LeBron James admits he was ripping Phil Jackson and thinks DeShaun Watson should be the Browns qu...

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
  • LeBron James gave another all-time press conference in New York

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  • Miguel Menendez
    Miguel Menendez 10 months ago

    The browns had their chance in the draft

  • dorito loco
    dorito loco 10 months ago +1

    Just saying BLM is racist

    QUART.KEY.🔑 10 months ago +1

    Lebron is a ugly dude

  • Biblical Knives
    Biblical Knives 10 months ago

    That thumbnail is meme perfect

  • bjmyjm8
    bjmyjm8 10 months ago +2

    Trump 2020

  • Marcus Wright
    Marcus Wright 10 months ago +1

    Drama Queen of NBA.

  • the voice of reason
    the voice of reason 10 months ago

    Tyrone lie couldn't tie his shoes when it comes to coaching

  • Jim Brown
    Jim Brown 10 months ago

    He's just mad that Frank can lock him down on defense. He didn't want the Knicks to get an elite defender. haha.

  • SpeedOfThought1111
    SpeedOfThought1111 10 months ago

    Lebron James needs to stop taking HGH, his hairline fucked up from the HGH, went from one headband to like 88..

  • Ebony lashawn
    Ebony lashawn 10 months ago +1

    I see he been taking his hair vitamins 🙊

  • Skywalker1138
    Skywalker1138 10 months ago

    Let the man play basketball, nobody should care about what he has to say about anything

  • Victor Jackson Creed
    Victor Jackson Creed 10 months ago

    He really needs to grow up. I am kind of disappointed at how petty he is. He called you and your boys a "posse". Get over it. It didn't warrant a response to begin with. I hate the current NBA. It sucks.

  • Aj Pippin
    Aj Pippin 10 months ago

    Maybe Lebron trying to craft New York into his next team🐸☕️

  • PvpBeast713
    PvpBeast713 10 months ago +1

    You can see his spayed on hairline 😂😂💀

  • It's Raining Men
    It's Raining Men 10 months ago

    Browns qu...

  • ThE BeSt !
    ThE BeSt ! 10 months ago +3

    LeBron James one of the most epic housewives ever !

  • Jose Miguel
    Jose Miguel 10 months ago +1


  • LunarX
    LunarX 10 months ago

    What's the Cavs record right now? Huh.

  • Drew Pierson
    Drew Pierson 10 months ago

    Apparently Google Closed Captioning (automatic) thought LeBron said "penis cancer" when he really just said "Enes Kanter." LOL.

  • Alejandro Gonzalez
    Alejandro Gonzalez 10 months ago +2

    Lebron is tripping if he believes Deshaun belongs anywhere close to the Browns

  • ericx2151
    ericx2151 10 months ago +7

    I know he got hair implant but they really did a bad job. They didn’t blend it right. Still see the receding part if u look closely

    • kidrobot
      kidrobot 10 months ago

      ericx2151 nah, he hasnt done it yet, its just thinning and receding. he probably wont do it till off season, cuz it takes months for the scar to go away

  • Neriyahu
    Neriyahu 10 months ago

    *0. 0*

  • mike jones
    mike jones 10 months ago +23

    He needs to shave his beard and glue it to his head👴

  • songs need 4 dwnload download

    Hair transplant.......

    • AwesomeMan
      AwesomeMan 10 months ago

      songs need 4 dwnload download Did he have one?

  • Hope For Baldies ASMR
    Hope For Baldies ASMR 10 months ago +7

    So much money but still can't save his hairline. Sad!

    • Ryan Stubbs
      Ryan Stubbs 10 months ago

      Lebron's hairline is still better than Jordan's.

    • Captain ChickenNugget
      Captain ChickenNugget 10 months ago

      Robert Lee just what I was thinking lmao

    • Robert Lee
      Robert Lee 10 months ago

      You talk like trump

    • AwesomeMan
      AwesomeMan 10 months ago

      Hope For Baldies idk man that what my uncle told me. He’s a dermatologist.

    • Hope For Baldies ASMR
      Hope For Baldies ASMR 10 months ago

      AwesomeMan I'm not sure about that brother, taking the right steps may work for people of every race.

  • jeff dimirra
    jeff dimirra 10 months ago

    maybe worry more about winnin games & findin ur "birf dad" & less on the knicks & phil jackson

  • jeff dimirra
    jeff dimirra 10 months ago

    this is what someone with a high school education (barely) who plays with a ball for a living sounds like

  • Jai Slick
    Jai Slick 10 months ago

    He should go and practice with his posse.😉

  • Jai Slick
    Jai Slick 10 months ago

    Wow, and Kanter always has something to say!?

