How We Know The Earth Isn’t Flat

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    Ships !!
    Telescope would disprove disappearing claims
    Too much soy on your Diet

  • The Bipolar Bear
    The Bipolar Bear 5 hours ago

    Go back to school wanker. If you ZOOM in on ANYTHING going over the horizon,,,,it REAPPEARS. Optical ILLUSION. And, if you think a human has WALKED on the MOON-then you are suffering SEVERELY from cognitive dissidence.

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 2 hours ago

      The Bipolar Bear anything going over the horizon? Anything? Like the sun? Could you please forward that footage?

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi 3 hours ago

      The Bipolar Bear It does not bring back anything over the horizon. It just zooms in on far away objects that were so small you couldn't see it. I repeat, it did not go over the horizon yet

  • Hunuman On earth
    Hunuman On earth 9 hours ago

    If you believe the earth is flat you also prob have no job, have married your sister, and think that Simpson’s episodes are real historians

  • jordans123ful
    jordans123ful 10 hours ago

    Woooow hair line

  • Brian X
    Brian X 12 hours ago

    ships disappears over the horizon because the earth is round ha ha ha wow you are the biggest jackass on TVclip, next time you go to the beach bring your binoculars jackass and look to see if ships really disappears. damn i feel so sorry for the younger generation in this world, i feel sorry for them because they have jackasses like you trying to teach them about life and how things work. try sailing across the earth first(which i have done twice)before you come on TVclip trying to teach people pagan false knowledge.

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi 3 hours ago

      Brian X That ship did not go over the horizon dumbass. It was too far away to see with the naked eye, and when you zoomed in you could see it again. It did not rise back from the horizon, it just reappeared. Now who's the jackass?

  • Darrian Walsh
    Darrian Walsh 13 hours ago


  • uganda knuckles
    uganda knuckles 17 hours ago

    How much money did NASA pay you to do this video ? I have been illuminated and will never believe in the round/ball shaped earth.
    Wake up, people. Earth is flat.

  • Raymond Almaguer
    Raymond Almaguer 18 hours ago

    Dam you ugly 😂😂😊😊☺☺☺

  • Raymond Almaguer
    Raymond Almaguer 18 hours ago

    Water does not curve stupid bitches 😋😋😂😂😂😂😉☺☺

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi 13 hours ago

      Raymond Almaguer It does, you just can't see it from this close to earth dumbass

  • Slav Outlaw
    Slav Outlaw 22 hours ago

    I dont care what shape the earth is , but you really look like the typical media retard who always spats bullshit. I dont know why, just the perspective im getting.

  • P'Pen Mu'Dera'
    P'Pen Mu'Dera' Day ago

    Give it up. Flat-earthers are too unintelligent to understand these simple facts. Let them be complete retards and don't waste your energy, time and life on these pitiful, little organisms.

    I never thought I would sound like Q.

  • LORD Hydra
    LORD Hydra Day ago

    By the way when we use planes we dont go down because gravity does the job

  • LORD Hydra
    LORD Hydra Day ago

    Step 1 go to United states go to korea while going WEST because korea is at east

  • smw381st
    smw381st Day ago

    I imagine this video will piss off a lot of flattards lol

  • Javier Fernandez

    It says d news in the corner! Mandela effect residue!

  • Etrigan Seven
    Etrigan Seven Day ago

    Math as the creators of it are flawed ... ie didn’t the lack of Einstein’s inclusion of the ether teach us this?

  • Qüandoo go wild

    I’ve zoomed in on a boat after it “disappeared” on the horizon!! That pic of earth was fake. But you”re tellin me some guys knew Earth was curved because they stuck a stick in the ground n observe it’s shadow! 😂// my guess is nobody know exactly what we’re living on 🤷‍♂️

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi Day ago

      Qüandoo go wild You might feel like it, but you weren't

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi Day ago

      Qüandoo go wild The higher you are the farther you see. (Still not explained on FlatEarth) The fact that you've seen it from the 13th floor makes all the difference. Also no video has ever shown a ship actually rising back to the ocean, it just... appears. Almost as if it would be too far away to see. But never rises back from the horizon.

    • Qüandoo go wild
      Qüandoo go wild Day ago

      Ron McCaffrey so let me ask you this. Have you seen the dip off in the horizon yourself,, or are you just going off of picture “nasa” has posted?

    • Qüandoo go wild
      Qüandoo go wild Day ago

      Ákos Körmendi pretty sure they say after 30 miles you should see the dip off,, my dad has a custom pair of binoculars that measure distance,, i zoomed in up to 37.4 ml n plus I was on the 13th floor at the time and I still didn’t see a dip🤷🏽‍♂️ theirs no need for me to lie about this stuff, I just feel like we’ve been lied to our whole life

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi Day ago

      Qüandoo go wild No, you didn't zoom in something that went over the horizon. It did not go over yet, it was just too small and far away for you to see

  • Christian DiNunzio
    Christian DiNunzio 2 days ago +1

    Flat Earthers are the type of people to get in the van.

