A REAL Back to School Laptop Guide.

  • Published on Aug 24, 2019
  • A real video on choosing the best laptop for school.
    Top Picks:
    Cheapest Good Laptop - amzn.to/2Zf3INQ
    Cheap XPS 15 - amzn.to/2L83NJ8
    Cheap Surface Laptop - amzn.to/2L4f9ho
    Other Good ones:
    Swift 3 - amzn.to/2ZkRdvn
    Cheap XPS 13 - amzn.to/2L4hhpn
    Cheap Zenbook - amzn.to/2ZaANue
    Cheap Surface Pro - amzn.to/2L4C24o
    Nitro 5 - amzn.to/2LctwAq
    Lenovo - amzn.to/322gZX0
    Helios 300 - amzn.to/2HnjWcM

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Comments • 3 673

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  3 months ago +4319

    This video is for the people who can't afford a $4000 gaming laptop for back to school. Thanks for watching!

      OMG AHMED 14 days ago +1

      Can u make a vid for high value laptops plz. like a 5k dollar laptop

    • raju melwani
      raju melwani 17 days ago

      Dave Lee if anyone wants to know how the zenbook performs i got the core i7 1200 dollar version max specs you need to keep it on a table for cooling on your lap it will feel so hot cooling is an issue even with quite light use.

    • Shantanu Suryawanshi
      Shantanu Suryawanshi 17 days ago

      Don't you like HP laptop?

    • shahoo nadimpour
      shahoo nadimpour 24 days ago

      what a bout lenovo or razer laptops

    • Vaishnavi Ahuja
      Vaishnavi Ahuja Month ago


  • RedNomad
    RedNomad 20 hours ago

    Is there anything out there for around $400 with USB-C charging? Battery and charging on the go is very important to me, but I have that limited budget.

  • Lou Blackwood
    Lou Blackwood 4 days ago

    Wow... Those are all such good options :/ my problem is just that in Germany every laptop is about 200-400 euros more expensive.. why? That's just stupid :(

  • Raven
    Raven 4 days ago +1

    What about the MSI PS63...???

  • phung
    phung 5 days ago

    is the huawei kepler matebook d a good laptop?

  • EnchoR
    EnchoR 5 days ago

    7:32 😂🤣 If I could trick them I would rather get the Razer Blade 15 with Mercury White finish...
    That part made me giggle a bit

  • Blake Patterson
    Blake Patterson 5 days ago

    Can you give a review on the new Lenovo yoga c740? Best buy has it on sale for $830 and I can't find any reviews on it because it's so new. I checked it out in person and honestly it felt amazing. I wanna hear your thoughts on its performance though. It's running a 10th gen i5 processor from Intel.

  • Ki Song
    Ki Song 6 days ago

    Get a gaming laptop for home use while having it connected to a monitor, then a ultrabook for taking notes in classes, then an Ipad for reading is the best.

  • Meowdy Partner
    Meowdy Partner 8 days ago

    I just bought a school laptop. It was a acer aspire 3 for 450$. Ryzen 5 3500U. Hope it was a good buy

  • Benjamin Li
    Benjamin Li 8 days ago

    It's a good laugh when the MacBook air costs as much as an xps 15

  • Gremory ange
    Gremory ange 9 days ago

    “ if you can trick your parents” i felt guilty with my zephyrus

  • North Peace
    North Peace 9 days ago

    I'm online schooling in 2020 but I don't know what laptop I should get.

  • Muhammad Faisal
    Muhammad Faisal 10 days ago

    why not get an old thinkpad then spend the next 600 dollars on a gaming pc instead?

  • [SURVIVOR115]
    [SURVIVOR115] 10 days ago

    Student loans? What's that?

  • WhiteFN
    WhiteFN 11 days ago

    Why is Surface cost 1200$ in my country lmao

  • Kevin Naise
    Kevin Naise 13 days ago

    what color is that Microsoft Surface Laptop , I want that , anyone knows exactly where to buy that?

  • Cen Jake
    Cen Jake 14 days ago

    I got a convertible laptop with I5-8250U, 8G Ram, 256gb SSD, GTX 1050 4GB, and ofcourse with pen support allow me to take note directly on onenote. all of this for $700 Boom! and it's thin and light,

  • sumeet rajbanshi
    sumeet rajbanshi 14 days ago

    can surface pro good for the programmer

  • Henry Arias
    Henry Arias 14 days ago

    What about longevity? Will the MacBook Pro 13 be better on the long run than the MacBook air? With the better processor and all

  • Bumbo TGC
    Bumbo TGC 15 days ago +1

    What’s better an iPad Pro 2018 or a laptop

    • Raquel Alexandra
      Raquel Alexandra 13 days ago

      it really deppends on what you do with it! if you just use word, excel, powerpoint, take notes and basics things like that, probably the ipad will be better because the battery life is much better and its lighter. but if you are a game developer, edit videos, make 3d models and things like that, maybe its better that you buy a laptop :D hope i helped in someway!