  • Space Alien
    Space Alien 10 months ago +9

    more race baiting establishment liberal propagandizing attention whoring by lebron james. from the hillary clinton endorsement, to the fake woke social justice crusade, right down to the family man image, this guy is such a fucking fraud.

    • ChillyCloth
      ChillyCloth 10 months ago

      the nba in general is going in this direction. They play gun control commercials during the playoffs now. Its actually one of the many reasons Allen Iverson never returned

    • amani daniels
      amani daniels 10 months ago

      Space Alien you such a hater 😂

  • ACE7O2
    ACE7O2 10 months ago +2

    Imagine deshaun watson a brown.. that would have been fun to watch

  • Aidan TheReal
    Aidan TheReal 10 months ago

    he seems like a man who knows he worth a billion dollars but trying he best to seem humble

  • thegob1in
    thegob1in 10 months ago +2

    His afleticism? You been knowin him? Lol nice neck beard.

  • HTX 713
    HTX 713 10 months ago

    "I think deshaun watson should've been the browns QB" "its not like im shittin on the next guy"
    Myles garrett=🔥💩

  • ONMY88SHiT
    ONMY88SHiT 10 months ago +28

    Lebron worries too much about stuff that doesn't concern him.. that's probably why his hair transplants are not working out, stress is not good for you.

  • jroll0410
    jroll0410 10 months ago

    stay in yo lane

  • Curtis 23
    Curtis 23 10 months ago

    Speak The Truth , Bron bron!!! DROP 35.9.8 Tonight...

  • Philip Ayoub
    Philip Ayoub 10 months ago +54

    LeBron and Phil are very similar in a way. One has won 11 Finals, the other is gonna lose 11 Finals.

    • Christopher Columbus
      Christopher Columbus 9 months ago

      Black *WENT to the finals* is the key... in a weak conference. Meanwhile Lebron didn’t win his first finals until he teamed up with the 3rd best shooting guard of all time and a prime Chris bosh lol

    • Manny Yojo
      Manny Yojo 10 months ago

      Black FAX💯💯💯💯💯💯

    • Jean Louis Wilner
      Jean Louis Wilner 10 months ago

      Pi Aye

    • tiger22
      tiger22 10 months ago +1

      Black one lost to the Mavs

  • Papa Bless
    Papa Bless 10 months ago +10

    Dennis Smith Jr- 28.8 mins 14.8 pts 3.8 reb 4.9 ast
    Frank- 20.2 mins 4.4 pts 1.9 reb 5.0 ast
    Is LeBron wrong though?

    • Jim Brown
      Jim Brown 10 months ago

      Frank is young. They should have won that game last night and made Lebron eat those words. They really messed up. They are a young franchise now. They need to win games like that.

    • Rodolfo Alejandro Rojas Díaz
      Rodolfo Alejandro Rojas Díaz 10 months ago

      Ian tell that to Jimmer Fredette.

    • Hi Baby
      Hi Baby 10 months ago

      Ian Dude...ten games. DSJ is so much more talented tho

    Mr. MICHAEL 10 months ago +46

    Cavs are 6-7. He should stop doing press conferences and start worrying about winning fucking games.

    • David Novacich
      David Novacich 9 months ago

      19-8 dickhead

    • Goofy Goober
      Goofy Goober 10 months ago

      Mr. Treez you know you can do press stuff and still try to win right. Doing press won't make your team worse somehow

    • facemobb02
      facemobb02 10 months ago

      Also you have to do press conferences if these guys didn’t have to do these interviews they wouldnt

  • Mabus Iambus
    Mabus Iambus 10 months ago +6

    Queen LeBron 😆😆😆

    • Too Sweet
      Too Sweet 10 months ago +1

      Mabus Iambus
      Is he on the downlow? Does he seesaw? Not only a queen but a full blown hypocrite, wouldn't marry the mother of his children becuase he was to busy doing whatever,but he's
      A Hillary supporter, so what can one expect from someone who like Hillary wants the limelight no matter what!

