Inexperienced girl trying to land A320


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  • sTaTiCC_ᑕᕼEᘔY
    sTaTiCC_ᑕᕼEᘔY 19 hours ago +1

    Instructor:Gear down.
    Me:Pushes throttle to full thrust*

  • Joe Munoz
    Joe Munoz 8 days ago

    "Do you see the red light in front of you?" 😂😂😂 I think we all fucken see it

  • Lord Royce
    Lord Royce 11 days ago

    So... The gears were on all the time??? And don't you need to adjust speed and approach angle continuously during landing?

  • halo Rizqisumantri
    halo Rizqisumantri 11 days ago

    nisnjrnisnhr jangan duis

  • artisteric
    artisteric 18 days ago

    She did good but the plane called her a retard at the end. That’s gotta hurt

  • kermit
    kermit 20 days ago +1

    I got so triggered when she couldn't find most of the controls.

  • The Amazing Brady C
    The Amazing Brady C 21 day ago


  • TheHorrorGamer Simionato

    I had no idea that Mechjeb was so annoying

  • kempfiles
    kempfiles Month ago

    Watch this instead:

  • Armybros 28
    Armybros 28 Month ago

    Too bad the pilots of Air France 447 didn’t have this training.

  • Chuck Lusk
    Chuck Lusk Month ago

    She has flight experience. Watch her legs on the rudder petals. Someone that doesn’t have experience would not be using the rudder petals

  • Hussein Aden
    Hussein Aden Month ago

    The worst job is being pilot.

  • Saptarshi Live!
    Saptarshi Live! Month ago

    That girl is so dumb!

  • Lucas DIEP
    Lucas DIEP Month ago

    why didn't she use reverse thrust

  • kalany matut
    kalany matut Month ago

    Hi guy to be a pilot

  • George Evans
    George Evans Month ago

    Its like watching my mum trying to fly a plane

  • Ben Prox
    Ben Prox 2 months ago

    Prrety fake

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  • psirvent8
    psirvent8 2 months ago

    Ok so first the landing gears were already down at the start of the video.
    Then the instructor didn't tell the girl about reverse thrust.
    And why didn't he ask her to shut down the engines after setting the parking brake ?

  • Bial Issam
    Bial Issam 2 months ago

    I hope i can experience that simulator because that’s my dream to test a simulator...awesome😍

  • Bial Issam
    Bial Issam 2 months ago

    I hope i can experience that simulator because that’s my dream to test a simulator...awesome😍

  • Wani Basit
    Wani Basit 3 months ago

    How can a plane land without landing gears

  • William Waite
    William Waite 3 months ago

    This (I'd assume ATC) is useless, he is not speaking English and assumes this girl knows which button auto thrust is. even if it is labeled 'A / THRUST', you can't expect some random girl to find it. This guy is talking to her like she's a trained pilot, not a random civilian who took over the plane after the pilots died.

  • Peter Kotara
    Peter Kotara 3 months ago

    She does an amazing job considering his instructions were somewhat clumsy.
    I.e "maintain X feet" is better described to a novice as "you need to be at X feet, and this how we do that"
    I'm not a pilot, but I do know how to give complex instructions over the telephone.

  • Roger Hargreaves
    Roger Hargreaves 3 months ago

    The landing gear was down throughout the descent.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 3 months ago

    Did the auto pilot drop the landing gear? He didn't give her instructions too do so, interesting.

  • Francois Brodeur
    Francois Brodeur 3 months ago


  • Deepik Das
    Deepik Das 3 months ago


  • Deepik Das
    Deepik Das 3 months ago


  • Jaystarz2000 Great gaming and Vlogs

    Let me guess it must be a German instructor pilot. Why can’t Aircrafts use Metres not Feet
    And to make life even easier make sure to not use Imperial measurements and use The Metric system.

    • jerry
      jerry Month ago

      For the vast majority of the world, it is based on imperial. Mainstream aviation began in the United States. So the rules, standards, and the training and the instrument calibration was all based on imperial. It has forever stayed that way because having pilots switch or having to make conversions would be an absolute nightmare and would likely lead to accidents. So it's sort of like "we've always done it this way, so why change?" Also, imperial is easier for navigational purposes. Ships use "nautical miles" which planes use as well. One minute of latitude or longitude equals 1 nautical mile everywhere on Earth. It's always been that way. One other reason is because it's easier for ATC to assign altitude slots using feet instead of meters. Metric would increase the number of words or numbers ATC has to say over radio.