  • Dank Durian
    Dank Durian 2 days ago

    who tf is erostothene

  • IRFZ44
    IRFZ44 2 days ago +2

    How we know the Earth isn't flat?

    *C O M M O N S E N S E*

  • Michael Guidry
    Michael Guidry 2 days ago

    This video was as dumpy and low brau as the guy in it. None of what he said proved anything and some of it was flat out wrong. I'm not trying to prove the Earth is flat. I'm pointing out that he didn't prove its a spinning globe. He just said a bunch of stupid shit for people with an IQ of around 80 and no desire or ability to see past their eyeballs.

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey Day ago

      He was addressing it to flat earth believers.

  • Andrew Swann
    Andrew Swann 2 days ago

    Sorry if I can off rude

  • Andrew Swann
    Andrew Swann 2 days ago

    Yea next time you see a boat vanish pull out a strong telescope and guess what you will see That bitch still floating straight

  • Azerina M.
    Azerina M. 2 days ago +3

    I always thought flat earthers was a joke, I mean, really.. who would be dumb enough to fall for that crap. Now I see it's not a joke, people are really that damn dumb.. Lord help us all, there are a lot of idiots out there..

      NELSON FIGUEREO 42 minutes ago

      Azerina M. Lord?
      You are the smart one
      Virgin birth
      Talking snakes
      Talking bush
      Parting the sea
      Slavery sanctioned by bible
      Killing none virgins
      And on and on

  • Leon Watson
    Leon Watson 2 days ago

    Flat gang 💯 !!!

  • Alvaro Acwellan
    Alvaro Acwellan 2 days ago

    I like this bite strength T-shirt.

  • Huslter-One
    Huslter-One 2 days ago

    You guys call flat earthers moronic but yet again another dumbass using the boat on the horizon. If you use a binoculars or anything that can zoom, you will clearly see the whole ship.

  • jason4202012
    jason4202012 3 days ago

    Gotta love condescending regurgitation of the "official story" .... George Carlin told us never trust the you trust them???? On anything???? Then don't trust that we live on a is hje grand dillusion....the foundation all of thier lies are built.

  • Marquise Strong
    Marquise Strong 3 days ago

    Who the heck is Pothagrius?

  • TommyTuckers GoldenCrown

    Flat earth people have watched to much avatar movie floating flat earths...

  • Schooking Skel-CentrixPVP

    To defy all this nonsense:If the earth is flat, then why MOUNTAINS, HILLS< PLATEAUS, THESE TALL BUILDINGS, FORESTS, ANTHILLS EXIST?

  • Schooking Skel-CentrixPVP

    The world is different from those who cannot see beyond their very eyes
    -Leblanc, my main champ in lol

  • Fox 8ball
    Fox 8ball 3 days ago

    Clown you are mate. ships come back into view in binoculars try it

  • Vince Bernau
    Vince Bernau 3 days ago

    Simple answer, we don't.

  • Moe Ali
    Moe Ali 3 days ago

    Notice how he says welcome back my woke friends

  • Photo Finish
    Photo Finish 3 days ago

    This guy failed to recognize his contradictive information.
    10:00 +

  • Ragnar Palacio
    Ragnar Palacio 3 days ago

    Do Ya kno Da Way? Sho Ma Da Way!

  • Paul Gligor
    Paul Gligor 4 days ago

    flat earthers

  • Jacob Eve
    Jacob Eve 4 days ago

    The same fundamental force that makes our earth round is the same as what makes atoms round

  • Alastair Freemantle
    Alastair Freemantle 4 days ago +1

    the earth is so not flat

  • no joke
    no joke 4 days ago +1

    next war put the flat earthers believers on the front line

    • Cosmic Explorer
      Cosmic Explorer Day ago

      Yes, that sounds like a plan because they may neutralize the war using their brain.

  • Gold Expert
    Gold Expert 4 days ago

    0:45 that had been debunked already lol i watched a video ima link it here time stamp 16:40 - 18:10
    And youll see the ship not be in sight but once he zooms in with the binoculars or telescope you see the ship again.
    Debunked again lol they always change the earth as to how it looks lol 6:05 - 7:30

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 3 days ago

      You do realise that deliberately dishonest flat earth videos, are not evidence.

  • ave383
    ave383 4 days ago

    Another assumption. The moon is a sphere? You must be the rare human that has seen the other side of the moon which no one has seen. A shadow doesn't show you a sphere idiot. There's other shapes such as circles dunce. Addressing 911 you explain building number 7. Debunk building number 7 bob. I'll wait.

