Redesigned Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the redesigned Samsung Galaxy Fold. We examine the hardware changes that Samsung made to its first foldable phone before it finally goes on sale.
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Comments • 195

  • Aryk Lovley
    Aryk Lovley 10 days ago

    Not today, Satan

  • The Cut
    The Cut 24 days ago

    After explode gate with the Note 7 and fold gate with this phone, Samsung is getting really good with recalls

  • Self Aware Devices / Bilinçli Cihazlar

    we don't want fold phones, we need rollup tablets with oled displays

  • Yung BorderHopper
    Yung BorderHopper 29 days ago

    oh hey cisco

  • Jose Silva
    Jose Silva Month ago

    Steve jobs was talking bs when Samsung released note 3 , the screen was too big and the end iPhone ending copy and learning from the best , now they bring u pl something new and better!!!! Is time for iPhone to invent edge display !!!!!

  • Jose Silva
    Jose Silva Month ago +2

    I love the concept, Samsung is a pioneer!!!! But I will wait until this technology get better and less expensive, Samsung will come with something more better

  • Wacana Forever
    Wacana Forever Month ago

    Hmm hmm hmmm naah , nat so haip

  • thejjzz
    thejjzz Month ago

    "Deeper grooves at level 1"

  • Mohammed Abdeen
    Mohammed Abdeen Month ago

    This is not a hands-on gsmarena

  • Kj Jan
    Kj Jan Month ago +1

    Congratulations for you

  • Myat Htoo
    Myat Htoo Month ago

    For USD 2,000??? I would get a super gaming desktop,which can also edit vids and music!!!!!!

  • Sir Whitemont
    Sir Whitemont Month ago

    Its too much expensive for me.

    KEVIN Month ago

    Samsung is making crap as usual.

    PSYCHO Month ago +2

    For $1,980 plus tax, I'd rather put that towards building a 4K gaming PC with a 2080 Ti.

  • Seif Al-hinai
    Seif Al-hinai Month ago

    "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me."
    Just saying not me

  • Roopa Rani Mylaram
    Roopa Rani Mylaram Month ago

    0:28 to 0:32 can you please tell me which camera was used for the recording... The stabilization is amazing

  • juniorjony5888 Junior
    juniorjony5888 Junior Month ago +1

    Vivo y93 lite (vivo u1) please do text review with display lab tests.

  • Julia Lerner
    Julia Lerner Month ago

    I;m waiting for one that opens like a scroll.

  • Luxury Rex
    Luxury Rex Month ago +11

    How many phones can a flip phone flip if a flip phone could flip phones

  • dirijablik
    dirijablik Month ago

    Nice device, but can Samsung release that on windows too.. Android is outdated.. Google needs new system.

  • Mark Dustin
    Mark Dustin Month ago +1

    Respect to Samsung

  • Dewey Cox
    Dewey Cox Month ago

    The more I hear about it the less interested I am. Huawei’s option is more appealing and useful when the phone is folded. Even the LG dual screen phone seems more functional than this.

  • Thompter S. Hunson
    Thompter S. Hunson Month ago +1

    I don't know how GSMarena came up with the 2K pricing because on the internet I found in several sites a "$3,088" pricetag. Time will tell. In any case, that amount of money for a plastic screen display? lol I prefer to buy a killer TV, an Xbox, and keep the spare money for food deliveries. Better to wait for some generations of this segment until you jump on the foldable wagon.

    • Thompter S. Hunson
      Thompter S. Hunson Month ago

      @PSYCHO I have no fuckin' clue :P

    • PSYCHO
      PSYCHO Month ago

      I'm still trying to understand the $3,088. Is that in Korean currency??? No way that's U.S. dollars.

  • Kyujin Kim
    Kyujin Kim Month ago +1


  • Jon
    Jon Month ago +6

    If Samsung sells phones for $2k then Apple will make something and sell theirs at

    • thejjzz
      thejjzz Month ago

      "Apple will do..." That's always an excuse fanboys make of this ridiculous 2000€ price tag.

    • liliya bossak
      liliya bossak Month ago

      Very true

  • Yoan Mitov
    Yoan Mitov Month ago +2

    At the beginning I heard "affordable" instead of foldable and almost spit my drink.

  • Shadi Abdelhadi
    Shadi Abdelhadi Month ago

    You forgot another problem. One screen went off all by itself without removing any thing. These phones are completely fragile and unreliable. Who is stupid enough to throw two grands on a non-trust worthy device

  • ucheucheuche
    ucheucheuche Month ago +1

    If price was no issue, and popularity was,
    Galaxy Fold would get much more attention than the iPhone 11s

  • drifter4training
    drifter4training Month ago

    in Singapore, that would be as much as a mid range gaming laptop,,

  • jay gogoi
    jay gogoi Month ago

    Guys, both the fold and the mate x have their shortcomings. Samsung almost had a repeat of the note 7 fiasco and huawei needs to work on their build quality and app continuity. Not to mention they cost an arm and a leg(+ a kidney😁). All in all both are 1st gen devices in their category and only by the 2nd-3rd gen will they can be proper daily drivers or even proper. Better wait and see for the next 2-3 years where the tech will lead.

  • Sivakumar M
    Sivakumar M Month ago +42

    I'm more excited for this than for any of the iPhone models launched yesterday.

    • Sivakumar M
      Sivakumar M Month ago

      @PSYCHO yes, me too. If the reviews are good, I'll probably buy the Samsung Fold next year because this year it's beyond my budget.

    • PSYCHO
      PSYCHO Month ago +2

      I'm excited for long-term reviews of the Galaxy Fold and Mate X.

