Losing Your Relatability

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
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Comments • 13 985

  • Sipher117
    Sipher117 23 days ago +15249

    I love it when your forehead goes from nice and smooth to having many lines on it, that’s the best part of every video

  • J Hernandez
    J Hernandez Hour ago


  • Charlotte Headey
    Charlotte Headey 2 hours ago

    Lmao how did the ad at the end make me laugh more than the actual video

  • XxHYRAXx07
    XxHYRAXx07 2 hours ago

    This whole video is just sarcasm and I love it

  • Lisa Beckmann
    Lisa Beckmann 3 hours ago

    this is a really important video, thank you! its so sad to think about these young children watching ace family and actually thinking that's what goals look like. these materialistic people who are constantly trying to have more than they need will never be truly happy and content

  • Madeline Law
    Madeline Law 3 hours ago +1

    I know this is kinda unrelated but is your cat named bim bim???

  • Monique Louisa
    Monique Louisa 3 hours ago

    Meanwhile I'm living in an apartment the size of a shoebox

  • yanelle tamayo
    yanelle tamayo 4 hours ago

    He sure has cheated on her too many times for such a “perfect family”

  • Maddy
    Maddy 6 hours ago

    They took NO consideration for their children. A gigantic pool with no fence. 11 bedrooms and their children share a space so small compared to the master bedroom. They have a pretty small playroom as well. All white EVERYTHING, no color. There is no life in this house. It isn’t a space for children.

  • Tatum Calhoun
    Tatum Calhoun 6 hours ago

    Do a review on “Tall Girl” on Netflix cause uh yeah it wack.

  • eliamaria
    eliamaria 6 hours ago

    i used to watch the ace family but now i don’t because of how they brag about their huuuge house for 2 adults and 2 small kids...? what’s the point???

  • Just A Noodle
    Just A Noodle 6 hours ago +1

    heh you have 1.69 million subs

  • Lexi House
    Lexi House 7 hours ago

    I think that Drew made this whole video to show off his cat 🐱

  • Lover not a loser 2
    Lover not a loser 2 7 hours ago

    1.69 million 👏👏

  • Gabriell E
    Gabriell E 7 hours ago

    Thank youuuu👏🏾👏🏾 they are really pissing me off now and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks of them like this too.

  • marisol
    marisol 8 hours ago

    the fLustration of being a big youtuber yAy!

  • nourat aboubacar
    nourat aboubacar 8 hours ago

    Im pretty sure their house has more bathrooms than my local mall

    SOFIAx DELGADO 8 hours ago

    Thank god someone finally said something

  • nourat aboubacar
    nourat aboubacar 8 hours ago

    This is facts for the ace family! I used to be a fan but they are so unrelated ever since they moved in their first house

  • Pidgeotto With A Uke
    Pidgeotto With A Uke 9 hours ago

    Your cat is satanic I love him so much

  • Magaly Vasquez
    Magaly Vasquez 10 hours ago

    “Flusterated” and “woe is me” always cracks me up dam 💀

  • Brooklyn The Vix
    Brooklyn The Vix 11 hours ago

    This Danny guy is halarious

  • Sour Eggz
    Sour Eggz 11 hours ago

    Also, their house looks like someone *rosebud ;!;!;!* on the Sims and just... went insane. Just completely bonkers. McMansion Central 🏡.

  • Kim Seokjin
    Kim Seokjin 12 hours ago

    I just lost brain cells 🤡

  • Jade olexsak
    Jade olexsak 13 hours ago

    Jerry Seinfeld "dated" a 17 year old highschooler when he was 38 ..

  • articallie
    articallie 13 hours ago

    your camera quality is fucking god wow

  • Soapy Bubbles
    Soapy Bubbles 13 hours ago

    That’s pretty flustrating

  • Jastin Nikole
    Jastin Nikole 14 hours ago

    honestly they worked for years to get where they’re at. They started so small and built their following. and are you really any better? trying to make money exploiting people and talking down on other channels, 🤢🤮 makes me siiiiick

    • Christy
      Christy 4 hours ago

      @Jastin Nikole
      being this brainwashed is pretty sad

    • Jastin Nikole
      Jastin Nikole 7 hours ago

      Christy No need honey 😘

    • Christy
      Christy 7 hours ago

      Jastin Nikole
      i feel bad for you

  • stephanie michel
    stephanie michel 14 hours ago


  • Blu KareBear
    Blu KareBear 16 hours ago

    I dont understand whose watching them and why???

