9/11 Survivor shares her story of getting out of World Trade One Tower

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Linda Randazzo was on the 35th floor of World Trade Center Tower 1 on the morning of September 11, 2001. She tells the story what she went through and how she got out of the tower before it collapsed that day.
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  • justin hillman
    justin hillman 10 hours ago

    wasn't this the woman who faked being a 9/11 survior

  • Charlotte Mackenzie
    Charlotte Mackenzie 3 days ago +1

    i wish those towers were still standing RIP

  • dqbetts05 gaming
    dqbetts05 gaming 4 days ago +1

    9/11 never forget 🙁

  • Crazy Princess Mero
    Crazy Princess Mero 5 days ago

    Watch this

  • Crystal Reynolds
    Crystal Reynolds 7 days ago

    Rip all the lives who was lost except for the people who did it I hope they went too hell

  • Rocco Berkey
    Rocco Berkey 8 days ago

    My dad is a firefighter and survived this he saved a lot of lives Rest In Peace everyone

  • Althea Taruc
    Althea Taruc 9 days ago

    Its been 18 years but its like yesterday

  • Amanda muthalovin Manning

    Hurting because I mean....well look. She ain't exactly skinny. Best work out she ever had in her life.

  • Hello._. Itzmeh
    Hello._. Itzmeh 10 days ago

    The people in 2001 didn't relize this was going to happen. I feel bad for those who went away it hurts me

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 14 days ago

    August 15,1096, december 28,1949, may 4,1970, august 16,1777, june 7,1944, november 11,1918, may 30,1868, december 7,1941, september 11,2001 dark days.

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 15 days ago

    December 28,1949. August 16,1777, June 6,1944, May 4, 1970, November 11, 1918, May 30, 1868, December 7,1941, September 11,2001.

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 15 days ago

    August 15,1096.

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 15 days ago

    September 11,2001.

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 15 days ago

    December 7,1941.

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 15 days ago

    December 28,1949

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 15 days ago

    June 6,1944.

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 15 days ago

    August 16,1777.

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 15 days ago

    May 4,1970.

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 15 days ago

    November 11, 1918

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 15 days ago

    May 30,1868.

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 15 days ago

    Happy patriots day!

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 15 days ago

    Flight 93 the plane that fought back.

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 15 days ago

    9/11 was like any morning. May god be with you on 9/11.

  • perfect frame! #1
    perfect frame! #1 16 days ago +2

    My prayers are with anyone affected by 9/11, accept for anyone who had something to do with the attack.

  • FxIDXNI Dani
    FxIDXNI Dani 16 days ago

    My dad....

  • eryk gee
    eryk gee 18 days ago

    Pearl harbor remembrance day and 9/11 are horrible events. Like veterans day and memorial day d-day bennington battle day kent shootings remembrance day tisha'va holocaust remembrance day.

  • Tamara Kacsala
    Tamara Kacsala 18 days ago

    R. I. P to those who died. It is so disgusting that they died because of those stupid terrorists. They had families and none of the people deserved to experience it as they did nothing wrong. I honestly have no clue what was going on in the terrorists' minds, like why the hell did so many innocent people have to die?

  • Rae Little
    Rae Little 18 days ago

    Because your a fat bitch

  • Cheese burger Waterburger

    If been watching these videos and I’m crying over every one

  • orange bird
    orange bird 22 days ago

    My dad said when he was driving to the bookstore he worked at, in the distance he saw the towers on fire.

  • 阿迪达斯·斯巴达AdidasSpartan

    RIP Pops... 😣

  • Infzrno
    Infzrno 26 days ago +1

    I love her New York accent. ☺️ RIP to all victims of 9/11. 😢

  • KDOG
    KDOG 27 days ago +1

    A strong gas smell on the 35th floor? Deformed elevator doors?? That's not the plane impact darling. That's the nanothermite charges taking out the core.

