6 Popular Survival Tips That Will Get You Killed


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  • Paige 1996
    Paige 1996 30 minutes ago

    You can’t swallow your tongue but you sure can bite it off. Gosh you’re so annoying lol

  • Lyle Ordway
    Lyle Ordway 15 hours ago

    Under certain conditions, you would actually want to eat snow. It can rob your body of even more heat if you spend a ton of time trying to light a fire. Yes it can affect you in the long run but if youre facing severe dehydration, youll live longer if yoou eat a bit of snow

  • Phi6er
    Phi6er 3 days ago

    Defibrillators don't "restart the heart". They are instead used for de-fibrillation. Shocking, I know.

  • chris topher
    chris topher 3 days ago

    Lead bullets can give you lead poisoning so it probably should be removed

  • KG tekkerz
    KG tekkerz 8 days ago

    playing dead won't work for sharks they'll any fresh meat

  • Sef Iscool
    Sef Iscool 8 days ago

    Also per is super salty and can actually dehydrate you.

  • R3Aper exe
    R3Aper exe 9 days ago

    Actually playing dead doesn't entirely work on black bears either because they'll still eat you. Brown bears and about half of the other predators will leave you alone based on if they're looking for food or just protecting territory

  • aprill Taylor
    aprill Taylor 9 days ago

    "Electricitied up your body" best description ever!

  • Ky Peppar
    Ky Peppar 10 days ago

    *Bout to do coke* Like the coke heads you are! Lmao

  • Luis Cunha
    Luis Cunha 14 days ago

    Here is the comment :D. Well done.

  • GoodKnight5252
    GoodKnight5252 16 days ago

    Actually :)
    Don't let your patient fall asleep so you can see his awareness.. AVPU

  • Christopher Melvin
    Christopher Melvin 16 days ago

    Good advice about the plummeting elevators. ...except all modern elevators have a ratcheting failsafe in them to prevent exactly that.

  • DaylightDigital
    DaylightDigital 16 days ago

    Miss the old Cracked days, things were so much simpler then...

  • Priscilla Wilson
    Priscilla Wilson 16 days ago

    "Old wives' tales", ctpb, are CORRECT. Old wives KNOW.

  • Rainia Ananda
    Rainia Ananda 16 days ago

    HOLY SHIT YOU'RE GETTING PEOPLE KILLED WITH THIS ADVICE!! The watch/sun trick ONLY works if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning the other HALF of the globe you have just sent to their doom... Defibrillators DO WORK!! This is EXACTLY why they are used in hospitals AROUND THE WORLD EVERY DAY with great success! And in EMERGENCIES of life or death, please DO DRINK YOUR PEE, and for that matter FIND A CACTUS! You're an idiot if you think dying is the option over small efforts at saving your life. Of course, this last one is if life or death... your pee for a while will help, many cactus are perfectly fine, and if you choose bad advice over a possible tummy ache, boo you just died.

  • D1stant
    D1stant 17 days ago

    EMT, the don't go to sleep shit is real, we don't ask it because it will keep them alive longer, we ask it so we can communicate and monitor their condition better. It's easier to learn that they cant feel their legs (probably a severed spinal cord) from their mouth than have to go through the protocols to protect against something that already happened.

  • W3475ter Weird name probably

    But then does this video make its facts popular survival tips?

  • Jeremy Cline
    Jeremy Cline 21 day ago +1

    Rape jokes, guys? Have to downvote that shit.

  • StarGazer kawaii
    StarGazer kawaii 21 day ago

    I thought you had them bite on something to prevent them from biting off their own tongue

  • Raylean
    Raylean 24 days ago

    This man is trying to kill us if you play dead a damn shark will eat your ass

  • Harry Burgan Jr.
    Harry Burgan Jr. 24 days ago

    6:10 Wouldn't better survival advice for surviving an elevator falling at free fall be, not even trying to survive because regardless of the actual fall itself, going into shock will most likely be fatal?

