Adam Savage and Vsauce's Michael Stevens Build a Kendama!

  • Published on Aug 11, 2017
  • See Adam and Michael this fall on their Brain Candy tour! For tickets and info, visit
    Adam is joined by Vsauce's Michael Stevens for a special One Day Build in the cave. Michael has recently taken up playing the Kendama, a Japanese cup and ball toy, and Adam helps make one from scratch that helps optimize his play. This build engrosses both into topics of machining, knot tying, and geometric conundrums.
    Shot by Gunther Kirsch and Will Nail
    Edited by Gunther Kirsch
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    Simone Giertz
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    Jeremy Williams
    Gunther Kirsch
    Ryan Kiser
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Comments • 6 182

  • Sandra Johansson
    Sandra Johansson 2 hours ago

    dont feel safe having finger so close to the spinning thing

  • MatthewTheREALPieEater

    I come back and watch this whole video again every couple of weeks idk it just doesn’t get boring :?

  • unionse7en
    unionse7en Day ago

    grabby not grippy lol, he even gave himself the clue when he said grab ;-) good vid

  • snake nolastname

    Ken=sword dama=ball

  • Kieran Park
    Kieran Park 2 days ago

    i played a game after a while where you can't skip ahead until michael says 'yeah'

  • Jesse Anderson
    Jesse Anderson 2 days ago

    Its painful to listen to these two try and beat an "intelligent" conversation out of something that is not complex.

  • Dragon Slayer Ornstein

    Should have titled this, two men talking about swinging and catching their balls.

  • Wasteland Man
    Wasteland Man 2 days ago

    I can watch these guys make and feel their balls all day

  • Hotaru Elanor
    Hotaru Elanor 3 days ago

    i didn't really browse the comments, so if someone has already mentioned it.. sorry, but if you tilt the ken, just slightlyup, and again, use your knees. it's much more simple/consecutive.

  • chris kildahl
    chris kildahl 3 days ago

    Could be wrong, don't feel the chemistry. I don't think they love working together.

  • Benet
    Benet 4 days ago

    Does anyone know what book Adam is talking about? About the knots, i mean.

  • Jeremy Rivera
    Jeremy Rivera 4 days ago

    As an Engineering major. Adam Savage is my life goal. Such a beautiful art!!!!!

  • Paxmax
    Paxmax 4 days ago

    Adam and Michael fine tune the lathe for 4 hours to achieve the Risitas frequency!
    Magic moment at 42:35 ... Full Risitas achieved!

  • Chris Turnblom
    Chris Turnblom 4 days ago

    OK, how many machinist want to criticize Adams threading & tapering, among other things?
    And ....Go!

  • Cloud save gaming
    Cloud save gaming 4 days ago

    My favorite kendama user is. Genis Sage.

  • Steven Paige
    Steven Paige 4 days ago

    It would be awesome just to sit in the shop and watch him work.

  • joshua bailey
    joshua bailey 5 days ago

    Was great up until the threads

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C 5 days ago

    BCY Halo used for bow string serving may work well as it has a slick finish and it will probably last a lifetime for this application. Its a blend of Spectra/Dyneema and is available in precise diameters from .007" @ 35lb breaking strength, up to .030" with a breaking strength of 215lb. BCY 3D may be another option, but it has slightly different properties and I don't feel its quite as slick.
    Here's the manufacturers website

  • ziggysfix
    ziggysfix 5 days ago

    he didnt even spin it

  • Nick Mur
    Nick Mur 5 days ago

    I would definitely like to see this duo more often!

  • TheCheeseKnees
    TheCheeseKnees 6 days ago

    the three jaw chuck always makes me SO NERVOUS 15:38

  • 8Forrest8Gump8
    8Forrest8Gump8 7 days ago

    Hey Michael, vsauce here

  • John Coppinger
    John Coppinger 7 days ago

    How does this video only have 2.4 million views? Every day, when I get home from work, I queue up that day's videos from my subscription feed, and play it on my Chromecast. And more often than not, once all the videos in my queue have played, TVclip autoplays this video. After close to 2 years of watching TVclip every single day, I've noticed it at least a couple dozen times. Has anyone else noticed this?

