Is this Rock a Diamond?

  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
  • I bought a cheap diamond off ebay and I test to see if it really is one.
    water jet cutting diamond:
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  • Old Man
    Old Man 4 days ago

    Found them allot when i was mining diamonds. We called it *board* diamonds. Used after excavation as pan testers. Or sorting testers.

  • Naresh Kakkad Kakkad

    Hai mere paas Bhi Hai Asin diamond

  • Atul Rathore
    Atul Rathore 10 days ago


  • lawrence bacus
    lawrence bacus 11 days ago

    sorry to say that your math was off, your answer should have been 3.5123

  • Corin Fink
    Corin Fink 13 days ago

    This is not close to what a common diamond is. The easiest would have been using a diamondtester or cut the stone and use a refraktometer

  • Shuaib Ali Umrani
    Shuaib Ali Umrani 14 days ago

    what did you sho nothing only bak bak bak totaly west of time

  • Daniel Carré
    Daniel Carré 16 days ago

    I think you dont include the volume off the rod in your density.

  • Richard Carew
    Richard Carew 23 days ago

    There is no other mineral as hard as diamond.. diamond density differs depending on the depth of formation.. i find 10, 10+, ++, +++

  • 23 days ago


  • Gregory Taylor
    Gregory Taylor 29 days ago

    Thought that synthetic ruby was a jolly rancher

  • Bhaskar P
    Bhaskar P Month ago

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  • Surah Fatiha
    Surah Fatiha Month ago

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  • Surah Fatiha
    Surah Fatiha Month ago

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    Surah Fatiha Month ago

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    Surah Fatiha Month ago

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  • Carson Chandler
    Carson Chandler Month ago

    I honestly thought the synthetic ruby was a jolly rancher

  • Catherine Mendel
    Catherine Mendel Month ago

    Did you know the following three letters are not used in the Periodic Table? J W and Q

  • joseph overmyer
    joseph overmyer 2 months ago


  • Lyon Of Judah
    Lyon Of Judah 2 months ago

    I have a stack of these rocks at my place...

  • cyrina Xia
    cyrina Xia 2 months ago

    IDK 😐 IF DIAMOND 💍 💎

  • ReligionlessFAITH
    ReligionlessFAITH 2 months ago

    you could have heated it to 1000degrees and dropped it in liquid oxygen .. if it burns up and disappears, WAS a diamond!

  • koolkitty8989
    koolkitty8989 2 months ago

    Just barely too dense to be silicon carbide, too, which would be the go-to diamond-like material. (refractive index included) Plus the thermal conductivity isn't nearly as high (though still fairly high, in the ballpark of copper or higher depending on the crystal form), and it's a semiconductor.
    Wait ... diamond should be 2-5 times as thermally conductive at copper near room temperature. So if 'about the same as copper' is the benchmark, silicon carbide would fill most of these qualifications. (it'd need something to bump the density up beyond 3.21 g/cc though)

  • Cursaur
    Cursaur 2 months ago

    is my dick a penis?

  • Ahmed Ayaad
    Ahmed Ayaad 2 months ago


  • Ar Oway
    Ar Oway 2 months ago

    That is very pure diamond youre rich now..

  • jackson andreea
    jackson andreea 2 months ago

    i have alot stones like this,what name have this stone please

  • nicholas travisano
    nicholas travisano 3 months ago

    which seller was this purchased from ?

  • Freya the Valkyrie
    Freya the Valkyrie 3 months ago

    More like earwax. 😂😂😂

  • Daniel Ramos López
    Daniel Ramos López 3 months ago

    Is this a diamont? Okay, let's destoy a rubi. Hahahaha

    VADIK ART'S 3 months ago

    Not instead

  • trolle02
    trolle02 3 months ago

    Do more minimg vids

  • LancsLad
    LancsLad 3 months ago

    Frig me, buy a real diamond

  • NetRolller3D
    NetRolller3D 3 months ago

    Suggestion: Put a microwave oven with some graphite in it into your big vacuum chamber, vacuum it down, refill with a mixture of hydrogen and methane, and turn on the microwave. Theoretically, it should deposit diamond on the graphite.

