Adam Savage and Vsauce's Michael Stevens Build a Kendama!

  • Published on Aug 11, 2017
  • See Adam and Michael this fall on their Brain Candy tour! For tickets and info, visit
    Adam is joined by Vsauce's Michael Stevens for a special One Day Build in the cave. Michael has recently taken up playing the Kendama, a Japanese cup and ball toy, and Adam helps make one from scratch that helps optimize his play. This build engrosses both into topics of machining, knot tying, and geometric conundrums.
    Shot by Gunther Kirsch and Will Nail
    Edited by Gunther Kirsch
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    Adam Savage
    Norman Chan
    Simone Giertz
    Joey Fameli
    Kishore Hari
    Frank Ippolito
    Sean Charlesworth
    Jeremy Williams
    Gunther Kirsch
    Ryan Kiser
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Comments • 5 755

  • Jason M
    Jason M 5 hours ago

    Michael, spinning the dama is considered cheating if you ever want to get into tournament levels. It's like having training wheels on a bicycle - good for beginners but shouldn't be used once familiar with it. ;)

  • The Red Scare Channel

    this pair up is impossibly perfect

  • Peter D
    Peter D Day ago


  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller Day ago

    I am here because of this, . Never spent a better hour in my life. As always, thank you Adam!

  • Hunter's Moon
    Hunter's Moon Day ago

    That drill press is 1.3 tons.......dayum!

  • Jack Ford
    Jack Ford Day ago

    Love it when these two just _get_ each other like when Michael's talking about spinning the dama and Adam's just like "ooooh shit it's a gyroscope yeah yeah got it"

  • sry4head
    sry4head Day ago

    they could be some smart stoners according to their dialoge diversity.

  • Logan Ferguson
    Logan Ferguson 3 days ago

    legend has it, Adam is still finding shavings from the ball to this day

  • Min Sik
    Min Sik 3 days ago

    i dont know why but i think this is the best video ive ever seen

  • Gary Snitch
    Gary Snitch 4 days ago

    Can somebody please GIF 45:18 - 45:20?

  • Cen vex
    Cen vex 4 days ago

    I tried making this out of aluminum in my class for a grade based of the details in this video it came out great but in the end aluminum was bad to use lol

  • Erik Frykholm Nilsson

    Came here to see a toy get made, got small science lessons :D The beauty of Vsause and Tested!

  • anvilfire guru
    anvilfire guru 4 days ago

    CORRECT TERMS: Machining on a Lathe is called "turning". Lathing is the stuff that plaster walls are attached to. Parts turned on a lathe can be called by their name but in general are "turnings". No such word as "Lathe ing"

  • Will Roberts
    Will Roberts 5 days ago

    53:10 "knot bad"

  • YouOnlyLiveTwice
    YouOnlyLiveTwice 5 days ago

    I think all of the hair that used to be on top of Michael's head went to his arms.

  • Charlie Gengo
    Charlie Gengo 6 days ago

    That would be really cool if you made it out of a dense soft pen blank.

  • Shane Dancy
    Shane Dancy 6 days ago

    Where can I buy that pen vice?
    Edit: It's called a pin vise. Damn homophones.

  • Ben Couture
    Ben Couture 7 days ago

    Two of the coolest/most brilliant minds online and you chose to make this? Why?

  • DoctorShroom
    DoctorShroom 7 days ago

    I know it's probably just how it happens all the time, but bare hands so close to a lathe makes me nervous.

  • Apple Robot boi
    Apple Robot boi 7 days ago

    Kendamas are amazingly fun

  • Ox Blodhren
    Ox Blodhren 8 days ago

    Why do I get the feeling Adam was about to punch Michael half way through the video? lmao

  • Asher Tsukuyomi
    Asher Tsukuyomi 8 days ago

    I love Kendama, they're super fun to pass the time with.