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi 2 days ago

      ave383 Quick lesson about the moon thank you

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi 2 days ago

      ave383 Oh, I've seen cgi. A lot. Movies, fake videos, even working a bit with a 3D program. I know when an image is CGI, because I notice something isn't exactly right. Prove me right here right now It's cgi. If you can't, your claim is dismissed. The Moon is always facing 1 side because the way it rotating (god damn, and I don't do my research, smh). With my own 2 eyes? Not even most astronauts can due to none of them being send there. So, what people do? Satellites for now. You are being such an idiot with every one of your claim it hurts my remaining brain cells destroyed by Flat Earthers

    • ave383
      ave383 2 days ago +1

      Ákos Körmendi oh you've seen a cgi image good job. Yet you've never seen the moon rotate 90 degrees with your own eyes. I wonder why. I wonder why you've never seen the side of the moon since it rotates and its a sphere. All you have is cgi images you can't prove it for yourself huh? Laughable. Talk to me when you see the other side of the moon with your own two eyes. Or the moon rotate even a quarter of the way or even half of that. I'll wait.

    • ave383
      ave383 2 days ago +1

      Ákos Körmendi wtf are you talking about scatter brain? I know it's hard for you to stay focused when your spinning on a ball going 1005 miles an hour.
      The man known as Mr blue marble is named Robert Simmon. Stop being a fucking idiot and do some research. There's nothing worse than a idiot who think they are intelligent.
      Mr blue marble a.k.a Robert Simmons discusses how those pictures of earth came to be. They are created from data. They are edited processed and edited some more. I have proof. You don't. Try again dingle berry but this time actually do some research.

  • ave383
    ave383 4 days ago +2

    The ship doesn't go over the horizon! All you have to do is zoom in a you can see the ship again. That would be impossible if it went over the horizon! You people literally think you can see forever. You use this argument as if perspective and range don't exist. You have to be a damn dummy to lack the understanding that you can only see so far. Damn I'm tired of hearing this dumb ass assumption about ships going over horizons.

    • Kevin B.
      Kevin B. Day ago

      ave383 When you get to the edge of the earth and take a photo and show us then we’ll believe.

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi Day ago

      TT MINOTAUR Video photoshopped... that just hurts my brain...

      TT MINOTAUR Day ago

      thats because it hasnt gone over the horrizon fully, then shortly you may see it dissapear again, plus you are so stupid to not realise that the videos that think they prove this are photo shopped

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi Day ago

      ave383 Yea, but the fact that the boat didn't go over the horizon yet and just too far away and small to see does

    • ave383
      ave383 2 days ago

      Ákos Körmendi no. That doesn't apply to the zoom on a telescope.

  • ave383
    ave383 4 days ago +1


  • lazyAZ dog
    lazyAZ dog 4 days ago

    The earth is round, I’ve seen the Wilson logo.

  • rahul batra
    rahul batra 4 days ago

    Hindus knew this before all others


  • *Torin*
    *Torin* 5 days ago +1

    God doesn't care about the shape of the earth. Just like he doesn't care that everything is made up out of atoms. We found out the workings of the universe by ourselves over thousands of years studying them. The Bible is meant to guide you through life, not a scientific debate. So stop trying to use God's word as evidence.

  • mikangra
    mikangra 5 days ago

    What about the lumpy potato earth society.

  • Francisco Camarena
    Francisco Camarena 5 days ago

    "YOUR MOVE BOB"! 😂

  • The Astronaut
    The Astronaut 6 days ago


  • Xir Tam
    Xir Tam 6 days ago

    When a ship disappears at the horizon..use binoculars and look for it. Youll be surprised. You globe earthers cant THINK. You just have faith that our controllers are giving us truth. The perfect slaves. If you follow science then revisit this simple LOGIC > water cannot curve on a ball, water always finds its level. What determines whether you rise or fall is buoyancy and density!

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 2 days ago

      Please show me where I copied my explanation from!

    • Xir Tam
      Xir Tam 2 days ago

      Ron McCaffrey i noticed you copied and pasted an explanation of a terminator line from google. Youve been copying and pasting these explanations since you started. Pop your head out of your stinker & check out what i said about time lapse..observe. in the meantime, you have fun searching youtube for flat earth debunk vids.. because your faith in the science thats been indoctrinated into you is obviously filled with doubt. Thats what brought you here. Goodluck on coming to terms with this.

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 2 days ago

      The constellation seen from the Southern hemisphere, circle clockwise around the South polar axis.
      This has been observed by millions of people, just as the stars circling counter clockwise around the North polar axis, have also been observed by millions of people.

    • Xir Tam
      Xir Tam 2 days ago

      Ron McCaffrey the earth is not constantly half light and half dark..have you ever heard of dusk? How bout dawn? There is no TERMINATOR line. I already told you to stop reciting the bullshit thats in EVERY textbook..and i already told you these were based on 'photos' of earth that are PROVEN to be faked...your whole philosophy of science is backwards because you dont observe..and AGAIN dusk and dawn prove no terminator proves a gradation of light to dark..which is nowhere near resembling that of a terminator line...

