We Tried An Insane Anime Workout


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  • Tingting 4wing
    Tingting 4wing 4 days ago

    Bahahahahahahahahahah jfc wow so hard

  • Sorcio84
    Sorcio84 9 days ago

    No traaformation yet, is ok, enjoy not losing hairs XD

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 18 days ago

    If you're feeling that much pain it's your body's way of telling you that you need to stop or tone it down. if you don't any pulling exercises you're going to end up with a really bad muscular imbalance.

  • Billy Mays
    Billy Mays 27 days ago

    The Asian lady was inspirational. Papa bless.

  • Kristovsky
    Kristovsky Month ago

    Is this without testosterone shots though? Lol

  • Mohammad Ghaith
    Mohammad Ghaith Month ago

    What is hangry 0:35

  • Brendan Fraser
    Brendan Fraser Month ago

    They’re not doing it you can tell

  • Tuan Minh Tran
    Tuan Minh Tran 2 months ago

    1:19 That wasn't a proper push-up so you pretty much cheated since day 1

  • Daniel Blaha
    Daniel Blaha 2 months ago

    Keep doing it until you go bald. No pain, no gain. Work through the pain.

  • TerminaterFTW
    TerminaterFTW 2 months ago


  • Anson Cao
    Anson Cao 2 months ago

    Who said Asians are not very athletic!?

  • SarkasmaTV
    SarkasmaTV 2 months ago

    Even saitama was in ages of pain doing this so

  • Mark Nepal
    Mark Nepal 2 months ago

    You have to do it for 3 years WTF

  • DragonsAndTomatoes
    DragonsAndTomatoes 3 months ago +1

    When you liked the video but have to dislike because it's buzzfeed

  • NotNormal YT
    NotNormal YT 3 months ago +2

    Eat a banana in the morning
    100 push ups
    100 sit ups
    100 squats
    10 km run
    No ac in the summer
    No heater in the winter
    Do it every single day
    Train until you're bald
    Ur saitama now

    • A S
      A S 10 days ago

      We don't even have an ac at home

  • Lleyton Smith
    Lleyton Smith 3 months ago

    Saitamas workout hahaha....NO!

  • Gamer Dad
    Gamer Dad 3 months ago

    But can you do it for years?

  • One Piece
    One Piece 4 months ago

    That sounds so tortuous

  • Asian Beast
    Asian Beast 4 months ago

    Well nahhhh ur the same. Saitama trained like this for 3 years to get as buff as he is

    BOSSVEDO 4 months ago

    He still have hair..

  • Anti 1 Workout/Nutritional Researcher/free Trainer

    I don't want to be that guy, but the guy in the end, his push-ups were too wide

  • gaming with ryan ok
    gaming with ryan ok 4 months ago +1

    I've done this and im ripped I've done this for 21 years

  • CrisisUDL 4LIFE
    CrisisUDL 4LIFE 5 months ago

    u forgot eat banana at break fast

  • Phantoma
    Phantoma 5 months ago

    He did it for what.. 3 years? I don’t think that will change in 29 days

  • Krikreduo 2
    Krikreduo 2 5 months ago

    Kiko you should come treeplanting in Canada!

    SIMP'S SON 5 months ago +1

    1. 10k Runout side
    2. In fact do all exercise outside
    *Read More*

  • ЯРИК 2.0
    ЯРИК 2.0 5 months ago

    Dude you are cool!!! *Hey guys! I tried One Punch Man training in real life* . Look video on the channel) Include English subtitles) I'll be glad to everyone.

  • Jayk Jarcia
    Jayk Jarcia 5 months ago +1

    COOL Thats my favorite ANIME

  • Constipated Carrot
    Constipated Carrot 5 months ago +1

    That dudes voice is so annoying

  • V1BE
    V1BE 5 months ago

    “Japanese anime”

  • LegendOfSonic
    LegendOfSonic 6 months ago

    Now do it for 3 years.

  • Pastel Trash
    Pastel Trash 6 months ago

    Could one punch man defeat Freiza from dbz

  • POMax
    POMax 6 months ago

    See I almost liked the video

    then I remembered it was a BuzzFeed video, and I stopped myself from contributing to the plague.

