Nancy Pelosi Announces Plans To Proceed With Trump's Impeachment | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls for articles of impeachment against President Trump a day after three constitutional scholars testified about his actions before Congress.
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Comments • 257

  • Comedy Central UK
    Comedy Central UK  Month ago +34

    What did you think of the congressman asking the law professionals who voted for?

    • Naomi Zimik
      Naomi Zimik Month ago

      Just shows what an idiot they are...!!!😂😂😂

    • lacountess
      lacountess Month ago

      @manofsan When did Democrats present articles of impeachment before this? Are you rewriting history ala Fox News? This is the first time they have done it and it's because evidence is overwhelming. When it wasn't (like in the Mueller probe case) they didn't go for impeachment so what's your point? If Republicans can demand a president's impeachment over having an affair and not respect his election into the office, they should stop being hypocrites 25 years later and throw a tantrum over Democrats wanting to impeach a president over treason and bribery.

    • BigDaddyEddy
      BigDaddyEddy Month ago

      manofsan No, thats exactly what challenging means. We are not a dictatorship. Every hint of misconduct have to be investigated. That’s their job.
      There were just two incidents: Russian interference in 2016 and the Ukraine affair. Both investigations were legit. I personally would also investigate the Syrian retreat.
      The russian interference was proven right. Yet just a direct link to the president couldn’t be provided. The Ukraine affair was also proven right, with a direct link to the president.
      So I truely ask you, why are you defending, what seems to be, a highly criminal and morally unfit president?!
      There are definitely better candidates for presidency in the Republican Party. So what’s up?!

    • Rayzersword
      Rayzersword Month ago +1

      It is strange how many Trump supporters replied to this with their imagined "expert legal opinions" what a bunch of whiny children.

    • manofsan
      manofsan Month ago

      @lacountess impeachment is not meant to be used frivolously, for partisan political reasons. Dems be like "Let's impeach on this! Oh no, that didn't work - so now let's impeach him on this other thing!" Dems are just trying to impeach for the sake of impeaching. They just want to use impeachment to overturn election results they didn't like. For a democracy to work, when you lose an election you accept your loss gracefully and don't try further stunts to overturn that election.

  • macabner olivar
    macabner olivar 28 days ago

    It's so amazing watching this video when the Democrats were starting to dig their own graveyard in US politics. The boomerang effect would follow naturally thereafter...where the real issue was the scandal of the Bidens...and we'll see the future history at the start of 2020. Nice show Mr. Trevor!

  • Clare Tucker
    Clare Tucker Month ago

    Nancy and The Giant Peach !

  • Daniël van Ginkel
    Daniël van Ginkel Month ago

    'Sober Lucille Bluth' :'D

  • G- Her
    G- Her Month ago

    Today, the republican party as a whole looks event worst than Trump to me. Trump is just one crazy dude. They are an organized party, and yet, they are completely out of reality! It feels like they are so desperate that they are ready to use any mean they think of, no matter how crazy. They don't even realize how far gone they are. And that is deeply disturbing! Sanity of power and democracy is truly at risk here. Even if the democrats take power again. Because you need a healthy opposition to keep the power in check.

  • Andrew Faraday
    Andrew Faraday Month ago +10

    There's something alarming about that whole voting question.

  • SwedishStudios Gaming
    SwedishStudios Gaming Month ago +1

    Ok Boomer!

  • HappyDude
    HappyDude Month ago +2

    Nancy sounds and looks like a giant cigarette 😁

    • Willskull
      Willskull Month ago

      @HappyDude Now you know how you sound

    • HappyDude
      HappyDude Month ago

      She's dead you idiot

    • Willskull
      Willskull Month ago

      So does your mom!

  • Rick
    Rick Month ago

    I always get a sense of the movie Purge when Nancy Pelosi talks...

  • sulema leon
    sulema leon Month ago

    Bernie 2020!!! Only one with a plan.....Warren will sell out to Wall Street.....Biden is Wall Street if we want OUR country back Bernie is the only way.....Pete will be a puppet for the billionaires, he is not true to his word. Media has a block , blackout Bernie Sanders , no one talks about Bernie on the news he is only number 2 in polling if not number one. Why is the media so quite getting paid big bucks for the blackout of Bernie

  • Kayla McAllister
    Kayla McAllister Month ago

    Gotta love that they chose the flimsy phonecall as impeachment. Instead of the consentration camps, or the disregard for Congress's orders and continued to supply weapons to saudi. And if not worse, starting a new war without approval for saudi.