    • Xir Tam
      Xir Tam 2 days ago

      Ron McCaffrey you see the stars move from towards the east towards the west, and at just quickly looking you are satisfied. But you have not instituted proper experiments, regardless of results, to get the real and absolute movements of the southern constellations. Another > > from and within the equator the north pole star, and the constellations Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, and many others, can be seen from every meridian simultaneously; whereas in the south, from the equator, neither the so-called south pole star, the Southern Cross, can be seen simultaneously from every meridian, showing that all the constellations of the south--pole star included--sweep over a great southern arc and across the meridian, from their rise in the evening to their setting in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But if the earth is a globe, Sigma Octantis a south pole star, and the Southern Cross a southern circumpolar constellation, they would all be visible at the same time from every longitude on the same latitude, as is the case with the northern pole star and the northern circumpolar constellations. you should really do this yourself!!!!.i urge you to time lapse!!! Stair trails will give you your final answer.

  • Miguel Fredes
    Miguel Fredes 6 days ago +1

    Stop watching at the ship disappear over the horizon. Buy a zoom lens pls. This is the one of the most stupid claims for proving the globe. No research done.

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 5 days ago

      Biblical literalists will believe anything that helps bolster their faith in a concept.

  • faggot on the faggotron 2000 scale of measurement

    The earth is flat and i have proof

  • MrChekiri
    MrChekiri 6 days ago

    0:40 literally never visualized once in history
    1:40 but yet on this spinning sphere which is rotating around a sun rotating around an even larger star those same constellations remain stagnant
    isn't it funny how we act better than those who question things we deem as second nature

    • MrChekiri
      MrChekiri 4 days ago

      Ron McCaffrey why does it make u so butthurt that people question this? Lmao

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 4 days ago

      Oh, I'm happy.

    • MrChekiri
      MrChekiri 4 days ago

      Ron McCaffrey whatever makes u happy man

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 4 days ago

      Do you really want to cite the most deliberately dishonest flat earth video on You Tube?
      The production of this video, has been proven to be concocted as a deliberate attempt to falsify the effects of sight to the horizon.
      Like I stated in my previous reply, millions of people have witnessed the phenomenon of a ship or coastline, being obscured from view by an ocean horizon. One deliberately dishonest flat earth video will never change that.

    • MrChekiri
      MrChekiri 5 days ago

      Ron McCaffrey be willing to find urself wrong in order to find out what's right

  • beewizerm8
    beewizerm8 6 days ago

    Hahaha all this has been explained.... Did he even research FE????

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 4 days ago

      I've intensively investigated the shape of this planet, I don't require any help from you.
      I was asking what evidence you found that made you believe the flat earth could exist in reality.
      You stated that you researched the shape of the Earth, without the use of flat earth videos.
      What TVclip videos did you use, were they flat earth videos?

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi 5 days ago

      beewizerm8 Doing actual research would conclude the earth is a globe, we are interested how did you came to your conclusion?

    • beewizerm8
      beewizerm8 5 days ago

      Ron McCaffrey via a comments field in TVclip??? Are you asking me to do your research for man

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 5 days ago

      Please, inform me of the evidence that proved a flat earth could exist in reality.

    • beewizerm8
      beewizerm8 5 days ago

      Ron McCaffrey yes

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 6 days ago

    BAH BAH BAH! Hear that? That's the sound of globe earth sheep being herded and brainwashed by NASA

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi 5 days ago

      Chris Lee Nasa was only made in the 50s, how do people realize the earth is round before then?

  • *Torin*
    *Torin* 6 days ago +1

    Which is better;
    Stagnate water or water fresh from a flowing river?

  • Ghostly
    Ghostly 6 days ago

    Earth is a cube you sleeping morons

  • Nikalogy
    Nikalogy 6 days ago


  • PP
    PP 6 days ago

    sry, but if you just do a little research for your own the you will realize that 9/11 was an inside job. because we saw that all THREE towers going down with 9,8g. just perfect falling to the earth. the only way thats possiblei s by blowing them up.
    I mean, thats so obvious.
    No not every conspiracy theory is true, most are bullshit. But come on, just think with your own brain and you will see that it is impossible for a little fire (WTC7 had just little fire) to make such a huge building into fine dust.
    I cant understand how peoble can believe the official theory, in the first report they let WTC7 completely out.
    Good channel btw :-)
    And now i wish you a wonderful night ^^

  • Seth Jones
    Seth Jones 6 days ago

    What a idiot you do realize the pictures nasa makes of our earth are photoshopped they even state it. Thats based off observation too. Nasa has barely been around compared to civilizations who knew the truth for thousands of years and possessed more knowledge than we have today.