  • Marvs
    Marvs 3 months ago

    whered you get that philosopher stone?

  • Helaman Gile
    Helaman Gile 3 months ago

    I find these all over

  • DrachenSeele
    DrachenSeele 3 months ago

    3.41gram? you should have written π


    Omg this is my first time seeing ruby getting scratch

  • zippy
    zippy 3 months ago

    But , it dosn't look like a crystal.

  • MULE!!
    MULE!! 3 months ago

    either you got scammed 120 dollars or profited like 300k$

    • MULE!!
      MULE!! 3 months ago

      Tyler Swanson please elaborate on what you are trying tell me

    • Tyler Swanson
      Tyler Swanson 3 months ago

      MULE!! Trust me he knows

    • Tyler Swanson
      Tyler Swanson 3 months ago

      MULE!! That's not how this works lol, purity my dude its important

  • Buffalo Valley
    Buffalo Valley 3 months ago

    Best test is rub it on sand paper and if it runs along like soap its a diamond but if their is friction its not. Use the very fine black sand paper

  • Shy Shy Pereda
    Shy Shy Pereda 3 months ago

    Wrong!!!! Hahaha

    • Tyler Swanson
      Tyler Swanson 3 months ago

      Shy Shy Pereda he's almost done with college for this shit, what education do you have in it?

  • Rodny G
    Rodny G 3 months ago

    no this rock isn't a diamond. Diamonds are a solid form of carbon with a cubic crystal structure. This is a rock.

    • Rodny G
      Rodny G 3 months ago

      It's the Philosophy Professor in me :)

    • Tyler Swanson
      Tyler Swanson 3 months ago

      Rodny G Ok, he's VERY educated on the subject then, but you already knew what I meant. So good shit with roundabout way of going at this converstatiom. :D

    • Rodny G
      Rodny G 3 months ago

      I wasn't stating an argument. I was simply pointing out that your question makes no sense.

    • Tyler Swanson
      Tyler Swanson 3 months ago

      Rodny G Good argument lel, I love it when people know what I mean but retort the way I said it instead of actually arguing the point, real classic

    • Rodny G
      Rodny G 3 months ago

      No, nobody graduates collage on a subject. Obviously you've never been to collage.

  • Brent Jung
    Brent Jung 3 months ago

    did you mean lab created ruby or synthetic...because there is a difference

  • ポンスRuben
    ポンスRuben 3 months ago

    Where’s the water jet video? :(

  • 44 annetta hunte.
    44 annetta hunte. 3 months ago


  • Amit Ahuja
    Amit Ahuja 3 months ago

    Do a pycnometer test for density

  • Produce 101 :D
    Produce 101 :D 4 months ago

    I don’t really care what it looks like, I just wanted a large stone to play with...

  • Treyon Daren
    Treyon Daren 4 months ago

    um... just so you know but i doubt that rock is 50% diamond

    • Tyler Swanson
      Tyler Swanson 3 months ago

      Treyon Daren it doesn't matter what you think he's very educated on the subject

  • Richard Robertson
    Richard Robertson 4 months ago

    Cody, I didn't have time to read all 759 comments, so someone may have already suggested this simple test. Place the stone in a cup of water and have it X-rayed (radiographed) at a local veterinarian's office. Vet's are easier to deal with than dentists or M.D.'s for experiments like this. If it is a diamond you would barely be able to see it; if it is a zircon it will stand out like a piece of lead (almost). Interesting video, as usual, Cody.

  • sajjad khan
    sajjad khan 4 months ago

    Sir how to check rough diamond

  • Eliza Von Zeux
    Eliza Von Zeux 4 months ago

    His maths skill is just ridiculous. 😂

  • Ethan VanPutten
    Ethan VanPutten 4 months ago

    Hey Cody how much heat does it take to melt a diamond? Plz tell me.

    • Cody'sLab
      Cody'sLab  4 months ago

      It doesn't melt unless under pressure, carbon sublimates at about 3915 K ​

  • imraan khan
    imraan khan 4 months ago

    Hi sir Iam from India I have many stone like this what is I found in marble blocks inside so I want to show you pls give me an a address

  • hausaffe
    hausaffe 4 months ago

    burn it

  • Mary Udomah
    Mary Udomah 4 months ago

    God damn it not the water jet guys again. Be careful.