    • Karlow Alderam
      Karlow Alderam 19 days ago

      KDOG Another fellow well researched man I see! Dancing Israelis!
      We are in the minority. Normie people can’t comprehend how great the deception goes...

    THE CLARK KING 27 days ago

    Wow I hope The terrorist are happy now that they killed 2,000 + 1000 fire men and police officers stay away from our country ❤️❤️ R.I.P everyone who past my brother past away and I hope the terrorist are still burning in hell

  • Ahenze Accessories
    Ahenze Accessories 29 days ago

    This is heartbreaking to imagine, Humans definitely will destroy this world. May the dead R.I.P 🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗

  • B H
    B H Month ago +1

    Who took the photos???

  • bluedemon218
    bluedemon218 Month ago +1

    What bothers me, though it doesn't relate to this Specific video, is that Almost everyone has now think Pearl Harbor never happened or as if it the attack was just an everyday Homicide.
    *my statement mainly attacks documentaries that talk about 9/11*

    • Karlow Alderam
      Karlow Alderam 19 days ago

      bluedemon218 FDR and his circle of cronies instigated Japan go attack Peal Harbor. The 9/11 official story is total bullshit, lies and inconsistencies everywhere if you have the mind to discern it..

  • Keeran Bansraj
    Keeran Bansraj Month ago

    Rest in peace to all the friends, relatives and loved ones who didn't make it😭🙏🏻💔❤️

  • GerbilKicker
    GerbilKicker Month ago

    From Israel, with love.

  • Bianca Martinez
    Bianca Martinez Month ago

    My uncle was on the highest floor 😞 he was a jumper :(

  • Annaleigh Oldroyd
    Annaleigh Oldroyd Month ago

    I’m proud of this girl xx

  • FettyBettyAndJozee
    FettyBettyAndJozee Month ago

    While this was happening my cousin was celebrating her birthday..

  • Kat C
    Kat C Month ago +1

    Look up "William Rodriguez 9/11" TVclip video, Rebekah Roth Methodical Deception and Methodical Illusion both on TVclip and books. Tha rabbit hole is extensive, start with those. Then look at the scientists interviews, demo specialists, firemen and survivors interviews. Investigate the characteristics of nano-thermite and who makes it. The wing of the Pentagon that was blown had been conveniently emptied of personnel so they could coincidentally do some construction work. No clear video has yet been released of that strike, the flipping most secure building in the nation! If you care about the people lost that day, the boys sent off to war that were shipped back in boxes, the innocent people they bombed and shot do the research. Look at the software that allowed the planes to be taken over and remotely flown from the ground. The transponders went silent their signals transferred to decoy planes that manuvered as seasoned pilots would find impossible to do into the buildings while the hijacked planes were landed at an emptied base, cell calls were made that were not possible at altitude, then they were killed and disposed of. Why was the site cleared immediately before an actual investigation could be done, the metal shipped overseas to be melted down? Evidence of the indescrepancies between the story and the science needed to dissapear, but they didn't cover all of their tracks. Why were there already personnel in NYC on "emergency training exercises" Why were our F16's sent AWAY from NYC when the hijacks were reported and redirected only after both planes had hit? Everyone should care and do their own research or we'll see it happen again.

  • Esai Ramirez
    Esai Ramirez Month ago

    Yo she had me dead when she said Lord i know your busy right now 🤣🤣🤣

  • Louise Bailey
    Louise Bailey Month ago

    I m so sorry

  • Tiratahi Stevenson
    Tiratahi Stevenson Month ago +1

    آسف لول على ذلك

  • suzanne schulz
    suzanne schulz Month ago

    You are one lucky woman! Amen I am sorry you had to endure this. Rip to all who didn't make it.

  • P Walls
    P Walls Month ago

    9/11 now has double meaning for me. In addition to the horrific events of that day in 2001, my father dropped dead of a massive stroke 16 years later on 9/11/2017. Just moments before he died, he and I were discussing the events of that day, exactly 16 years earlier. He had no idea that his family was about to endure their own 9/11. What a horrific day all the way around. Each September 11th, I always say a prayer for the lives lost and families shattered on 9/11/01. Now I do so while kneeling at his grave. If my father could communicate with me from the other side, he would say "do not make the day about me. Still continue to remember those who lost their lives many years earlier".

