lmao ontop of my fulltime paycheck and tax's

  • Full Senddd
    Full Senddd 2 months ago +2

    we buy shit like that because its cheaper than the healthy foods.

  • Jennifer Al-Sharif
    Jennifer Al-Sharif 2 months ago

    My question is... where is the personal incentive and initiative?

  • lucifer
    lucifer 2 months ago

    I imagine they buy food

  • Don Pely VEVO
    Don Pely VEVO 2 months ago

    What are food stamps? 😂 Here we buy our food and no one is hungry. Food stamps 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kern County Films
    Kern County Films 2 months ago

    People on food stamps are most likely low life pieces of shit

  • unstable genius FL85
    unstable genius FL85 2 months ago

    I would buy ramen noodles and cheetos, beef slim jims , etc. Anyone who knows about a goulage jail house style knows where im going with this. $5 would feed me, 2 girls and 2 guys

  • Phoenix Lucario
    Phoenix Lucario 2 months ago


  • Charles Gentert
    Charles Gentert 2 months ago

    So much terrible food and drink, a lot of artificial flavors and colors are made in labs and derived from petroleum. Artificial sweeteners are even worse because they get you addicted to them, because they can be thousands of times more addictive than sugar. When you consume them your body doesn’t like normal sugar anymore, so fruit, etc. don’t taste good anymore.

  • Noah Cooper
    Noah Cooper 2 months ago

    I would like to see a breakdown of the frugalness of snap recipients compared to non snap recipients. On if they're buying the name brands are off brands because personally I'm not a snap recipient but I usually only by all off brands, or search for a good deals, going to discount stores To save the money the government doesn't take for me.

  • LadyYoruichi Chan
    LadyYoruichi Chan 2 months ago

    Milkshakes. People come to my work and buy milkshakes with food stamps.

  • Gregory Han
    Gregory Han 2 months ago

    This channel is fun sometimes, but it can get depressing. It's like what you would get if you looked through one of those world factbooks that tell you different things mostly in terms of what is or is not dangerous. Most of the time, if they do talk about humans outside of statistics, in in the vein of deterministic psychology, or like a cause and effect for every behavior.
    I need to stay away from this channel for a little while and watch something with purpose and vision.

  • Justin Fossa
    Justin Fossa 2 months ago

    Basic Cooking Skills being taught to everyone in public schools would also save a lot of money.

  • Big anime tiddies
    Big anime tiddies 2 months ago +2

    Okay so i was poor af before my dad opened a buisness and we were on that for a bit. We bought none of these things and its kinda weird coming from a TVclipr who gets tons of views. Not saying any of your information is false but the thumbnail says a lot

  • Fart Lord
    Fart Lord 2 months ago +3

    According to Fox News the people on SNAP are buying lobster and steak while they talk on their Obama phones.

  • gonavy505
    gonavy505 2 months ago

    Food Stamp people buy trash ON MY DIME, I buy what I want OUT OF MY OWN POCKET! therefore, they should NOT be buying Pop, Hot Pockets and sugar cereal...THAT is the point!

  • victor thomas
    victor thomas 2 months ago

    They used the D.B. Cooper animation minus the bomb.

  • Mike T
    Mike T 2 months ago

    *only trailer park trash people would know*

  • Kyto Bytes
    Kyto Bytes 2 months ago

    I love this channel, but I have never been a very big fan of this specific guy who's doing this video.
    I don't know his name, but from all the videos I've seen with him in it, he seems like he's more into conspiracy theories, and homeopathy, and other bullshit topics. I don't know if it's true, but it definitely seems like it. For example when he's talking about chips here, he makes chemicals sound bad. Chemicals are not in themselves bad, everything is composed of chemicals, it is the dosage of the chemicals that are harmful, and almost any chemical including water and oxygen can kill you at extreme dosages. I doubt chips have anything in them that are beneficial, unless you have a salt deficiency or something. so saying unnecessary chemicals would be perfectly fine, but it seems like you are demonizing chemicals as a whole, which is a current issue in the anti-science community, and has been for years and has actually lead to death.
    I just like facts, and it just seems like Simon is more factual and less opinionated and misleading.