  • P3x310
    P3x310 9 days ago

    I absolutely adore the way Adam includes tiny fun facts every once in a while. Funny AND educating, the best way to learn in my book.

  • Mattias Selin
    Mattias Selin 9 days ago

    Couldn't you just take of the white part, rotate it 180 degrees so that the big cup and the small one change places, and put it back on? Then it would be the same chirality

  • TheWideMan
    TheWideMan 9 days ago

    58 minute video about cheating at kendama

  • L0rDNation
    L0rDNation 9 days ago

    6:43 mmmk. lmao

  • Martín Sanfuentes
    Martín Sanfuentes 10 days ago

    Esa wea en chile se llama emboque

  • Rwededyet
    Rwededyet 10 days ago

    You can easily make a sphere on a lathe using a hole saw.

  • Uniquuue37
    Uniquuue37 12 days ago

    This really reminds me of how I was when my dad would make something in his shop and I was helping

  • Briana Hambor
    Briana Hambor 12 days ago

    it makes me very unhappy and unsatisfied that adam doesn’t use hand tools on his lathe. it just makes a video that much better to watch

  • Davrial aka Blue Mario

    This is a very short hour

  • Carmine Piacente
    Carmine Piacente 13 days ago

    Man they're so inspiring

  • Elizabeth Riddett
    Elizabeth Riddett 14 days ago

    53:11 Not bad. pun KNOT intended

  • Snarlednose34
    Snarlednose34 14 days ago

    i can feel the memes

  • Truth_is_the _new_hate

    I see im not the only one that uses nail files for sanding jobs. My wife gets mad because i raid her supply when im out of mine.

  • Truth_is_the _new_hate

    A machine with no brain and that is strong enough to throw huge chuncks of materials across the shop and through your head is a very dangerous thing indeed.

  • Menuki
    Menuki 15 days ago

    I just got fucked up by napkin rings

  • Ellis Kurzman
    Ellis Kurzman 15 days ago

    I believe that the pa paperclip is more like a knife during/ after the hearing process, because tampering makes it more ductile.

  • Anthony Warnecke
    Anthony Warnecke 15 days ago

    Why does he turn everything into physics like I love physics but this too much like what’s the least grippy material wtf do we need to know this haha 😂

  • Knightly
    Knightly 16 days ago

    34:40 why wasn't the string spinning with the ball it was attached to?

  • Tom Mulliner (Realist Artist)

    Should have made a katana 'ken' (sword in Japanese) handle! But the thread was nice too

  • Languy Stephane
    Languy Stephane 17 days ago

    Absolutely amazing !

  • BenJoe72
    BenJoe72 17 days ago

    Can someone get on the whole "find the dark skin setting byte in the exe file" as soon as they roll out the new UI? eyes can't handle the light skin and yes it's even lighter than the current one...also I'm poor as fuck.

    • BenJoe72
      BenJoe72 17 days ago

      2 things:
      1. You are right. I'm not poor, I have some place to live and food to eat. I just don't have the money to subscribe for Unity Pro. Over-exaggeration is a thing.
      2. Why did this comment show under "Adam Savage and Vsauce's Michael Stevens Build a Kendama!" (Tested) video instead of "NEW UNITY UI?! - Unite 2018 Recap", (Brackeys) the one I posted it on? TVclip...hello?

    • ShadowLight Gaming
      ShadowLight Gaming 17 days ago

      BenJoe72 you arent poor, you would not want to be poor...

  • ayaxro
    ayaxro 17 days ago

    This is way more interesting than it has any right to be.

  • kakokapolei123
    kakokapolei123 17 days ago

    I'm just imagining them in this exact situation if they were still in high school, they'd be the kids to stay in woodshop during recess and lunch eager to build random shit lmao

  • Ed Reid
    Ed Reid 18 days ago

    I had such a great time watching this!

  • mr. L
    mr. L 18 days ago

    W E R E A R E Y O U R F I N G E R S

  • Chebva Romero
    Chebva Romero 18 days ago

    When being too smart affects getting shit done quickly.