  • Lijy
    Lijy 7 days ago

    Oh you know Micheal Stevens uses a left handed Kendama.

  • MaxUniverse
    MaxUniverse 7 days ago

    arts and craft, with Adam Savage

  • Joseph Bertola
    Joseph Bertola 7 days ago

    this show should be called "Two Bearded Balding Building Men"

  • George Doty-Williams

    When I come from, kendamas are called "balero"

  • Oscar Ramirez
    Oscar Ramirez 9 days ago

    Might sound like a party pooper but its extremely dangerous working on a lathe with a ring and a watch.

  • Keegan Sablan
    Keegan Sablan 10 days ago

    A year and a half later and I just notice the pill (another skill toy) that Adam and Michael have on the table in the beginning of the video!

  • lennier1
    lennier1 10 days ago

    Leave it to Adam to turn a children's toy into a serious engineering project! :D

  • Eric Stoverink
    Eric Stoverink 10 days ago

    "We can embiggen it if we want". That's a very cromulent word.

  • Prjndigo
    Prjndigo 10 days ago

    Need a Kendama warhammer.

  • Hunter Purdon
    Hunter Purdon 11 days ago

    Dont think nobody was gunna comment about you leaving the chuck key in the chuck adam i saw you adam haha

  • TurtleKingIII - King of Gaming

    Or do they?

  • pitbike4prez
    pitbike4prez 11 days ago

    At 17:58 I thought he still had the chuck kea in the spindle and I was cringing so hard.
    (Safety first kids, double and sometimes triple check what you do)

  • Sammi Swick
    Sammi Swick 12 days ago

    if you want to change the handedness of your kendama, couldnt you just take the cups off the handle and turn them so they face the other way?

    • Kenn Peters
      Kenn Peters 6 days ago

      The ONLY reason I have been reading these comments is to see if anyone else was going to realize that. You and I are like the little girl that said "let some air out of the tires". Wonder how many even know that reference.
      Thank you for being willing to think the simple, obvious-type answer might be the easiest and correct answer.

  • PlottedFate
    PlottedFate 12 days ago

    fucking montage music kicks in at 37:13 and scares the crap outta me cuz i thought another tab started playing music

  • PlottedFate
    PlottedFate 12 days ago

    this is like a more intricate "How It's Made" and i'm loving every part of it

  • SmashedHatProject
    SmashedHatProject 12 days ago

    It's always a pleasure to see such curious fellows having fun

  • Turkish Delight
    Turkish Delight 12 days ago

    It’s 5:20am I have too be up at 7, 100% worth it

  • adam gravelin
    adam gravelin 13 days ago

    Michael asks questions that most machinists would think are dumb questions, but the answer is always something that we all have just learned to take for granted and never give a second thought.
    "what makes it a grippy material?"
    "so a mill is like a vertical lathe?"
    "why dont you lathe vertically?"
    this was such a great video, Michael and Adam aren't good at getting things done quickly but their conversations are wonderful.

  • rebeldann !
    rebeldann ! 13 days ago

    With the IQ's between the two of you, endless resources and tools to work with.... annnd you make a toy

  • MunchNPlay
    MunchNPlay 13 days ago

    Adam is that type of man that has a tool for every topic you could have ever concocted

  • Maryan Alvarez
    Maryan Alvarez 14 days ago

    There's a toy that it's kinda like a kendama but it's called a "balero", it's from Mexico

  • Muhammad Ehab
    Muhammad Ehab 14 days ago

    I know for a fact that you guys started working 9 am and finished up at about 4:30 to 5:00 pm :D ( please tell if I'm any where close :D

  • Erick Camacho
    Erick Camacho 15 days ago

    Permanent buff watching this video
    Int +10

  • Lost The Unknown
    Lost The Unknown 15 days ago

    Well, this is basically Vsause with Mythbusters.

