Surface Pro X Doesn’t Give It to You

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
  • Dave2D review of the Microsoft Surface Pro X. Does this ARM based tablet compete with the iPad Pro or Surface Pro?
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  Month ago +2019

    Microsoft needs to collab with DMX next time so they can learn how to give it to us

    • Ry
      Ry 14 days ago

      your reviews are the most biased ive seen, you would literally bend over backwards for apple despite them conning people fortunes for repairs that were intentionally misidentified.

    • x111
      x111 29 days ago

      wtf dude !!
      CS go is one of the most demanding game on there market !!
      because it MUST be played on 240hz monitor and push way over 300fps !!

    • Shahrukh Sheikh
      Shahrukh Sheikh Month ago +1

      Dave Lee very bad dave u r jst promoting apple device like others
      First of all
      U can not compare surface with ipad because surface is use for the travelers and u can compare this surface device with laptops not with the ipad

    • alex zee
      alex zee Month ago


    • Adaaang
      Adaaang Month ago


  • User
    User Day ago

    Why pay 1k to do things a $200 laptop could do except less then a $200 laptop.. 🤷‍♂️ thin and light is really that important??

  • Kieran O'Connor
    Kieran O'Connor Day ago

    USB connectivity, reliability, better support, better price point, better warranty, better overall compatibility with other devices AND software.
    You missed quite a few points about the Surface. None of the above is "niche", it's simply a better product because of the services and compatibility that using Microsoft products allows.

  • jamma246
    jamma246 4 days ago

    When will they make a good Linux tablet?

  • Potapes
    Potapes 5 days ago

    With cell phones with Windows 10 64bit we also waited for new apps (UWP) .... untill Windows 10 continuation was told cancelled in December 2016. Real end in three stages December 2018, June 2019, January 2020. Right now there are even problems with SMS.
    (Instagram came in January 2018, was working until april 2018 for instance; now is removed from store as all other Facebook apps)
    People need a reason to buy this ARM 32bit tablet instead of classic pc tablet from microsoft. Or it will end simillarily like their old phones. With apple iPad in my work just everyone bought it as a new innovative thing, even nobody really knows how to use it outside of whatsup app.

    Z ARCHER 5 days ago

    hey dave, i wonder how if you install android os on it. and value the pro x if it be an android tablet. it should be best performer for android lol

  • A person
    A person 6 days ago

    I like it

  • Martyn James
    Martyn James 6 days ago

    I was tempted to buy the surface x pro but I didn't like the arm chip in it. I couldn't get hold of the surface 7 pro so I went with the galaxy tab s6 and a desktop.

  • Teh-Wei Chu
    Teh-Wei Chu 7 days ago

    Do anyone have cover and case suggestion for Pro 7?

  • S Parker
    S Parker 7 days ago +2

    sounds like a Chromebook BY MICROSOFT

  • Kade Bellamy
    Kade Bellamy 9 days ago

    As a teacher, i love my surface pro 4. Upgrading to a surface laptop 3 now just cos it worked out cheaper than buying the pro 7. But I think you are right. Depending how you'll use it makes a surface worth it or not. For average people using it as a tablet or laptop neither are really worth it, too expensive when you could get something cheaper that does the same thing. but for things like teaching its a godsend. Its light, easy to walk around the room with, good on battery, simple to use and has connection ports for projectors etc where most schools do not support apple products at all.

  • Karthikeyan Jayachandran

    The word 'PRO' is meaningless now a days.

  • genghis2510
    genghis2510 9 days ago

    After the defect on my Surface Pro 3 when the touch screen curved outward when its internal battery bulged I promised myself never to get another Mircosoft hardware product. I could bear the overheating but when the touched screen seams detached itself from the frame I could not believe why this is happening to such a premium product. Better to research on the issues rather than what it can do.

  • mAsK_Ked user
    mAsK_Ked user 9 days ago

    A I R P O D

  • Speedbird
    Speedbird 9 days ago

    Apple plans to switch their MacBooks to arm chips next year...

  • Gunukula Naren
    Gunukula Naren 9 days ago

    well review surface pro 7

  • Dev Roat
    Dev Roat 10 days ago

    Could you please do a video on Surface pro 7?

  • P1Edibrium 2: Electric Boogoolo

    X gon give it to ya

  • lewis ramos
    lewis ramos 11 days ago

    Yeah but, regardless of whether or not it is as capable as the other surface devices, whether or not it is as what you would expect from a standard windows 10 laptop, it is the direct competitor to the Ipad Pro and it is far more capable, the simple fact you CAN run games on it, even if not at full optimisation, you certainly cant offer that on an Ipad. As a tablet device (which is what it is) it absolutely outshines its competitor.

  • kitoverse
    kitoverse 13 days ago

    I came here to thank you for your creative title.

  • BelOvedBEe
    BelOvedBEe 13 days ago

    Only thing matter is can you play games?

  • Ry
    Ry 14 days ago +1

    your reviews are the most biased ive seen, you would literally bend over backwards for apple despite them conning people fortunes for repairs that were intentionally misidentified.

  • Carson W
    Carson W 14 days ago

    this would be the perfect laptop for me if it ran at 120hz and the arm processor would run 64 bit.