  • AbSoul
    AbSoul 18 days ago

    I don't know why, but this brings to me a exquisite kind of joy to watch materials, and Adam work with them. And i can't even explain why. I guess it's the passion that is so contagious.

  • Kyle Beukes
    Kyle Beukes 18 days ago

    But the earth is flat

  • Cai Staunton
    Cai Staunton 19 days ago

    13:38 ooh Sci-Fi

  • Even G
    Even G 19 days ago

    Top ten anime crossovers

  • Yohan Esteves
    Yohan Esteves 19 days ago

    I always knew security glasses are overrated

  • Metal Monkey
    Metal Monkey 19 days ago

    VSauce is fascinating but I'm not smart enough to process and understand what they're talking about

  • Sebastian Maher
    Sebastian Maher 21 day ago

    so it's basically Adam Savage building a Kendama while Michael watches and comments

  • The Man of the Holy Boys

    I like how Michael just fucks around while Adam does everything

  • speebyda
    speebyda 21 day ago

    When I learned to use a lathe in high school and I got caught sanding the wood while spinning, I would've been slapped. It was in the 80s, and back then it was okay to do that.

  • Sam from Corner Store Food Review

    I'll try spinning that's a good trick

  • David Stinson
    David Stinson 22 days ago

    these two together.... fantastic

  • SteveQ
    SteveQ 22 days ago

    I can't believe Adam still has all his fingers. Watching him repeatedly reach in near the moving lathe chuck with stuff/to pull stuff out made me cringe. I speak from experience when I say you get away with it... until you don't!

  • coloringzebras
    coloringzebras 22 days ago

    vsauce acted like he was really buzz trying to hold a conversation.

  • johngojohngo
    johngojohngo 22 days ago

    its absolutely adorable that michael has virtually no machining knowledge. Idk why but I expected michael to just be some omnipotent force in the universe.

  • Nolan Patterson
    Nolan Patterson 23 days ago

    I love the way that Michael knows a little bit about machining, but still has enough to learn from Adam, unlike when Adam is with other pros who also know everything about it... I also love how Michael learns something about the lathe, for example, then uses that new found knowledge and explains the physics behind it. All in all the chemistry of these two, who are geniuses in different fields, merges almost seamlessly for this project. I think this is just about the greatest video I have ever seen.

  • VOID
    VOID 23 days ago

    big throbbing horse cock

  • Kenny Ramdwar
    Kenny Ramdwar 23 days ago

    I need another video like this get the whole vsauce team and adam together. I could watch that all day

  • Kacey Howell
    Kacey Howell 23 days ago

    45:19, the face that Adam made when he was doing math in is head

  • Yashar Sadeghi
    Yashar Sadeghi 24 days ago

    Adam be like: it's 11 o'clock at night! take this string and get the F**k out of my workshop!

  • Mansoor Haque
    Mansoor Haque 24 days ago

    I love physics but generally sucked at it in A levels so became a doctor but its still interesting to watch practical physics in videos like these.

  • The Overling
    The Overling 24 days ago

    Fabulous is in the mind of the beholder. These two have a symbiotic exchange of knowledge going on. And when one has a hole in his knowledge, the other fills it. The process is interesting to watch and profitable to learn. Thank you, guys.

  • Kule_kule Dawson
    Kule_kule Dawson 24 days ago

    So many knowledge bombs in one video omg.

  • Shane Gallant
    Shane Gallant 24 days ago

    What a great video guys! Thank you for sharing it. I do want to make one comment though. Admittedly, I'm not sure, but it seems to me the shorter string would actually make catching easier...
    This video brought many pleasant flash backs for me back in high school when I was introduced to the machine shop. Again, thank you! :-)

  • Patrick hahn
    Patrick hahn 24 days ago

    Spinners for beginners bro

  • The God Emperor of Mankind

    I wanna touch Adam's smooth ball

  • Pier-Olivier Houde-Roberge

    what about inserting the white part the other way around... c'mon guys :P

  • Andrey Pasernak
    Andrey Pasernak 25 days ago

    my best hour on youtube

  • Elijia Yelton
    Elijia Yelton 25 days ago

    But does delren on delren bounce?