  • Mabus Iambus
    Mabus Iambus 10 months ago +5

    KING MOUTH 😆😆😆

  • Kaleal Ennis
    Kaleal Ennis 10 months ago +3

    I like this lebron

  • redd redd
    redd redd 10 months ago +3

    dam can d man say anything without somebody having something to say

  • Silence LiGne
    Silence LiGne 10 months ago +2

    Lebron James is a clever little joker when he tries to blur the tracks. Frank Ntilikina ??? The Knicks made the right choice, do not doubt it. He needs a little time to acclimatize and the floors and the life in the united states but this player is a pearl, if he is well managed he will become a very great player, and the Knicks will keep him, he left to stay in the furniture! One of the best aquisitions in history you will see! He has everything, he stinks basketball, give him the keys he will open the other cities to his partners and will close the door during home games! He is intelligent, hardworking, he likes to look after and persevere on his lack, he will work to become better throughout his life! A gold man has landed in New York, take care ... He will reward you a hundredfold. And tonight, there's a match, sir James. Best regards from France, a stras friend.

  • bison1203
    bison1203 10 months ago +38

    He is clearly incapable of taking the high road.

    • Jessie World
      Jessie World 10 months ago


    • Malcolm Coleman
      Malcolm Coleman 10 months ago +1

      Ridiculous comment alert.

    • Preston Randolph
      Preston Randolph 10 months ago +2

      bison1203 He always takes the high road. Lol.. Remember Klay? He must've got his feelings hurt. He took the high road then to. This is a new LeBron James for real. He's starting to be that idgaf player.

  • Mother Holmes
    Mother Holmes 10 months ago +1

    The King.

  • Wolf Rage
    Wolf Rage 10 months ago +3

    Could of had garret and watson not either or.

  • Ross JP
    Ross JP 10 months ago +14

    This is obviously LeBron showing love for DSJ and recognizing the sham that was Phil Jackson as an executive. The Knicks org deserves all the criticism anyone would bring because they earned it over the past 10yrs.

    • Austin Martinez
      Austin Martinez 10 months ago

      BKking6 It wasn't even about ego. He was just a trash executive. He wouldn't even let the coach do his job. Trying to force a triangle down everyone's throats

    • BKking6
      BKking6 10 months ago +1

      Phil Jackson would have saved that team but New Yorkers and egoistic players like Melo won't let that happen.

    • Ross JP
      Ross JP 10 months ago

      Who traded away Tim Hardaway Jr. only to re-sign him later. Who couldn't bring a single major free agent in after blowing up a playoff team. Who alienated the very star he drafted in Porzingis who didn't even want to talk to him at the end of last season. Remember, coaching is not being a team president.

    • Space Alien
      Space Alien 10 months ago +2

      knicks sucked a good decade before phil jackson came in. a bad franchise owner and a bad franchise player in melo was the real problem, not a guy who has more championship rings than fingers and who drafted porzingis and frank n.

  • Zachary Wages
    Zachary Wages 10 months ago +24

    Dude is such a drama queen I agree with Skip

    • Myles
      Myles 10 months ago

      SD Bo That would be Skip

    • SD Bo
      SD Bo 10 months ago

      Mr. Brown but this isn’t basketball. this is about a grown @ss man acting like a primadonna

    • Boba Fett
      Boba Fett 10 months ago +1

      Mr. Brown agreeing with him at all though...

    • LeGreatness _
      LeGreatness _ 10 months ago +3

      Mr. Brown lmaoo

  • Zachary Wages
    Zachary Wages 10 months ago

    I love Lebron and he’s my fav basketball player ever but you can’t skate out of this one. How are you not throwing shots at Frank? FOH

  • Ronald Williams
    Ronald Williams 10 months ago +12

    LeBron is about to go off on the Knicks tonight. Bring it.

  • Shy D
    Shy D 10 months ago +70

    LeBron is hilarious, he loves trolling the Knicks organization. People don’t realize just because he said the dude should be a Knick doesn’t mean that he was shitting on the other guy. But oh well people love to hate LeBron. LeBron hates Phill...got nothing against the players.

    • Christopher Columbus
      Christopher Columbus 9 months ago

      shy D Phil Jackson must’ve hurt Lebron’s feelings LOL

    • WillWork ForCheese
      WillWork ForCheese 10 months ago

      shy D LeBron is an idiot and overhyped basketball player. No way near to a Michael Jordan.

    • UXSpecialist
      UXSpecialist 10 months ago +2

      Everytime I see LeBron I feel a little cringe...Why is that?

    • Preston Randolph
      Preston Randolph 10 months ago

      Just said this to a guy yesterday on the book. Trying to say dude was hating on Frank. Lol