      Foldable devices is a product category that I'm very excited to see succeed.

  • 찰장군
    찰장군 Month ago +1


    MON FRY Month ago

    Wating for the next generation

  • u76dtfxc
    u76dtfxc Month ago

    I think foldable display should be placed outside of the phone.
    It allows the display lesser keen hinge angle and no need outside sub display.

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee Month ago

    This phone is only for rich people not for me.

    WESAM AYEESH Month ago +5

    I hope in soon future Samsung make a laptop have the same technology . Means : laptop with one screen can fold it like this smart phone . This will make a revolution in laptop industry and too many people will back to depend in laptop in his daily duties .

  • typxxilps
    typxxilps Month ago

    No pen ...
    too small display
    too expensive insurance
    Good bye samsung my old note still work till you learn to make devides with right display spect ratio for real men's hands and not tiny small but long display for childrens hands ...
    25 to 8 or 30 to 6 ... will bring huge dimensions but useless if you need to browse or calculate on the go.

  • MR
    MR Month ago +3

    going from phone to tablet, another fablet

    • PSYCHO
      PSYCHO Month ago

      For a sec I thought you wrote FAPlet lol.

  • noahkb80
    noahkb80 Month ago

    The whole reason to have a Fold would be to have a tiny , thin phone with low footprint, that can blow up into a huge screen. Make it smaller, thinner , more compact, with ability to become large, and youll have your phone. Think old Motorola razer thin flip phone, to Note10+ or maybe slightly bigger. Thats when the phone would make sense.

  • Simon Suh
    Simon Suh Month ago +1

    good tech.

  • Ro Ro
    Ro Ro Month ago +21

    I love the Samsung Galaxy Fold

  • John Merik
    John Merik Month ago

    Will they relaunch this on stage?Coz it maybe embarassing.

  • Paulo Manuntag
    Paulo Manuntag Month ago

    scratches at level 3 with deeper grove at level 4... now for the burned test.....

  • billygowhoop
    billygowhoop Month ago

    Unless it's made of gold, no phone is worth $2k. In three years, you'll be able to find them on eBay for $300. But I appreciate that there are new ideas being developed in the smartphone world.

  • robac000
    robac000 Month ago +20

    Samsung made a foldable phone, Apple just anounced that they have always on display on Apple watch and 3 cameras on 1000$ phone. Isn't it ironic?

    • Essumer
      Essumer Month ago

      @Yolo Piop 2 yeah if I could get a maxed out note 11 for like tops 800 I'd go for it.

    • Yolo Piop 2
      Yolo Piop 2 Month ago +1

      Essumer agreed. I’m hoping the note 11 will be cheaper because I think the note 10 prices are outrageously high

    • Essumer
      Essumer Month ago +3

      Yeah, sammy is easy ahead in tech. Wish pricing was lower though

  • porkchopp007
    porkchopp007 Month ago +1

    Hate it! I can still see the crease in the middle. How nasty. If I'm going to pay $2000, I want it perfect in every way and I want the battery to last 7 days!

  • UnBiased Consumer
    UnBiased Consumer Month ago

    When iPhones were $1k everyone complained, but at $20/month u don’t even think about it. Nobody’s paying 2k upfront for this. 59/month is way better than 2k upfront. People want new tech but complain about money smh da hell u want? Pick your poison. I’ll be picking this up this year, iPhone 11 pro is underwhelming.

  • kramshiron
    kramshiron Month ago +1

    Just buy the original Mate 20x...huge screen, 5000mah battery,great speakers, headphone jack.

  • Stfuppercut31
    Stfuppercut31 Month ago

    All you're buying is the folding for 2k. The note 10 is slightly smaller, and other phones are one-handed and way cheaper

  • ismemob
    ismemob Month ago

    If I had the money it would be neat to own. However, I'm still weary of foldable devices.

  • Edward Attipoe Asinyo
    Edward Attipoe Asinyo Month ago +2

    Wow this is tech but too expensive. $2000+?

    • Ghost Snek
      Ghost Snek Month ago

      @Edward Attipoe Asinyo wait for the 2nd version, first is always expensive as hell

    • Edward Attipoe Asinyo
      Edward Attipoe Asinyo Month ago

      @Axocro 😀✌✌✌

    • Axocro
      Axocro Month ago

      A table, a phone, and about 6 cameras all in one. Thats why

  • Ironicist
    Ironicist Month ago

    Subscribed for Angie...but Will is growing on me...

  • notrybro
    notrybro Month ago

    nice that the screen looks a little better

  • Tamimi Ah
    Tamimi Ah Month ago

    With that insane price of a folded phone I can buy a Note 10+, S10+ & Tab S6 with a telco contract each and still have some money left to buy the accessories for each device as well!

  • Tamimi Ah
    Tamimi Ah Month ago +9

    If only the total price amount of the folded phone can be folded into 2 also then I will buy!

  • hassan abdu
    hassan abdu Month ago

    2000? ???

  • Stefan Javorac
    Stefan Javorac Month ago +10

    It looks like two LG's Chocolate phones in a sandwich.

  • Charleone
    Charleone Month ago

    Very ugly af. I think Huawei’s implementation on the mate X is the best in this period. Too bad Huawei is facing US ban issues

    • Sungho Park
      Sungho Park Month ago

      Lol even huawei doesnt have technology to make fold mobile

  • Dragon King Oscurare
    Dragon King Oscurare Month ago +2

    I think the price is a little exaggerated, with that amount I could buy another flagship phone and a good tablet or a PC and a Laptop.

  • abhishek chauhan
    abhishek chauhan Month ago

    1 dislike for initial ad injected in start.