  • Сурен
    Сурен 15 days ago

    Developers do not write Store apps even for regular Windows 10 and you want them to do it for ARM based? With the price no one will buy this almost-tabler-almost-laptop. Basically dead-on-arrival product among with others Microsoft released recently.

  • ChameleonH814
    ChameleonH814 15 days ago

    It has teraflops and device flops

  • Mr. Hooty
    Mr. Hooty 16 days ago

    So a shitty laptop and/or a shitty tablet. Lol don’t be a moron and just buy an iPad Pro.

  • Zgermud, them turds in my pants boiii!

    hello dave. Are you Asian by any chance? Thanks.

  • Roman
    Roman 17 days ago

    Some people does not play, they work on devices

  • Max Jacobi
    Max Jacobi 17 days ago +1

    Microsoft betrayed me with Windows phone first and .NET Core WCF after. Now I'm smart. I don't touch this product line unless it survives for 10 years at least.

  • Jxshua Yuzn
    Jxshua Yuzn 17 days ago

    Imagine selling the 12 inch macbook for 1800

  • wroot
    wroot 17 days ago

    My reaction during presentation: they are doing ARM with Windows again? So first Surface and Windows S haven't taught them anything?

  • F0rgiv3r
    F0rgiv3r 17 days ago

    So Microsoft made a Chromebook.

  • Gray Wolf Vlogs
    Gray Wolf Vlogs 18 days ago +1

    I fricken love your vids. You're honest about the tech and have great shots of it!!

  • gigsby waves
    gigsby waves 18 days ago +5

    So this whole time we were lied to

    X ain’t gon’ give it to ya’

  • lion L
    lion L 19 days ago

    做工垃圾 微软什么时候能学会认真做产品

    SAVITA KUMARI 19 days ago


    CEE CEE 21 day ago

    awesome review!

  • Jordan Gospodinov
    Jordan Gospodinov 21 day ago

    Honestly I realy like it. I like the design, connectivity is great with the option to plug SIM card for LTE and I see it like a best portable windows device. Actualy I want it. I am trying to start a IT career and I don't want to carry a heavy laptop when on holiday but still need to have something to code. If it possible to run Visual Studio it will be a great device (even coding on Visual Studio Code will be fine and I think it should run, not sure). All-in-all I think it's a great portable windows device.

  • 1Stunna2323
    1Stunna2323 21 day ago

    I just clicked because I like DMX.

  • Lemon
    Lemon 21 day ago

    Problems with the Surface Pro X:
    1. No thunderbold 3
    2. No Thunderbold 3
    3. No Thunderbold 3
    4. Arm Prozessor
    5. No Thunderbold 3

  • Lemon
    Lemon 21 day ago

    Am I the only one who gets anxious because he puts the metal side down instead of the Type cover side down?

    ofc it's going to get scratched that way...

  • Bruno Bensaid
    Bruno Bensaid 22 days ago

    Thanks for the attention to detail

  • Imtheillusion
    Imtheillusion 23 days ago +1

    arm especially QUALCOMM does not provide enough horse power for a tablet

  • Omni Codex
    Omni Codex 23 days ago

    As long as it have download the Shadow app, it can run any game ever. 😉

  • JeaHealthy .u
    JeaHealthy .u 23 days ago

    Weno alv aún así la voy a comprar , la quiero para mis dibujos xdxd

  • Shawn Haywood
    Shawn Haywood 24 days ago

    wait, who wouldn't want access to a USB socket? :/

  • Unknown
    Unknown 24 days ago

    I like you Dave. A simple informative video without any overreacted acting like other reviewers.
    Keep going!

  • Certified Brain Surgeon

    new Ipad's to release in first half of 2020..hang in there guys

  • Ronald
    Ronald 24 days ago

    Pity to hear that the performances with photo shop is not good. How is the performance with Lightroom?
    Hope to hear from you

  • Profetorum
    Profetorum 24 days ago

    I mean...ARM is good, devs should adapt. But yeah, from a consumer POV this compatibility issue SUCKS SO BAD

  • keyvan meraat
    keyvan meraat 25 days ago

    Is it possible to run linux on it??

  • Andrew Grover
    Andrew Grover 25 days ago

    Come on Surface Pro, give it to meeee!!!!

  • Carl Mosin
    Carl Mosin 25 days ago

    When windows is itself believes people need a limped windows

  • A C
    A C 25 days ago

    Why are you so cute? 😍

  • John Vartanian
    John Vartanian 26 days ago +1

    Can we pls get rid of windows 10? I just hate it so much. Windows 7 never lagged like 10 does

    RUACH PNEUMA 26 days ago

    It's a damn tablet

  • Zefra Master
    Zefra Master 26 days ago

    Dave there is a channel named 03k7 that stole your videos.

  • dearlevi
    dearlevi 27 days ago

    Surface pro 7 review please!

  • Tarky Sharky
    Tarky Sharky 27 days ago

    Speaking of flexing, Dave's arms had no chill when holding the surface pro X

  • Ashvini Shreenath
    Ashvini Shreenath 27 days ago

    Hi Dave, I will start by saying I am huge FAN of your channel. I was hoping to see you reviewing Surface Pro 7 as well and compare it with Surface Pro x and Macbook pro 13 inch from a Student perspective/ business professional.