  • Shourya veer kanwar
    Shourya veer kanwar 6 months ago

    That man looked really like saitama

  • rohanzo1
    rohanzo1 6 months ago

    i think the only thing hard about the workout is the 10k daily run... the rest you can bust out in under an hour or even less

  • Rohan Negi Don
    Rohan Negi Don 6 months ago

    No AC three times a meal breakfast only banana

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta 6 months ago

    For Kakarot's training he did 44 Pounds on each foot. And the rest of the weight in all was about 200 Pounds. I think that a Human can do that.

  • Matthew Goodwin
    Matthew Goodwin 7 months ago

    I'm wating for them to go bald

  • Jassoka
    Jassoka 7 months ago +1

    10 km is 16 miles 😂

  • The Market Gamer
    The Market Gamer 7 months ago

    Doing the training I felt like my legs were broken the amount of pain is insane, though it definitely works three months in I was 2 seconds off from breaking the 100 meter dash world record but some stuff came up so I had to stop for a year but I'm back at it now to break that record.

  • KinGello
    KinGello 7 months ago


  • Skyy
    Skyy 7 months ago

    has kiko even hit puberty yet? I mean no offense but I feel concerned and curious. Is he trans?

  • Dank Boi
    Dank Boi 7 months ago

    Welp I'm not messing with you

  • KAMISAMA97 Mana Vaham
    KAMISAMA97 Mana Vaham 7 months ago +1

    Don't do it quickly!
    You must to do step by step!
    Again your muscle stretched!
    Don't try like saitama, or your muscle will tear up!

  • TheSameVave
    TheSameVave 7 months ago

    that dude-chick is truly annoying hahahaha

  • Mr. B.
    Mr. B. 7 months ago +1

    One Punch Man did it for 3. Years. Straight! :0

  • Raccoon Shoes
    Raccoon Shoes 8 months ago

    Do it for tree years

  • MarkergeYT
    MarkergeYT 8 months ago

    When you actually get powers by doing that ill do it for 3 years EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

  • Jonathan Zhou
    Jonathan Zhou 8 months ago

    Na the work out fake they arent losing hair

  • Gabriel Samson
    Gabriel Samson 8 months ago

    He did this for 3 years guys

  • Areeb Qureshi
    Areeb Qureshi 8 months ago

    Why is there no b4 and after

  • Polly Pencil
    Polly Pencil 8 months ago

    When I saw Saitama I was like oh?

  • nine years old
    nine years old 8 months ago

    How do you get tired from the last day

  • Philgamer_ 309
    Philgamer_ 309 8 months ago

    I thought this was going to be *Insane* but turns out its just crap

    In my opinion

  • Harshdeep Singh
    Harshdeep Singh 8 months ago

    Once they see Lee and Gai, they will know the REAL workout.

  • Harshdeep Singh
    Harshdeep Singh 8 months ago

    One punch man!!!
    Itachi is a montone voice: one look man

  • tommy
    tommy 8 months ago

    is it a girl or a boy, im legit confused

  • ssnarashi
    ssnarashi 8 months ago

    You forgot the banana diet and no aircon.

  • Colin-kun :3
    Colin-kun :3 8 months ago


  • TheGaming illustrator
    TheGaming illustrator 8 months ago

    its the run everything is simple workouts but the run sucks for most people in track

  • Goku
    Goku 8 months ago

    Except it was 10km running not walking lmao

  • Zahira Almoguera
    Zahira Almoguera 8 months ago

    they really did it wtf

  • Don Matthew
    Don Matthew 8 months ago

    And saitama did this for 3 fricking years

  • That One Seb
    That One Seb 8 months ago

    This has been my workout routine for a week now and I’m starting to see a difference

  • Marc Clarchick
    Marc Clarchick 8 months ago

    Everyone in the comments is a normie who basically watched like 4 episodes of the anime. We get it, the intro says “One Punch”, but that shouldn’t be the only reference made. There are way cooler things from the anime that could be, like Saitama versus The Deep Sea King when he said basically to hurry up because it was raining. This could be used as an ironic statement to show what they Buzzfeed crew could say if, ironically enough, it actually rained. Everyone here is a weeb who can’t make a reference.