  • Saebo Forex
    Saebo Forex Month ago

    Trevor can do an excellent vocal Trump impression. I don't know why he goes for the baby impression. It really isn't funny, a bit cringy even

  • Dee Richardson
    Dee Richardson Month ago

    DJT GFO!!!!

  • Grumpy Oldfart
    Grumpy Oldfart Month ago

    It's facts not facks you uneducated republicans.

  • Shinjini Mukherjee
    Shinjini Mukherjee Month ago

    You know you're desperate when you blame Harvard and Stanford law schools during an interview about impeachment proceedings.

  • Logan
    Logan Month ago

    I want Trump to be the President forever! And when he dies, we will upload his brain into a computer, so that he may continue. We can't afford to lose him! Think about what the consequences for our late night comedy hosts will be like! Humor will never be the same with out our dear Donald.

  • Henley JJ
    Henley JJ Month ago +1

    How come you guys didn’t show what the 4th legal scholar Jonathan Turley had to say during the hearing?

    • Peter Pan
      Peter Pan Month ago +1

      trevor also stated only 3 scholars present for the hearing. guess CC is owend by cnn

  • James Duncan
    James Duncan Month ago

    Trump is your President 🇦🇺🇺🇸

  • Haresh Kumar
    Haresh Kumar Month ago


  • 金子みどり
    金子みどり Month ago

  • Femi
    Femi Month ago

    The real question is should Law professionals come at the behest of the Democrats to give their opinions on a Republican President?
    Where we honestly going to expect law professionals invited by Democrats to give an opinion unbiased and different from what the Democrats want to hear?

  • Twinsal
    Twinsal Month ago

    We need to elect Captain America !

  • SydMint
    SydMint Month ago

    Is it a prerequisite to get a lobotomy if you become a republican senator ? :P 😂😂😂

  • Hop Dong
    Hop Dong Month ago

    As if you can get in harvard , newflash old guy is very hard to get in, u can't even if you try

  • Mario Gomes
    Mario Gomes Month ago +1

    3 corrupt prof. vomitted hatred for trump. And this was supposed to be a witness trial!

    • Tawake Tuitokatuadua
      Tawake Tuitokatuadua Month ago +2

      Witness trials? Witnesses aren't tried, and the actual trial will be conducted by the Senate. I'm not American and I know that.

    • Hop Dong
      Hop Dong Month ago

      funny how everyone is out to get trump, i have a crackhead friend who also think everyone is out to get him

  • r s
    r s Month ago

    Youre a hack Noah. Youre not funny and a lib muppet for the evil dems.

  • Brother Spartacus
    Brother Spartacus Month ago +1

    There's an elderly judge on the supreme court, if you find out who it is you'll find out the reason for impeachment.

  • Silas Creel
    Silas Creel Month ago

    Trevor go back to South Africa, we don’t need you here.

  • Phillip Pearl
    Phillip Pearl Month ago

    President Pence. Hahahaha

  • Phantom Lancers
    Phantom Lancers Month ago

    dont worry, no impeachment will happen. trump will win again 2020

  • Somebody Why you bother

    Just a political theatre

  • pavan kumar
    pavan kumar Month ago +1

    it's not just people in power. literally no one has the right to ask you who you voted for. That rule is one of the supporting pillars of democracy. The moment that guy asked that question, democracy died.

  • Kristina W
    Kristina W Month ago

    Don't worry if you love america and are related to anyone in the republican congress you wont have the scores to go to either Harvard or Stanford. You will have to rely upon your parents' connections (which will work fine).

    • Hop Dong
      Hop Dong Month ago

      nah your parent will have to be super rich for that to happen

  • steve mwangi
    steve mwangi Month ago

    Trump is not going anywhere . And he will still win next 2020 election .This impeachment bs just to give the liberals false hope until next year election .

    • Hop Dong
      Hop Dong Month ago

      Why would that be bs? you telling me is ok to be a criminal and run a country at the same time?

  • SoulEnthusiast
    SoulEnthusiast Month ago +1

    Sober Lucille 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭🤣🤣. I can't unsee it!

