HOL HD: Adrian Martinez Iowa Post Game Comments

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
  • Hear what quarterback Adrian Martinez had to say following Nebraska's 27-24 loss to Iowa on Friday.
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  • jammer3618
    jammer3618 Month ago

    What happened to this kid? He deserves better coaching than Frost and Mario.

  • Ryan Witte
    Ryan Witte Month ago

    McCaffrey and Martinez, two dual threat qb's we CAN'NOT RISK LOSING. Just gotta make smarter decisions bud, but your still learning.

  • B1G RED
    B1G RED Month ago +3

    He was asked in the beginning of the season, "How are you going to handle the hype?" I'd say that it completley crippled him. If you can't handle the hype then Nebraska is not the place for you. Hype train has been rolling since est.

    • Scott Eaton smith
      Scott Eaton smith Month ago

      Gazpacho has been around since Roman times, at least in its basic form: a cold soup of leftover bread, water, vinegar, garlic and olive oil. Enriched later with New World tomatoes and peppers, it was pounded with massive pestles in a communal bowl to sustain laborers in the fields. Happily, gazpachos have gotten smoother since (gracias, el blender!), though the trick that imparts its velvety texture-soaking the bread in the liquid first-remains fundamental.

  • Albino Harambe
    Albino Harambe Month ago +1

    I can see some glimpses of unbelievable talent but his decision making is terrible

  • TTV-TropicalEdge HQ

    We need a new offensive coordinator because we aren't like ucf, We need better coaching. Scott frost is a good head coach, but we need a new offensive coordinator and Defensive coordinator. Who agrees?

  • Zach C
    Zach C Month ago

    This game falls squarely on the coaches.. Why the hell were we playing so damn conservative?! 2nd down and 20 and we run a QB draw. 3rd down and 17 we run a delayed RB draw...Punt.. With the game at a tie and you have the ball in your house with one minute to go! PASS THE F--N BALL!! You were 5-6 team taking on a Top 20 team, your rival, in your house. Go win the damn game.. For all the notable mentors Frost has had over the years you would think he would learn something from the greats... Don't even get me started with 32 seconds, Iowa has the ball and we are in a press man-to-man coverage with no help over the top in a clear chuck it deep scenario for Iowa... Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Nebraska

  • AmericanMetalhead100

    You went 10/18 for 50 yards. Shut the hell up. Do Husker Nation a favor and go sit on a cactus.

  • skers 86
    skers 86 Month ago

    I know as a qb you have to be relaxed and composed but it seems like our team lacks the fire that I see from a lot of other teams I watch on Saturdays. And hes right we definitely cant see the progression , maybe the progression is losing most of our starting defense

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith Month ago

    Tough times. Another tough loss. I still believe we can be a quality program. GBR!

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris Month ago +1

    Very nice, well intentioned young man who clearly bit off more than he can chew as a Big 10 Come Back Quarterback.

  • HuskerPower1995
    HuskerPower1995 Month ago +6

    It does kill me to see him struggling. He such a stand out guy. I hope he gets it together next year. He needs to get healthy and stronger. I rooting for him.

    • Aaron Day
      Aaron Day Month ago +1

      I'm rooting for McCaffrey

  • Spod1
    Spod1 Month ago +1

    Maybe Adriane should play linebacker or running back?

  • Robbie JK
    Robbie JK Month ago +5

    The comments on here supporting Martinez are Kool-Aid drinking fans who are out of touch with reality. Martinez is a mediocre quarterback and making the typical excuses. McCaffrey is a superior Quarterback, who has the heart to win and needs to be made the starter. Wake up Nebraska fans and start looking at the top teams in the nation and what it's going to take to get back into the top 5.

    • AmericanMetalhead100
      AmericanMetalhead100 Month ago +1

      Depth chart next year:
      McCaffrey or Vedral, Smothers, Martinez, Bunch.

    • Husker Dee
      Husker Dee Month ago

      100% agree buddy. The sooner we start McCaffrey the better off we’ll be. This kid has his chance and he absolutely blew it. Frost play calling lost a lot of games this year but I find out strange how whenever Adrian is in the game nobody gets open and no running lanes open up, but when McCaffrey comes in receivers get open and running lanes open up. It’s not hard to see Luke is a far superior Qb

  • dnybrn7000
    dnybrn7000 Month ago

    Great job fella's, you'll get there.