  • weekendpartier
    weekendpartier 3 months ago

    terrible instructor

  • jaimes350
    jaimes350 3 months ago

    looks like she was reaching for the stated controls at times before he told her what to look for

  • is it ? was it ?
    is it ? was it ? 3 months ago

    Dumb and fking dummer...

  • Dale Smith
    Dale Smith 3 months ago

    She has nice legs. Why pilot? She should use her money makers!

  • matthew scoles
    matthew scoles 3 months ago

    just give her a broom to sweep up the wreckage afterwards

  • Robert Grimley
    Robert Grimley 4 months ago

    She did so well!!! OMG

  • NUI DA
    NUI DA 4 months ago

    No fun at all.

  • Raul Torres
    Raul Torres 4 months ago

    I suggest you entrust all souls to God, goodbye jajajajaja bay felicia !

  • Don Larsen Jr
    Don Larsen Jr 4 months ago

    with this pilot and this instructor everyone is dead for sure!

  • Mary Yates
    Mary Yates 4 months ago


  • Uncle Kyle
    Uncle Kyle 4 months ago

    And yet they're still trying to make us believe that Muhammad Atta and all the hijackers had zero training when they were trained on our army bases in Florida smh

  • Rupert Radar
    Rupert Radar 4 months ago

    The Count belongs on Sesame Street.

  • Rineesh Palliyal
    Rineesh Palliyal 4 months ago

    there is another video in which a smart man cleverly instructs a person hiw to land a plane.this man is really incompetent

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  • Diptanjan Chakraborty
    Diptanjan Chakraborty 4 months ago

    Lol . She knew where the flaps are. She knew how to pull the flap by pulling it up and putting it in the next slot which is one. She pointed at the apporach hold button before even the instructor told her to . Clearly she had been briefed before flight. In real life incapacitation nothing of those happens. A passenger without any Sim experience or having an avgeek in the cockpit who dsnt play fsX won't be able to land it because they won't have the guidance and won't even know where the ACP panel or RMP is. Or how to reply to an ATC even if she has a veteran 320 pilot sitting and instructing her from the tower. Poorly staged .

  • Sosuke
    Sosuke 4 months ago

    Well the speed in the beginning wasn't too bad haha

  • federico pamparatov
    federico pamparatov 4 months ago

    The plane drive itself. But is amazing. Only with knobs . Great working.

  • Mukhtar Khimji
    Mukhtar Khimji 4 months ago


  • Accumulator1
    Accumulator1 4 months ago

    Time to bail out.

  • M VA
    M VA 4 months ago

    If this dude was instructing me I'd definitely crash the plane. He sucks.

  • David Craword Keintjem
    David Craword Keintjem 4 months ago

    We must start learn from a small plane to step for a big plane like this...

  • iamrichrocker
    iamrichrocker 4 months ago

    fat male calling a pilot girl..dumb ass egotistical fuck

  • Christian Villafuerte
    Christian Villafuerte 4 months ago

    This girl is dumb as fuck

  • Tommy Radcliffe
    Tommy Radcliffe 4 months ago

    No landing gear! Wow, where did the landing gear come from? And I thought you said she was going to try to "fly" and land the airplane. NOT!

  • Cate Cahill
    Cate Cahill 4 months ago

    Inexperienced woman I would expect. She doesn't look pre pubescent.

  • Alec Jones Kryptonian
    Alec Jones Kryptonian 4 months ago

    At around 13:35 that irritated me there, he said parking brake behind the flaps, so why was she sort of acting confused for? Also, she didn't seem interested, like she was taking her time to say something. I love planes and I want to become a pilot, but with my shitty grades and because I failed my Level 2 engineering course, I can't even become a pilot (cause apparently you need A* or good GCSEs) and yet this girl who to me didn't know what the fuck she was doing got to fly a plane, although it was just a simulator, but nonetheless though, she still got to feel what it would be like in an actual cockpit of a real plane 👍

  • Francois Brodeur
    Francois Brodeur 4 months ago

    Flight supervisor was not to good at giving directives, realy not :(

  • antimage antimage
    antimage antimage 4 months ago

    That seems easy

  • Vishal Panchal
    Vishal Panchal 4 months ago

    The instructor forgot to tell her that spoilers to armed

  • AriochGS
    AriochGS 5 months ago

    3:10 , she is on the localizer you said, she pressed the approach button on the A/P already, what you mean climb and maintain 4.000??? if she is on the localizer, the plane will catch the glide slope, you dont climb,.... she has yet to catch the localizer, dumb instructor, he didnt helped her at all.... Flight simulator X tutorials are better than him..