  • DAGATHire
    DAGATHire 15 days ago

    I wonder did Vsause try and patent is after....

  • greenthumb
    greenthumb 16 days ago

    only vsauce could be mesmerized by an inclined plane. 42:59

  • Dustin Farnum
    Dustin Farnum 16 days ago

    I feel like Adam lost interest in this build towards the end..

  • Nik
    Nik 16 days ago

    8:09 the best part.

  • Kris Rice
    Kris Rice 16 days ago

    I loud listen to ASMR vids of just Adam working on a thing.

  • Cinnabuns2009
    Cinnabuns2009 17 days ago

    The drill chuck is likely out, you're correct, however that doesn't affect an edge finder. The edge finder tip rotates about the center of the spindle regardless if the body is out or not. Similar to to a dial indicator if its in an arm and off center. That is why the edge finder is such an elegant, accurate, inexpensive solution. Usually within .0005" regardless of chuck runout.

  • James Neave
    James Neave 18 days ago

    More correctly, Tribology
    The science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion.

  • Tekoleuka
    Tekoleuka 18 days ago

    Increase volume in videos so these commercials don't destroy my ears !

  • Shannon Charlton
    Shannon Charlton 18 days ago

    Don’t know about you Adam but I think we where thinking the same with the taped thread that the bit was going to brake I’m surprised it didn’t

  • Tomahawk Jonez
    Tomahawk Jonez 18 days ago

    I wish I could get women to look at me with the same intensity that adam looks at his lathe.

  • Blake Speers
    Blake Speers 18 days ago

    Now watch Zoomadanke kendama tricks.

  • TheFlexNetChamp
    TheFlexNetChamp 18 days ago +3

    The napkin ring thing isnt a paradox right? you'd need to cut out more to make the big one as small as the other ring

    • Nikolai Brandenhoff
      Nikolai Brandenhoff 10 days ago

      Yea it’s just a thing. A mildly interesting thing and completely useless like most things that Micheal say and know about..

  • Chris Treubig
    Chris Treubig 19 days ago

    I can't believe neither of them realized he can turn the white part to change which side the large cup is on.

  • flying coconut
    flying coconut 19 days ago

    when there together they trun into big kids i love it

  • Craig Duncan
    Craig Duncan 19 days ago

    “Metric and English” lol

  • CJdude22
    CJdude22 19 days ago

    I am so incredibly jealous of Adam's workshop...there's probably more stuff than a Lowes and Home Depot combined, and I'm sure he remembers EXACTLY where every little thing is, and what it does. Everything has a purpose, I'd be willing to bet that not a single thing was bought 'just because'.

  • Matthew Cross
    Matthew Cross 19 days ago

    this is fascinating but I have no idea when or where I will ever use this knowledge.

  • Normal Person
    Normal Person 20 days ago

    What is jammy doing the I miss the old show with the entire crew

  • Maz
    Maz 20 days ago

    Top 10 Anime Crossovers

  • MarkTheSavage 25
    MarkTheSavage 25 20 days ago

    Congrats you made a kendama with a tama that has no grip and it will be almost inpposible to do tricks like light house and more
    P.S. its black and white there is no colour skeem (sorry if i speled that wrong) black isnt a colour

    • All_Roads
      All_Roads 2 days ago

      +MarkTheSavage 25 Sorry Mark. It's a cover to everyone that isn't being a pedantic twit.

    • MarkTheSavage 25
      MarkTheSavage 25 3 days ago

      +All_Roads black isnt a coloir its a shade

    • All_Roads
      All_Roads 3 days ago

      Of course black is a color, you pedantic twit.

  • m kilpatrick
    m kilpatrick 20 days ago

    Thought process at work without the male ego. Nice.

  • Pimskin _
    Pimskin _ 20 days ago

    "I'm really into asymmetry right now" is probably one of the nerdiest sentences I've ever heard

  • Wilko Bro
    Wilko Bro 20 days ago

    My mind was kinda blown a little when the Dama was done like that is amazing precision well done Adam really cool.