  • Husker Dee
    Husker Dee Month ago +4


  • Airmett
    Airmett Month ago +3

    Good at least that we play ranked Wisconsin and Iowa close. We definitely didn’t play like a 5-7 unranked team in those games.
    If we had had a better kicking game we probably would’ve won at least two more this year. Looking forward to next year.

  • Kenneth Sayles
    Kenneth Sayles Month ago +1

    Looks like Huskers celebrated 2minutes too early again....like last year 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Thick Nick
      Thick Nick Month ago

      Kenneth Sayles what do you mean stupid. I was aware we was gonna lose the whole time. Def wasn’t celebrating early wtf

    • skers 86
      skers 86 Month ago +1

      It's a running theme with our team

  • Tom Erwin
    Tom Erwin Month ago +10

    Too bad the “best fans in the nation” don’t stick by our QB even though he’s had a rough year. We know his potential. We know what he can do. #GBR

    • Aaron Day
      Aaron Day Month ago +1

      He sucks and is not the qb for Nebraska. Start McCaffrey!!

    • Husker Dee
      Husker Dee Month ago

      Any die hard fan would want their team to be successful, Luke is clearly the superior Qb in turn gives us the best chance to win. The best fans in the nation are tired of losing cuz of bone head decisions like keep playing a struggling Quarterback over the hot hand qb

    • Randy Hill
      Randy Hill Month ago

      Nope I won't even try to explain....sheesh Look I am as loyal as the next guy, and was born and raised Husker Red and will Die that way some day a long way Off I hope but Im tired of hearing the same old excuses week after week, at least they could dream up some new material.
      I like and Defend Adrian but there was obviously something really bothering him yesterday, ran timid, threw out of sync, his motion was out of whack, and sure this all can be called what ever you want to call it but when we have that much at stake, and other viable options on the sidelines, why then didn't we see a switch made for more than just a "package" or 2 of plays....I know the most popular guy on the team can be the Back Up QB at times but the sideline passes, the failed screens, the fancy motion stuff in the Red Zone......what don't you think Iowa's Defense studied that stuff and were constantly looking for their "keys" as to what play was coming at them....?......you would have thought the staff would have went away from their tendencies in a game with that much on the line ?

  • Terry Marchand
    Terry Marchand Month ago +12

    This young man is a warrior just wait this young man is going to make all the naysayers and haters eat their words Adrian is a stud and will get better and we will be the team to fear GO BIG RED my heart bleeds Husker RED always

    • Aaron Day
      Aaron Day Month ago +1

      Really?? He took a big step back this year

  • Scott Eaton smith
    Scott Eaton smith Month ago +3

    he is by far the most talented and our future is with him! GBR

  • Atleastashare
    Atleastashare Month ago +6

    Keep your head up, Adrian! You fought all season. In the deed the glory.

  • Dave E
    Dave E Month ago +22

    Tough loss, followed by dumb questions, followed by idiotic social media comments. Adrian is a quality young man, player, and team representative. Glad you’re a Husker!

    • Aaron Day
      Aaron Day Month ago +1

      He sucks. I hope he gets transfer

    • David Mattson
      David Mattson Month ago +1

      Thanks for saying that. He's had a lot on his shoulders.

    • Chuck Dowling
      Chuck Dowling Month ago +2

      Dave E Agree, quality young man, lot of character, he will be a big winner at Nebraska

  • Football God
    Football God Month ago +5

    He is not 💯 that’s why he’s running slow and we lost the game because of the play calling like u ran the ball on 3RD and 19 so it was the play calling for sure

    • TTV-TropicalEdge HQ
      TTV-TropicalEdge HQ Month ago

      We should have throw the ball to get into field goal range, and it we didn't get it, we should have punt it into there endzone so it would have probably went into overtime

    • Tanner24
      Tanner24 Month ago

      They were trying to force Iowa to use their timeout to make it harder for them to drive down and win. We see how that worked

  • Kaelen Kinnaman
    Kaelen Kinnaman Month ago +8

    Tough game, have a lot of work to do in the offseason. Good luck buddy, GBR

  • M C
    M C Month ago +3

    Seemed like 2AM was favoring his left leg even from the first snap. It’s possible that he gave all he had against Wisconsin and aggravated his old injury.
    Luke isn’t there yet as a QB either. He had one great play tonight, but last week had trouble completing a full drive against Maryland. Our starter QB needs to be able to grind it out.
    Vedral seems to be the better passer with nice legs when something opens up, but Martinez has demonstrated his excellent running speed and above average passing accuracy both of his years.
    Really hope he fully heals up during the off season. It’d be great to start 2020 with three strong QB’s.

