Russian World Lesson 1 -Russian language lessons - Requested music change

  • Published on May 6, 2014
  • Text book and workbooks available on • Russian Face to Face by George W. Morris, Mark N. Vyatytnev and Lilia L. Vokhmina (Jan. 1, 1992) Book for Level 1 and Level 2 • Russian Face to Face Workbook Level 1 and Level 2 by George Morris and Zita Dabars (Jan. 1, 1995)

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  • Anas Syria
    Anas Syria Month ago

    Furnished the series back jn 2016 and it was very helpful.
    Thanks a lot Vera and Dimitry for everything! Hope you're doing well nowadays.

  • Awinash Biniwale
    Awinash Biniwale 10 months ago


  • Dimas de Jesus Veliz

    Hello Everyone and the best thanks to this lady professor Vera P. as well as for their team. I am, as any other person here a guy who has been studying Russian for some time of my life, using this course and some others, but this time the speech is directed to all of you, the new comers.
    This Russian course is the best you will ever find, is well structured and will provide you with all the necesary tools to strongly learn the language. Honestly the course is long, but there´s no way to improve the process if u really want to get know such a huge language, for saying.
    The professor is going to repeat several times the same info, but you will see what an important results it brings for the future as u keep going. She will be talking about a book, and I would say that this books helps a lot, but it is not sooo necessary, cuz is merely designed for a person with a full understanding of the English language at the time of explaining about pronunciation. Anyway, gonna say again, if u are looking for a course to learn and get into a new world, welcome to Russian World Lessons... Wanted to write this to give a grant to all the new students that the success is on this way.
    Thank you for this awesome trip u have given to me and so many people more. Greetings from Cuba.
    Have the book and some others in case some need

    • Peter C
      Peter C 11 months ago

      @Dimas de Jesus Veliz Spasibo vam bol'shoye!

    • Dimas de Jesus Veliz
      Dimas de Jesus Veliz 11 months ago

      @Peter C email me at dveliz900 on gmail :)

    • Peter C
      Peter C 11 months ago

      Actually, yes- I have been looking for the books online. Where can I get them without spending a fortune??

  • Muhamad Adel
    Muhamad Adel Year ago

    thank you very much you are amazing!!!

  • Ban Dar
    Ban Dar Year ago

    I love this Course she is patient and with this pace, it's a no brainer to Learn Russian, as English is my second language, I don't care about her accent, actually her accent helps me to know how does she pronounces the Cyrillic alphabet and differentiate it from the English language that I've learned first...

  • 24/7 Sylvia Plath

    don't forget to put 480p for a real Hd russian experience

  • mido hassan
    mido hassan 2 years ago +1

    thank you i now speak Russian good because of you i saw you from 3 years .. and now i speak Russian as native .. спасибо

  • David Essess
    David Essess 2 years ago

    very very good and effective, 👌

  • Sabrina Messenger
    Sabrina Messenger 2 years ago +2

    These videos have been very helpful in my quest to learn Russian. Thank you, Ms. Polykovna-Norwood.

  • Vicky Singh
    Vicky Singh 2 years ago

    can anyone help me to Hw i can pronun that word те, ти

    • Anas Syria
      Anas Syria Month ago

      Те : t-yeah
      Ти : tea

    • Schy Bux
      Schy Bux 2 years ago

      Vicky Singh те- tye (teeyeh) if it's emphasized, if not teh. ти- tee
      russians correct me if i'm wrong lol

  • magda panagiotarakoy
    magda panagiotarakoy 2 years ago +1

    i like your lesson very much.its very helpfull and you are great teacher,спасибо

  • russianwithrussian
    russianwithrussian 2 years ago +4

    *Nice video! In my channel Russian language learners can find some lessons for beginners too. Everybody is welcome!*

  • imran yuce
    imran yuce 2 years ago +1

    outstanding teacher :) thanks for your help

  • 无语魔理沙
    无语魔理沙 3 years ago

    Thanks for your lessons :-)

    • valdak sai
      valdak sai 3 years ago

      do you still learn if yes lets practice :) dude

  • j base acct
    j base acct 3 years ago +1

    Vera Norwood, you are such a good teacher!

