Install Dorman Fuel Line Coupler

  • Published on Nov 12, 2013
  • Easy way to Install a Dorman Fuel Line Coupler

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  • Joe Zyzyx
    Joe Zyzyx Month ago

    good thing it's not heat shrink tube. I hate these newer plastic fuel lines & special fittings. Reminds me of irrigation drip hoses for gardening and their "quick disconnects". Never thought such would be on vehicles for fuel delivery. I think I'd put that hose into a vise to heat it up. We just had to deal with this crap on a 2007 Dodge RAM 1500. I wonder if vehicles catching on fire have increased since these plastic hoses became the new standard? I did however once use thick wall clear vinyl hose from local hardware shop on my old '77 Dodge PU between the fuel line and it's mechanical engine driven fuel pump, and it lasted many years. It's advantage is allowed me to see if fuel was making it to the pump or not.It lasted more years than some rubber hoses with this newer ethanol gas now. I use some oil into each fillup of tank, and have hotter plugs on it (keeps fouling away) , which controls "ping" and not a problem since no catalytic convertor on that older truck.

  • Jonathonn77
    Jonathonn77 2 months ago

    Hi, I have a 2002 pt cruiser and my line broke off right at the base of the thermostat. How would I do this

  • Richard Beebe
    Richard Beebe 4 months ago

    very helpfull, thank you

  • Miguel Barboza
    Miguel Barboza 4 months ago

    Excellent tips. Thanks

  • MrJinxTheKat
    MrJinxTheKat 6 months ago

    Good info! I was thinking boiling line then a quick shot of wd40

  • Stellar V
    Stellar V 6 months ago

    Can these nylon hoses be used as brake lines too?

    • Evan
      Evan  6 months ago

      I won't recommend using nylon hoses for brakes. Brake hoses are a heavier material to handle pressure from the master cylinder.

  • MrAutoMotif
    MrAutoMotif 6 months ago

    Be careful..too much heat causes the line to collapse when pushing the fitting in.

  • John Eric
    John Eric 6 months ago

    Great video I agree with you I had a little luck when I did as the direction suggested to use boiling water.

  • Robin W
    Robin W 7 months ago +1

    Thank you !

  • scotty_rides
    scotty_rides 10 months ago +1

    thank you for sharing In my case, the line was coming out of the fuel tank so I could not use heat. Thankfully, Dorman recently designed an ingenious coupler that saved the day for me. Simply cut the line and attach the coupler to join the existing line with the new extension. The coupler acts like a lobster trap in some way, engaging on the outside of the line and gripping the line. See Dorman Nylon Fuel Line Press Fit Unions. In my case, 5/16" did the trick. Partr # 800-191.

    • ru serious
      ru serious 8 months ago

      scotty_rides thanks, i had found that part but everyone was trying to get me to use a blow dryer on the return line to the tank. I'm not trying to win a Darwin award

  • Tom Floyd
    Tom Floyd Year ago

    he needs a watch that is a lot longer than 30 seconds

  • Dr Ben mccullough
    Dr Ben mccullough Year ago +1

    You can all ways put a crimp clamp on it to

  • Վեժ
    Վեժ Year ago

    Thank you Sir

  • Jack Schnitz
    Jack Schnitz Year ago +3

    I tried this in my crown vic and the pressure just keeps blowing it out ughhh

    • Evan
      Evan  Year ago +2

      Make sure the gas line is pushed all the way up on the connector and the line should be skin tight around the connector so that you can see the outline of the connector's barbs. You can also add small hose clamps to help keep the line on.

  • Esteban  Rexach
    Esteban Rexach 2 years ago

    Where you order the part from

    • Adam michael Burrage
      Adam michael Burrage 7 months ago

      @Jack Schnitz hey how much was it

    • Jack Schnitz
      Jack Schnitz Year ago

      Esteban Rexach O'Reilly auto parts it's a barbed connector you can also start em in and grease and smack with heavy wide hammer and pressed in like a seal

    • Evan
      Evan  2 years ago

      I didn't order it, just purchased it at my local AutoZone store. You should be able to purchase it at any local auto parts store.

  • Evan
    Evan  2 years ago +3

    No, but it works better than what the Dorman instructions suggest.

  • ron jenkins
    ron jenkins 2 years ago +3

    You sound very much like john reilly. Shake it and bake it.

  • Timothy Reitan
    Timothy Reitan 2 years ago

    thank you is all i can say

  • Michel Nadon
    Michel Nadon 2 years ago +5

    with a piece of hose in hot cooking oil . I ran some test and the plastic hose from the gas tank become soft at 300F. pointless to use boiling water 212F. My heat gun on low will heat a a cooking thermometer to 350F.
    gasoline has a auto ignite temp of 495F. if I heat up a cotton ball soak with gas on low or high no auto ignition occurs just browning of the cotton edge but I am still nervous about that .. I wish they still use the good old rubber hose

  • Evan
    Evan  2 years ago

    Lol, It's possible I made a mistake and put the non-lubed end on. Believe me the lube end slides on much easier.

  • V
    V 2 years ago +6

    if you look at 2:10 then look at 3:54. It looks like he put the non-lubed end in.

  • Bee Tee
    Bee Tee 2 years ago

    what part of Louisiana you from

    • Evan
      Evan  2 years ago

      I don't live in Louisiana, I'm in Tennessee.