  • Kyto Bytes
    Kyto Bytes 2 months ago

    As being someone who was raised on food stamps, I think that candy and soda/pop should be disallowed with food stamps, I'm a little upset that some teabags (like Celestial Seasonings) can't be bought with food stamps (at least in my area) as its a healthy and cheap alternative. But I wont nitpick lol.
    We still got pop growing up, but my mom always used cash for it, and it was a treat. One of my ex girlfriends however was also on foodstamps, and drank Dr. Pepper like it was water. Needed 3-4 16oz bottles before going to school. Anecdotal, yes, and only one example, yes, but I know there are many more out there. I just don't see how having soda or candy is useful, since both are normally decently expensive compared to the healthier Alternatives, unlike the majority of healthy foods which are normally outrageously expensive and just unrealistic for us poor people to continuously have.

  • danger skilzki Boykins
    danger skilzki Boykins 2 months ago

    Food what else . damn anything to make people look greedy...give up the natural resources and you can have your food stamps . but you own all the land and food production ..which is unfair

  • YoungBlaze
    YoungBlaze 2 months ago

    Vbucks and skins?

  • mshade14
    mshade14 2 months ago

    I'll tell you a major item people buy with food stamps....CASH.
    They are usually sold $2 in stamps per $1 cash. One would take a recipient's card, spend about $100 on food with it, and give the recipient $50 cash; who in turn, can now buy whatever they want without regulation or restriction.

    REAL BOOM 2 months ago

    Hot pockets 😍😋
    Fun fact I don't eat burgers

  • trielymo69
    trielymo69 2 months ago

    Food is expensive i wish i could get stamps because the price of other stuff like bills insurance and household are goin up its like every week i get robbed by life lol. But stamps help take that burden off especially if u got kids lol

  • prince well
    prince well 2 months ago

    video starts at 1:20

  • CodyM
    CodyM 2 months ago

    Ok, so if ppl on food stamps had to eat healthy then they would be in shape to get a job and in turn wouldn't be getting disability. * problem solved

  • Stardust
    Stardust 2 months ago

    One time I was at the store and I picked up a receipt outside and found out someone bought 100$ worth of steak with their food stamps...

  • Ahmod Howard
    Ahmod Howard 2 months ago

    The reason people criticize those who wastes stamps for snacks isn't hypocrisy, it facts that those who need stamps shouldn't waste it on junk. That is wasting the efforts of the government

  • R Alexandra
    R Alexandra 2 months ago

    SNAP is flawed. There are so many people who can barely keep a roof over their head / bills paid ......yet are considered to make “too much” to receive nutritional benefits.

  • man nation
    man nation 2 months ago +1

    We buy food with food stamps hoe

  • Dr Doom
    Dr Doom 2 months ago

    I saw them get food free and then buy an iPad then when I was leaving store they were getting in a nice car also 1 person had 4,000 dollars on 1 food card and many people have bodegas and buy supplies for store resale with food stamps explain that!!!!

  • Greggory Perkins
    Greggory Perkins 3 months ago

    What we wanna Eat Po mean. Hungry

  • dookie juju
    dookie juju 3 months ago

    every black ''mother'' i know sells their foo scramps for drugs

  • Jesus Borrego
    Jesus Borrego 3 months ago

    i buy salmon and coconut juice with my hard earned money. im a single father and my daughter likes healthy food because i would feed her healthy food since she was 1. i do metal roofing so i have to be somewhat in shape. when i go to the store i go straight to the produce aisle and then for milk and water. i skip the middle section

    • Unamused A. Hole
      Unamused A. Hole 2 months ago

      Good for you, we all have ignorant fucking parents who taught us nothing but to hate.

  • channelappleannie
    channelappleannie 3 months ago

    It would be better if the grocery store offered only food items instead of what the FDA considers food. 40% of what is in the market isn’t real food. SNAP or no snap program, Americans are confused about what to eat, what’s good for us, what is nutritious and what the truth is. Who to believe?

  • A Lee
    A Lee 3 months ago

    Real raw cheese doesn't make you fat stop

  • Haywood2
    Haywood2 3 months ago

    Okay why don't we all stop eating. Due to this list.

  • SharpLegos
    SharpLegos 3 months ago

    Honestly about the milk issue, I drink about a 3 gallons aid milk a week, and I’m pretty fit. I don’t see why people say otherwise..

  • Matthew Litteral
    Matthew Litteral 3 months ago

    Can x be bad for you? Chances are yeah, seems almost everything kills you.