  • Harry Burgan Jr.
    Harry Burgan Jr. 24 days ago

    3:56 I've never heard anyone say to do that but given the stupidity of a large percentage of the human race, it's not that hard to believe that there have been people who have advised to do that. However, I'm sure your advice will work with no basement option, but isn't covering your head in a basement with no windows, far and away the most safe thing to do besides heading to a shelter?

  • Leonard Aslarona
    Leonard Aslarona 25 days ago

    5 worst allys: #3 Ali Mills xD!!!! I died

  • piciaxel
    piciaxel 26 days ago

    in the earthquake areas it tends to be common practice to have some really sturdy and reinforced walls, so if the area you are in is likely to have earthquakes staying near a wall/in a door frame might actually save you...
    also if the table you are hiding under is in the middle of the room you might as well just stay put
    so as long as you are close to the wall you are safer
    signed a guy that grew up in a earthquake area

  • E_ M_ M :D
    E_ M_ M :D 26 days ago

    Use a tazer on a snake bite

  • j c
    j c 27 days ago

    Snakes don't poison you (there's only one species of poisonous snake which is found in the sea). Some snakes can however be venomous.

  • Me Time
    Me Time 28 days ago

    It's not to prevent someone from swallowing their tongue. It's to prevent someone from biting their tongue off.

  • Nalin Saur
    Nalin Saur 28 days ago

    On the moss one, you can just use the fact that the sun goes from East to West. If it's the morning, just find where the sun is (without looking directly at it) and that's towards the East.
    Maybe not, though. I sort of made that up, but it's logical. Moreso than north moss.

  • Evanston Conner
    Evanston Conner 29 days ago

    I know these survival tips will get you killed especially the shark one also I always have a knife when I swim in the ocean so sharks are no problem poking there eyes out

  • Grace Lozada
    Grace Lozada Month ago

    Maybe this video is supposed to be ironic or sarcastic, but please guys the first survival tip is to NOT take survival tips from this kind of videos, do your research, please. You should better trust your local civil protection services. And Cracked, whether you are or not trying to get people to follow these pieces of advice, shame on you, some of these tips could get people killed. Kids actually got killed last year during an earthquake in my city because videos told them to get under a table was better than exiting the building.

  • Grace Lozada
    Grace Lozada Month ago

    Ok, it is ironic, because in the earthquake case they are actually telling you to not follow good advise and replacing it with advise that will get you killed.
    Unless you live in a house made of wood, meaning most everyone outside the US, you SHOULD NOT use a table to protect yourself from an earthquake. Actually, the only way to protect yourself is to exit the building. But if you can't exit, you can go to the least dangerous places in case of the building collapsing, which are a door frame (there are usually reinforcements around it), near a column or beam, or to the top of the building. Also, stay away from anything electrical or any gas installations (your dryer, stove, water heater, etc.)

  • Ian Bonnar
    Ian Bonnar Month ago

    I'm pretty sure your not supposed to touch someone at all if their having a seizure, if you, for example, grabbed their arms, the shear strength of their convulsions could cause them to break their own arms

  • Knight And SpaceShip

    Another popular survival tip that will get you killed.
    *Don't* Go to college or university.

  • Michael Enoch
    Michael Enoch Month ago

    Play dead? You crazy son of human.I think it's you trying to get people killed. Play dead? Nah wha yu wanna du is dive headlong directly into their mouth. Du this as fass as yu can so that when it bites it only gets feet (that way yu go headlong other wise it gets yo upper body) (& yes I kno..headlong hmhm). Now that you in their mouth with your good half start ripping out is't insides. Just go to work like your life depends on it.

  • A.C. Jelly
    A.C. Jelly Month ago

    Defibs absolutely can be used on cardiac arrest.
    If you ever have to use an automatic defibrillator (the ones you may see in public places) the machine will do all the work and will tell you what to do and when.

