Losing Your Relatability

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
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  • Mathias Kanuck
    Mathias Kanuck 3 minutes ago

    3:05 Man!!! Its just so frustrating having to stay at a 5 star hotel with room service!!! UGGGHHH!!!!

  • ii Strxberri Jxn ii

    The fact that their 2 year old child has a bigger closet than my room is already enough to make me realise how selfish their kids are going to be

  • useless
    useless 3 hours ago

    "hey look, steal from the rich, do it" - shane madej

  • Azrael
    Azrael 3 hours ago

    Our house on the other hand doesn't *legitimately* belong to us. As it belongs to my aunt -who went to another country for work-, my mom and I lived a quiet life, that is, until my aunt and her family came. To give background, our house is basically just a literal house. It's a physical manifestation of a five year old's interpretation of a house. Basically, it's just a square box and the rooms are a miniature version of said box. Two rooms... My aunt's family of -three- four and me, my mom, and my dad has to fit in a house with two rooms... They're not even paying for rent at all because... 'family'. Of course, my family could be considered as freeloaders as well, but she pays for everything in the house, electricity, bills, etc At that time, I didn't even know what to do since I was just a teenager. What was even worse was that when my freeloading aunt made my mom babysit her two kids while she was away. Since her husband has work from 7am to 5-6pm, she has to babysit their kid whilst trying to manage her own business. We were the 'pseudo-owners', but we felt like the ones who were renting. I'm curious though, even though I've gained knowledge through the years, it's still meager enough to solve the crux of the problem without creating conflict. In your guys' opinion, how could I have solved it without conflict spreading in my family? My mom, at that time, was pretty soft and wouldn't dare to kick my aunt and her family out of the house so eviction isn't an option. Ah~ I'm ranting about the past again.

  • Modshroom
    Modshroom 5 hours ago

    vote for bernie sanders

  • oorun osupa
    oorun osupa 7 hours ago

    Hi Danny

  • blurrydag
    blurrydag 7 hours ago

    But the sub button was above the video, and then got updated to below the video

  • Daifuku
    Daifuku 10 hours ago +1

    Imagine talking in that gigantic living room. Any whisper is going to resonate for 3 business days

  • Cat
    Cat 11 hours ago +1

    Watching this before I turn off my phone to begin my 40 hour work week after getting my wisdom teeth out, in excruciating pain, but can’t afford to miss work so. Yea :))) id love their “problems”

  • Kendrick Stunz
    Kendrick Stunz 11 hours ago +1

    I would hate having such a big house
    1. I would never know if someone to steal something like a clock or something
    2. Someone could live there entire life in my house without me knowing

  • Jay Ramirez
    Jay Ramirez 12 hours ago

    Not to mention that new pool that they have... their neighbors complain cause he uses a water ski in that pool and all the water goes down the hill to the Neighbors backyard and ruins their garden and makes everything super muddy... 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

  • //パンケーキ
    //パンケーキ 12 hours ago +1

    "Haven't built your own house" Excuse you, I'll have you know that I have been building mansions on Minecraft since I was twelve.

  • Bryan CBG
    Bryan CBG 13 hours ago +1

    Bonjure is hello in English, not bye.

  • blablablabla
    blablablabla 14 hours ago +2


  • Laura Lipponen
    Laura Lipponen 16 hours ago

    Why did you not include something from Jerry Seinfeld that is not relatable?

  • The Quesadillas
    The Quesadillas 16 hours ago


  • Luci Rian
    Luci Rian 17 hours ago

    11:47 “plz send me money plz” lmao

    • Luci Rian
      Luci Rian 17 hours ago

      and “i’m not having a shirt on”

  • Oliver Marquardt
    Oliver Marquardt 17 hours ago +1

    15:24 everyone else living in 2020 while you're way into the 20th millennium

  • 420 Dab
    420 Dab 18 hours ago

    David dobrik stays humble

  • MilkyWay90 YT Channel
    MilkyWay90 YT Channel 18 hours ago

    I think PewDiePie is another YTer who doesn't brag about his wealth. I didn't even know that he even had a mansion until recently.

  • Mr. Clean
    Mr. Clean 18 hours ago


  • Megan
    Megan 18 hours ago

    11:48 ‘i am not having a shirt on’

  • Dalton Bettis
    Dalton Bettis 20 hours ago

    House work ahead?

  • Kheldaur Garth
    Kheldaur Garth 21 hour ago

    I don't understand how people think Seinfeld is funny. He really isn't at all.

  • strucakruha
    strucakruha 23 hours ago

    not to defend them... but the subscribe button HAS been above the video in the early days. boy, i'm old...

  • Lolita Subliminals

    I have so much money idk what to buy please help!!
    1 like = 1 prayer.

  • SAN
    SAN Day ago +1

    i guess thats why swamp girl tried to hide her wealth

  • Monica Martini
    Monica Martini Day ago +2

    this made me laugh so much, thank you

  • abe haikal
    abe haikal Day ago +1

    I swear most guys who wear their hats like that is a douche

  • Herro 雌犬
    Herro 雌犬 Day ago

    Tbh imo modern houses/condos are super ugly and honestly scream bad taste to me. Why would you want to live in an empty white box, instead of having your OWN house built or something?? Edit: Wait so they are having their own house built... And they chose, a box, classy.

