Brutally Honest Review of Etihad’s A380 First Class Apartment

  • Published on Jul 20, 2018
  • Etihad has an impressive First Class product, but something felt off.
    What Happened On This Flight:
    PAID: 56,250 miles + $137 (GOT-AUH-MCT)
    My camera gear -
    Big camera:
    GoPro mount (put it anywhere):
    Wide angle lens:
    Clip microphone:
    Airline: Etihad Airways, EY
    Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
    Reg: A6-APG
    Flight number: EY20
    Route: London - Abu Dhabi
    Airports: London Heathrow Airport to Abu Dhabi International Airport
    Flight date: June 7, 2018
    Seat: 3K (First)
    Contact for general questions and business inquiries:
    Etihad Boarding Music
    Animations by JanTube:
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  • TheGreenFreak
    TheGreenFreak 17 hours ago +1

    Anyone notice the Etihad music in the background?

  • brian milligan
    brian milligan 18 hours ago

    Theres something fishy about this guy. I don't think he actually flew in this plane.

  • Cool Spot
    Cool Spot 19 hours ago

    The waiter in a restaurant becomes friendly with you..... he knows they work for tips right lmfao

  • Sekplays
    Sekplays 19 hours ago

    When it’s raining you know your going to die

  • darren grant
    darren grant 19 hours ago

    2:29 i swear i could see the tears of joy in your eyes. that's how happy you looked. Now i'm dreading watching your joy turn into a negative

  • Sekplays
    Sekplays 19 hours ago

    In emirates econimy you get coke when ever you want in a plastic cup and sicko mode on the TVs food is small and weird

  • jojo
    jojo 19 hours ago

    Shut up. Dislike

  • David Scahill
    David Scahill Day ago


  • Albert Ochoa
    Albert Ochoa Day ago

    $10,000 for that? Naaaah

  • martin jean
    martin jean Day ago

    Ok : $ 12 000 for 8 hours of flight
    Ok : $ 1 500 for 1 hour of flight
    Ok : $ 25 for 1 minute of flight
    Ok : Not for me .

  • McVlog
    McVlog Day ago

    Today Airbus has announced they wont deliver any more A380s After 2021... 😢
    We wont forget this legendary and unique icon of the skies - The biggest plane ever made.

  • Boy Trent
    Boy Trent Day ago

    flying is dangerous.....radiation

  • A D
    A D Day ago

    I guess homosexuals have a higher standard than us normies?

  • JTMarlin8
    JTMarlin8 Day ago +1

    I can't tell if you're a guy or a lesbian.

  • mrhpu357
    mrhpu357 Day ago

    Are you trolling?

  • roidAholic
    roidAholic Day ago

    Did he say one positive thing?

  • roidAholic
    roidAholic Day ago

    Lmfao it's showing wear and tear? It looked pristine

  • chefsu11715
    chefsu11715 Day ago

    I'm gonna go throw up now. 😟

  • michael thompson

    Bro I flew KLM once and they have free cheese sandwiches and orange juice and it was the happiest I’ve ever been

  • asp900
    asp900 Day ago

    please be less superficial

  • YourGirlTari
    YourGirlTari Day ago

    Why's everything being done in a separate video? 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Dylan Pruden
    Dylan Pruden Day ago

    Btw. I love these av geek vods. I'll never watch him again.

  • TheTragIcFate
    TheTragIcFate Day ago

    Probably the most sensitive man ever

  • Brendan Baird
    Brendan Baird Day ago

    It says apartment not airline seat

  • cheesy1nacho
    cheesy1nacho Day ago

    I would love to see his facial expression after getting punched.

  • Stealth
    Stealth Day ago

    Hes cute

  • Max Lindahl
    Max Lindahl Day ago

    Shit vilken bög

  • christopher East

    Just to let you know that Etihad comes up as jihad on the sub titles.

  • antonello schirru

    That strong feeling of inauthenticity. Have you noticed it when you looked yourself in the mirror?

  • Brex
    Brex 2 days ago

    I was watching this and a Qatar airways ad showed up

  • Pedro Caballero Clemente

    Dammm you rich people!!!

  • Lilah Macavoy
    Lilah Macavoy 2 days ago

    Must be nice to be sitting in first class rather than being squished in economy

  • jack jones
    jack jones 2 days ago

    The crew imagined you were a freebie and knew you were filming. Best to just steer clear, I think, they thought...