  • roy dyson
    roy dyson 4 months ago

    Your so wrong 😂 I used too buy all type of food with my shit 😂 wing stop , 7 eleven , shit everything 😂

  • kim love
    kim love 4 months ago

    All healthy food is more expensive.

  • N7 Slayer
    N7 Slayer 4 months ago

    Its bad enough we’re already paying for contaminated food, but using food stamps as an alternative is just vile! America’s produce is filled with pesticides and rat poison. All the things the media will never tell you.

  • Joseph oliver
    Joseph oliver 4 months ago

    For those who are not on food stamps just know that not all people that are on food stamps are for and lazy in case y’all didn’t know

  • Noxis Flak
    Noxis Flak 4 months ago

    Great video, but i would like to see details on food stamps being sold for cash to be used for drugs. many people I worked with in highschool bought food stamps from drug addicts at a large discount.

  • Jenna Millsap
    Jenna Millsap 5 months ago

    Ice cream, soda, chips, candy, cake...all availalbe on food stamps. Seems legit.

  • Jenna Millsap
    Jenna Millsap 5 months ago

    You MAY buy seeds or plants that produce food.

  • Bill The Bull Gates
    Bill The Bull Gates 5 months ago

    Death to America

  • Scott H
    Scott H 5 months ago

    For everyone wondering why Food Stamps don't bar the purchase of processed food (snacks, chips, etc..) and soda, you can ask Congress. Such proposals that come up from time to time are quickly crushed by food conglomerates such as ADM, Cargill, Nestle, Pepsi-Frito-Lay and the Coca-Cola Company, etc... Their lobbyists keep Congress in line and voting to keep Americans obese and sick, starting with the poor. Imagine if 46 million Americans suddenly didn't have the resources to buy soda. That huge hit to their bottom line keeps BIG FOOD LOBBYISTS on their toes ever watchful to kill healthy food proposals in DC

  • Antionette Keys
    Antionette Keys 5 months ago

    Pay people half their check cash the other half food stamps only way the dollar value return.

  • lonelyPorterCH
    lonelyPorterCH 5 months ago

    There are still foodstamps used around the world?

  • maa4747
    maa4747 5 months ago

    Back in the 1980's when they actually gave out stamps, my Uncle owned a liquor store in the South Bronx next to a welfare center in Southern BLVD. When the recipients got their stamps and block of welfare cheese, they would trade in the cheese for a bottle of Thunder Bird, Night Train or Mad Dog 20/20. Also, there was a guy who paid cash for the food stamps at 50% value and sold for 75% value for a profit of 25%. My family never received food stamps or government cheese but the whole family had free welfare cheese because of the people trading it for liquor. I remember making the best grilled cheese sandwiches with Wonder Bread because you had to slice the block of cheese yourself and my slices were extra thick, lol.

  • Aydra Trout
    Aydra Trout 5 months ago

    I don’t like this video my family is in food stamps and this isn’t accurate 😳😤🤢

  • David Mays
    David Mays 5 months ago

    No.1 should be band

  • bossboy money
    bossboy money 5 months ago

    I don’t think it’s ANYBODYS choice on how they use their food stamps.

  • Atomic Quibbles
    Atomic Quibbles 5 months ago +4

    My family used food stamps when I was growing up, we needed it to survive. We weren't very fortunate, however, thanks to government aid I was able to grow up healthy and happy , and later enlisted in the Marine Corps. The reliance of it encouraged me to go out and make my own living.

  • Fr33man Health
    Fr33man Health 5 months ago

    Christ whoever wrote this is woefully misinformed about almost every food item they comment about. Not the stamps ranking but the health concerns that these food items incur. The only thing wrong with bread is sweet bread? People are addicted to cheese because its produced so much? These foods literally have psycho-addictive properties such as Casomorphin and Gluteomorphin which... you guessed it... have the exact same reaction on the brain as Morphine! Addictive foods attract customers and more demand attracts more supply regardless off the consequences. Hence we have an epidemic of health concerns. Its not some coincidence that people are getting fatter and sicker at record levels than ever before and its not just the ramblings of some "health guru" either. Its just common sense if you actually bother to research the topics you talk about but honestly considering the size of this channel I don't blame the lack of research due to time constraints and wanted to cater to such a wide audience.

