When BTS Can't Stop Laughing Kpop [VGK]

  • Published on Mar 13, 2018
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Comments • 820

  • pooja Ale
    pooja Ale 11 days ago

    laughing best all.
    I loved v

  • Hazid Ain
    Hazid Ain 23 days ago

    Bts saranghae 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    You all so cute and funny

  • My Loptop&phone screen BTS V KimTaeHyung

    0:13 i think that in short movie #HOUSE OF ARMY when jin's was banana head😂😂

  • Lauryn Brianna
    Lauryn Brianna 29 days ago

    I LOVE that RIGHT at :30, you see one of their managers pointing and laughing at Kook too since he came in last. I just LOVE how they're all a big family.

  • Camelia R Regina
    Camelia R Regina Month ago

    I love the part where jin&j-hope meditate so that they can stop laughing

  • Jazz Pd
    Jazz Pd Month ago

    Have you noticed how MANY times BTS cannot stop laughing is basically Jiminie cannot stop laughing?!!!!

  • Rawan mohammad
    Rawan mohammad Month ago

    Jimin he can't stop

  • Maria Aparecida
    Maria Aparecida 2 months ago

    They're so cute and fanny 😍💜😂

  • Nathalia Dhanraj
    Nathalia Dhanraj 2 months ago

    I hate snakeu

  • Ann Lilly
    Ann Lilly 3 months ago

    no one noticed that jungkook was still lying on the floor and laughed 1:40

  • lucia ladra
    lucia ladra 3 months ago

    I think the title would jimin's laugh.... I love the two when laughing timw

  • VLSK can make it
    VLSK can make it 3 months ago

    When 'v' laugh at 2:45

  • eden lin
    eden lin 3 months ago

    ...and when they laugh they often fell on the floor esp Jimin.hahahaha

  • Jennie kim
    Jennie kim 4 months ago +1

    What title is in 0:00

  • starlight tears
    starlight tears 4 months ago

    Can anyone tell me where is the first clip from like when they laugh at themselves seeing them on stage?

  • Rabi Az
    Rabi Az 4 months ago

    What video is 2:40 from?

  • Malak The Super
    Malak The Super 4 months ago

    They laugh i laugh

  • Hazid Ain
    Hazid Ain 5 months ago


  • kikuno matayoshi
    kikuno matayoshi 5 months ago

    I’m so happy when they are laughing 💕😊💕

  • winter bear
    winter bear 6 months ago

    *Windshield laugh*

  • Rainbow Kitty
    Rainbow Kitty 6 months ago

    0:19 i love how Jimin falls over laughing. he's adorable!

  • pranita kampelli
    pranita kampelli 6 months ago

    I also can't stop laughing after see this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Deelilah Harvey
    Deelilah Harvey 6 months ago


  • Amrutha Bts-army
    Amrutha Bts-army 6 months ago

    Rapmon at 7:37 made me laugh soo hard 😂🤣🤣

  • Amrutha Bts-army
    Amrutha Bts-army 6 months ago

    At 1:10 what's the show name? Pls anyone tell me

  • Sudip Roy
    Sudip Roy 6 months ago

    I can only hear Jin😂😂😂💜💜💜

  • Rodelyn Nieves
    Rodelyn Nieves 6 months ago

    I was smiling the whole video. 😄

  • Sabu Antony
    Sabu Antony 6 months ago

    8:28 me during every very serious moment

    JUNGKOOK BAE 6 months ago


  • Priya Jagday
    Priya Jagday 6 months ago

    7:32 I love this part 😄

  • Lindsey Moran
    Lindsey Moran 8 months ago

    The rubber ducky noises in these videos cracks me up.