  • Shivam Malluri
    Shivam Malluri 2 days ago +1

    This guy is such a loser

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark 2 days ago

    Its kind of sad to think these kinds of amenities on aircrafts will likely be gone when the A380-800 dies which it is about to if Emirates cancels their remaining order.

  • Nicolas Silva
    Nicolas Silva 2 days ago

    Sorry but is not the ther a lot of canadians lot of Europeans and a lot of colombians and a lot of asians my dad work four qatar

  • Charlotte 139
    Charlotte 139 2 days ago

    seems like a pretty fucking cool flight to me wtf

  • Andrew Bolz
    Andrew Bolz 2 days ago


  • ItzSquishy 05
    ItzSquishy 05 2 days ago

    How have you got that much money

  • Gordon Welch
    Gordon Welch 3 days ago

    What a fruit.

    SHÃÑË RÒDRÍGÛĒS 3 days ago +1

    TERMINAL 4 ...!?!?


  • K2
    K2 3 days ago

    This comment shall replace the disabled (not like) button

  • Calculator Tortilla
    Calculator Tortilla 3 days ago

    Wanna trade with my United ticket?

  • samihhadid
    samihhadid 3 days ago

    Lol man you're cute you have eat home made you can't even compare homemade is always the best

  • Hara-kiri
    Hara-kiri 3 days ago +1

    You need to be more humble

  • Baba Booey
    Baba Booey 3 days ago +1

    Annoyingly overprivileged.

  • sh0rtaznant
    sh0rtaznant 3 days ago

    He's worse than the dude who killed a bunch of people with his car and got away with it due to having "affluenza". This guy has true affluenza. Terrible, terrible camera presence, videography, editing, all around TVclipr.

  • Johnny Boyd
    Johnny Boyd 3 days ago +1

    So let me get this right, in this airplane mini apartment you found their entertainment system wasn't up to your standards? The bed was too hard? what next? Not enough cashmere in the slippers? Well now miss Goldilocks, aren't you the little hothouse orchid

  • Kurt Ingalls
    Kurt Ingalls 3 days ago +1

    you, sir, are creepy....... :-)

  • Matt Laucamp
    Matt Laucamp 3 days ago


  • Eli Williamson
    Eli Williamson 3 days ago

    Oh no my champagne isn’t good enough...

  • Ryan Richards
    Ryan Richards 3 days ago

    Decadence and civilizational rot illustrated in a 16 minute video. When you see cack like this, it's clear we're sliding down a behavioral sink.

  • Sean Jacobs
    Sean Jacobs 3 days ago

    Not being mean but I bet it took him longer to do his hair than the length of time on the flight.

  • Zubair Miah
    Zubair Miah 3 days ago

    2:50-3:00 “its ramadan so the champagne isn’t served by the Sikh”🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Kieran Doherty
    Kieran Doherty 3 days ago

    So Sad how shallow some peoples lives are while others watch their children starve to death

  • Adam Cooke
    Adam Cooke 3 days ago

    What is the hell is actual purpose of these videos?

  • James Lawlor
    James Lawlor 3 days ago

    Yeah so unwelcome in FIRST CLASS !!!!!

  • Danny Montgomery
    Danny Montgomery 3 days ago

    I just like to take off and land safely...I do not like to be fussed over and do not appreciate other people feeling as though I need special treatment just because I have spent money!...But that's just me. There is too much expectation of others these days.

  • Leonardo Serodio
    Leonardo Serodio 4 days ago

    Whitest boy alive

  • Dozan10
    Dozan10 4 days ago

    I dont really understand people that want other people to be nice to them and fake smile and fake ask them how they feel. Why does that make you feel better? They dont really care about you and why should they? You dont care about them. I really wish everyone would drop this fake niceness.

  • Atomic Bean
    Atomic Bean 4 days ago

    Grow some balls

  • abs 9
    abs 9 4 days ago +2

    Him: they called me by my name,and the champagne isn't the best!
    Me: candy before takeoff,sweet!

  • kamuzu
    kamuzu 4 days ago

    Shirtlifter on his way to Muscat to bite some pillows.

  • Leon Ilic
    Leon Ilic 4 days ago

    Do you want them to give you a fkn kiss dumbfuck

  • Leon Ilic
    Leon Ilic 4 days ago

    Damn i hate you so much

  • Sahil Arora
    Sahil Arora 4 days ago

    Why are there no prices written? Is it all free?