  • Its Someone
    Its Someone 17 days ago

    Can the $600 laptops run league of legends?

    • Raquel Alexandra
      Raquel Alexandra 13 days ago

      it deppends on its specs! but you can see here me minimum and recomended requirements for it to run: support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752654-Minimum-and-Recommended-System-Requirements

  • Pranav Rajagopal
    Pranav Rajagopal 17 days ago +1

    But is Surface Laptop good in 2019

  • Splash
    Splash 18 days ago

    Do u think it’s worth getting a MSI GP63 Leopard 8RE-077? I would be getting it brand new for $750 because the person I’m buying it off of got it from Walmart for under $500. I need something with 16gb of ram and preferably a 6 core cpu. I haven’t seen that many reviews of this, but I have heard that it feels kind of cheap. Can u share ur opinions?

  • Dagmar
    Dagmar 18 days ago

    i really loike the yoga ones for school! especially if you want to write your notes directly on it. Its a bit more expensive but one a bit older or with less power is a good thing

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy 18 days ago

    6:29 That Acer Nitro is awesome

  • JNcustom35
    JNcustom35 19 days ago +1

    Got the 9560 for $600 used. Included a move mech keyboard and two monitors. It was the 16gb 1080p gtx1050 one so im pretty happy.

  • Toutorial_For_Live _
    Toutorial_For_Live _ 19 days ago +5

    Student loans


  • Anton Kjær
    Anton Kjær 20 days ago +1

    4:16 yeah for 900.000 you should expect a good laptop

  • Diganta Sarkar
    Diganta Sarkar 20 days ago +2

    Best 2 in one device is Microsoft book 2 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 reply

  • imrealizee
    imrealizee 20 days ago

    as a student i cant recommend the xps 15 because its way too heavy. id stick with the 13 inch model

  • Foofy
    Foofy 21 day ago

    I didn't feel like I would need to see a video. I was going to get a MacBook. Not someone who needed a budget option. Then I went online. Didn't realize MacBooks were starting at $2300 nowdays. Jesus Christ

  • María R.
    María R. 21 day ago

    did he just mentioned refurbished or used? Finally a down to earth laptop reviewer! I'll cry 😭 tysm

  • Himanshu Raj
    Himanshu Raj 22 days ago

    4:05 what is that game?

  • Nicolas Eveno
    Nicolas Eveno 24 days ago

    RiP Europe residents

  • Jaime Sanchez
    Jaime Sanchez 25 days ago +1

    Thank god not fucking Austin Evans “budget” 2000$ laptop

  • MidnightStorm
    MidnightStorm 26 days ago +2

    I remember when my house got robbed and they took my broken laptop lmao am considering getting a new one

  • saturn tingz
    saturn tingz 27 days ago

    asus definitely rivals mac in terms of design. they've got some pretty ass laptops

  • Mals Minecraft world
    Mals Minecraft world 27 days ago +6

    Me: *sees 1 laptop in thumbnail*
    Me: *clicks on video*
    Also me: *sees 12 laptops on desk*
    Me: *dies*

  • skn 3
    skn 3 27 days ago

    Of all techy channels this is my favourite one. Kudos 👍

  • 7Write4This9Heart7
    7Write4This9Heart7 29 days ago

    I don't know how you can recommend a Surface when they're so breakable and can't be repaired/upgraded. (Never mind Macs with how $$$ they are and how easily they fail and suck as far as durability/longevity...)

  • Koosha Cheraghi
    Koosha Cheraghi 29 days ago

    Lenovo 330s is a good choice
    Especially Core i5 model

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan Month ago +1

    Dave:If you can somehow trick your parents into buying a gaming laptop...
    Me:Wait how did you know...

  • Leon Mahler
    Leon Mahler Month ago

    Hey Dave, I am strongly interested in the xps device, but in germany the model you presented doesnt exist.