  • Pen2x Galao
    Pen2x Galao 8 months ago

    Jin's laugh is life😍😍😍😁😆😁😆

  • Kim Noona
    Kim Noona 8 months ago

    I love watch your video

  • Shubhangi Singh
    Shubhangi Singh 8 months ago +2

    These boys are so extraaaaaaaaaa 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Kasey Kim
    Kasey Kim 8 months ago

    넘 웃겨 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • umaithurai priyanka
    umaithurai priyanka 8 months ago

    The video really made me my day thank u so much for this beautiful vedio!! And can someone tell me at what vcr thy are reacting in the very first video clip in this video

  • Jin sculpted face and Dorito body

    hey who is guy with all black in the thumbnail?

  • Tweety
    Tweety 8 months ago

    1:04 6:48 which interview?

  • Amal Wajid
    Amal Wajid 9 months ago

    6:08- 6:12 is it only me or jimin really looked handsome???♥♥♥

  • Haise
    Haise 9 months ago

    7:44 it made my day so funny cause when i was in school we had a groupings a girl named lara wanted to choose our team but then a girl named francine wanted lara to be in their group and one of my bff is in Francine's team so later whenthe top five has been awarded my bff said what was our score i said 60 then i asked them what is there score then i heard francine called my bff and give him a no sign then they keep passing on letter on a paper then lara saw her name in the paper so when lara and i know what happened we started saying it to our leader a girl named angel because angel says before the groupings lara here but then lara want our group so she came to our group after that all angel is watching a boy named kenshin doing the dare then we all stared laughing but then i heard francine being angry and i heard her said "ahas" which mean in english or maybe close to it is like shes trying to say i hate you or like you're a traitor after that we talk about they say to me that just dont talk to for just a couple of hours so i think that shes right if i keep talking to my bff well you know francine so i was sad becausethat i didn't talk to my bff and i said sorry after i go home suffering from tears and after that jin said stob it it made me laughed so long like 5 minutes or more just so long and i fogot what happened earlier sorry if its too long

  • Min Hope
    Min Hope 9 months ago

    7:01 gODDAMM

  • Jacqueline O.
    Jacqueline O. 9 months ago

    Ah, is it just me, or does J-Hope look extra zaddy at 03:57, strutting through that field?

  • Emilie Nunya
    Emilie Nunya 9 months ago +2

    Friend: Would you slap your bias for $100
    Me: 1:39

  • sam shana
    sam shana 10 months ago

    Oh no lollll my stomach hurting me.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Suho Lee
    Suho Lee 10 months ago

    8:28 he is spraying the windows

  • StOb It KiTtY
    StOb It KiTtY 10 months ago +2

    Jin jimin and jhope laugh with all their heart... It's sooooooo soothing to watch them...

    MUNIRA MOOSAJEE 10 months ago

    3:19 the younger ones are DYING lol, i replayed this soo many times

  • AGraceT
    AGraceT 10 months ago

    One day dance practice is still the best laugh!

  • Jackie Vasquez
    Jackie Vasquez 10 months ago

    Taehyungs laugh is so funny at 6:23

  • loshav3abdul
    loshav3abdul 10 months ago

    Omg wait noooo why did it finish so fast!!!!!!!!!!! I was laughing my ass off

  • Keerthana Nair
    Keerthana Nair 10 months ago

    Tae tae laughing had me crying... 😂

  • Jin Forever
    Jin Forever 10 months ago +2

    Jin jin💞😂

  • Seohyun forever
    Seohyun forever 10 months ago +2

    Jin is so cute while laughing😂

  • maegan
    maegan 10 months ago

    which video is the first clip?

  • Call Me AlexX -K-pop fan
    Call Me AlexX -K-pop fan 10 months ago

    Wow tae barely smacked suga 😂

  • Jorsia Beauty97
    Jorsia Beauty97 10 months ago


  • Queen Roxy
    Queen Roxy 11 months ago +3

    That laugh at 3:20 that JHope did, i feel out my chair laughing along😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sofia Emilia Galindo Maldonado

    Te amo BTS

  • Cam Army-mochi
    Cam Army-mochi 11 months ago

    I really like their laugh voice !!😆😆😂😂💓💓