  • mr anvil
    mr anvil 8 months ago

    But did you eat 3 meals a day and not use an air conditioner

  • Trevor Snair
    Trevor Snair 8 months ago

    Come join the Army Infantry Lol. Do all that in a gas mask and kit. 😂

  • Everything Time
    Everything Time 8 months ago

    you guys only did 3 weeks he did 3 years

  • Dan H
    Dan H 8 months ago

    They both look like him

  • Cemre Albas
    Cemre Albas 8 months ago

    I was like
    Duh duh duh duhduh duh du duh du duh


  • Silver Wolf
    Silver Wolf 8 months ago

    Uh he did this for 3 years

  • Zephartrix
    Zephartrix 8 months ago

    Kiko felt no change because he didn't do the nutrition that the character does in the anime

  • Talent and Manner
    Talent and Manner 8 months ago

    Pushup Rom succ

  • Saboteur4
    Saboteur4 8 months ago

    1:20 that’s not a push-up. You didn’t even go halfway down.

  • Kaido
    Kaido 9 months ago

    oNe fLicK mAn

  • TheBLOB
    TheBLOB 9 months ago

    Painful, yes exercise’s only purpose is to literally destroy muscle and tissue so it rebuilds stronger but yeah nah pain is bad

  • Icanooo
    Icanooo 9 months ago

    Don't use any ac.

  • Some One
    Some One 9 months ago +2

    I’m gonna be a psycho hero

  • Xavier Perea
    Xavier Perea 9 months ago

    One punccchchchchchc mannnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • graphicmode
    graphicmode 9 months ago

    you guys can now join the MMA's now is Saitama? XD

  • Jake ,
    Jake , 9 months ago

    In the summer I want to try this everyday if I can.

  • Layla the anime lover
    Layla the anime lover 9 months ago

    How weabs should work out

  • donath.
    donath. 9 months ago

    yea but saitama went for 2 whole years, he ate only a banana for breakfast and did not use air conditioning in the summer.

  • fernando salazar
    fernando salazar 9 months ago

    you didn't eat a banana, and you had ac

  • allio King
    allio King 9 months ago

    Ur supposed to stretch ur muscles after a workout

  • Nathan Gale
    Nathan Gale 9 months ago

    is that a woman

  • DerSchwarzeJulian
    DerSchwarzeJulian 9 months ago

    where is the banana each da

  • Devagya Budhiraja
    Devagya Budhiraja 9 months ago +1

    Saitama ( one punch man guy ) did this training for 3 years 😨😨

  • CATS Plays
    CATS Plays 9 months ago

    I think you forgot something no AIRCON

  • Ethan Phan
    Ethan Phan 9 months ago


  • bruno myftari
    bruno myftari 9 months ago

    is the asian person a guy?

  • Jesus Perales
    Jesus Perales 9 months ago

    I feel sorry for kiko, apart from him looking underage he even has a voice like hes trying to fake a older guy voice

  • Wvubsj Bs Bjndjnd
    Wvubsj Bs Bjndjnd 9 months ago

    What about double it

  • Google Sucks
    Google Sucks 9 months ago

    Stop forcing that bass in your voice

  • Broly
    Broly 9 months ago +1

    If you try saitama trading easy don’t eat meat for 3 years just eat fruits and vegetables and also just keep training none stop every single day don’t eat like goku it vegeta

  • The man to scared to get a tattoo

    yeh probably not gonna get results from something like this if its not paired with a meal plan. If you dont have enough calories and protein then 10k a day is going to completely use up your calories and your muscle simply will not grow. Although im sure his cardio got better.

  • some skinny dude
    some skinny dude 9 months ago

    Not bald yet

  • Jimmy Kudo
    Jimmy Kudo 9 months ago

    You have to maintain the workout routine alongside a healthy, well-balanced and proportioned meals. Also, avoid alcoholic drinks. Kiko's cheeks are puffy and swelling because of dehydration and sodium intake.

  • Nig
    Nig 9 months ago

    I am 100% sure that their push ups weren't full range of motion

  • Callum  Reid
    Callum Reid 9 months ago

    yeah couse exercise is only one part of body transformation but in all honestly 100 pressups sit ups and squates isn't that bad the running on the other hand ... killer