  • Randomnick123
    Randomnick123 21 day ago

    Think about that lathe clamps hitting your fingertip while spinning..

  • RYANBOT 9000
    RYANBOT 9000 21 day ago

    On a normal one day build, hearing Adam talk about engineering techniques and making things get me confused, but putting these two together was like trying to understand a Shakespeare play for the first time

  • muh1h1
    muh1h1 22 days ago

    It's so cool to see two brilliant minds that tought me so much learning from eachother!

  • Walker Gross
    Walker Gross 22 days ago

    At the end he was saying that the big cup was on the opposite side and it couldn't be changed. Can't he just pull the cups part off the handle and spin it around and put it back on?

  • zalion gaming
    zalion gaming 22 days ago

    tiny bearing at the top of the dama?

  • Matthew Bacon
    Matthew Bacon 22 days ago

    "Because a Kyrohelix is a very cool thing" Only on Tested. Putting these two together is amazing, if not dangerous.

  • mar777i
    mar777i 22 days ago

    The part about the drill was a bit boring, but otherwise this stuff was LATHE!

  • Fat Al
    Fat Al 23 days ago

    The heavier ball makes it so much easier...

  • chocolakbar
    chocolakbar 23 days ago

    When you were talking about how deep the hole should go my opinion is if it is the same depth and the pole your trying to fit it on it would bounce more but if it was deeper it would stay with no bounce.

  • chocolakbar
    chocolakbar 23 days ago

    Mesmerizing video very cool.

  • DemonLord518
    DemonLord518 23 days ago

    i miss mythbusters

  • Solverz
    Solverz 24 days ago

    Over engineered af. I LOVE IT

  • Quickplaya
    Quickplaya 24 days ago

    I want to see them two make out.

  • gzaos
    gzaos 25 days ago

    safety first... spining 1 inch from your finger nothing to worry about

  • Scott Y3NNEY
    Scott Y3NNEY 25 days ago

    Wearing rings, watches, long sleeves... fuck this guy is asking for trouble lol.

  • Vcrisv Nueveocho
    Vcrisv Nueveocho 26 days ago +1

    I thought you might use a bearing on the dama, so when you spin it, it won't have friction with the thread... just my guesses haha

  • Tbone j
    Tbone j 26 days ago

    JEWISH TOY ?????

  • SmackThatMoose
    SmackThatMoose 27 days ago

    These videos are never as boring as I assume they'll be. Great job

  • Russell Nyboer
    Russell Nyboer 27 days ago

    Vsause and Adam reminds me of when you and your dad build something, and your just standing their and ask what everything does and just stand their watching.

  • Christophe
    Christophe 27 days ago

    In France we don't have the "cups" on this thing, only the spike, and it's called bilboquet.

  • Wesley Robb
    Wesley Robb 27 days ago

    You know at 50:50 he can instead drill a hole through before he lathes the shaft of the cups.

  • Park vlogs
    Park vlogs 28 days ago

    Adam I love how you teach vsauce about basic machining it’s amazing watching very intelligent people communicate and observe things

  • flaagan
    flaagan 28 days ago

    Hell, liking this just for the napkin ring paradox. My brain's gonna hurt now.

  • Raven1024
    Raven1024 Month ago

    At 17:28 shouldn't the measurement be from the center of the joint on the jig? Or did you add to compensate for that?

  • Johnathan Kovar
    Johnathan Kovar Month ago

    I could live happily in his workshop. And be content. Even better if it wasn’t in California.

  • Max Ellison
    Max Ellison Month ago

    A $6500.00 Kendama.

  • Brad Jackson
    Brad Jackson Month ago

    I cant believe with all the cool tools and materials Adam owns he doesn't have any aircraft length drill bits.

  • TotPYsera
    TotPYsera Month ago

    This is boring.

  • Teaman
    Teaman Month ago

    *No Jumper has entered the chat*

  • Richard MacLean
    Richard MacLean Month ago

    "I'm really into asymmetry right now." What the hell are you talking about!? This dude is strange ... and not in the normal way.