  • Mike B
    Mike B Month ago

    This DORK is going to get people hurt or possibly killed. If I ever see him without a pulse not to use a defibrillator. Instead piss down his throat and say I thought his stomach was on fire.

  • Fish and Beans
    Fish and Beans Month ago

    Screw yourself

  • darrius williams
    darrius williams Month ago

    playing dead will get you killed as well sharks are scavengers

  • Amber Branks
    Amber Branks Month ago

    It's a specific type of moss y'all.

  • Amber Branks
    Amber Branks Month ago

    At least we know who'll go 1st.
    My compound is secure😊
    I can't find a tinfoil hat
    Www.educate yourself.org

  • Skiper Nipper
    Skiper Nipper Month ago

    This made me laugh so hard, thank you hahhahahahahahaha

  • Knut Masse
    Knut Masse Month ago

    Playing dead makes you ample prey for several sharks, chop the gills the front of the nostril or the eyes as a last resort it's painful but most sharks won't need them to track and kill you. For moss it depends on the moss and environment. Lightning is searching for ground no matter what you do do not take your shoes off or make direct contact with the ground you will boil alive. Cactus if it's clear your do not fear, foggy or colored walk away. Gunshot or knife, take your shirt off press and wrap it into your wound, dont remove anything else. Keep them awake for continuous feed back and consistent motivation of the victim, only let them sleep when your certain they are no longer a class 1. Finally and most importantly if it's safe for your hand put something in the poor fuckers mouth, you can choke on your tongue or worse and far more commonly bite a chunk out and choke on that or drown in your own blood.

  • Takunda Mwinjilo
    Takunda Mwinjilo Month ago

    @6:20 "It willl cause your skeleton to collapse so fast and completely gravity will scream JENGA!" lol

  • Allie Nordin
    Allie Nordin Month ago

    3:33 thats very rude ....

  • Adeli Sandwich
    Adeli Sandwich Month ago

    I dont if the ' dont annoy someone so they don't fall asleep while they're bleeding so that they stay awake' is good advice. Doesn't blood get thinner if you sleep?

  • Lucy Marshall
    Lucy Marshall Month ago

    As someone who used to be a lifeguard, everything about the defibrillator was wrong. Defibs will not work if there’s a heartbeat.

  • mirinae
    mirinae Month ago

    Good content, annyoing presentation.

  • Michael Grose
    Michael Grose Month ago

    how did "crime alley" not make the cut...

  • Dragunov Bushcraft
    Dragunov Bushcraft Month ago

    On point with nearly everything here! Bravo! However, during an earthquake, the safest place is OUTside, away from anything that can fall on you. Tables aren't strong enough to stop a collapsing roof from squashing you.
    Physics: If a roof comes down at ANY other angle, other than straight down, it will grind across the top of a table as it collapses, thus breaking the tables legs, and turning you into a meat pate' as it smears your body on the floor. Safest place is GENERALLY in your back yard, AWAY from things that can fall on you.

  • Stephen Goodman
    Stephen Goodman Month ago

    WRONG on the "tornadoes collapse overpasses"

  • MaziK73
    MaziK73 Month ago

    My Grandad choked on his tongue in his sleep... he was completely off his face

  • MysticGlaceon
    MysticGlaceon Month ago

    "Easy peasy Harry f*cked a Weasley"

  • Bluegeckobutt
    Bluegeckobutt Month ago

    Snakes aren’t poisonous 😎

  • Meg
    Meg Month ago

    Do not fake being dead in a shark attack because sharks are scavengers and eat dead things

  • Jillian Smith
    Jillian Smith Month ago

    How amazing, there were more than six tips here. Especially the last one: "Die with some fucking dignity." I concur--when possible, you should always die with some fucking dignity.

