I donated to Mixer Streamers with 0 viewers...

  • Published on Aug 14, 2019
  • I donated to Mixer Streamers with 0 viewers...
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    the bad luck thing was a joke btw :)
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  • Pinky
    Pinky  3 months ago +2015

    mixer fam

  • Mr Unst
    Mr Unst Day ago

    what part of the uk are you from? interesting accent

  • Chris I
    Chris I Day ago

    Anyone notice at 7:35defult changes

  • Morfuler
    Morfuler 4 days ago

    This is Mr Beast

  • ECP Penguin215
    ECP Penguin215 5 days ago

    Sub to my yt

  • Zelo
    Zelo 6 days ago

    1.3 views close enough to 1.2

  • Nat Bob
    Nat Bob 7 days ago

    I have 0 views as well if any wanna watch MultipedEmu3083

  • Sebastian Velasquez
    Sebastian Velasquez 7 days ago

    I’m a mixer streamer too with normally 0 views

  • Distroys Fortnite
    Distroys Fortnite 8 days ago

    Somehow I End Up Like These Streamers

  • Truly Blessed
    Truly Blessed 8 days ago +1

    10:42 is that hamlinz

  • Gamer V LifeTimes
    Gamer V LifeTimes 9 days ago

    I got in to my friend account and put his creator code stinkypinky

  • Drew
    Drew 10 days ago

    Favorite and least favorite new POI's in chapter 2

    FAVORITE: Frenzy Farm
    WORST: Dirty Docks

    • Drew
      Drew 10 days ago

      Retail is still best overall :)

  • Gaming Smartness
    Gaming Smartness 10 days ago +1

    I hate you. You copied someone's name can't you be creative bitch?

  • Raazim RabNawaz
    Raazim RabNawaz 10 days ago


  • Pierre Gentle
    Pierre Gentle 11 days ago

    I want to buy v bucks i have only 250

  • Pierre Gentle
    Pierre Gentle 11 days ago

    Can you donate to me too please mixer:Renoster1612

  • Slaypuh24
    Slaypuh24 12 days ago

    You’re awesome man love the content dropped a sub🔥🔥🌟

  • Radek Kurek
    Radek Kurek 12 days ago


    XX_WOLF 13 days ago


  • LetsMagic
    LetsMagic 13 days ago

    Why is doing your thumbnails?

    GHOST CAMPERS 13 days ago

    Try and get mixer streamers bannef

  • Charlotte Fagerberg
    Charlotte Fagerberg 13 days ago

    I use youre code i will buy ghoul trooper today please add me my epic is tixer08

  • Elite Oscar S3
    Elite Oscar S3 13 days ago

    Your a good Man U know pinky

  • Lance Chaston
    Lance Chaston 14 days ago +1

    Gift me my epic games is Gen x skeleton

  • S l y
    S l y 14 days ago

    Tibi meleg :3

  • illusion
    illusion 14 days ago

    Copied Mr beast

  • Dylan Cook
    Dylan Cook 15 days ago

    3:06 yep defenetley £20

  • Caleb Sheppard
    Caleb Sheppard 15 days ago +1

    My name is Caleb

  • Gannon Riley
    Gannon Riley 17 days ago +3

    Every kill you get next game is 5$

    Goes to team rumble

  • Gannon Riley
    Gannon Riley 17 days ago +1

    Pinky: Win = 20
    Types: win = 10

  • Clutch shadow
    Clutch shadow 17 days ago +1

    Go to joeshmo192 he has paypal

  • yy11bb22
    yy11bb22 18 days ago +1

    Do more of them please

  • yy11bb22
    yy11bb22 18 days ago +1

    Do another one

  • Danielius2009
    Danielius2009 18 days ago

    My mixer is DANIELIUS200999

  • ghoul trooper15
    ghoul trooper15 19 days ago

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  • TFL_Dark
    TFL_Dark 20 days ago

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  • Unique Queen
    Unique Queen 20 days ago

    Would you donate to me if I started every kill 10 bucks

  • TheDOJO gang
    TheDOJO gang 20 days ago

    Hey just a suggestion can you plant 20,000,000 trees plz

  • Savagedog
    Savagedog 21 day ago

  • CJisgolden 098
    CJisgolden 098 23 days ago

    Do omegle

  • plznip btw
    plznip btw 23 days ago

    1.3m People are watching... You won't even... Withdrawn?

  • Luca ODonnell
    Luca ODonnell 23 days ago

    Hi I’m a big fan and I’ve got 7 or 8 wins on fortnite

  • Cloud!
    Cloud! 24 days ago

    What you should do next , Troll ninja!

  • Critikz FN
    Critikz FN 27 days ago

    If you could go watch my vid and consider subscribing that would be great 💞

  • Lord of Cozjo
    Lord of Cozjo 27 days ago

    Donate me twitch : Cozjo12

  • 埃纳西
    埃纳西 28 days ago

    this is good. showing some love to streamers for little push in there future

  • lukass 2911
    lukass 2911 29 days ago

    Donate Mc New Video

    MRBUTTCHEESE 29 days ago

    can someone gift me rust on steam

  • Hazardous._
    Hazardous._ Month ago

    The guy at 7:00 is high😂😂

  • Dirtyroad 326
    Dirtyroad 326 Month ago

    My hero academia

  • Ra Haring
    Ra Haring Month ago

    Pinky saus oh no

  • Ra Haring
    Ra Haring Month ago

    Puts in a revers card

  • Psychoo EU
    Psychoo EU Month ago

    can everybody go sub to me on yt@F8 Psychoo i upload fortnite vids and montages

  • Trigga Gaming
    Trigga Gaming Month ago +1

    For the title he should’ve put being Mr. Beast for a day😂

  • Brett Peterson
    Brett Peterson Month ago

    I have 0 views on mixer maybe because it’s my name for mixer popplmos

  • Retro_XI TTV and Tik Tok BTW

    Why is ur youtube name called pinky

  • FaZe sway
    FaZe sway Month ago

    Use code stinky pinky

  • FaZe sway
    FaZe sway Month ago

    Use code pinky

  • Dennis King
    Dennis King Month ago

    Now body watches me and my name is Lintycloud3917 please help

    GhØsT_ŁEADER Month ago

    Win = 10$ but said 20$