A REAL Back to School Laptop Guide.

  • Published on Aug 24, 2019
  • A real video on choosing the best laptop for school.
    Top Picks:
    Cheapest Good Laptop - amzn.to/2Zf3INQ
    Cheap XPS 15 - amzn.to/2L83NJ8
    Cheap Surface Laptop - amzn.to/2L4f9ho
    Other Good ones:
    Swift 3 - amzn.to/2ZkRdvn
    Cheap XPS 13 - amzn.to/2L4hhpn
    Cheap Zenbook - amzn.to/2ZaANue
    Cheap Surface Pro - amzn.to/2L4C24o
    Nitro 5 - amzn.to/2LctwAq
    Lenovo - amzn.to/322gZX0
    Helios 300 - amzn.to/2HnjWcM

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Comments • 3 714

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  5 months ago +4593

    This video is for the people who can't afford a $4000 gaming laptop for back to school. Thanks for watching!

    • Grzech
      Grzech 22 days ago

      4000$ for a laptop? What next? Cheese grater for 52000$ by apple?

    • Bách Lâm
      Bách Lâm 22 days ago

      lmao the roast

    • Whitelistkid
      Whitelistkid Month ago


    • Hansith Muthukuda Arachchi
      Hansith Muthukuda Arachchi Month ago

      I'm interested with budget Acer. Thanks for that idea. Dell PCs aren't reliable as before. What do you think about that?

  • Elfer magan garcia

    Student loans are no joke
    *Laughs in Flemish*
    Rocking a Dell xps 15 and ipad pro 11 😂😂

  • Riley Gill
    Riley Gill Day ago

    Dave Lee- the Bruce Lee of computers

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 4 days ago

    Bought myself an Acer Swift 3 a little over a year ago for university, and I love it. I never heard about the keyboard being a low point on this laptop, and I guess I got adjusted to it very easily since it never bothered me. Listening to it, the softer keys are probably what make this keyboard so quiet. Touchpad isn't my favorite type of touchpad, but it's still got a good click to it. Fingerprint sensor from my experience is just bad. Read my fingerprint 1 out of 3 times I used it, so I ended up ditching it for a PIN. Much faster overall. I love the full metal chassis- it gives it a premium feel, but the sides of the laptop's bottom half are actually kinda sharp. Only _kinda,_ though.

  • Areeb Asif
    Areeb Asif 5 days ago

    Dave which laptop is most suitable for coding, data analysis, and video editing?

  • Sidhanta Mahadevan
    Sidhanta Mahadevan 5 days ago

    In India we use books

  • sahan hasaranga
    sahan hasaranga 5 days ago

    TOP AMAZING LAPTOPS IN 2020 tvclip.biz/video/0A6v5lwbEgA/video.html

  • EsteBandido4444
    EsteBandido4444 9 days ago

    Thoughts on the Lenovo FLEX 14 AMD Ryzen 5 version?

    DUSKY 11 days ago

    why is the acer aspire much more expensive in the UK? should i go for the aspire 3 is that a good option? thank you

  • Jorge Goldberg
    Jorge Goldberg 12 days ago +1

    I appreciate what you said at the end about doing well that was very kind of you.

  • KaiYan
    KaiYan 16 days ago

    Can buying a laptop from amazon have international warranty? I'm living in Hong Kong.

  • Lewis Moss
    Lewis Moss 19 days ago

    In UK most of these laptops r like 500 more than it is in US... :c

  • Pikachu
    Pikachu 20 days ago


  • Muhammad Abdullah FAROOQ

    Microsoft Surface Book 2 / Samsung Galaxy Book Flex / Samsung Galaxy Book Ion / Dell XPS 15 Is good

  • Ivan TPR
    Ivan TPR 21 day ago

    Wich is Best for 300 dolars: the aspire 3 or the base model 9350 with 4gb of ram (some one is selling me a used one )? I'm only using it to write essays and watch videos.

  • Janinda Induwara
    Janinda Induwara 25 days ago

    Is HP pavilion 15 i7 is a good one?