  • O. Cornelio Palanca
    O. Cornelio Palanca 4 days ago

    Everyone who commented just hated the blogger.

  • Jakeian Martinez
    Jakeian Martinez 4 days ago

    Did you went on the lounge on the a380?

  • Daniele Berlandi
    Daniele Berlandi 4 days ago

    Don't ask me why, but you look like a lesbian

  • putrikareddy reddy
    putrikareddy reddy 4 days ago

    You are such a sad guy dude! I am sure nobody wants you around. Are you going through a menopause!!!

  • Abraham M.J
    Abraham M.J 4 days ago

    You are Maricón de Playa

  • shane clk
    shane clk 4 days ago

    TJ's for showing me what I would ever experience

  • Antoine Nashef
    Antoine Nashef 4 days ago

    He’s like a ladie but I’m not saying I hate him

  • Ashveer Mohadeo
    Ashveer Mohadeo 4 days ago +2

    Your complaints are ridiculous

  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia 4 days ago +2

    @11:43 they told him to stfu

  • f3nd13y
    f3nd13y 4 days ago

    i wouldnt compare it to a private jet because most people ive flown dont really care about the amenities in the aircraft. more so the freedom to leave and go when they please.

  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia 4 days ago

    This guy bought fyre festival tickets.

  • Anthony Tedeski
    Anthony Tedeski 4 days ago

    How much did your dad spend for your ticket?

  • codeywings10
    codeywings10 4 days ago


  • Ricky Gill
    Ricky Gill 4 days ago +1

    He started hating on the flight after the crew told him to not record he started being biased towards the airline after that like the seat is not comfortable or the bed, but when he first sat down he was speechless.

  • JamtheYam
    JamtheYam 4 days ago

    This guy seems like a pretty big fruit cake.

  • Miche Campbell
    Miche Campbell 4 days ago

    You fly first class for fun and you get salty about individually-wrapped items?

  • TheCunnu12
    TheCunnu12 4 days ago

    Ti praxiri sa barrallica a no?

  • Bjorn Bougiaris
    Bjorn Bougiaris 4 days ago

    Wait there's another video? :O couldn't give less of a fuck son.

  • Otaku Berry
    Otaku Berry 4 days ago

    Cause you cant upload and image to Instagram, the wifi is pointless?

  • Bobby Brian
    Bobby Brian 4 days ago

    300 dollars a bottle dont hesitate by wkd or buckfast people is about a dollar a bottle honestly it will burst your bank

  • Bobby Brian
    Bobby Brian 4 days ago

    Oh no they called him by his first name disgraceful eh, economy passengers probably get called pricks when theyre of the plane

  • pate 13
    pate 13 4 days ago

    What was ever wrong with easyJet which I’m lucky if my mum will buy me a coffee

  • Coffee Shop.Com
    Coffee Shop.Com 4 days ago

    Etihad is their national airline and Emirates is a private airline. And the douchbag imposter king doesn't want any Asians anymore because they catch them with their pants down. Read between the lines..

  • Anak Malaysia  Satu Bangsa

    I see a guy who's giving a very honest review.... Eating fries w a fork. So what ? He was in bed n wouldn't wanna get his hands oily maybe... It wasnt all negative reviews ... You guys gotta stop being so judgemental and hateful...

  • Caleb McFarland
    Caleb McFarland 4 days ago

    I like Sam Chui. He’s so excited and happy about flight and the promise of travel and these awesome experiences on the way, as well as the memories of traveling. He has a real passion for it.

  • Edgar Quintero
    Edgar Quintero 4 days ago

    About more than half the human race would not be friends with you man.

  • Kent Krizman
    Kent Krizman 4 days ago

    Are you your Sugar Daddy’s Tight End, or his Wide Receiver?

  • Chocolate Hogger
    Chocolate Hogger 5 days ago

    The Chef Is 100%

  • Joakim Sundberg
    Joakim Sundberg 5 days ago

    Swedes are usually happy with any service! This dude is not typical.

  • Ploypachara Charoensup -

    FYI. My friend which Thai is an Etihad crew member. They has asian crews.

  • Mal Moran
    Mal Moran 5 days ago

    King of Fuckin Queens , were Doomed !!!

  • Dom Paolo
    Dom Paolo 5 days ago

    People like you are why this world is so soft

  • Sylvia T.
    Sylvia T. 5 days ago +1

    Total waiste of time

  • bboi
    bboi 5 days ago

    Sounds like the Qatar boarding music lmao