  • Leif Khas
    Leif Khas 5 months ago

    Its one thing to consume a vice you paid for. Another to steal from others for a vice.

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim 5 months ago

    I work for a major retailer. Everyday we throw out huge amounts of fresh produce, meat and other 'damaged' food items. Its damn ridiculous considering the millions of people who starve everday.

  • Merrideth Christy
    Merrideth Christy 5 months ago

    What a wasteful way to spend. I get food stamps. I don't buy junk food, handheld freezer snacks, (soda or ice cream come in occasionally). I buy staples (rice, wheat, meat, fruits, and vegetables). We have allergies in our house, so some so-called healthy foods are not allowed. And we scrape by. I think the way people are mishandling the FS is the reason behind Trump's Food Box program.

  • Corina Simpson
    Corina Simpson 6 months ago

    Did you know that the entire food stamp program costs, divided between all tax payers, comes to 15¢ per tax payer. THAT IS FUCKING IT!!! You are paying 15¢ every year to make sure others don't starve to death.

  • Hardin9
    Hardin9 6 months ago

    @4:17 No Moron, the reason for the obesity epidemic in America is people eating diets comprised of 70% ANIMAL PRODUCTS, which is something humans should NOT eat at all!

  • Hardin9
    Hardin9 6 months ago

    So sugar cereals is unhealthy, but animal products are healthy, interesting logic.....

  • masonicaero09
    masonicaero09 6 months ago

    I think SNAP, like many other programs, are established for very good causes and probably do help many people. As someone more on "the right", I'd just add that most people who are opposed to the program are not opposed because of what people are purchasing with the actual food stamps; it's the assertion (whether factual or not) that individuals using SNAP are purchasing necessities with SNAP and spending expendable income on alcohol, cigarettes, or other "non-essentials" rather than trying to lift their economic situation.
    Not saying it's right or wrong; just adding that nuance to the conversation.

  • Geoffrey A
    Geoffrey A 6 months ago

    foodstamps should only get people HEALTHY foods.

  • XavierKatzone
    XavierKatzone 6 months ago

    No reason for TAXPAYERS to buy anyone on food stamps soda and snacks, period.

  • tmastersat
    tmastersat 6 months ago

    Soft drinks should be banned from snap. Why should we pay for that. Also you left out that snap also includes a amount of cash you can spend on anything

    BIGBADWOOD 6 months ago

    I buy lots of Delmonico steaks with my food stamps !

  • Leland Gaunt
    Leland Gaunt 6 months ago

    I bought a Cadillac Escalade with 80” spinnahz with mine and a fresh pair of J’s.

  • damon sturgill
    damon sturgill 6 months ago

    you can't run people's lives but we try to make sure no one starves to death here

  • John Mathew
    John Mathew 6 months ago

    I think most Americans don’t want a person living off the program. Snap is for temporary relief when times are hard. Food purchases should also be limited to real food instead like fruits and vegetables. soft drinks and high end seafood like lobster should not be paid with tax dollars.

  • HuMaNoId PhEnOmNoN
    HuMaNoId PhEnOmNoN 6 months ago

    Its more about monetarily funding Americans' bad habit of sh*tty behavior beyond your late teens. Ive seen healthy people sell snap for crack, ive seen diabetics buy $120 worth of Hersheys and kit kats, ive seen women working as strippers pull out 5 different snap cards and gloat about it. This creates a pattern that eats at money THAT IS TAKEN FROM THE PEOPLE WHO WORKED IT INTO EXISTANCE AND FORCED TO GIVE IT UP AT GUNPOINT. Its more about why do i have to feed you and your 15 kids, when you were socially and economically ignorant and irresponsible?.. And i work and i get to pay for your subsidized lifestyle...
    We all buy crap, we ARE Americans. Pay for your crap with your money

  • woodyfive0
    woodyfive0 6 months ago

    If there is that much of a surplus of cheese why is it so expensive?

  • soulfreaz
    soulfreaz 6 months ago +1

    Going to the meat market and getting a package deal and buying everything else at Aldi's will take your food stamps a LOT further that shopping at Walmart.

  • Ajay Moore IV
    Ajay Moore IV 6 months ago

    Everyone cries about where their taxes go when it comes to snap yet don’t care where their taxes go when it comes the military. we can raise our military budget and there isn’t even a debate. and if you have been paying attention the Dept of Defense just said they had TRILLIONS of dollars unaccounted for. Hmm maybe we are focusing on the wrong stuff here.