  • Sir. Beanie
    Sir. Beanie Month ago

    Didn’t sharks eat dead people off the that one WW2 ship that the Japanese sunk? I mean they ate the live ones too

  • Moose0fNorway
    Moose0fNorway Month ago

    Have you actually checked out any of the things you say here? One of the most important things to do if someone is having an epileptic attack IS TO MAKE SURE THEY DON'T CHOKE ON THEIR TONGUE! If they have the attack, if you must, put your hand into their mouth and fucking drag it out.

  • Moose0fNorway
    Moose0fNorway Month ago

    If someone has had any sort of head injury, or any other injury where the paramedics will show up, DON'T FUCKING GO TO SLEEP.
    1: If it's a head injury, there's much information to be gained of what parts of the brain that has suffered trauma from that patient by talking to them. And they might actually get some permanent\worse traumas by falling asleep.
    2: The paramedics generally wants to talk to the patient, because no one knows better what's wrong with them better than the patient. What could you have eaten to cause the injury, what drugs have you taken, what did you touch, what bit you etc. etc.
    So no, don't fucking let that person fall asleep.

  • jack daniels
    jack daniels Month ago

    Not bill cosby tho 😂😂😭

  • Kiki G.
    Kiki G. Month ago

    Late to the party, but guess he missed the twister movie reference where they were discussing the safest practice to be struck by lightening and survive.

    • Kiki G.
      Kiki G. Month ago

      And bullets were recommended to be removed from the old style lead round shot causing severe issues, not the modern bullet types. Either way though, dirty hands and tools feeling around for the bullet were and are still a great thing to do if you want to get an awful wound infection.

  • belltully1yahoocom
    belltully1yahoocom Month ago

    That and the eyes are how you survive a shark. How do you know if anything else because you can lie down in a ditch to survive a tornado. Sooo, yeah

  • junatanne
    junatanne Month ago

    I'm a nurse so I know the stuff about the defibrillator so I guess most of this are true. But I'm a having a hard time distinguishing sarcasm from true advice.

  • Jaded Cynic
    Jaded Cynic Month ago

    Thats how we do it! Put everybody in the woods for awhile. Only thing to worry about in nature for me is old age. population problem solved.

  • Chris Resendes
    Chris Resendes Month ago

    You actually should NOT let someone go to sleep if they have a drug overdose. Specifically drugs that are a CNS depressant like opiates. DO throw cold water on them! Look it up.

  • B R
    B R Month ago

    There is no way I have the composure to lay still while a shark is eating me.

  • jdawn1982
    jdawn1982 Month ago

    You are NOT better off pulling over, buckling your seatbelt, and covering your head. When the tornado picks up your car and throws it, you will be crushed. The best advice, and this is from NOAA, is to get out of your car, find a ditch or low area, lie flat, and cover your head.

  • Grace Foskett
    Grace Foskett 2 months ago

    Most of the advice movies give on how to help people who are having seizures would kill them. DON'T immobilize them, especially not their head. DO get them away from anything dangerous and lay them down so they won't fall

  • JCP Irish
    JCP Irish 2 months ago

    "The single most important part of survival is not dying."

  • Kuba Wojcicki
    Kuba Wojcicki 2 months ago

    "Die with some fucking dignity."
    I fucking love that phrase

  • Raymond Johnson
    Raymond Johnson 2 months ago

    Ha ha Cosby

  • TheElisabethMaria
    TheElisabethMaria 2 months ago

    Easy peasy Harry fucked a Weasley 😂😂

  • Tor Eivind Rovik
    Tor Eivind Rovik 2 months ago

    Some of the advice you give is also bad. If in an elevator plumiting you shold stand and bend your knees. This is so your tibia will push trough your knees absorbing a lot of the damage. Also playing dead does not work on sharks as they generaly take bites of things because they are curious and not because they want to hunt you. This is why they eat all of the crap on the botom of the sea. Therefore swiming away is the best option.