  • DAVID 143 SHAH
    DAVID 143 SHAH 4 months ago

    Why don't you use measuring cylinder to measure the volume of that rock.

  • Philip Yankov
    Philip Yankov 5 months ago

    How can I find something like this on eBay? Do you remember the listing name?

  • Mcchuggernaut
    Mcchuggernaut 5 months ago

    Cody man, that diamond isn't "a diamond". There are so many inclusions that it may as well be a piece of sedimentary rock made up of a diamond sand stuck together with a bunch of other crap. It isn't going to behave like a mostly pure diamond crystal lattice of the same size would behave. It will be MUCH weaker than a gem-quality diamond. If you stomp on a piece of sandstone, it will crumble to bits. Try the same thing with a solid quartz crystal (Which sandstone is primarily made of) and you will just break your foot. The water jet might not "cut" that stone, but it WILL blow out all the other junk holding that diamond sand together, either blasting it apart or appearing to "cut" it. Just my two cents for your consideration.

    • Mcchuggernaut
      Mcchuggernaut 3 months ago

      The definition of a diamond: A solid form of carbon with a diamond cubic crystal structure. This "rock" is what you call a "matrix" with diamond inclusions. And you are right, Cody is well educated, and a chemist. But do you know what I am? A computer tech grad with a minor in GEOLOGY. Sit down and shut up, you might learn something. Science is collaborative, and people specialize in different fields because it is impractical to be taught everything about every existing subject. That's why there are electricians, plumbers, and quantum physicists (instead of just generic "smart" or "skilled" people) doing specific jobs they are specially trained for. A physicist may be smart, but I might not want him wiring my house, fixing my toilet, or troubleshooting my computer.

    • Tyler Swanson
      Tyler Swanson 3 months ago

      Mcchuggernaut did he say any of those things ? It's a diamond that's all he said lol. And he's right it is a diamond, he is highly educated on the topic

  • Arun Maddy
    Arun Maddy 5 months ago

    Hey I have that but I don't know about me

  • Arlo32
    Arlo32 5 months ago +1

    Wait I just realised this is the video my dad showed me.

  • RANT
    RANT 5 months ago

    That's a Carbonado (black diamond). Is less denser than a diamond, that's why you got those numbers. Look it up.

  • ted swanson
    ted swanson 5 months ago

    SMASH it with a hammer and use it to sharpen you'r ax.

  • dragonherald
    dragonherald 5 months ago

    "I wanted a large stone to play with."

  • J ellowpy
    J ellowpy 5 months ago

    Cool collab

  • TheDesertwalker
    TheDesertwalker 5 months ago

    Cody, can you please make flux grown rubies using a calibrated kiln and a platinum crucible? I have always been fascinated by that process. It just seems like a cool thing to do. Thanks.

  • The Rust Admin
    The Rust Admin 5 months ago

    cody, is obsidian as hard as diamond or nowhere near?

  • Follow The Grow
    Follow The Grow 5 months ago

    Dude that could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and your just going to cut it? Makes not since you could be cutting thru a flawless sections which in turn would make the diamond lose value

  • nick the thick
    nick the thick 5 months ago

    No *video ends*

  • Da Be
    Da Be 5 months ago

    Myth: Diamonds are rare and therefor extra expensive.
    Thanks Debeers.

  • Robert S. Reilly
    Robert S. Reilly 5 months ago

    Cody, could you make a video attempting to cold weld metal in your vacuum chamber?

  • The Stan Lee
    The Stan Lee 5 months ago

    Hey Cody. You are a good man.

  • realdamageboy
    realdamageboy 5 months ago

    Diamond have one major effect - it must shine under X-rays. Can You show as how much it shine?!

  • Brlja2
    Brlja2 5 months ago

    Is it me or Cody kinda diluted.. I enjoyed watching heavy water, making gunpowder, rockets and other stuff. Lately I'm not interested in videos from Cody..

  • The Bomb
    The Bomb 5 months ago

    Your intro looks like the ads on TV for universities

  • Brayden Hodder
    Brayden Hodder 5 months ago

    What happend to the mine?

