the highest voice in the world

  • Published on Sep 15, 2013
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  • Marcello Berry
    Marcello Berry 36 minutes ago +1

    0:55 I’m tapping out there
    Yes I’m a bass

  • Raiko Chan
    Raiko Chan 7 hours ago

    She can hit it yeah for now.. that she is young... wait till she gets older.. i will bet our neighbor’s cow If she can still hit it like Mariah..

  • vani sharma
    vani sharma 12 hours ago

    ....she sings c7 to d7. ...
    meanwhile mice - mercy miss please ...
    but she sings so welll

  • Tech Stuf
    Tech Stuf 2 days ago You're welcome and I'm deaf and my flat screen is shattered.

  • Latte Sparklingwater

    Woah that's cool... I can sing higher ngl

  • Madison Hill
    Madison Hill 4 days ago +1

    *It's easy... Just step on lego*

  • Teyam Dalisay
    Teyam Dalisay 4 days ago

    4:08 when Ginebra wins the finals 💪💪💪

  • jinx parrot
    jinx parrot 6 days ago

    Tell me that this is not auto tune she looks 8, 8 year old girls have a high pitch voice

  • Andrea 273u
    Andrea 273u 7 days ago +1


  • Daily Updates
    Daily Updates 7 days ago

    When I hear high notes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Leana M
    Leana M 7 days ago

    This is performance is so funny 😂 😂😂 . Trying to do the Mariah version, then went off track just to be a joke. Also, her voice is soooo boring. Come one, be serious, man!

  • Chill Penguiny
    Chill Penguiny 7 days ago

    C7 is not the world record it was c10 yeah..that hecka high just search it up =p

  • moulay ahmed
    moulay ahmed 8 days ago

    in the wborld ? are u sur?

  • sushmita singh
    sushmita singh 10 days ago

    Hey I have that voice and she is not using it properly

  • jace samford
    jace samford 11 days ago

    Looks fake

  • Baekhyun's Youtube Adventures

    In 2013: Wtf.
    In 2020: I must watch this

  • apple juice
    apple juice 13 days ago

    2020 anyone?

  • michael maria
    michael maria 14 days ago

    I was really confused then I realized my volume was off🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • fandom phan
    fandom phan 14 days ago

    she-shes just squealing and yelling

  • PureMusic _
    PureMusic _ 14 days ago

    Thats not the highest voice in the world.

  • A V
    A V 15 days ago

    Noooooo the highest voice in the world is from Valq Balkanska

  • trebla gams
    trebla gams 15 days ago

    Don't forget about Charice

  • Huseyin Kucukkose
    Huseyin Kucukkose 16 days ago

    Where is Galileo

  • The OMEN Gamer!
    The OMEN Gamer! 16 days ago

    Nope, Dimash Kudaiburgen is higher and lower that you, he can sing up to 6 octives [His range is D2 - D8]

  • moondust stlk
    moondust stlk 16 days ago

    This doesnt sound pleassant to me.... Ye she is talented but my ears are in pain

  • HeiHei
    HeiHei 16 days ago +88

    Highest voice in the world
    High sopranos in musical theatre/ opera/ chorus : “Hahahaha”

  • Asher Talamantes
    Asher Talamantes 17 days ago

    Holy shit a D7

  • Don’t mind Me
    Don’t mind Me 17 days ago +60

    Oh wow she was only 13 when she sang this (she’s around 20 now)
    ;-; I’m just sitting in a corner

    • Noodlenado782
      Noodlenado782 Day ago


    • Don’t mind Me
      Don’t mind Me 8 days ago

      ACE Force, thank you for your question. She could have sang this at any age, but this specific video was posted to TVclip when she was 13. So 13 max? She could have been younger.

    • ACE Force
      ACE Force 12 days ago

      Don’t mind Me she was 13 ??

  • Kelly França
    Kelly França 17 days ago +1

    How beautiful!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Khalila Hafizha
    Khalila Hafizha 17 days ago +10

    Highest singer in the world?
    Dimash: hold my D8 note

  • Exit my server
    Exit my server 18 days ago

    Im the highest in the room

  • EllizGaming CZSK
    EllizGaming CZSK 18 days ago

    Get a drumstick in my ass and i sing higher..... 😋💝

  • Bulcsú Kolonics
    Bulcsú Kolonics 18 days ago

    Zambo Jimmy?

  • silk
    silk 18 days ago

    2:21 blue dress.
    2:30 red dress.

  • Everyday Meetje
    Everyday Meetje 19 days ago

    3:22 seems like lip singing...

  • Sandi Wood
    Sandi Wood 19 days ago

    The lower voice registered was super shaky - I'm afraid the tone and pitch were affected by it. Otherwise not too shabby. She's very young so she'll grow and gain more control if she keeps at it.

  • snoop-y dog
    snoop-y dog 19 days ago


  • J Throneberry
    J Throneberry 19 days ago

    What a beautiful voice!

  • MujdaHH
    MujdaHH 20 days ago +1

    What song is thissss???

  • Bighead Wahya
    Bighead Wahya 20 days ago

    I have respect for the voice but can she still sing that high note at mariah Carey age is my point ?

  • Tyson Kataina Marii
    Tyson Kataina Marii 20 days ago


  • Amiya Abram
    Amiya Abram 20 days ago

    No Mariah highest whistle was not a E6 she hit a C7 before so stop it

  • Kimmi 321
    Kimmi 321 21 day ago +1

    Why does the audio stop at around 5:19

  • Suzenn Lilo
    Suzenn Lilo 22 days ago +1

    Who unlike..they know nothing about music

  • Raturix - Culture Geek

    Imagine a collaboration between her and Tim Foust

  • Beekea Hauzel
    Beekea Hauzel 23 days ago

    Wow. Its really great

  • Hey ItsChesca
    Hey ItsChesca 23 days ago

    I dont think her voice fits with her look... I'm sorry... its cause I thought you were a kid and I heard a very mature voice

  • DaisyyHeather
    DaisyyHeather 23 days ago

    anyone got this recommended in 2020 lol

  • sara carrion
    sara carrion 23 days ago +2

    I’m sorry I think I just had a rebirth this made me choke no cap

  • The Francis Sisters
    The Francis Sisters 23 days ago

    Okay but asians can sing aye, esp Filipinos😍👏🏾✨

  • supergirland 80
    supergirland 80 23 days ago +70

    Who's watching in 2020? I do!

  • Jeremias Romero
    Jeremias Romero 24 days ago +1

    4:09 When steps on a lego

  • Honzík Oplatek
    Honzík Oplatek 25 days ago +1

    Today is 1.1 2020.... who is looking in 2020

  • Commander Meluron
    Commander Meluron 25 days ago +1

    There are higher voices than this....😶😶

  • cheese bread
    cheese bread 25 days ago +7

    4:09 when your balls have been hitted

  • Jambi
    Jambi 25 days ago

    I'm 20 20 vision

    STEALTH LEFT 25 days ago


    STEALTH LEFT 25 days ago

    Pffffh. Toooo low

    STEALTH LEFT 25 days ago

    ???? /!lowest...

  • xxx シMichelleシ xxx

    January 2020?