    Every Model has:
    8 GB RAM
    GTX 1050

    So your model is 1000$ and it features:
    4k Display (touch)
    i5 7300HQ
    256 GB SSD

    1. German Model (970$):
    FHD Display (non-touch)
    i7 7700HQ
    512 GB SSD

    2. German Model (580$):
    FHD Display (non-touch)
    i5 7300HQ
    1 TB HDD
    128 GB SSD

    So my questions are:
    FHD on 15,6 inches ??? (i have an eye on a nice whq monitor and propably will only use the display when in bed or in school)
    Model 1 or 2 what do you think has the better value?
    Propably the Model 2. But will Amazon scam me? xD

    What would you recommend?

    It will be used for Coding, Casual Gaming (LoL and CS) and School obviously.

    • Leon Mahler
      Leon Mahler Month ago

      holy, wtf. now after 8 hours they cost so much more.

    • Leon Mahler
      Leon Mahler Month ago

      There is also the 9570 for 660 $ but its unclear if its a 1050 or 1050 ti. but its with the i7 8th gen. its so hard to decide ;(

    • Leon Mahler
      Leon Mahler Month ago

      OR is there another option you can recommend with better screen resolution?

    • Leon Mahler
      Leon Mahler Month ago

      Cpu userbenchmark says there is only a 5% difference between the 2 processors. So will the cheaper model be the right choice?

  • TheTony 2101
    TheTony 2101 Month ago

    Just be like me where your college gives everyone a Zbook 15 or Razer blade 15 advanced model

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago

    Are there any Acer Swift 3 users here? How would you describe your experience with it?

  • IHateSmurfing0
    IHateSmurfing0 Month ago +3

    I need a laptop with the following specs, somebody please help...

    512 tb of ddr5 ram
    10 GHz cpu at least 69 cores
    1 tb gpu
    Under 100 dollars

    • IHateSmurfing0
      IHateSmurfing0 25 days ago

      @Ciberactro okay thanks, I would have never thought of that, what year would you recommend I travel to.

    • Ciberactro
      Ciberactro 25 days ago

      build a time travel machine and travel to the future

    • Joe
      Joe 27 days ago +2

      soulja laptop

  • nunchukgrl2
    nunchukgrl2 Month ago

    Best 2 in 1: Lenovo ThinkPad Yogas ;-)
    Perfect for annotating and taking notes. Currently using for medical school.
    Cheaper version: Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260 (13")
    Expensive version: Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga x390 (13")

  • drsupremo88
    drsupremo88 Month ago

    This nigga had money before he started this channel

  • Summer Normal
    Summer Normal Month ago

    Anyone else catch the price 666 dollars at 7:05?

  • Nielsf2704
    Nielsf2704 Month ago

    Love your videos. I use Asus Zephyrus S GX502GW for school. I work a lot with Solidworks and AutoCAD ‘myself.

  • Lubna Naaz
    Lubna Naaz Month ago

    Are you sure the 300 laptop for study is good?

  • Santiago Picco
    Santiago Picco Month ago

    Have you tested the MSI GF63 9SC? Weigths 4 pounds and cost $730 in amazon right now.

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer Month ago

    Gods work ma man

  • Roddy349
    Roddy349 Month ago

    What about the MateBook (D, 13 and Xpro)?
    I am thinking on buying one of them.

  • John Martinez
    John Martinez Month ago

    Surface pro x or iPad?

    • Ciberactro
      Ciberactro 25 days ago +1

      Do you need certain programms and do coding -> surface. Otherwise the iPad is a better choice

  • Rocio Valdivieso Aguado

    I’ve just started studying architecture and I’m buying a new laptop but I don’t want to spend more than a 1000€ and I feel that a gaming laptop isn’t the best option for carrying it around. Which one would you recommend?

  • ES VL
    ES VL Month ago

    Hi! Thank you for the video!
    Do you think that the Lenovo 730 15.6" is a good option too?

  • Suraj Gupta
    Suraj Gupta Month ago

    Please make a video on 'best laptops for software development/programming/machine learning'. It'll be very helpful.


    Hi,Dave I watched your videos for the past couple of months now.I don’t understand the reason you frequently skips Asus gaming laptops like the ROG Strix series which are in the same price category of the Lenovo Legion lineup.Speaking about value,they offer not that much less than what Lenovo offers;well that might depend on different market,but my point is I/We would like to hear from you what is particularily wrong about Asus entry level machines like Strix series or Vivobook series.You are welcomed to respond.

  • ayna
    ayna Month ago

    I bought the surface pro 2017 last year and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It runs all the programs I use and it's the easiest and cleanest way to take notes in class. The only problem I had was some scaling issues with programs like multisim, labview or SoMachine but I fixed those following a youtube tutorial.