  • Zoota Andrew Mahera
    Zoota Andrew Mahera 6 days ago

    Im so sorry you have to debunk this stupid theory. Sometimes i wonder what civilization really means.No wonder people are committing suicide

  • John Mgtow
    John Mgtow 7 days ago +1

    but you didnt debunk anything. even the "earth" pic you used was photoshopped. there are NO real (as in non photoshopped) pics of earth.
    also in the bible it says, god put a firmament around the earth to separate the waters from the water. if man has travelled to space, wheres the firmament, and wheres the water?
    and what about that old admiral byrd video everyones seen, where he said theres more land beyond the pole? guess hes lying too, huh? yea sure buddy.
    oh, and why do airline pilots use flat earth maps while navigating thru the sky?

    • John Mgtow
      John Mgtow 3 days ago

      +Væringjar also according to the globe hawaii would be closer than alaska.

    • John Mgtow
      John Mgtow 4 days ago

      +Væringjar but only the time spent in the air counts not connecting flight time (the time spent waiting for another plane ect). its 23 hours. his time isnt wrong.

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 4 days ago

      John Mgtow The time he gets from Bali to Anchorage is wrong, probably because he got a flight time with a connecting flight, it’s a shorter distance to Anchorage. Using the Mercator projection for flights this far north can be a bit misleading.

    • John Mgtow
      John Mgtow 4 days ago

      +Væringjar i do but this way is easier. plus, its the exact same point i was making.

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 4 days ago

      John Mgtow i have to assume that you don’t possess the cognitive abilities to articulate your own answer?

  • Mark Schultz
    Mark Schultz 7 days ago

    We’ve known that the earth is round for over 1,000 years

  • MarkAmps
    MarkAmps 8 days ago

    Tang ina magkaka-cancer ata ako kakabasa ng comments ng mga flat earthers. Nung una nakakatawa pa. Pero habang dumadami explanation nila lalo akong nakakramdam ng pagkaawa sa kanila...

  • Walter Horne
    Walter Horne 8 days ago

    The very first point is a lie. Bottoms of boats don’t vanish because of curvature. Go to 6:06

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 6 days ago

      Yes they do, the same happens when looking from the boat. The shoreline disappears first, the tops of the hills or mountains, disappears last.
      Millions of people have witnessed this when they take an ocean cruise, even flat earth believers.

  • Beeka Griffin
    Beeka Griffin 8 days ago

    That whole ship theory is true but it only disappears from our eye sight it can easily be seen again by zooming in with a good camera or a telescope

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 6 days ago

      Only on deliberately dishonest flat earth videos.

  • Lincoln Garcia
    Lincoln Garcia 8 days ago

    Thanks Trace, I did my own research and I am having serious issues with a round earth. The flat earth theory is making more sense to me. Now before you trolls go off, take Trace's advice DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google 4 days ago

      Lincoln Garcia does research mean poring over all of the scientific literature and doing your own experiments to corroborate what we’ve known for millennia, or just watching some 2hour long TVclip videos?

  • Bartol Banić
    Bartol Banić 8 days ago +1

    Does anyone see the hilarilous irony that those advertising the zetetic method reference the Bible as a source and therefore believe in God? Cognitive dissonance at its finest.

    ART GALLERY 9 days ago

    btw Trump went to a Jesuit college, he also said many times that the earth is flat, in the Bible it also says it's flat and yet he is a globalist, therefore he can't be trusted. I hope this helps. here's a video about trump and jesuits bro there's some more great videos about these jesuits on the WLC Videos channel bro check it out

    ART GALLERY 9 days ago

    The rabbit hole goes deep my brothers and sister in Christ! The earth is flat! Christmas has pagan origins! Trump is in on it! Government can't be trusted! Satanists run the show! The witches they say were burned in the old days were actually Christians burned by the satanists! History has been rewritten and spoon fed to us all from an early age! Soon they will demand everyone worship the AI god! US military installing brain chips into troops! RFID and bitcoin go together! Check out this great testimony from Howard Pittman, he was a pastor for 30 years and then was taken to heaven and talked with the Creator

  • Angry Vet
    Angry Vet 9 days ago

    Full of shit....take a fucking telescope and watch a ship "disappear"!behind the "curve"....😜🤔🤔 amateur

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi 9 days ago

      Angry Vet 1 word: illusion
      And it won't reappear for everyone, It's just light bending over cold and hot air since they have differeng density 😄

  • SlightlyBetterAt MemesThanYou

    you can’t see the outside of the earth unless you are in space, and who went into space?NASA.NASA isn’t lying because they have nothing to be fucking hiding from us.How do i know?NASA has live footage,y’know.

