Reggie Watts Performance 11/16/10 - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on Mar 18, 2016
  • Our good friend Reggie Watts does a bit of unique stand up and impromptu music!
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 459

  • Elizabeth Hoover
    Elizabeth Hoover 2 months ago

    Reggie is insanely talented. How he expertly improvises, creates these fast moving characters (meaning dives so quickly into them, fully goes there, then jumps into another one with equal force), and seemlessly moves through all of these music moods is BEYOND me!! In awe!

  • Francis Caba
    Francis Caba 3 months ago

    Song’s Lyrics:

    Gfiwlrnvciabd jajfyrvtivi akfieobfkalorbfba fivisob siajfif alfigisveoroen ah r apwori FYI svwhdjisid aj fui cyshrbfjsosorbwhfjakfhrhfu de s fkfjsjjvyrjsb tu r alwoehrusiaoekriabaodoeud aosofigehaodithrbfjs disorieuvsjfoaorohsbaorie aidieuehabfkei it isoandhf alfiehdbakfosgahdorif
    Dah bah da buhuu

  • Bobby Cutts
    Bobby Cutts 3 months ago

    These crowds don't deserve Reggie

  • Christopher Styles
    Christopher Styles 3 months ago

    I only truly watched this clip for reggie.. Sorry Konan.

  • Dave Lopez
    Dave Lopez 6 months ago

    conan shoulda made this his theme song after lol

  • Musty Pickle
    Musty Pickle 6 months ago +4

    "My grandfather once said this to me"
    "...I don't know why"

  • jamesblunt006
    jamesblunt006 7 months ago

    Panta walks into a gazebo!

  • MattyIce 8a
    MattyIce 8a 7 months ago

    This guy is so smart and talented it amazes me everytime. I introduce all my friends to him, some get it, some don't. I think he's next level talent. Special guy.

  • Kono Dutch
    Kono Dutch 8 months ago

    What i mean to say is i had an amazing time

  • Kono Dutch
    Kono Dutch 8 months ago

    I'm back.... So here i am

  • Kono Dutch
    Kono Dutch 8 months ago

    I dont know why youre here.....

  • TerminalConstipation
    TerminalConstipation 10 months ago

    this one time i was watching a youtube video and it seemed like Reggie Watts was looking right at me and........I'll never forget that.

  • vlad luck
    vlad luck 11 months ago +1

    its prob not a good idea that your're in here your're a very large animal

  • Nick Nussbaumer
    Nick Nussbaumer Year ago

    jesus christ the laugh tracks cant get worse than this

  • Kilt Xan
    Kilt Xan Year ago

    Did he have a stroke before the show?

  • C D
    C D Year ago

    No one has ever been this talented

  • Water Nom nom nom

    Conan use to be NY lmfao

  • Auramyna
    Auramyna Year ago

    This guy has people skills. Look at how he dresses yet he could convince a bunch of musically talented mobsters to clear their schedule and be his back up band. Looks like they've had a few rehearsals too.

  • Auramyna
    Auramyna Year ago

    Ah-1-2-3-4 at 3:47 kills me 😂

  • Trail Of Distraction

    Love the bass player's power stance

  • Joey wong
    Joey wong Year ago

    he looks like black adam duritz

  • Jeevith Jerry
    Jeevith Jerry Year ago +2


  • tra ffic
    tra ffic Year ago

    Aw yisssss

  • Quincy James
    Quincy James Year ago +2

    Holy crap, Reggie Watts is effing incredible!

  • Alden Legge
    Alden Legge Year ago

    He needs to go on Eric Andre

  • Bullshite Thirty
    Bullshite Thirty Year ago

    Lmao What a lunatic!

  • ninja warrior
    ninja warrior Year ago

    reggie watts can do all the genres himself. he's like nine inch nails. one man making a whole ot of sound sound like its coming from a bunch of people.

  • kinn grimm
    kinn grimm Year ago

    I love this guy. Always puts a smile on my face.

  • Dylan Shiflet
    Dylan Shiflet Year ago

    His Afro is def bigger than the current world record holders man

  • Azure Skyes
    Azure Skyes 2 years ago

    baloo from the jungle book

    R0JIBLANC0 2 years ago

    That was art

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 2 years ago

    Just incredible.

  • harry Gale
    harry Gale 2 years ago

    That look @ 2:26

  • Nashib Farooqi
    Nashib Farooqi 2 years ago

    If you look at just his face and the beard (so no afro), he looks like James Harden

  • Charlie Fischer
    Charlie Fischer 2 years ago +2

    Reggie is the kind of person that can be so entertaining without actually saying anything coherent

  • tattoo39369
    tattoo39369 2 years ago

    If you really want to see his talent type in "Reggie Watts Soulive" into TVclip. Back from 2004

  • SpaceAvocado
    SpaceAvocado 2 years ago

    I miss the days like these where he wears sweaters... now the outfits he wears in the late late show are too professional

  • GMJ
    GMJ 2 years ago

    I dont know how I found out about reggie watts. But Im glad i did

  • Adwitiya Dixit
    Adwitiya Dixit 2 years ago

    James Harden after growing his hair?

  • m3g4t0nerr
    m3g4t0nerr 2 years ago +6

    "Panther walks into a gazebo... and that's it"
    I almost cried xD

  • Flores
    Flores 2 years ago

    This is BRILLIANT! XD

  • SourJam
    SourJam 2 years ago


    VISAL NAIR 2 years ago +8

    i am on a reggi watts marathon I cant stop watching his works and its 1;45 am.... I am sleep but I cant sleep and I wont sleep jai reggi watts........... who's joining me

  • Adrian Kormier
    Adrian Kormier 2 years ago

    This is without a doubt

  • chad glannister
    chad glannister 2 years ago

    thats the best new york accent ever

  • Sean Caceres
    Sean Caceres 2 years ago


  • Imagine Motions
    Imagine Motions 2 years ago

    seriously. you guys haven't seen him in ted talks? he makes fun of other speakers and performances by a sarcasm. kinda by mocking the main stream. so by playing comedian, he was not trying to be funny at all.

  • MrCommenter2000
    MrCommenter2000 2 years ago +3

    I might be in a reggie-hole

  • lonsoakg
    lonsoakg 2 years ago

    Reggie Watts brings out my stupid laugh

  • taikoJH
    taikoJH 2 years ago

    Pure genius.

  • Nathaniel Rudman
    Nathaniel Rudman 2 years ago

    I haven't heard this version of I Got Rhythm before.

  • Jeff Gifford
    Jeff Gifford 2 years ago

    Does he use a pillow?

  • Ben
    Ben 3 years ago +2

    I typed in 'magic mushrooms' and this guy popped up.

  • sadetwizelve
    sadetwizelve 3 years ago

    He sucks

  • Very Loki
    Very Loki 3 years ago

    love that he put on a voice at the very start as well.

  • Nadia Zayman
    Nadia Zayman 3 years ago

    Watts has to make an entire album w songs just like the one he sang at the end

  • GeoBoiix
    GeoBoiix 3 years ago

    love you Reggie

  • Fluffy Meowington
    Fluffy Meowington 3 years ago

    Reggie is the best.

  • CarpetCleaner
    CarpetCleaner 3 years ago +2

    He was born in Germany

  • eliot111222
    eliot111222 3 years ago

    why does he have a Jersey accent? he's Black!