  • Coin master hack
    Coin master hack 2 years ago

    Is it safe to use Vaseline on fuel lines? I mean it is flammable

    • sneakyzeke56
      sneakyzeke56 2 years ago

      I know that vaaseline is flammable as you've noted. I saw firemen some in an oxygen rich environment and wow it burned intensely! Good luck. I just spit on the damn things, if it sizzles I'm outta there!

    • Josh Klemencic
      Josh Klemencic 2 years ago +5

      so is fuel? if it doesn't ignite the gasoline, I'm sure Vaseline will be alright. Lol.

    • Evan
      Evan  2 years ago +1

      Good question, the fuel pump wouldn't get hot enough to ignite Vaseline. Also it just a thin film, just enough to allow the tube to slide onto the fitting. However some oil based products can cause deterioration of rubber and plastic hoses and I'm not sure if Vaseline isn't one of them. The fuel lines on my van that connect to the fuel pump are some kind of hard black plastic and I used Vaseline to help slide them onto the fitting. So far after 3 years of driving it, I haven't had any leaks or fuel line problems.

  • Evan
    Evan  2 years ago

    Are you using a doman or standard size fuel line? If so, then just vaseline & a heat gun should work. Some hair dryers may not get hot enough.

  • mama the papa
    mama the papa 2 years ago

    hi. i have tried i cant tell you how many different ways to get the nylon tubing onto the quick disconnect and nothing works. ive tried boiling hair drying heat gunning you name it. any advice would be great!!

    • theeasybeats
      theeasybeats Year ago

      They were the same size pushed the skin off my thumb, I just got the whole system fuel line, fuel filter, fuel regulator line lowered the tank they were color-coded just snapped together in place $26 Raised the tank back up and was able to drive again

    • Brian Bagnall
      Brian Bagnall Year ago

      You were probably trying to put a 3/8 union into a 5/16 fuel line. You need to get the proper sized union to fit into the nylon line.

    • theeasybeats
      theeasybeats Year ago

      I tried I don't have the answer :^( There is a special tool which I don't want to buy for one time

    • mama the papa
      mama the papa 2 years ago

      i did the vaseline also but no go.

    CARS LOVER 3 years ago +1

    great job

  • Trucking 101
    Trucking 101 4 years ago

    this was my plan also i love vaseline its like a super clean grease that i use in the garage just hope fuel wont ignite under car when i install the piece with both connectors to the fuel lines already cut under the car -thats the hard part its always easier standing in the shop doing most of the work than say in the cold on your back in the dirt with rust and crap falling in your eyes. Amen from all you backyard mechanics? PS try a high power hair dryer under car for safety sake especially if you dont have a heat gun

  • Evan
    Evan  4 years ago +1

    That my be possible, but I would first research if a heat gun could ignite gas fumes. Also make sure that line does not have a straight path opening to tank gas fumes. .

  • STEEVE DAVID Nicolas
    STEEVE DAVID Nicolas 4 years ago

    can I use a heat gun while the line is still in the car Connected to the tank,I don't wanna drop the fuel tank

  • Eric S
    Eric S 4 years ago +4

    Thanks Evan. I broke a fitting yesterday, went to Autozone and was still at a lose reading the Dorman stuff until I actually saw how you did it. This is the power of online home made videos. Great job!

  • Romulan112
    Romulan112 4 years ago

    I guess I gotta go buy a heat gun. I tried boiling water and it went half way up. I then used more force and it crimped my plastic line. I was thinking of using a heat gun and also a vice with wood around the tube? I will first try the heat gun with a small piece that I am working with. If successful, then on to the 3 foot section needing to be replaced.

    • Walt Pett
      Walt Pett 3 years ago

      if you don't have a heat gun, try using a hair dryer.

  • timothy park
    timothy park 4 years ago

    I just performed this lubricant.just used a hairdrier for 1:30 on the line and pushed barb all the way to the end.this video actually intimidated me,until being out of options had to go thru with this procedure

    • rrglare
      rrglare 2 years ago

      Hairdryer did not work for me. Maybe you have very strong hands.

  • shotnva777
    shotnva777 5 years ago +4

    Thanks for the info.... The petroleum jelly is what REALLY helped, heat gun alone wasn't cuttin it! Good idea.

  • SilverJustice
    SilverJustice 5 years ago +7

    This is a great way to do this!!!! This just saved me 2 hours or so of hassles. It is great folks like Evan that share their knowledge and experience and make the world a better and easier place to live in. This is a very clever way of doing this repair. We welcome more videos from you Evan. Any new ideas! also have also found that a pair of small visegrips can help lock the disconnect clamps in place to remove the line. Also they make a pair of pliers with a rounded grabbing end that are nearly perfect for grabbing those clips. 'The dorman line repair kit is about the same price online as at Autozone. This kit was $20 plus tax at an Oklahoma Autozone in late 2014. Thanks

  • Michael B Eskew
    Michael B Eskew 5 years ago +1

    Thanks Evan, I am going to try to do this also this weekend....

  • bob dougan
    bob dougan 5 years ago

    I'm doing this job this weekend. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to Harbor freight tomorrow to buy a heat gun. To be honest, I didn't know how I was going to apply boiling water, for 10 mins, to the section of fuel line that's attached to the fuel pump under the car. I thought of using a heat gun. Glad to see it works.
    Good Presentation. Thanx