  • anjinsan
    anjinsan 5 months ago


  • Lazaro Herrera
    Lazaro Herrera 5 months ago

    My friend has parkinsons and hes gonna try n fly one and a helicopter as well.

  • Geneva Colmer
    Geneva Colmer 5 months ago

    Instructor sounds like a robot recording with an accent.

  • John Gaither
    John Gaither 5 months ago

    GOOD JOB GRETA! Is it true IFR stands for "I Follow Roads"?

  • westfield90
    westfield90 5 months ago

    This is what happens when you have a trophy for everyone

  • westfield90
    westfield90 5 months ago

    She has no clue where even the controls are

  • mohp khall
    mohp khall 5 months ago

    Me ears are bleedin lad.

  • Hugo Buentello C
    Hugo Buentello C 5 months ago

    Not the best instructor.

  • justin thyme
    justin thyme 5 months ago

    What else is she inexperienced at that she could use some help with??????????

  • Brahim Khalid ok tajistan biabar

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa zakarie oke

  • Brahim Khalid ok tajistan biabar

    Yes louvmie jiemie oke

  • Brahim Khalid ok tajistan biabar

    Halaw ya oke sieas

  • maverick Aryal
    maverick Aryal 5 months ago

    Its not as easy as it looks

  • bunga cengkih
    bunga cengkih 5 months ago


  • billy fatbowe
    billy fatbowe 5 months ago

    ………....t rust lieevers...

  • m rowland
    m rowland 5 months ago

    i like the fact that they are in lithuania yet they are speaking english, the language of england

  • CattleRustler
    CattleRustler 5 months ago

    No offense but is the girl mildly retarded?

  • Roy Close
    Roy Close 5 months ago

    Top marks not easy as it looks 👍

  • Burst Finish Alien
    Burst Finish Alien 5 months ago

    Did activate reverse thrusters, auto brakes and auto air brakes ( spoilers) ?

  • Alvatrooper
    Alvatrooper 5 months ago

    she sounds depressed as hell...

  • jay Marty
    jay Marty 5 months ago

    This was a dumb bitch

  • Ram Meadors
    Ram Meadors 5 months ago

    B O R I N G !!

  • Jerry Kikuli
    Jerry Kikuli 5 months ago

    very nice.

  • biene
    biene 5 months ago

    very interesting , pull or push ?
    .. Airbus ;o)

  • American Jackass
    American Jackass 5 months ago

    fewer chicks with sticks plz

  • Faith Evans
    Faith Evans 5 months ago

    The Instructor forgot to tell her to put the landing gear down (3 green lights come on when the gear lever has been set to down position). This is done after flaps position 2 has been selected. I would also have put AUTO BRK medium ON.

  • Riley Raine
    Riley Raine 5 months ago

    Must of been a very long runway not to be using reverse engines thrust and air brakes.

  • greyman003
    greyman003 5 months ago

    Where is the steering wheel?

  • Allan Mullen
    Allan Mullen 5 months ago

    Fear not people. In the not to distant future the aircraft will be so smart it will land all by itself which it almost does already.

  • M.S. Photography MTL
    M.S. Photography MTL 5 months ago

    pantyhose landing

  • Sudima
    Sudima 6 months ago

    Wtf she actually landed it

  • Mikael Widlund
    Mikael Widlund 6 months ago

    would not trust her as a pilot even after training, too much hesitation. Even I had sharper reaction timings as a civilian not in training but with basic flight knowledge.

  • Leonard José Salazar Velásquez

    reverse? landing gear?

  • George Griffith
    George Griffith 6 months ago

    I would have jumped out the window

  • T C
    T C 6 months ago +1

    it should say stupid girl...she is ate up with the dumb ass!!!

  • Billy Jack
    Billy Jack 6 months ago

    This is BS. Anyone can do it if there’s a pilot in the FO seat telling you exactly what to do.

  • Kornelijus Kort Kiss
    Kornelijus Kort Kiss 6 months ago

    ajde u kurac ti i ona

  • mj r
    mj r 6 months ago +1

    She's dead 😤😤😤

  • Erich Weiler
    Erich Weiler 6 months ago

    Way too much automation in an airliner.. No need for it. If it ain't Boeing, I AIN'T GOING....

  • Phil Foster
    Phil Foster 6 months ago

    Well done kid...That was tense-)