What Happens If You DON'T Kill The Final Gunslinger In Red Dead Redemption 2? (RDR2)

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • What Happens If You DON'T Kill The Final Gunslinger In Red Dead Redemption 2? (RDR2)
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    In today’s Red Dead Redemption 2 video - We're going to find out if there is a SECRET OUTCOME by NOT killing Jim Boy Calloway and disarming him instead!
    Disarm The Gunslingers:
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    Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻
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  • MrBossFTW
    MrBossFTW  Month ago +26

    What Happens If You DON'T Kill The Final Gunslinger In Red Dead Redemption 2? (RDR2)

    • G O D
      G O D Month ago

      Do you read the amount of negative comments you have MrBossFTW

    • Devin Cornell
      Devin Cornell Month ago

      @Jamir Baker but he is right

    • Samuel Hwang
      Samuel Hwang Month ago

      Um, he has to die otherwise there's no story to write and lie about. Good video though.


      @MrHotPocket YT No he isn't.

    • Crypt1c Killer
      Crypt1c Killer Month ago

      TERRENCE CASTONGUAY is like to see you make better content

  • chaconine_ potatoes
    chaconine_ potatoes 12 days ago

    U know this guy finds watching paint dry interesting... 🤔

  • Brayden Sampson
    Brayden Sampson 22 days ago

    Mrbossftw makes good content ( secret outcome )

  • Skeleton Entertainment
    Skeleton Entertainment 24 days ago +1

    So what's all this talk about fake bots and parody names?

  • Joaquin Moreno
    Joaquin Moreno 26 days ago +1

    I’ve meet wondering something about red dead as it is in the past where they don’t have the cure of tuberculosis. What if you visit the time travel when Arthur is really sick might he leave a cure as he is from the future as he might have putty of Arthur? I don’t know but just gotta try I guess

  • takizoli
    takizoli Month ago

    So what does happen when you start it as Arthur but finish it as John?

  • Troy Travis
    Troy Travis Month ago

    What happens if MrBossFTW releases a video with actual content or information?
    Secret outcome.
    Answer: World explodes!

  • Hisham Osman
    Hisham Osman Month ago

    will Jim boy Calloway his gun written on dog eat dog but rockstar didn’t say it in English

  • jesse kimsey
    jesse kimsey Month ago +3

    Hey mr boss, what happens if you have on god mode in the finale mission of the game when arthur fights micah?

    • Monsters Rule
      Monsters Rule 29 days ago

      Nothing arthur would still die because its a cutscene, BUT if you have godmode on the mission American venom then there's some dialogue and movements that you wouldn't normally be able to see

  • MeKeTo
    MeKeTo Month ago +1


  • Jaguarlibre 7
    Jaguarlibre 7 Month ago

    May I ask what if you never get arrested unless you get arrested in the main story

  • Orlando Power
    Orlando Power Month ago

    Literally just tells us the plot of the missions then all the cutscenes after the gunslingers and in the end he just kills him there is NO point of watching this tbh.

  • Linda Corley
    Linda Corley Month ago

    What happen if you play as Dutch in the final mission

  • Linda Corley
    Linda Corley Month ago

    Tony Chelone

  • Adnan Mohamed
    Adnan Mohamed Month ago

    How to die. (Secret outcome)

  • Erik Allen
    Erik Allen Month ago

    The mission just fails. I can’t believe he managed to make a 14 minute video out of this.

  • Yusef Aryan
    Yusef Aryan Month ago

    Hey I hope you read this, What'll happen if you take Slim Grant's body to the State marshal office in Annesburg

  • Jesseca Lang
    Jesseca Lang Month ago +1

    You’re the best TVclip in the world

  • John QPublic
    John QPublic Month ago

    How the hell is John marston doing this!?

  • Tom Gready
    Tom Gready Month ago +1

    I shot him in the leg and he just stood there moaning and groaning

  • navy jadhulla
    navy jadhulla Month ago

    u just ran out of content

  • trap doc
    trap doc Month ago

    This dude is so pathetic

  • Timo Denzi
    Timo Denzi Month ago +1

    Up next: what happens if Arthur Morgan rides a horse? Followed by what happens when he draws a gun? Who do these videos cater to people who've never played the game????