  • Luke Rayner
    Luke Rayner 10 days ago

    ha ha full of crap if you are going to put a video out there to all to see tell the (TRUTH) like this... Y can i see the cloud's behind the sun if the sun is 93 million mile's away the sun is in are atmosphere the sun and moon has there own light source .. Nikola Tesla quotes Earth is a realm, not a planet. or a object, Therefore no edge. Earth would be more easily defined as a system environment. Earth is also a machine, it is a Tesla coil. The Sun and Moon are powered wirelessly with the electromagnetic field ( the aethor).This field also suspends the celestial spheres with electromagnetic levitation.Electromagnetic levitation disproves gravity because the only force you need to counter is the electromagnetic force, not gravity. The stars are attached to the firmament"..... it's not that Flat Earthers STILL exist. it's that that TRUTH has always existed and we see it... the Earth is a Geocentric Motionless Plane read the Holy Bible the Earth is Unmovable and the foundation sits on 4 pillars

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google 10 days ago

      Luke Rayner dude, that quote isn’t even from Tesla. It’s from some schmuck on Facebook that’s been falsely attributed to Tesla. You’d know that if you took 5 minutes to fact check the unsubstantiated garbage you blindly parrot throughout this comment.
      Or you’re just trolling

  • Akaiti Kimi
    Akaiti Kimi 10 days ago

    I guess if you lived in seclusion under the ocean in a dome, it would greatly decrease your ability to reason. You end up as a raving lunatic, where your logic empowers only the fish in the sea.

  • Jason swann
    Jason swann 10 days ago

    Anyone notice he can't pronounce Pythagoras.

  • Jonathan Cerda
    Jonathan Cerda 11 days ago

    Another brain washed sheep. Love you Neil 😂 says it all

  • SognaMetal Windir
    SognaMetal Windir 11 days ago

    They say it's too cold and So fucking stupid

  • Quincy
    Quincy 11 days ago

    Someone send this to B.o.B. and Kyrie Irving lol

  • Giulio Battuello
    Giulio Battuello 12 days ago +8

    Whoever thinks the earth is flat should be sent in Antarctica, so this motherfucker can freeze his balls while searching for the big hidden mysteries.

      NELSON FIGUEREO 39 minutes ago

      Giulio Battuello bet you believe in talking snakes
      Virgin birth
      Chosen people

    • Dan
      Dan 4 days ago

      but you can pay to holiday and sail right around it in a nice circle! impossible on their flat earth theory rubbish

    • ave383
      ave383 4 days ago +1

      Giulio Battuello It's funny you say that considering they won't allow independent research in Antartic but somehow you already knew that

  • Elias Diaz
    Elias Diaz 12 days ago

    seeker your more gullible than you think you are. I'm willing to put money on it you've never been outside the dome. oh and it's no surprise that all trips to Antarctica have been banned. I wander what their trying to hide.

    • Skankhunt42
      Skankhunt42 17 hours ago +1

      He can't even spell wonder hahahaha. I've noticed most flat earthers cannot put a full, coherent sentence together. Coincidence?

    • JakeFranklin
      JakeFranklin 2 days ago

      Elias Diaz your the biggest retard I’ve seen in the comment section

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 4 days ago

      Xir Tam one worked more or less permanently in Troll base. The other visited half a dozen or so bases north of Ross.

    • Xir Tam
      Xir Tam 4 days ago

      Væringjar earth is flat

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google 11 days ago +4

      Væringjar is it really a surprise that these people have no idea what they’re talking about?

  • John Adams
    John Adams 12 days ago +7

    The problem with flat earthers is even if you do provide real science, actual logic and reason, even if you fully and simply explain the very basic universal concepts they so clearly do not understand they will still not listen. The biggest argument they have is you're wrong because I say so. No matter what you prove or say they have some none sense argument against it. Most times its gibberish, others they just say that what ever you claim is part of the conspiracy and others still they will respond by saying prove it over and over again until you just walk away.

    • Xir Tam
      Xir Tam 4 days ago

      John Adams do you know how stupid your explanation sounds? Apparently not.

    • Xir Tam
      Xir Tam 4 days ago

      John Adams youve been playing too much 'asteroids'

    • Xir Tam
      Xir Tam 4 days ago

      John Adams go on now, get outta here..youve exhausted your energy

    • John Adams
      John Adams 4 days ago

      Xir Tam actually I answered your question a few times. You simply change the direction of exhausted energy opposite to the direction you wish to travel. And yes we are done here. If you can't understand even the simplest of concepts I have wasted far more then enough of my time and energy on this. Thank you for wasting my time. Its been fun.

  • janix lemence
    janix lemence 12 days ago

    Only god knows if the earth is flat or round understand!!!!!!

  • Helmien Bruwer
    Helmien Bruwer 12 days ago


    • HumptyDumptyOakland
      HumptyDumptyOakland 11 days ago

      Like this ?