  • Jimmy Griffin
    Jimmy Griffin 2 months ago

    Playing dead won’t help you with a shark lmao

  • Aaron Mitchem
    Aaron Mitchem 2 months ago

    what a wuss!

  • racso408
    racso408 2 months ago

    Tin pan alley's the roughest place I've ever been.

  • Lolicon Senpai
    Lolicon Senpai 2 months ago

    Snake venom won't kill you if you swallow it that's the difference between venom and poison venom needs to be directly injected into the veins and poison has to be swallowed

  • Jaylan Gates
    Jaylan Gates 2 months ago +1

    U wrong for the bill Cosby edit

  • Bromle Games
    Bromle Games 2 months ago

    West spy

  • Geff
    Geff 2 months ago

    Who knew that Slavs are smart

  • Sandman
    Sandman 2 months ago

    The heas of the U.S navy gave a speach and in it he says to do that. So I prefer to take tips from him instead of a channel who tries hard ar humour.
    Its the trees you look out for dummies, look for moss growing more densly on one side of the tree, and yes it does.

  • The wanderer
    The wanderer 2 months ago

    I live in tornado valley.

  • Money 1217
    Money 1217 2 months ago

    2:07 This is one of those things that is true in general but not in specific cases.

  • Baligh and Stella Blogs


  • MrXanra
    MrXanra 2 months ago

    Playing dead in front of a wild animal that probably plans to kill you before it eats you... Iis like serving yourself on a silver tblet :D

    GAME FOR FAME 2 months ago

    What if i fuck a dead moose?

  • Mimichu
    Mimichu 2 months ago

    If someone has a concussion you can let them sleep as long as they’re conscious and able to speak to you.

  • ernie garcia
    ernie garcia 2 months ago

    but i read in stephen king's misery that paul drank his own piss to stay alive after annie left him there. that's not true?

  • b
    b 2 months ago

    Not all cacti are poisonous.

  • b
    b 2 months ago

    Dont play dead for many animals.
    Moss grows in the shade.
    Just dont die

  • XViper
    XViper 2 months ago

    first comment

  • Benjamin Poisson
    Benjamin Poisson 2 months ago

    Playing dead is quite possibly the worst advice to prescribe given the situation as a shark will eat just the same as if you were alive and infant you’ll be an easier meal because you not moving

  • avmarini X
    avmarini X 2 months ago

    I'd rather risk a chance if infection from someone's mouth bacteria than snake venom in my veins. Speaking of which, snakes produce venom not poison, so someone that accidentally drinks some venom when doing that will be fine because it was to be injected to be harmful, not digested, digesting venom is virtually harmless.

  • Daniel Malloy
    Daniel Malloy 3 months ago

    you can drink urine to prolong hydration but only a few times

  • gadjjad
    gadjjad 3 months ago

    swallowing your toung is impossible but accidentally biting it off and bleeding out isn't

  • Desiree Palafox
    Desiree Palafox 3 months ago

    My watch is digital

  • oscarm94
    oscarm94 3 months ago

    Easy, peasy, Harry fucked up a Weasley! 😂😂💀. I died!

  • cereal killer
    cereal killer 3 months ago

    More moss grows on the east side

  • Nolan Johnson
    Nolan Johnson 3 months ago

    The way people attract sharks is by through in dead meat in the water. If you play dead you just make it easier on the shark.

  • bomzie zombies offcial
    bomzie zombies offcial 3 months ago +1

    listen dude their is a lot of things you said will get people killed a defibrillator restarts a humans heart use it on a person with a pulse you give them 2 beats and their heart fails and they suffer a heart attack and NEVER let someone fall asleep you have no clue if they got a head injury or some kind of injury and also yes lie down in a elevator but if you dont cover your head you will probably suffer from a head injury and that shit with the snake its VENOM swoling it will do nothing but still dont do that because swolling someones blood could give you other issues

  • Rack
    Rack 3 months ago

    Playing dead with a shark is horrible it would take you as a easy