The New iPhone Part 2: iPhone 11

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
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  • Ice Kold Killa
    Ice Kold Killa 3 hours ago +1

    iPhone 12 reveal in 2 weeks:

  • Gemini Bros 4life
    Gemini Bros 4life 19 hours ago

    “2 weeks, that’s ah late release “ 🤣🤣😭

  • Kali Ferguson
    Kali Ferguson Day ago +1

    Come over to the Pixel y'all 😝

  • Dubb1000
    Dubb1000 Day ago

    Yo, someone had an orgasm/heart attack/stroke towards the end when that I qtip was announced.

  • Danny Madrid
    Danny Madrid Day ago +2

    “2 weeks! That’s a late release.”

  • O G
    O G 2 days ago

    And I ordered mine yesterday now I come across this video 😂😂

  • Anime Freak
    Anime Freak 2 days ago

    "What's the Retina display"
    "I don't fucking know but who cares"
    😂😂 I'm dying after that part 😂😂

  • MONY A
    MONY A 3 days ago


  • Abhinav dhiraj
    Abhinav dhiraj 3 days ago

    Hey Griffy can you make a vedio on iPhone 12

  • Kelvin Streeter
    Kelvin Streeter 3 days ago

    He doin just like this dude off instagram

  • Chaosly  混沌
    Chaosly 混沌 3 days ago +2

    “We will reveal the iphone12 In 2 weeks!”
    that’s just straight facts

  • Galileel
    Galileel 5 days ago +1

    The way he holds & brings in the iQ-Tip makes it even better XD

  • Oh my god Becky
    Oh my god Becky 5 days ago

    I like this product review
    They’re all the same basically
    Can we see if it has a camera tho?

  • Rulz
    Rulz 6 days ago

    It's actually an OLD display LMAOOO!

  • GafilthaFilms
    GafilthaFilms 6 days ago

    Again hitting us with the truth!

  • j007lane
    j007lane 6 days ago

    Same thing as Madden

  • H CZ
    H CZ 6 days ago


  • Luna Moonfang
    Luna Moonfang 6 days ago

    Im so dead af HHAAHHAHAHAHA

  • MrkellyPro
    MrkellyPro 6 days ago

    I’ll take three

  • prince
    prince 7 days ago

    Big smaller big small big small no button

  • Heuch Gack
    Heuch Gack 7 days ago

    That blonde wig is my favorite

  • A-Leo Vids
    A-Leo Vids 7 days ago

    S9/S9+ and Note 9 but where is the iphone 9!

  • lllllllllllll
    lllllllllllll 7 days ago

    Who’s watching this video from an iphone 11?

  • Johnny Cage Cruz
    Johnny Cage Cruz 7 days ago

    Doesn't Griffy own an iPhone? 🤨🤨🤨

  • Zuriku 0076
    Zuriku 0076 8 days ago

    0:43 This boi has a saitama mask behind him

  • Malik Knight
    Malik Knight 9 days ago

    You forgot something they make the old ones worse so buy it

  • o mpampas sou
    o mpampas sou 9 days ago +2

    This is so true that is not even funny lol apple gone to far with the bs

  • David Bascur
    David Bascur 9 days ago

    Does the IQtip come in different colors and sizes?
    Can I use it while it's charging?

  • Jordan Carson
    Jordan Carson 10 days ago

    Since you don’t know what a Retina Display is (been around since the iPhone 4 from 2010, here’s what’s it is,

  • ryry Hack
    ryry Hack 10 days ago

    My dude you so fuking funny, I'm so glad I stumbled across you channel. Keep putting out new videos

  • JShmokeable
    JShmokeable 11 days ago

    "2 Weeks!! That's a late release!!" 🤣🤣🤣

  • adil khojah
    adil khojah 11 days ago

    Galaxy note 9 is the king

  • Ana
    Ana 11 days ago

    The iPhone 20 boutta be a whole home button

  • Dremekeks
    Dremekeks 11 days ago

    *_.. WITH A CAMERA!_*

  • Y Arch
    Y Arch 12 days ago

    *YEAR 2999*
    I will be presenting the iPhone 980 with 7.9 rigma iCloud with 400000 gigobits! With 500 cameras! If you preorder it, you will get the iphone pencil for 1 million dollars and the iPhone pen for 5 million dollars!

  • Asani Wasabi
    Asani Wasabi 12 days ago

    You can't make a new phone every single year and call it innovative and much better than the last. As much as I use Apple products, Apple just change the look of the iPhone from the outside and keep what is on the inside the same so it looks like you're buying a new iPhone. In reality, it takes 2-3 years to actually come up with an iPhone worthy of the last.

  • Vadaski
    Vadaski 12 days ago

    In two weeks we reveal the iPhone 12


  • LuchaKing
    LuchaKing 12 days ago

    People are that ignorant though. Its sad lol. Thata why android is better and thats not opinion its fact. Do research folks. Apple robbing u blind

  • Male Carat Naega Hosh
    Male Carat Naega Hosh 13 days ago

    1:23 XDD XDD XDD

  • Johnathan D. Hill
    Johnathan D. Hill 13 days ago +2

    "He's right... he's absolutely right, 'new' is overrated"

  • Mr Mister
    Mr Mister 13 days ago

    Might have to cop the IQtip tho

  • Mr Mister
    Mr Mister 13 days ago +9

    I like how the guy is talking about how brainwashed they are and literally every single future iPhone plan and no ones saying anything

  • Mr Mister
    Mr Mister 13 days ago +3

    I swear the clapping in the background is just griffy patting his knees

  • Dawood Aalam
    Dawood Aalam 14 days ago

    They skipped the Iphone 9 just because they knew Griffy will roast them on that one even more.

  • Dawood Aalam
    Dawood Aalam 14 days ago

    Even that golden retina 1.1 wig hasn't changed.

  • MASTERTVlogs
    MASTERTVlogs 14 days ago

    Its an iPhone with a camera

  • john ostrum
    john ostrum 14 days ago

    *watches on iPhone 11 Pro Max*

  • Hamzeh Monfared
    Hamzeh Monfared 14 days ago

    See you next year 😂

  • Ibrahim Sultan
    Ibrahim Sultan 14 days ago


  • Bartholomew Allen
    Bartholomew Allen 14 days ago


  • vipin panwar
    vipin panwar 14 days ago

    Love u broo uuuu

  • Brian Tejada
    Brian Tejada 15 days ago +1

    iPhone 12 is gonna be a disposable Kodak camera

  • Luan Loud Fan
    Luan Loud Fan 16 days ago

    Samsung makes Apples OLED displays 😂😂

  • C Lionsman67
    C Lionsman67 16 days ago

    2 weeks!! That's a late release! HAHAHAHA DEAD

  • NoobMaster69
    NoobMaster69 17 days ago +1

    He just sums up the Apple events

  • Konsou badro
    Konsou badro 17 days ago

    Take my money hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • ----------
    ---------- 17 days ago

    iPhones are for ratchet chicks who think yelling louder is winning an argument

  • Urwa Tariq Khosa
    Urwa Tariq Khosa 17 days ago


  • ForevaLaTrelle
    ForevaLaTrelle 17 days ago

    They gon release a new one for Christmas like they always do.

  • quacy beerom
    quacy beerom 17 days ago

    Damn nigga! yo wig fucked up!