    MORGONRAST 3 years ago +4

    At this pace, learning the whole language will take the rest of my life! спасибо до свидания!

    • Brent Arnold
      Brent Arnold 2 years ago

      It's a school. They want to milk all your money ; )

    • Don Mon
      Don Mon 3 years ago

      MORGONRAST lol

    JASON KALANI 3 years ago +5

    she has an undeniable southern accent...and it sounds weird

    • Ernesto Ezequiel Mármol
      Ernesto Ezequiel Mármol 8 months ago +1

      Is Dallas, TX to the North? Certainly not, it is to the South, right? OK. So, what kind of English accent should she was supposed to have? The southern accent, right? OK.

  • MehhMehh! me
    MehhMehh! me 4 years ago +2

    This video is great !

  • Aftab Sarwar
    Aftab Sarwar 4 years ago +1

    Madam very good job.your way of teaching is very good.

  • Vinci Andrés Belalcázar Yabur

    Thank you Dallas ISD for sharing this wonderful opportunity to learn Russian!

  • Ramiro Prado
    Ramiro Prado 4 years ago +1

    I agree, she forgot to mention Spanish, its only spoken by 400+ million people and second to Chinese. but other than that she is a wonderful teacher to have in this type of setting. Please don't disrespect her accent, English is not her mother tongue in fact I like that southern accent mix. You try to create a video in a language different to yours and see how you stack up. Way to go Vera, thank you and please continue with your great videos.

    • LMatt 8
      LMatt 8 2 years ago +1

      half texas speaks spanish, maybe you live in another planet

    • Frost Night
      Frost Night 3 years ago +1

      +Ivory Hoany on the contrary. I love in Louisiana and the only major language course we have here, besides English, is Spanish.

    • Ivory Hoany
      Ivory Hoany 3 years ago

      +Ramiro Prado This was filmed in Texas. They don't care much about Spanish people.

  • Sandeep Uniyal
    Sandeep Uniyal 4 years ago

    found it so effective ;;
    plz keep teaching ;;

  • Ernesto Ezequiel Mármol
    Ernesto Ezequiel Mármol 4 years ago +1

    Thank you very much Dallas ISD for sharing this wonderful opportunity to learn Russian by a russian-speaking teacher! I personally agree with the change of the curtain music because I love Tchaikovsky's music but the old curtain was ok though a bit loud!

  • kino gr
    kino gr 4 years ago

    Молодец! Хаха, да, музыка была странная!! Спасибо большое, Вера , Димитрий и все... Вы помогли мне очень , я провела с вами мои первые два года изучения русского языка... Спасибо вам .♥♥♥

    СЛОМАНА 4 years ago +2

    Her accent is so confusing...😳

    • Anas Syria
      Anas Syria Month ago

      Самое главное то, что Веру можно легко понять и на русском и на английском))

    • Leona St.Louis
      Leona St.Louis 9 months ago


    • Ernesto Ezequiel Mármol
      Ernesto Ezequiel Mármol 4 years ago

      @Bridie Gaffney Yes, and I am grateful for this because she is a proper russian-speaking teacher! I guess I should translate her togh-ee-ah-ther = together.

      СЛОМАНА 4 years ago

      Yeah :D

    • Grignak01
      Grignak01 4 years ago +1

      @Bridie Gaffney I was thinking the same thing. It's like a southern accent with a Russian accent over the top of it haha.

  • izik6541
    izik6541 5 years ago

    Interesting how she "forgot" the Spanish language, spoken by more than 400 million people world wide. Nothing has been changed in Russia...

  • Michael Koshin
    Michael Koshin 5 years ago +1

    Take a guess how a Vera gets herself a Norwood lastname if not for getting laid with some grumpy old git from limeyland

    • jfbenven
      jfbenven 5 years ago +3

      Nope guy! some people just fall in love you know, without money being involved.. I find Vera very authentic, very clear and not money oriented..I just found her videos...awesome but soundtrack a bit poor unfortunately