  • Clash Of Crap
    Clash Of Crap 12 days ago

    Would any of the paid globe trollers on here please answer this question? Ill leave it in caps. Just answer that. No redicule needed lol..WHY DO WE SEE THE SAME STARS AND CONSTELLATIONS IN THE NIGHT SKY DURING THE SUMMER AND WINTER SOLSTICE? We are taught that we orbit the sun correct? Night time on earth is the side facing away from the sun correct? When we look up we are looking directly out into space correct? During the winter solstice positioned on one side of the sun, we are looking in 1 direction into the "infinite universe" . 6 months later during the summer solstice at night we are looking 180 degrees into the opposite direction at night as we were in winter so were told. Explain to me and to all readers who have the same question, why we see the same stars in the same rotary path, every single day of the year.

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google 10 days ago

      Clash Of Crap all of the same constellations, all year round? Then tell me, where can I find the constellation Capricornus this time of year, here in the US? And where was Orion last summer?

    • Clash Of Crap
      Clash Of Crap 10 days ago

      Go away Google same stars, same constellations, same rotary motion, around the same stationary star called Polaris...all year. I don't expect you 2 guys to believe it because I'm sure you guys already know. I expect those who read this to observe for themselves with an open mind. Take note of the sky. The world reveals many answers to those who ask.

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google 10 days ago +1

      Clash Of Crap you expect us to believe that you’ve been diligently making your own observations on the night sky when you don’t even know that the stars change throughout the year?

    • Clash Of Crap
      Clash Of Crap 10 days ago

      Væringjar I've taken years and observed this myself. I have a 10" telescope. I used to be a space junkie. Then as I started to realize that i was always seeing the same faces of the planets. I purchased better eye pieces and seen the stars up close. They are not the same as the sun which btw doesnt have all the solar flare coronal mass ejection garbage like nasa pictures have. The sun has the same markings on it that are falsely called mercury, markings that i always see in the same spot...and I always see the same stars. The point is..we are supposed to looking in opposite directions of the universe every 6 months but we see the same stars.There is no explanation as to why we see the same stars at all. When that is observed and understood, the heliocentric model falls apart. Those stars which are suppose to be billions of light years away cannot be possible traveling so fast in an outer circle and be in synch with what we see on earth. Lies by those in power then come to light. Objects in our sky are local. They are not what we're told they are. We're prisoners of the mind. Those who figure it out are free. Who cares for the redicule? Only those who's mind belongs to psychos who run the world. Goodluck. You guys can't convince me that were on a ball. If you want to reply so random readers will be convinced, feel free. Take care. I'm out.

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google 11 days ago +1

      Clash Of Crap but you’re wrong. Different stars are seen throughout the year, like the zodiac constellations

  • joseph jordan
    joseph jordan 12 days ago +1

    I've done those things watched a ship disappear. But thing is I can take a camera and bring it right back. This shouldn't happen if it weren't over a curve

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 10 days ago

      You can actually watch a small boat go over the horizon, with your naked eye.
      The interesting thing is, the view from the boat, as you leave or approach a shoreline.
      If you approach a coastline, you can watch a mountain rise from the horizon, until it is completely visible, right to the beach. The reverse happens when leaving. No telescope needed.
      Once the mountain drops below the horizon, no telescope will bring it back.
      The only conclusion to the observation of this phenomenon is, the Earth is spherical.

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google 11 days ago

      Ron McCaffrey i would think both situations could hypothetically occur, but situation 2 would only work with small boats that get too small to see before going over the horizon. That’s why flat earth videos claiming to show how zooming in on a boat can bring it into view always feature small boats just on the horizon, and never large ships half obscured by the horizon.

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 11 days ago


    • Go away Google
      Go away Google 11 days ago

      Ron McCaffrey are you talking to me or Joseph Jordan?

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 11 days ago

      Let's see what you're willing to do, to support your cause.
      Remember, millions of people have witnessed this very scene.
      Which of these two scenarios, would you expect to see when at an ocean shoreline?
      1) You are at an ocean shoreline using a powerful telescope, watching a ship travel away until it is completely obscured by the ocean horizon. Increasing the telescope magnification can not bring the image of the ship into view. You move to the top of an adjacent headland and can see the ship again, without the aid of the telescope.
      2) You are at an ocean shoreline using a powerful telescope, watching a ship travel so far away, that it eventually gets too small to see. The ocean horizon does not obscure the ship and no increase in elevation helps the ship reappear. But an increase in the telescope magnification, brings the ship back into view.

  • Cosmic Explorer
    Cosmic Explorer 13 days ago +1

    On an equinox day all places see sunrise at 90 degrees and sunset at 270 degrees. This can only occur when the Earth has zero axial tilt or it must be flat. The choice is yours.

