T.J. Hockenson on the Lions' week in Houston

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • TE T.J. Hockenson talks to media about the offense's need to improve as well as the experience practicing and playing against the Texans in Houston this week.
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    first/m /last 12 days ago

    Fire Patricia.

  • first/m /last
    first/m /last 12 days ago

    I told you all. They will rip your guts out
    Whatever it takes to lose they will do it.

  • Chandler Russell
    Chandler Russell Month ago

    This man looks like Jeffrey Daumer

  • Don Cancelosi
    Don Cancelosi Month ago

    Hock ur the man we are all behind u bro

  • Bre Johnson
    Bre Johnson Month ago +3


  • D money
    D money Month ago +2

    Tj looks stressed. I think he should prove himself but also take his rookie year as a learning experience

  • D1_Junk
    D1_Junk Month ago

    Ehhhh he sounds just like stafford, even kind of looks like him....

    • The2kgod 313
      The2kgod 313 Month ago

      I swore I was trying to figure out who he looked like

  • Brian Ellis
    Brian Ellis Month ago +3

    Lol he looks like he is tired from playing hard.

  • Jerry D
    Jerry D Month ago

    He says the same thing each interview. He needs to loosen up and enjoy the experience.

  • JayyCee4 !!
    JayyCee4 !! Month ago +14

    Keep your head up TJ, you doing great!! Nice catch in Houston.. Mark my words you will be a STAR/Pro Bowler

  • first/m /last
    first/m /last Month ago +1

    Sorry rookies in Detroit. You'll be well paid and play in front of full houses at home but won't sniff the playoffs. It's just the way it is. Looooong time follower of this team.

    • first/m /last
      first/m /last 12 days ago

      @Lionsfan313 I told you.

    • first/m /last
      first/m /last Month ago

      @Lionsfan313 one other thing they need to get a quality backup QB. There's no excuse for that. Rudock is doing well in Miami? Wth! I don't want a QB with the last name of fales aka fails either.

    • first/m /last
      first/m /last Month ago

      @Lionsfan313 I hope you're right. Stafford is far and away the best QB they have ever had period .

    • Lionsfan313
      Lionsfan313 Month ago +1

      I get that you’ve been a fan for your whole life and how many times you’ve been let down my dad is the same way as you he’s been a fan for 40 years but I think the lions will be good this year because we had a good defense last year and we’ve only added to it with young talent and 2 great veterans in mike Daniels and Trey flowers I think if we can stay healthy on offense and we have at least a top 16 offense we will make the playoffs just off our defense and we both know stafford is capable of having an offense better than 16th so i don’t think it’s asking much as long as Patricia and the defense are as good or better than last year I think we can sneak in and get a win. Idk about the super bowl this year but I really think we could win the division this is arguably the best team stafford ever had around him

    • first/m /last
      first/m /last Month ago

      @GamerAthlete24 I'm not so sure but their history tells me different. I hope I'm wrong I'll gladly eat crow.

  • Eli 3li
    Eli 3li Month ago

    Hock looks like hes a paranoid meth dealer

  • connorc22
    connorc22 Month ago +8

    He looks 30

    • Lionsfan313
      Lionsfan313 Month ago +1

      connorc22 aashawn looks like he’s about 40 lmao

  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith Month ago +27

    Sounds like there is a lot of pressure on this young man, and alot of it he puts on himself. I think that’ll give him success in his career, but I hope we get to see him have some fun too :)

  • Dennis T
    Dennis T Month ago +10

    Team Lions 🦁. Love your Heart.

  • PALi friendly
    PALi friendly Month ago +10

    This guy flys like an angel.

  • macki's world
    macki's world Month ago


  • Pacific Houndoom
    Pacific Houndoom Month ago +17

    1st again.
    Believe in the Lions We Got The Super Bowl Baby.

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      JustinMayTheRapper Month ago

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