    • Aaron Day
      Aaron Day Month ago

      What games you been watching? McCaffrey throws the ball more accurately than Martinez. Verdral is a sitting duck and a statue back there with our horrible oline. McCaffrey is a beast

  • Chris Volk
    Chris Volk Month ago +1


  • J eff Patchell
    J eff Patchell Month ago +3

    Martinez hasn't been himself all season. He's playing like a scared child. Play calling and Martinez LOST this game...PERIOD!!!

    • redrider general
      redrider general Month ago

      If you can remember, so did taylor!! He got hurt his soph year, and was never the same.

  • Iowa Bassman
    Iowa Bassman Month ago +1

    No fire, no heart, no want to, consumed with fear and rightfully so, wouldn't you be if you knew McCaffrey was behind you.

    • George Washington
      George Washington Month ago

      @Marvin Scofield hey idiot I think he's a Nebraska fan that lives in Iowa

    • Marvin Scofield
      Marvin Scofield Month ago +1

      Hey ass wipe no 1 one this channel gives a shit about your opinion so put it where the sun dont shire your a member of the worst fans in college football

  • Mustric
    Mustric Month ago +6

    People forget he has barely even played a full season of football. With injuries and fact he didn't even play senior season in high school. Either way it is up to coaches to put best players on field. Being by full package. I think he has physical skills but i think vedral is smarter at system and luke is more elusive. We need one complete quarter back.

  • Iowa Bassman
    Iowa Bassman Month ago

    He's got the talent. Just doesn't have the mindset and "it" factor it takes. Jevon Dewitt needs fored tomorrow. Outside linebackers and special teams are the worst groups on the field.

  • Dawyne Mckinnon
    Dawyne Mckinnon Month ago +2

    All frost players...glad mo berry and the rest leaving

    • Thick Nick
      Thick Nick Month ago

      Dawyne Mckinnon why you glad Mo Barry leaving. He is a good linebacker stupid

  • Alan Pattee
    Alan Pattee Month ago +7

    Luke Luke Luke

  • Marvin Scofield
    Marvin Scofield Month ago

    Agree with most of u the kids got talent but never learns from his mistakes like the int today threw into double coverage with someone wide open 10 yards up field has done that to many time but the worst was the run out of bounds with 42 seconds left just dumb I know frosh would not have done that when he played becuse he like running of people and martinez is playing scared my opinion but if he is our starting an and doesnt getsmarter or better get use to this record so I hope and pray. He gets smarter and plays better and not so afraid or we have the same results

  • Greg Davis
    Greg Davis Month ago +2

    Last year I thought he was going to be outstanding, but after this season he’s average at best. I hope coach Frost isn’t wasting his time with this kid. Who knows, he maybe better next year?? 18 years of average to below average teams is too long and getting old. I’m afraid the Devaney/Osborne dynasty is over for good. I’m a life long fan forever.

  • D.B. Allen
    D.B. Allen Month ago +4

    Nebraska bench this scared rabbit.

    • D.B. Allen
      D.B. Allen Month ago

      #Korina Bittner he is scared because of the beating he has been taking from the O-line allowing him to get hit and hurt. Face facts Martinez has made poor decisions because of the pressure to get rid of the ball faster than he should have to.

