the highest voice in the world

  • Published on Sep 15, 2013
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  • Kenjie & Kendrick
    Kenjie & Kendrick 6 hours ago

    4:40 why am I laughing HAHA.

  • Dave Womack
    Dave Womack 12 hours ago

    Don't bend the notes so much. otherwise listenable.

  • soda pop art
    soda pop art 14 hours ago

    what would happen if she used helium? im curious

  • Lindsay Johson
    Lindsay Johson 15 hours ago

    My voice is inherent and I’m a boy

  • mr. julyows
    mr. julyows 22 hours ago


  • Joyacinth Carnaje

    Still Charice Pempengco for me

  • Michael Brusco
    Michael Brusco Day ago

    This girl in Singapore or sometin

  • Momo Gonzalez
    Momo Gonzalez 3 days ago

    The 4:09 comments are killing me lol

  • MsTeedyboo
    MsTeedyboo 3 days ago

    I'm sorry .. when you put any high notes to anyone .. it must be in comparison to Minnie Ripperton... PERIOD

  • Jillian Christine
    Jillian Christine 4 days ago +1

    What about that girl vs Morisette Amon

  • IV Jxhn
    IV Jxhn 4 days ago +2

    My door in the middle of the night when everybody is asleep

  • Ryder Nibba
    Ryder Nibba 4 days ago

    hol up lemme get rogerina

  • Ex Luluz
    Ex Luluz 4 days ago

    There's someone called Vita's 😅

  • Christinay Bandora
    Christinay Bandora 5 days ago

    OMG, I'm surprised that you guys like it.
    She doesn't sound good at all when she sing above F5. It's all over the place with bad dynamic. We should give her a good advise or criticize her to have a better voice, not just praise her like this even though it's not good. You guys are giving her a bad parenting.

  • Abbygayle Marie
    Abbygayle Marie 5 days ago

    when you step on legos 4:09

  • Қанат Смаков

    Ты же низкие ноты не тянешь....

  • Still - crxyinq
    Still - crxyinq 5 days ago

    4:09 when i see a cockroach

  • Your Final Lodi
    Your Final Lodi 6 days ago

    4:13 What I look like while yawning

  • Star Fish
    Star Fish 6 days ago

    Amazing Range, and her Control is Phenomenal! What a Joy is it, too listen to time and time again!

  • Jahan Mcadams
    Jahan Mcadams 6 days ago

    Very high

  • ItsUsGaming -Roblox
    ItsUsGaming -Roblox 6 days ago +3

    Me:lalalala a nice day
    Also Me:sees a bee
    Me again:it aint gonna sting me
    Me:Oh Uh its on my neck

  • Lena Majors
    Lena Majors 7 days ago

    Who is she🥰😍

  • Armond Furmie
    Armond Furmie 7 days ago


  • Armond Furmie
    Armond Furmie 7 days ago

    C7 D7 WOWEE

  • Armond Furmie
    Armond Furmie 7 days ago


  • DoodleCake
    DoodleCake 7 days ago +1

    When you hit your foot on the corner of the couch 4:09

  • Esther Kim
    Esther Kim 7 days ago +2

    I probably can scream higher than her if i see a spider crawling on my arm🤣🤣🤣

  • DoE DoOdLEs
    DoE DoOdLEs 7 days ago +1


  • Boots Pires
    Boots Pires 7 days ago

    Is she from Korea? Beautiful!

    BLESSING ESIABA 8 days ago

    Good voice...i love that .. blessing esiaba from nigeria

  • bhoss kilLah
    bhoss kilLah 8 days ago

    watch on my YTC vanjoss bayaban (My love will see you through) watch until end 😊😊 3 judges turner 💕

  • Lorna Acierto Francisco

    Morissette is greater than her.
    Mas clear yung pag whistle ni mori kesa sa babaeng yan

  • Borne Bol
    Borne Bol 8 days ago

    I sang higher... on the roof top of our office building...

  • Bekmuhammed bradar
    Bekmuhammed bradar 8 days ago +2

    Dimash from the Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 six’s (6) octaves.

  • Adam Brake
    Adam Brake 8 days ago

    I've Hurd this hundreds of times and it never get dull... a true talent...

  • lal inmawia
    lal inmawia 8 days ago

    Ohhhh... how she can!!!!! I die i die i die

  • roberto dionisio
    roberto dionisio 8 days ago

    Charice the best singer.....

  • blackbirdxx928
    blackbirdxx928 9 days ago

    Fine and dandy, sorta ok, if it's for real.....although it didn't look/sound quite right....mouth hiding behind the mike with odd thinking, mouth moving close and away from mike with consistent volumn level...lot of head rocking around...looked exaggerated. I might be wrong but sometimes I'm not....and it could very well be lyp sync to a studio recording....which is kind of a cheat if you are trying to claim amazing range. Just saying

  • taibi taibi
    taibi taibi 9 days ago


  • Titik Terang
    Titik Terang 10 days ago


  • 『Alpaca』
    『Alpaca』 10 days ago

    Yeah but I know someone who can go higher.