  • Colorado Padilla
    Colorado Padilla 17 hours ago

    Is it me or the dad seems like he's really dumb illiterate like his wife the baby girl is beautiful tho....

  • aquamarine ancient soul

    These guys are complaining about landscape, when i moved in, my house was crawling with insects and lizards , it was basically jurassic park.
    I fucking hate rich people who arent doctors or inventors. I just hate seeing people who are useless living a luxurious life. They have no real legacy.

  • Jackie Castillo
    Jackie Castillo 19 hours ago

    14:13 literally thought of Jenna Marbles too!!!! 🙌🙌 she’s the best💕

  • Ruiwen Zhang
    Ruiwen Zhang 19 hours ago

    that fat kitty is th only reason im liking this video

  • Oh Man
    Oh Man 22 hours ago

    ⚠️SWEAR ALERT⚠️ at 15:00 Drew says the f word (not freak) so make sure you skip past that please don't contact me again Drew my mum checks my ipad🕵🏻‍♂️

  • Nicole
    Nicole 22 hours ago

    I will say delays cost money and maybe they don’t got it like they say they do. Great video 💯

  • Joe Gonzales
    Joe Gonzales Day ago

    A note on the beginning, that’s why Van Gogh’s work is so powerful. He never sold out because he never got super popular until after he died.

  • Lily Diaz
    Lily Diaz Day ago

    such a shame for the kids to grow up in a house like that. seeing that everyday. doesn’t look comfortable or a warm cozy home. I used to go to my living room, get cozy on the couch and watch Arthur, Little Bill, Blues Clues, Caillou, Berenstein Bairs...etc. without worrying about getting the couches dirty quick. yes I’ve seen them with toys but to live a certain way and not actually have a childhood, crazy.

  • Yasmeen Tan
    Yasmeen Tan Day ago

    John Mulaney + Jon Cozart = Drew Gooden?

  • Neil Scrimgeour
    Neil Scrimgeour Day ago

    That's what my cat does

  • Sasha Raven
    Sasha Raven Day ago +1

    *Hey Elle, for every single youtube account that you make and dislike Drew Gooden's video, I'll give you $1000.*

  • emDawg
    emDawg Day ago

    For every Jenna Marbles lmaooo like she’s TVclip currency, the good kind

  • emDawg
    emDawg Day ago

    Literally only clicked on the video cause I saw the cat- then I freaking had to keep watching. Even if they have a huge home, why do they feel the need to flex? People that have money don’t usually flex it. I just kind of feel like it shows that they have an inferiority complex because it always seem they like to show off.also I doubt they will be able to keep this going tbh. The whole family style blog thing doesn’t last forever- the channel will die eventually. And they don’t have any skills so what are they going to do after their channel dies?

  • The Daily Egg
    The Daily Egg Day ago +1

    I am very flusterated at the Ace family

  • Jaylynn Snider
    Jaylynn Snider Day ago

    This is why I love you

  • Aiden Premium
    Aiden Premium Day ago

    Out here keeping it real

  • Lily M
    Lily M Day ago

    wow he looks like jenn mcallisters twin

  • AJ@llday
    AJ@llday Day ago

    1.69 subscribers

  • Evelynxally
    Evelynxally Day ago

    Why a big house for a family of 4?

  • AestheticGalaxy
    AestheticGalaxy Day ago

    Drew: “Disgusting. Would you wanna live in that house?”
    Me: “Ye-“
    Drew: *”No!”*

  • D E
    D E Day ago +1

    i am not having a shirt on

  • Your Cool Mom
    Your Cool Mom Day ago

    Congrats on 1.69 million BiG gAy

  • Lia Elsheikh
    Lia Elsheikh Day ago

    I watch the ace family regularly but the editing in this video is absolutely hilarious lol i love it

  • Noi Kim
    Noi Kim Day ago

    He’s at 1.69 million subs


  • Olivia Bellinger

    jenna marbles is so unproblematic i love her

  • Kimberly Melendez

    Kanye: i am not a human, I am a god.

  • RyRy 936
    RyRy 936 Day ago

    I Love how Drew Just Keeps Saying Flustrated

  • hecking bad content 101

    Kanye west moved to cody wyoming last week- thats where i live oop

  • Splash Curry
    Splash Curry Day ago

    ok but what’s their address 😂😂😂

  • Parm
    Parm Day ago

    this is so flustrating