    • Korina Bittner
      Korina Bittner Month ago

      Hes not the scared rabbit you are martinez is such a good player

  • Randy Hill
    Randy Hill Month ago +8

    First time I have ever thumbs down on a A.Mart vid. I can't help it and won't appologize either.
    It was obvious from the first series on he wasn't himself. I don't know if he is hurt worse than he lets on or if he is just being timid because he is afraid he is gonna either screw up and hurt the team or if he is scared he himself will get hurt worse ? Or one of a half-dozen other maybe reasons but one thing is for sure something is bothering him ! What it is I have no clue because he is too slick at the "practiced podium speaking" deal so we might never find out either and that is too bad he is a good kid and a Husker but the once labeled savior of the program is anything but.
    What will be great to see is if McCaffery can supplant him as starter next year....that might be just what he needs to get him to wake up and get back to being his old carefree self cause this Martinez aint workin out too well.
    I am already excited about next season because #1 we will have 95% Frost players on the team and #2 we will have 95% Frost players on the team !

    • Randy Hill
      Randy Hill Month ago

      @Chuck Haller
      I think I didn't explain myself well enough, I gave his demeanor and attitude a thumbs down, not him or his play. I honestly like the guy and am happy he is here playing and enjoy watching him play. I just wish what ever he is dealing with would get fixed because we need the Martinez from Last season....and from the Maryland game....he is far far better when he cuts loose what ever baggage it is he is carrying around and just plays to have fun.
      I would never give a thumbs down just because I don't like someone, if that were the case I would just not comment period.
      Hey weren't you my Jr. High Musicology Teacher ?

    • Chuck Haller
      Chuck Haller Month ago

      Dont give it a thumbs down just cause you don't like him. The channel is just reporting what he said.

    • S Freeman
      S Freeman Month ago +2

      I believe he has dealt with injuries all year, just not the same as we saw last year. Just my opinion GBR!!

  • Aaron E
    Aaron E Month ago +3

    He's gotta get better. Get his legs stronger

  • Michael j
    Michael j Month ago +2

    The next Brett farve

    • Marvin Scofield
      Marvin Scofield Month ago

      j LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO 1 time your a husker fan an own lswho ok ban wagoneer go troll on a LSU's sight or hawkeye cause your opinion means nothing here l

    • Marvin Scofield
      Marvin Scofield Month ago

      @Michael j LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO on

    • Marvin Scofield
      Marvin Scofield Month ago

      j LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO there it is another set of piss poor fans take a hike your a waste of my time LMFAOOOOOOOOOO at u

    • Michael j
      Michael j Month ago +1

      @Marvin Scofield marvie. Go take some English classes and throw in a grammar course. You could use it. PS. I live in Louisiana and last I checked we were #1

    • Marvin Scofield
      Marvin Scofield Month ago

      j LMFAOOOOOOOOOO well I'm not your son either buttheadas a matter of fact probably older than your father but it's bad to see that the huskers have crappy fans its 1 thing to point out what u seeits another to claim to be fan and say they suck go be a colorado fan with that attitude

  • J Compa
    J Compa Month ago +8

    Good kid. Horrible football player

    • Korina Bittner
      Korina Bittner Month ago

      Yeah hes a good kid i dont agree with you thats hes a horrible player you need to know what football is stop living off your mom budy

    • J Compa
      J Compa Month ago

      Kaymerica for example, look Noah vedral. Martinez is a far superior athlete when he’s playing confident and without pressure like last year. However, when vedral had his chances this year, he looked better because he was confident in himself and didn’t hesitate on every throw/read

    • J Compa
      J Compa Month ago +1

      Kaymerica but also because Adrian is horrible this year. No denying that. Even when he has time to throw he can’t deliver a catchable ball. He either second guesses and throws a duck into double coverage and gets picked off, or he overthrows by a mile because he’s afraid of getting picked off. No confidence in his arm. He even consistently throws swing passes inaccurately. I think he possesses the skill and it’s mostly a mental thing, but the mental errors outweigh his skill at this point

    • Kaymerica
      Kaymerica Month ago

      J Compa our offense is terrible due to the lack of weapons and our offensive line doesn’t help, I mean cmon the receivers never get separation and we don’t have a big play guy like we did last year with Stanley Morgan jr

    • J Compa
      J Compa Month ago

      Kaymerica because the entire offense revolves around him. Which, in case you haven’t noticed, is a big reason why our offense has been so poor

  • Jodi Helmick
    Jodi Helmick Month ago +1

    Nebraska game worse not better!!!!!

  • Jodi Helmick
    Jodi Helmick Month ago +3

    You got to go Adrian if you don’t make good decisions who to throw two