  • Xy xczs_
    Xy xczs_ 10 days ago +1

    She changed clothes while singing oh right😂

  • Beanie bee
    Beanie bee 11 days ago

    Is that all? Off tune???

  • gary bogolin
    gary bogolin 11 days ago +1

    So she can scream. Big deal. No quality.

  • Jada Wilson
    Jada Wilson 11 days ago

    4:09 when you step on a lego😂

  • *ALAISHA* A.R.M.Y lol
    *ALAISHA* A.R.M.Y lol 11 days ago

    Not to be rude but my voice is higher than hers😐

  • Dave Elmy
    Dave Elmy 11 days ago

    Laugh at Kareili. That was good. Cockroaches aside; I concur. Hell of a pitch.

  • Julianna Calvilla
    Julianna Calvilla 11 days ago

    She’s already pretty great, but the problem is that she’s straining her voice, it just sounds unnatural if that makes any sense?? It’s just unsettled it. I think she was trying to hard

  • Alan McDougall Mc Dougall

    The Lord Jesus smiles down on her from heaven!

  • Sing & Tears
    Sing & Tears 11 days ago

    Stop saying that « you can sing higher if you see a spider or a bats member or whatever » YOU CAN SCREAM BUT NOT SINGING THAT HIGH it’s not the same thing

  • Lalengliana liana
    Lalengliana liana 11 days ago

    Praise the Lord

  • djperryboy
    djperryboy 12 days ago

    I love this. Finally someone who can sing

  • Dahinte the master
    Dahinte the master 12 days ago

    As a guy singer my highest note is a G6 how is that?

  • Jacqui Stephens
    Jacqui Stephens 12 days ago

    People forget that this is pre-recorded therefore, we do not know whether she can actually sing these notes. Only if she sings live can we really be sure. I am a singer and I could go into a studio, ask the engineer to raise my vocals as many octaves as I like without having to actually sing the notes. Luckily for me, I am a proficient live singer and my vocals are no different when I go into the studio. xxxx

  • Legends Never Die
    Legends Never Die 13 days ago

    When you realize that her voice is higher than your math grades.

  • Rhonlove Bagguar
    Rhonlove Bagguar 13 days ago

    Vitas is the most highest notes

    KOOKIE BUNNY CARROT 13 days ago

    I cant even sing the english alphabet properly🤣

  • Jose Salmingo III
    Jose Salmingo III 14 days ago

    morissette is far way better

  • Harold Clendenen
    Harold Clendenen 16 days ago +1

    She not only has the highest voice i have ever heard. She can control those high notes perfectly.

  • Deku Midoriya
    Deku Midoriya 16 days ago

    Mafumafu can prob sing higher-

  • TommyG_TG
    TommyG_TG 17 days ago


  • reknas78
    reknas78 17 days ago


  • Anna O
    Anna O 18 days ago

    Sorry that was too powerful💪

  • Kristin Goh
    Kristin Goh 18 days ago +1

    She doesn't even sing that high

  • christopher memer boi
    christopher memer boi 18 days ago +1

    excuse me, weed?

  • Vincent J. Collins
    Vincent J. Collins 18 days ago

    I hear to much autotune on her voice.
    In the whistle the pitch corrector goes crazy, before that too, and after. Lol.

    BANGTANDIPITY – 19 days ago

    She could have damaged her vocal cords if she oversang

  • Anahi kings
    Anahi kings 19 days ago

    I really want to know who this girl is she sings amazing!!!!

    ANDRES R 19 days ago

    con que poca agua se ahogan amigos,,, jajajaja

  • Chae Yi Park
    Chae Yi Park 20 days ago

    E3 - A#6 is mine, but this isn't enough i want to reach higher than this

  • david martindale
    david martindale 20 days ago

    Well that's all very well and good but can she cook and wash dishes.

  • sherry stoopid
    sherry stoopid 21 day ago

    4:09 when another dog hurts your dog and your fight or flight reflex kicks in

  • Madison Playz
    Madison Playz 21 day ago +2

    People are saying you can sing higher than her, are you messing singing and screening up, can you keep the sound as smooth and lovely as hers, and can you actually say stuff? I'm just wondering here.

    • Montgomery Dok
      Montgomery Dok 20 days ago

      thats because you actually dont know anything, so stop with your bullshit comments, and do your reasearch before you comment, loooser!

  • Jus- Sayin
    Jus- Sayin 22 days ago +13

    As a feminine voice she can be the highest but in the masculine I think DeMash is highest. He hits whistle. She like him has lower and higher sounds. They are both Great.

  • Kay Hawkins
    Kay Hawkins 22 days ago +3

    Dimash six octaves. She is off key, pitch and all over the place with her singing.