  • epicthehamster
    epicthehamster 25 days ago +1

    I have the HP spectre x360 late 2019 with the i5 and 8gb ram. it was on sale sooooo

    • Dominik Seljan
      Dominik Seljan 22 days ago

      @epicthehamster I've got Envy 13 three years ago and it works like a charm as well! Spectre looks way better tho 🙂

    • epicthehamster
      epicthehamster 22 days ago

      @Dominik Seljan got it a couple days ago it works like a charm

    • Dominik Seljan
      Dominik Seljan 23 days ago +1

      Good choice 👍

  • Annie An
    Annie An 27 days ago

    What about lenovo ideapad S340?

  • Yureika Gaming
    Yureika Gaming 27 days ago

    "Three to four thousand dollar laptop... somehings wrong"
    *Something's wrong I can feel it intensifies*

  • Scoring Point
    Scoring Point 29 days ago

    #ASUS #VivoBook 15 X512FA Intel Core i3 8th Gen
    Price: ₹ 34,290
    Link - amzn.to/2sgdwYJ

  • valeria baca
    valeria baca Month ago +25

    his voice is so soothing I almost forgot to pay attention at what he was saying

  • Jish
    Jish Month ago

    Just got a surface pro 7 to replace my god awful Lenovo chrome book. Keyboard and trackpad are amazing. Screen is great. Performance is good, and battery is ok, fast charging makes it better. Yes it does charge with surface charger OR usb c. Thank god...

    KNNTH Month ago

    sell your laptops to us broke students

  • Daisy
    Daisy Month ago

    Please look at the Toshiba Z20t

  • Achilis Dragoon
    Achilis Dragoon Month ago

    I like you dude. You're a likeable guy and your videos make you seem you're easy to get along with. I may be wrong but seriously, you're a likeable dude.

  • Whitelistkid
    Whitelistkid Month ago


  • Illa Nayata
    Illa Nayata Month ago

    Is there a laptop from your list that is good fir autocad purposes? Thanks in advance!

  • Dean simmons
    Dean simmons Month ago

    Buy the MSI Modern 14 $899 version that has a 10th gen i5, 8 gbs of ram, and MX250 If...
    1) You are in the $900 price range
    2) Want a very lightweight portable laptop mainly for school that can also do some light gaming
    At this price point this is a great buy considering it's competitor the Razer Blade Stealth 13 with an i7, 16 gbs of ram, and MX150 is $1300.
    Razer Blade Stealth 13 is a better laptop but at the price point of the MSI Modern 14 it is a better buy.
    Edit: The MSI Modern 14 models have 2 fans while the MSI Prestige 14 models have 1.
    Don't buy the Prestige 14 models unless you plan on undervolting.

  • Saswat Sarangi
    Saswat Sarangi Month ago

    So why no 600 gaming with power full, well you said that if you we could use the power, we might use it at times

  • Saswat Sarangi
    Saswat Sarangi Month ago

    But why SSD devices recommended? HDD? I mean well, you guys can stream, we download and store stuffs for stress relief. Well you connected a HDD external, so i think that's a good idea

  • Saswat Sarangi
    Saswat Sarangi Month ago

    I just thought that your stuff was no less than 500 to 700 dollars.. oh 300 dollars, i should have seen first. , Sorry Dave.. but 300 dollars stuff is kind of you know , windows S mode.... 300 to 600 dollars jump?

  • Rexus_Nubus
    Rexus_Nubus Month ago +1

    Well i bought a surfacebook 2

    • ty track? ty track
      ty track? ty track Month ago

      Oh how is it? I'm really interested in Microsoft laptops and should I consider this laptop u just bought? Do u have any other recommendation? Thanks

  • Nihmit Colomer
    Nihmit Colomer Month ago

    Idgaf this my favorite TVclipr

  • Line
    Line Month ago

    I bought an xps 15 2 or 3 years ago now. I don't recommend it. Mine has severely declined in performance since then. It's basically useless now. Battery has tanked, and it's even been changed once. It's very very slow and no amount of optimisation can make it better. It's fan turns up to max 24/7 and there's nothing worse than the embarrassment of a loud pc in a quiet class. It can't play games anymore as it could when I bought it because it gets very hot and is also too slow.
    And before you say I should clean the fans for dust: I have done, and I do it regularly. Makes no difference. Settings for battery and performance on the desktop + bios doesn't make the fan slow down. Just don't buy this pc.