  • bro i have no idea what i’m doing

    you and danny have big john mulaney energy

  • Nathan
    Nathan Day ago +1

    Omg I hate seeing their videos on TVclip.

  • ashlynn Thomas
    ashlynn Thomas Day ago +2

    no but fuck them!!! i wish they’d lose their whole fanbase, they’re soooo undeserving ugh):

  • ashlynn Thomas
    ashlynn Thomas Day ago +1

    i literally only own 3 pair of boots, a pair of sketchers & slippers😂😂😂😂 i wanna relate to them:(

  • Freedom Fox
    Freedom Fox Day ago

    Ughh the smoke detector beeping in the background is the mark of the incurious

  • Bobbie Mason
    Bobbie Mason Day ago

    I am a strong independent female who rents a unit, pays her bills and maintains her household and let me just say I sent a good few hours cleaning today, mopping vacuuming tidying disinfecting doing washing the whole thing.
    Imagine having to clean a house that big.
    Granted they probably hire people to do it for them but the feeling of doing it yourself and sitting down to your nice clean home in unbeatable

  • Christopher Bodnar
    Christopher Bodnar Day ago +2

    Flustrated so i subscribed

  • Cader Locke
    Cader Locke Day ago +1

    Let's eat them.

  • Mde Mayu
    Mde Mayu Day ago

    Lmao I live in a freaking building that we build so our family could live together
    A freakin 8 floor building with part of a forest as our garden :)
    So yeah a lot more people can build their “houses”

  • Tipsy Gypsy
    Tipsy Gypsy Day ago

    Talks about jerry seinfield (dont @ me idk how to spell his name)
    Also me:

    *yA LiKe JaZz??!?*

  • ebenezer berty
    ebenezer berty Day ago

    Watching this video from a house that literally the entire including the kids had to put in for it to be complete just makes me sick... We had real things to complain like wrong plumbing and electrical connection, shortage of funds and floods during construction and these guys complain about trees and tiles

  • ebenezer659
    ebenezer659 Day ago +3

    Question here: does the Ace familiy get to claim their house as a $10 million tax deduction since it's technically a business expense?

    • Co
      Co 14 hours ago

      Yes, if they're smart about their personal finance, they can argue that a large amount of their property (~60%) is considered a business expense and is tax deductible

  • An Idiot Asshole
    An Idiot Asshole Day ago +1

    Tbh, having an partment with 2 bedrooms as someone living alone is a FLEX to me.

  • Sandra Drop
    Sandra Drop Day ago

    I think the reason why they have so many supporters is because people like to live vicariously through them. I’ve talked to a couple of people that watched them and they all said it had to do with being a “cute” family that they would want to have in the future

  • Tearyatobitz
    Tearyatobitz Day ago

    I just feel sorry for ya that you had to go through so many videos for clips for this video lol

  • John Hanson
    John Hanson Day ago

    This is why people like producer Michael. He knows he’s super rich but instead of saying he’s not he shows off what that type of life is like and is still just a genuinely nice guy.

  • AegenemmnoN
    AegenemmnoN Day ago

    anybody got a link to their GoFundMe?

  • Sebastian Checa
    Sebastian Checa Day ago

    This is why pewdipie has the most subscribers. He is still the same humble dude even tho he has millions upon millions of dollars more then he used to

  • WhyDoiExist
    WhyDoiExist Day ago

    I’m glad fame and money didn’t change bts :’)

  • Lilypad
    Lilypad Day ago

    This video is flustrating.

  • Imouto- Chan
    Imouto- Chan Day ago

    I find Drew's flexing during the house tour disgusting. Good ol "flex" Gooden strikes again. Unsubbed and reported.

  • alien rat
    alien rat Day ago

    ok so drew looks like my teacher and they both sound and act the same idkk...

  • FfunnyFfiend
    FfunnyFfiend Day ago

    His wife's ugly af

  • Imperfect Being
    Imperfect Being Day ago +1

    Me still in my towel even tho I came out the shower 40 minutes ago...

    👁 👁


  • doom
    doom Day ago +1

    11 bedrooms? 11 bathrooms? for 4 people? that's just pure greed. they will never need THAT many bedrooms. it's disgusting.

  • ToasterR6S
    ToasterR6S 2 days ago

    it was relateable for me

  • Crihs95
    Crihs95 2 days ago +3

    This is a pretty good example to how Cancel Culture isn't an actual thing, these guys have done so many shitty things and got so much backlash but they're still pumping out content and getting buttloads of money

  • Tee Hamster
    Tee Hamster 2 days ago

    Watching the ace family gets me really FLUSTRATED

  • Roo Saxton
    Roo Saxton 2 days ago

    this video title would be a great title for an eminem rap

  • Jordyn Leafa
    Jordyn Leafa 2 days ago

    6:13 - 6:21 had me ROLLING. The music made it 10000000 x better.