  • Blah blah blah
    Blah blah blah Month ago +2


  • leon xxl
    leon xxl Month ago +2

    I just got my PS4 with GTA 5 AND RDR2

  • Daniel Boon
    Daniel Boon Month ago +1

    Omg why is this guys stuff so trash and drug along. He brings stuff you always want to know or are trying to figure out, and none of the video even shows how, where, or what to do. Just junk. How do I get this to never show up on my feed or searches again.

  • Tyler
    Tyler Month ago +6

    14:44 Best part

  • Kennric 23
    Kennric 23 Month ago +3

    Hi so I've just noticed that you can save arthurs money throughout the Pig Farm but ive done it aleready. so is there Any different way or a way to get the mission back without doing the whole game again

    • Tlknghds•1980
      Tlknghds•1980 Month ago

      @Kennric 23 okay, first, im mexican, my name is arabian except for my surname and i sometimes dont understand some stuff, so apologies

    • Kennric 23
      Kennric 23 Month ago

      @Tlknghds•1980 ?? I cant doit because ive already did it thats to really nice. Do u even speak english? ur name sounds like some guy from Guarma

    • Tlknghds•1980
      Tlknghds•1980 Month ago

      @Kennric 23 oh okay, nice find

    • Kennric 23
      Kennric 23 Month ago

      @Tlknghds•1980 yeah but as i said ive already visited the aberdeen pig farm in chapter 2

    • Tlknghds•1980
      Tlknghds•1980 Month ago

      Edepot, right? You saw it on edepot's channel

  • TheproGamer _
    TheproGamer _ Month ago

    Damn you really are so greedy for views

  • Ethanbloodytail
    Ethanbloodytail Month ago +1

    Its simple you dont kill calloway you dont get his op schofield

  • Dutch van der Linde
    Dutch van der Linde Month ago +2

    I told you arthur, A PLAN !

  • Toasty Melons
    Toasty Melons Month ago +5

    14:44 here’s a favor

  • Jay Girdwood
    Jay Girdwood Month ago

    Same news different TVclipr

  • Elvis Heather
    Elvis Heather Month ago +2

    What happens if you jump of a cliff

    (strange mans identity found)!

  • orchy 123
    orchy 123 Month ago

    It's same old rubbish

  • rich
    rich Month ago +2

    When tezfun2 has no guesses to plagiarise you get a what happens video from mrtoss.
    That's as far as his creative mind can stretch.
    He's got two settings. Steal or do the opposite of what the game tells you to do.

  • maximumnef
    maximumnef Month ago +2

    Nothing happens ur welcome

  • Jacob Grubb
    Jacob Grubb Month ago +2

    Spoiler. Nothing happens. This video is for nothing. Congratulations I saved your time so that it’s not wasted like mine was

  • Devin Cornell
    Devin Cornell Month ago

    Hey mr trash for the bin your vids suck and most of ur vids are a lie and it is annoying for u to do 2 or1 vids a day it interrupts my game im unsubscribeing have a trashy day mr.trash FTB

  • Regina Hall
    Regina Hall Month ago +4

    Hey I just found a large jewelry bag & money at Shady Belle Bday the tombstones. I looted a locked box

  • QueenLeahForever Miller

    you dont kill black belle

  • Requeal O'Shea
    Requeal O'Shea Month ago +1

    Do a video of what happens if you get inside of the house that micah is in in the beginning of mission 73

    • Tlknghds•1980
      Tlknghds•1980 Month ago

      I went there as Arthur and there's nothing before playing as John in the mission where you kill Micah.

  • Sadie Adler
    Sadie Adler Month ago +2

    Bro this could of been a 1 minute video. He is scripted to die. Just unistall rdr2 and GTA at this point we don't need you in the communities.

  • Marc
    Marc Month ago

    Just found a potential Easter egg. Upon renting the room at the St Denis saloon for the first time, I was confronted by a french woman who asks if you would like her to accompany you. Unfortunately wasn’t recording and pressed square too quickly which dismissed her. I’ve not managed to make this happen again

  • TMG
    TMG Month ago


    TOO DAMN SALTY Month ago +2

    Next up is how to install rdr2 and gta5 and make vids of it for 5 years and get 2.75 million subs out of no where

  • AliensAmoungUs
    AliensAmoungUs Month ago

    Cant you technically visit them in any order you chose? Just depends which picture you look at and in whichever order you look at the pictures will determine which gunslinger shows up on your map? You can look at all the pictures and all the locations will appear.