  • Ghost Dog
    Ghost Dog Month ago

    really? you cut her off dead in the middle of her speech?? good editing... not.

  • Evelyne Maurandy
    Evelyne Maurandy Month ago

    It breaks my heart that Cardi Bs music videos (no disrespect to her) are number 1 on trending but this isn’t.......

  • Evelyne Maurandy
    Evelyne Maurandy Month ago

    It breaks my heart that Cardi Bs music videos (no disrespect to her) are number 1 on trending but this isn’t.......

  • Polly Anderson
    Polly Anderson Month ago +2

    Oh ! Are we still pretending that the official story is true?

    • Polly Anderson
      Polly Anderson Month ago +1

      Kat C :
      I have tried for almost 2 decades and I have watched these Deep State criminals kill millions in the name of America in the process.
      The American people don’t seem to care.
      Evil and ignorance have taken over.
      At this point ;
      only God almighty can save us.
      And so ... I pray.

    • Kat C
      Kat C Month ago

      @Polly Anderson If the public can sleep through that we're doomed. We need to wake more souls.

    • Polly Anderson
      Polly Anderson Month ago +1

      Kat C :
      Anyone that can think logically and think for themselves knows that .
      But apparently a great many people think that ignoring what they can see with their own eyes and every lie that was told since will benefit them in some way .
      Personally, I have a very bad feeling about it.
      And I have for a very ,very long time .

    • Kat C
      Kat C Month ago

      Anyone that does any research can easily find the science reveals the lies we were sold. It was an inside job, false flag attack. Follow the money trail. Where did the thermite come from? It is US military grade. Fires continued to burn under water. Fireman's boot soles melted weeks into working on the pile. 9 seconds before the first plane hit there was an explosion on a floor below ground level that skinned a mans arms like sleeves. It was recorded, you can hear the explosion, then the plane hit. Cell phones do not work at altitude, the calls were made from the ground while other planes were flown into the towers. Do the research. Those towers dropped at free fall speeds into their own footprints. Everyone in the trade interviewed agrees they were prewired and dropped, professionally. Tower 7 was not hit by a plane, they reported it down before they "pulled" it. Cars a half mile away burned and continued to melt with no fire present. Do the research. America sacrificed those people as an excuse to go to war to secure oil fields for profit. Bush knew it, that's why he always had that big grin on his face like he had gotten away with something huge, he had. Look up the insurance policy alterations to include terrorism a month prior. Look up the airline stock trades right before. Look at the behavior of the leaseholder who was nowhere near the buildings on that day when he usually was. Do the research.

  • Ist egal wie ich heiße

    Everytime i‘m in Newyork I Go to the Memorial and just Pray for the heroes

  • Paulette Little
    Paulette Little Month ago

    I was traumatized I was 36 years old when that happened I love in new Jersey rite next door to new York city in Newark I was watching tv I was off from work that nite b4 I work in a hospital u no I could never go in a tall building since that day and I don't very very sad 😣😣

  • Juliet the hooded alchemist


  • Warlord Of The Infernal

    This woman is not telling the truth

  • mrpeastepie 69
    mrpeastepie 69 Month ago

    Is anyone here american

  • chad sullivan
    chad sullivan Month ago +1

    Rip grandpa😭😭😭😭

    • Kunta Kinte
      Kunta Kinte Month ago

      Why would you want to RIP your grandpa? Is he made of paper?🥳🥳🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🐸🐸

  • 98765432 1
    98765432 1 Month ago +1

    You sound so scared just telling the story again stay strong💪🏼

  • Edwin Jiao
    Edwin Jiao Month ago

    Just go to the top of the roof and jump off when it all collapses
    Boom your safe