  • Clinton Cook
    Clinton Cook 25 days ago

    Watching these makes me feel smarter😂😂

  • Nekoda Haltom
    Nekoda Haltom 26 days ago

    Watching these two nerding out making this kendama was a quite very Satisfying 58 minutes

  • amit kumar
    amit kumar 26 days ago

    adam give strings just to get rid of michel as soon as possible lol

  • adankseason ADS
    adankseason ADS 26 days ago

    Adam is a Savage!

  • rowan price
    rowan price 26 days ago

    I used to do a lot of milling for robotics and I just want to say I'm really digging Adams walkthrough of centerdrills and just the whole machining bit in general I love it

  • TFG
    TFG 26 days ago

    Hi, vsauce here!

  • Patrick A
    Patrick A 26 days ago

    To all watching... Adam is what you'd call; a professional... (plus he wears glasses) so make sure you wear the appropriate safety gear whilst opperating your lathes/bench drills etc lol. But seriously, take care out there people. We'll need you to re-build the world soon enough ;)

  • ehok121
    ehok121 26 days ago

    The Problem why you cant catch it right is cause you dont use your knees! 0 Velocity isnt needed and will make it look bad.
    Use your body and it will look fluid. Kendama is a sport which needs more then just the Hands. ^^

  • Justin Amendt
    Justin Amendt 27 days ago

    How many times does Adam say "orientation"?

  • Ah Edwin
    Ah Edwin 27 days ago

    For some reason it makes me happy to see Michael so curious haha

  • Khali Bee
    Khali Bee 27 days ago

    actualy watched evry single second, love these 2 guys

  • Leroy
    Leroy 27 days ago

    In this video Michael is like a kid listening to his grandpa's cool stories and builds.

  • Shimaqan
    Shimaqan 27 days ago

    two dudes in a workshop talking about knobs and oily beeds...

  • Olli Ojala
    Olli Ojala 27 days ago

    Might be pretty slippery so good luck on Lunars!

  • Agaren
    Agaren 27 days ago

    I see people play with these and they seem really good at it but now I know it's probably because they spun it before hand xD

    OLBICHL 27 days ago

    Why not build in a really strong electromagnet in the cups and give the ball a metallic surface, when trying to catch the ball in a cup, you'll press a hidden button on the handle and activate the magnet :D

  • miniman1610
    miniman1610 27 days ago

    I love Adam's cave it always has what you need somewhere in it, he's like the merchent in every RPG that has the rare stuff hidden away in the back room!

  • Vjkiron
    Vjkiron 27 days ago

    really love to see your enthusiasm there, like watching grown kids play :D
    also this is how physics should be teached

  • Djau Djau
    Djau Djau 28 days ago

    This is so soothing to watch! I'm only halfway trough, but the fact that this is edited in a way where you show all problems as you encounter them and not "This is the point where we got into a bit of a bind, but after some thinking..." makes it really down to earth and sort of... inclusive? Sorry for that way too long sentence there. I realize this video is almost a year old, but kudos from Sweden

  • Stormtail
    Stormtail 28 days ago

    Two boys. Enjoying what they like.Simple as that.

  • Ronnoc527
    Ronnoc527 28 days ago +3

    I love Adam's head shake at 56:21, but he doesn't have the heart to tell Micheal no.

  • Brightons Priest
    Brightons Priest 28 days ago

    Love this collaboration. 👍❤️

  • SleepyGun
    SleepyGun 28 days ago

    34:48 Michael trying to figure out live

  • Cristalskulle
    Cristalskulle 28 days ago

    These two are just the absolut best