  • Random stuff of Gaming RG

    So nothing happens. The exact same outcome what everyone gets. ok.

  • Jensen Ackles
    Jensen Ackles Month ago +82

    Nothing happens except he kills you and you can either restart the mission or leave it your welcome thank me later

    • PhantumMagnus
      PhantumMagnus Month ago

      mestopheles369 ah is someone mad that everyone despises him has over 40 dislikes on his most popular vid

    • beyond ultragaming
      beyond ultragaming Month ago

      Find it holarious that he dies from being shot in the wrist😂

    • Grayson Tolsdorf
      Grayson Tolsdorf Month ago

      Thanks 👍

    • Flo Sal
      Flo Sal Month ago +6

      @Vincent Morgan i dont look till the end fool, i look at comments and see if its worth it, and right now its not. Im not guilty your life is so boring that you watch till the end

    • Vincent Morgan
      Vincent Morgan Month ago

      Both of y'all shut up, let's be honest the reason we watch till the end is because we all got nothing better to do, or we're stuck at a boring dinner with people

  • Christopher Attaway

    If you DON'T kill him, he kills you. Why is this even a video?

  • iiAdrixl
    iiAdrixl Month ago +2

    Next Video : What happens if you Kidnap the Sheriff?

    • Jensen Ackles
      Jensen Ackles Month ago

      Next video: what happens if you take a 💩 on jamir

  • Pedro Monteiro
    Pedro Monteiro Month ago

    10 seconds are for the main purpose and yet, everyone knew nothing happen

  • Mason Cardona
    Mason Cardona Month ago +22

    Not only do you NOT possess any good content to post - you have made bots to fake people supporting you. Stop being a pathetic person and learn how to adapt.

    • Devin Cornell
      Devin Cornell Month ago

      He is so gay that his content is so bad because gay is in his mind

    • Jensen Ackles
      Jensen Ackles Month ago +2

      Yeah they are mainly gta related because he claims that is the *best* game

    • Torminator XCM
      Torminator XCM Month ago +3

      Totally right. Easy to notice when they're either basic named accounts, or those fake parody accounts like Jimmy De Santa and Trevor Philips. He's hit the big low big time.

  • Crypt1c Killer
    Crypt1c Killer Month ago +1

    Any support would help

  • Torminator XCM
    Torminator XCM Month ago +5

    So many bots with basic names, so many fake parody accounts who say "❤ the video Ross!"
    Yup, you hit a long time low oh and by the way to all you folks who are trying to share links, this guy BLOCKED them so your links won't be shown that's all you need to know.

    • The Toxic Chanka
      The Toxic Chanka Month ago

      @mestopheles369 are you one of his bot accounts or are you a mindless 9 year old who doesn't understand how the world works yet

    • mestopheles369
      mestopheles369 Month ago

      @Nite in Rustee Armour then leave.

    • Angel Advances Gaming
      Angel Advances Gaming Month ago

      @Nite in Rustee Armour ahh when he used to make call of duty videos, those were good now he's just spamming and spamming endlessly of GTA and RDR2😐

    • Nite in Rustee Armour
      Nite in Rustee Armour Month ago

      it's so sad to see him used to be a decent TVclipr to a petty, money hungry TVclipr

  • The Great Skitimus
    The Great Skitimus Month ago +3

    Is Jamir Baker actually Ross? 😂

  • darkseid darkness
    darkseid darkness Month ago +26

    All his content is the same💀

    • rich
      rich Month ago

      Yep. Either regurgitate what tezfun2 says or do a what happens if video.

    • Rip Van Winkle
      Rip Van Winkle Month ago +3

      Content? Where?

    • Devin Cornell
      Devin Cornell Month ago


  • NO_ ChillZ
    NO_ ChillZ Month ago +11

    My mom tried saying your name (she's Mexican so she speaks Spanish) she said "miste bauss Fo" not tryna offend u

  • Latrix 94
    Latrix 94 Month ago +1

    Everyone unsub from this clown

  • Hydra Gaming PS4
    Hydra Gaming PS4 Month ago +8

    I played Russian roulette with no bullets

    (SeCrEt OuTcOmE)