  • Bennett Simpson
    Bennett Simpson Month ago

    could the surface that you talked about run light gaming

  • Priest King
    Priest King Month ago

    Bro, thank you for your integrity and actually looking out for the consumer.

  • Harry Reyes
    Harry Reyes Month ago

    Hi david , will you review MSI modern 14 ?

    BINU DONY Month ago

    Hello Random Person scrolling through the comments ......... Wishing you a good day.😀😁

  • FrogLeg
    FrogLeg Month ago

    Thanks for the good luck Dave 😁

  • Baladev Majhi
    Baladev Majhi Month ago +1

    My budget is around 3500$ which laptop is best for study and gaming.
    Can I buy the asus pro duo?

  • Y A
    Y A Month ago

    I have a $300 Dell latitude with win7 but it's gigantic, I doubt it would be great for school

  • Valentin Perrone
    Valentin Perrone Month ago

    my computer's chassis is so bad it is bending in the middle

  • Sarnandu Dutta
    Sarnandu Dutta Month ago +1

    Light and thin laptop is perfect for almost everyone in these days especially for travel.

  • Lieutenant Llama
    Lieutenant Llama Month ago


  • RedNomad
    RedNomad Month ago

    Is there anything out there for around $400 with USB-C charging? Battery and charging on the go is very important to me, but I have that limited budget.

  • Lou Blackwood
    Lou Blackwood Month ago

    Wow... Those are all such good options :/ my problem is just that in Germany every laptop is about 200-400 euros more expensive.. why? That's just stupid :(

  • Raven
    Raven Month ago +1

    What about the MSI PS63...???

  • phung
    phung Month ago

    is the huawei kepler matebook d a good laptop?

  • HorizonTea
    HorizonTea Month ago +2

    7:32 😂🤣 If I could trick them I would rather get the Razer Blade 15 with Mercury White finish...
    That part made me giggle a bit

  • Blake Patterson
    Blake Patterson Month ago

    Can you give a review on the new Lenovo yoga c740? Best buy has it on sale for $830 and I can't find any reviews on it because it's so new. I checked it out in person and honestly it felt amazing. I wanna hear your thoughts on its performance though. It's running a 10th gen i5 processor from Intel.

  • Ki Song
    Ki Song Month ago

    Get a gaming laptop for home use while having it connected to a monitor, then a ultrabook for taking notes in classes, then an Ipad for reading is the best.

  • Meowdy Partner
    Meowdy Partner Month ago

    I just bought a school laptop. It was a acer aspire 3 for 450$. Ryzen 5 3500U. Hope it was a good buy

  • Benjamin Li
    Benjamin Li Month ago

    It's a good laugh when the MacBook air costs as much as an xps 15

  • Gremory ange
    Gremory ange Month ago +1

    “ if you can trick your parents” i felt guilty with my zephyrus

  • North Peace
    North Peace Month ago

    I'm online schooling in 2020 but I don't know what laptop I should get.

  • Muhammad Faisal
    Muhammad Faisal Month ago

    why not get an old thinkpad then spend the next 600 dollars on a gaming pc instead?

  • [SURVIVOR115]
    [SURVIVOR115] Month ago

    Student loans? What's that?

  • WhiteFN
    WhiteFN 2 months ago

    Why is Surface cost 1200$ in my country lmao

  • King Nothing
    King Nothing 2 months ago

    No Thinkpads? Surface family is completely rubbish, impossible to open up, Apple copycats.
    When you talk about student laptop, it should be easily serviceable/ upgradable. Those ultrabooks are complete ripoffs.
    XPS (specially the newest ones), surface etc.are combined worst decisions of MS and Apple.
    Please encourage students to buy laptops with very low failure rates, easy repairability, easy upgradability. Not these everything soldered dongle clusterfucks.

  • Kevin Naise
    Kevin Naise 2 months ago

    what color is that Microsoft Surface Laptop , I want that , anyone knows exactly where to buy that?