  • USSResolute
    USSResolute 6 months ago

    I take issue with people I see near me who buy food with SNAP and then pull out wads of cash to buy liquor and finally load their groceries into their Cadillac Escalade. Something doesn't add up there to me. If you need it, then I'm glad it's there. I start to question the integrity of some people using them.

  • naturalbaby
    naturalbaby 6 months ago

    Food stamps help me eat healthy so my body can produce milk for my son. Before I was using foodstamps I payed for groceries in cash. I always bought healthy foods with or without fs and sometimes snacks like ginger ale and fruit snacks. Being a college student and single mother, fs really help me get by.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 months ago

    Thought the first one was gonna be drugs..

  • Band Geek #365
    Band Geek #365 6 months ago


  • ClutteredPictures
    ClutteredPictures 6 months ago

    so your saying this is useless

  • The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band

    Brought to you by the USSA - the United Socialist States Of America

  • Jana G
    Jana G 6 months ago

    The argument that criticisms of food stamps being used to buy junk food being "invalid" because non-food stamp shoppers buy similar items is completely faulty. Non-food stamp families are using THEIR OWN money to make poor decisions and cause the illnesses and conditions commonly seen with the frequent consumption of junk foods. The same items purchased with food stamps is unethical because it is the government, and tax base paying for items which have proven links to morbidity and mortality factors.
    Regardless of what you're buying/selling, there should not be an instance where the government or taxes should be funding/enabling factors that lead to increased risk factors for the population. Especially not in populations fundamentally MORE at risk for developing these factors due to socioeconomic conditions. Junk food is cheaper than whole food, which puts impoverished families more likely to be on food stamps in the first place at greater risk. If they are not covered, then you remove a large incentive that may predispose them to consuming them in the first place. If you don't put them in a position where soda is cheaper than milk, than there is a logically a significantly lower risk that they'll consume more pop than milk.
    Obesity costs the tax payers millions of dollars every year, and is even considered an threat to national defence because the average citizen is no longer capable of reaching the minimal standards of fitness associated with the military, police, EMS, fire fighting etc. It is literally as unethical to allow tax money to purchase pop drinks and foods with no nutritional value as it is to use it to buy cigarettes, especially if it leads into further conditions that render the population in need of more relief for health grievances at the foot of the tax payer.

  • Blake D
    Blake D 6 months ago

    Saw that Walmart allows you to buy seeds and plants via snap, that changed. Gas stations also accept it for things like pizzas and hotdogs, and while dogfood is not allowed I have had an old lady tell she just purchased a big bag of chicken for her dog....

  • Saiga 12 For Me
    Saiga 12 For Me 6 months ago

    I see many people buy expensive steaks and lobsters (sometimes just to sell to someone else at a lower price to get cash) and then ring up their booze, cigarettes and scratch tickets in a separate transaction.

  • toadamine
    toadamine 6 months ago

    They sell them to people for cash at half value, those people use them to buy groceries at half price, the original recipients buy drugs, booze and cigarettes...

  • Stephanie Vite
    Stephanie Vite 6 months ago

    As a former food stamp recipient, I can say that some of the reasoning behind these things being rated so high is purely cost. When you're on stamps, you usually can't afford groceries yourself, so you are stuck with what they give you for your grocery money. You gatta make that food money last the whole month, so you buy the cheapest stuff to try to make it work. If you can't, you get stuck waiting outside a food pantry at early as hell in the morning and hoping you get enough of what you use to last till food stamp day. If you can even get inside the food pantry at all. Every one I've ever dealt with restricts how many people they let in at one time, and they heavily restrict what you can take and what you can't. The best one in the town I live in my allow the first 30 people in line to go through the door to get food, and they have you "helped" by a volunteer who makes sure you don't take more then you're supposed to. Half the produce is almost expired, with the other half actually expired. Best stuff you can get is all frozen or non perishable dry goods, and even then the quality is still the lowest possible 9 times out of 10. Folks wonder why poor folks have the spending habits we do, but it is mostly out of necessity then choice.

  • Constantine La
    Constantine La 6 months ago


  • Justin Carrillo
    Justin Carrillo 6 months ago

    I use my stamps on v-bucks

  • netbookeater
    netbookeater 6 months ago