  • Talon Man
    Talon Man 5 months ago

    Is it just me or does the thumbnail look like a penis and a rock.

  • Nobody
    Nobody 5 months ago

    Hey Cody, I have a large collection of pyrite imbedded in slate. I know if pyrite is in limestone vinegar will dissolve the limestone and not the metal. But is there another acid that would dissolve slate but not the pyrite? Thanks!

  • resben100
    resben100 5 months ago

    What happened to the mine?

  • Obadiah Guyman
    Obadiah Guyman 5 months ago

    Here's something you may not know: Diamonds aren't rare. At all.

  • aggese
    aggese 5 months ago

    Do you know that you can get transperent industrial diamonds that size rather cheeply from china?

  • GoodTime Potato
    GoodTime Potato 5 months ago

    I'm 11 on the hardness scale.

  • Michał Halczuk
    Michał Halczuk 5 months ago +1

    Hey Cody.
    Wikipedia says, that natural diamond has more than 5 times the thermal conductivity of copper - 2200 W/(K*m) vs ~401 W/(K*m) for copper.
    Monocrystalline isotopically pure diamond (99,9% C12) has thermal conductivity of 3320 W/(K*m).
    As far as I'm concerned, the latter value is higher than graphene, and highest known for a solid material at room temperature.

  • Jake Yaboi
    Jake Yaboi 5 months ago

    Please explain the volume test. I don't understand it. How does displacing water in a cup increase it's mass if the rock is suspended by the wire.

  • Mshojat
    Mshojat 5 months ago

    I totally think that a water jet could for sure "cut" that. It might not cut it _straight_ but I still think that it would certainly break, since it's not a pure, "perfect" diamond, but rather full of cracks, holes/bubbles, and contaminants.

  • KoesLifts Ingles
    KoesLifts Ingles 5 months ago

    Waterjet channel sent me here!!!!! =)

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 5 months ago

    hey cody im recent subscriber been watching your mine series got to episode 17 and then the next turned to private, jw if they will be able to view them again at all? was really enjoying the series

  • Robert Wells
    Robert Wells 6 months ago

    Giant fan I tell every one I can about your videos man coming from North Carolina keep it up!!!!

  • Slayer Vlogging
    Slayer Vlogging 6 months ago

    See if you can make zinc metal from that zinc shampoo

  • Jacoby Mullins
    Jacoby Mullins 6 months ago

    I love watching this guy break down and bring back metals. it is so satisfying

  • shoopdahoop22
    shoopdahoop22 6 months ago

    Can you please attempt to exract potassium metal from banana peels?

  • The Truth
    The Truth 6 months ago

    Here from waterjet video.

  • Drift Sniper
    Drift Sniper 6 months ago

    How come everyone who tests to see if a diamond is real or not doesn't do the easiest test in the world real diamonds cut glass how come no one ever does that test

  • 3TileMason33
    3TileMason33 6 months ago +1


  • Not Applicable
    Not Applicable 6 months ago

    yo cody i was just watching your mine playlist and everything went private can you fix of something?

  • Dillon Roche
    Dillon Roche 6 months ago

    Oh god. Please do normal water displacement for volume that made me cringe!

  • SecretAgentMan02
    SecretAgentMan02 6 months ago

    Why'd you private almost all your mine vids? I was half way through last night and was looking forward to finishing it today.

    • Cody'sLab
      Cody'sLab  6 months ago

      sorry youtube is being stupid again

  • Runandgun 7707
    Runandgun 7707 6 months ago +2

    Pls go make more Cody’s mine vids

  • Psychedelic
    Psychedelic 6 months ago

    I know this is irrelevant to this video in particular, but have you ever provided an update on the Shrimp in a Box, Cody?

  • LilShawnie
    LilShawnie 6 months ago

    Cody can you test the theory that if you have liquid mercury in a container and put it under extreme electromagnetic charge and spin it at and extreme speed that it will begin to fly / defy the laws of gravity

  • X4Mc Gamer
    X4Mc Gamer 6 months ago

    Can you please pour ether and chloroform over styrofoam?