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 8 days ago

      Time zones were started in the 17th century for mariners, all time zones at sea are straight. Time zones on land follow country borders, but are still derived by longitudes.
      The illumination of the flat earth sun doesn't line up with any longitude lines on the flat earth. So how do time zones work on the flat earth?

    • Cosmic Explorer
      Cosmic Explorer 8 days ago

      Alex Gleason explained how the sun illuminates both during June solstice and December solstice about 125 years ago. The sun takes one hour to visit each longitude and the timezones are based off of that fact.
      Do we have any sort of explanation for the below 2 hours difference (inclusive of DST difference) which implies the terminator lines are NOT straight.
      In my opinion below 2 places are almost equal to the same longitude.
      Tacna - 18.0066° S, 70.2463° W - Timezone (GMT-3)
      Antofagasta - 23.6509° S, 70.3975° W (GMT-5)

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 8 days ago

      How does an illuminated circle on the flat earth, line up with straight longitude lines and times zones?
      Terminator lines are straight, we don't have curved time zones in reality.

    • Cosmic Explorer
      Cosmic Explorer 8 days ago

      Wrong. On an equinox day all cities experience 90 degrees sunrise and this can only occur if the earth had zero axial tilt. But on the flat earth the sun glides on top of the firmament illuminating half the earth.

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 12 days ago

      Everything you wrote is wrong!
      In reality at equinox, the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
      But, this is impossible on a flat earth.
      The flat earth sun circles above the flat earth, every 6 hours its completed 1/4 of its circular path.
      When viewed from the flat earth equator at equinox, at 6am it's North East and 6pm it's North West.

  • Sean Mitchell
    Sean Mitchell 13 days ago

    youre wrong you stupid piece of shet

  • Sarah E
    Sarah E 13 days ago

    Okay this guy is trying to prove that 9/11didn't involve hour own government?? Pleeease! That totally discredits him right off the bat. And no, I don't believe in a flat Earth.

  • todd peachey
    todd peachey 13 days ago +1


  • Ron McCaffrey
    Ron McCaffrey 13 days ago +1

    Please, for the love of God. Learn about the physical characteristics of the Earth, before you make a statement about it being flat.

  • aug polariz
    aug polariz 14 days ago


  • Khyro Sound
    Khyro Sound 14 days ago +2

    That picture of earth is and look fake AF

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi 13 days ago

      Khyro Sound Well, idk what to research and all Flat Earthers' points are bullshit. So, I stick to my common sense with the Globe earth thanks

    • Khyro Sound
      Khyro Sound 13 days ago

      Ákos Körmendi After You Do The Research and Comparisons. You'll Start To Lean Over To The Flat Earth paradox

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi 13 days ago +1

      Khyro Sound Ofc we weren't going out there at this point is impossible, all we can send are satelittes

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi 13 days ago +1

      Khyro Sound There are no stars for the same reason you can't see them at daytime, the reflected sunrays are brighter than the stars. It do looks flat, but only due to It's size. I literally re-created this sorta thing in a 3D, ofc the ball was smaller, but it was only 1 pixel higher from being flat, which was probably due to it being not large enough.

    • Khyro Sound
      Khyro Sound 14 days ago +1

      Væringjar there's no stars in the back. Second if the earth is sphere how hard is for a camera to get that perspective. It always looks flat and round Plus if you look close enough to the terrian and water in the pic its all animated. .third we never been to outer space . we may have orbit the earth and fell back to earth that's it. It really water up there. How can we have a blue sky from dark void From When the sun hit the light ???? Darkness capture light no way it's should be blue like that

  • Shy Gray
    Shy Gray 14 days ago +2

    All you need to do is use a high power zoom Camara and look at the boat it has not disapeared

      NELSON FIGUEREO 32 minutes ago

      Shy Gray ask yourself
      NASA wont show you a 360' view of the moon landing
      Airlock door being opened
      How many times NASA've been to the moon

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 14 days ago

      Shy Gray

    • Peter
      Peter 14 days ago +1

  • Dan Shetler
    Dan Shetler 14 days ago +1

    Best way to tell if it's flat or round is to find a long beach and look to furthest point you can see that meets the water to the left then to the right. Now ask yourself what is the highest point. The left or right or the spot your standing.
    Now go to the other points and ask yourself the same question.
    Now celebrate by drinking something special because your a flat Earther. Congratulations!

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 13 days ago

      You are not at a higher elevation each time you move.
      Where ever you are on earth, is the top of the world.

  • Mirany
    Mirany 14 days ago

    I hope one day all of these flat earth believers gonna die for cancer... my god 🤦🏻‍♂️ never ever seen any kind of shit as flat earth believers.. its same like talking to a wall.. just as stupid as their ”theory”. But hey its okay, as nature and evolution says, only strong and smart ones survive. In future there will be no flat earth believers. 🏆💪💪