  • SillyRabbit Sillyrabbit

    2:11 What? Those are no experts. pls these are proper experts

  • 조성우
    조성우 Month ago +2

    Trump made America weak again..... no allies, no peace, no dignity..... WORST~!

    • Toby Hawke
      Toby Hawke 17 days ago

      조성우 As an Australian I beg to differ. The economic and military relationships between America and Australia has never been stronger.

  • Violeta D
    Violeta D Month ago +1

    Why because none of them went to Harvard and Stanford and went only to Arizona State.

    • Big Draco
      Big Draco Month ago

      Violeta D ”I love the poorly educated”
      Donald Trump



  • D K
    D K Month ago

    Gaetz explodes at impeachment witnesses

  • Amani Ndoroma
    Amani Ndoroma Month ago


  • D K
    D K Month ago

    Why didn't you show those 3 hacks being destoryed by GOP questioning? They were completely discredited :)

    • Anthony Yalon
      Anthony Yalon Month ago

      @steve mwangi lol pretty sure they aren't whinning about who won the elections in 2016 buddy. Trump's made America look bad. Most 'intelligent' Americans don't like that.

    • steve mwangi
      steve mwangi Month ago

      Its CNN .... liberal have never accepted trump won

  • D.W.
    D.W. Month ago

    3:48 Look at the picture, and tell me you don't see Boris from Legend of Zelda.

  • Jack the Lad
    Jack the Lad Month ago +2

    This isn't comedy. All comments against this video have been deleted.

    • Davis Carl
      Davis Carl Month ago

      Chad! we forgot one here, gotta be squeaky Chad

    • NyJoanzy
      NyJoanzy Month ago

      Not this one.
      They're trying to make you look crazy, mate.

  • Jarod Gordon
    Jarod Gordon Month ago +2

    GOP = anti-intellectualism

  • Peelioka
    Peelioka Month ago

    Why isn't this an independent system? For that matter why isn't the US supreme court independent? I don't understand how a first world country is so backwards judicially

  • jaygo007008
    jaygo007008 Month ago

    Shadowbann You all

  • Chain5'9s
    Chain5'9s Month ago +4

    its weird how republicans are less than animals... its a little sad

  • Betty PVP
    Betty PVP Month ago +1

  • imascreamingtiger
    imascreamingtiger Month ago +2

    I've never watched more politics in my life until Trump came in though

    • Big Draco
      Big Draco Month ago

      imascreamingtiger you can't catch a break lol. it's always BREAKING NEWS. The guy is so active, a new scandal every week

  • acer2hahaha
    acer2hahaha Month ago +2

    I love Pelosi

  • Paul Kelly
    Paul Kelly Month ago +1

    Seems every individual is stuck in their own reality loop. Hope and a dream is the only thing for it.

  • Gerardo Piedras
    Gerardo Piedras Month ago +1

    Trump will be saved by the US Senate because democrats don't have a majority there. It'd take at least 20 republican senators voting againts Trump for the impeachment and that's not gonna happen.

  • olivia moore
    olivia moore Month ago

    See this rebels called speaker. Your planneds failed

  • Zain Amjad
    Zain Amjad Month ago +20

    Why is no one talking about Trevor's Christopher Waltz impression 😂

  • Mia M.
    Mia M. Month ago +2

    After listening to those Congress people, I feel so inteligente 🤓

  • Missy ArSan
    Missy ArSan Month ago +38

    Harvard and Stanford should sue this guy for saying this..

    • Big Draco
      Big Draco Month ago +1

      Missy ArSan and thinking a parent can stop an 18-year-old from picking the university they want lol. It's 2019 not 1955

  • pereiramariana35
    pereiramariana35 Month ago +19

    john oliver is gonna eat himself up for being on vacation for this

  • pereiramariana35
    pereiramariana35 Month ago +6

    american politics is the best telenovela ive ever seen, specially this trump season

    • Alain Niko
      Alain Niko Month ago

      Me too, When I want to laugh I watch Trump and Trevor .

    • pereiramariana35
      pereiramariana35 Month ago

      @Sascha Rouillon im just glad i dont live there, its not much different from tv where im at

    • Sascha Rouillon
      Sascha Rouillon Month ago

      pereiramariana35 I’ve laughed my way through episode after episode but I am hoping it isn’t picked up for another season! 😱