Modern Educayshun

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  • JR Rodriguez
    JR Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Too close to reality

  • TheTemporaryChannel // TTC

    2+2=4-1=3 quick mafs

  • Coragyn Buck
    Coragyn Buck 6 hours ago

    If this happened, I would be opposed to this. People should absolutely be able to make their opinions heard, and other people should be allowed to disagree with that opinion. And if people were able to speak calmly about their beliefs and opinions, and could disagree politely, perhaps people would not feel so suppressed. Please understand that there is no one group to blame here, I've seen people in every situation that refuse to have an open mind. That said, the next time someone disagrees with you, try not to be that person yourself.

  • Jared Kevinhands
    Jared Kevinhands 8 hours ago

    u wot m8?

  • Black Lanner
    Black Lanner 8 hours ago

    Is "straight" different from sys-gendered?

  • Batfan 2070
    Batfan 2070 8 hours ago

    This class is crazy their just being offended over everything

  • vincent bertin
    vincent bertin 10 hours ago

    "we're all average!"
    so scandinavia is equal to the Middle East?
    that's what I thought. shut the fuck up, we are not all equal

  • 정세훈
    정세훈 15 hours ago

    wow........did i saw a short horror movie? it weird and real

  • Levi Bennett
    Levi Bennett 15 hours ago

    Ladies and gentlemen... What conservative college students face from peers and educators alike.

  • IM TWO
    IM TWO 20 hours ago

    How bully’s think

  • Mr. Obvious The Fifth
    Mr. Obvious The Fifth 20 hours ago

    Reich-wing /pol/ red-pill alt-right logic 101:
    >SJW and diversity is bad
    >We needs to exterminate and enslave all inferior cultures; niggers, sand-nigger moozlemz, chinks, wetback beaners, and zionist jooooooz.
    >We are not racists
    >We are not bigots

    • Doc Jabberwock
      Doc Jabberwock 9 hours ago

      Mr. Obvious The Fifth The Fifth Hitler comitted evil acts,but he had reasons. The holocaust is definitely not a hoax, but as far as evil zioniat jews go, look up the rothschild family. Check out channels like the iconoclast, black pigeon speaks, and steven crowder. I garantee you have a warped perspective of the "alt-right". We want what is best for our country, heritage, and seek justice. And we all have differences in opinion.

    • Mr. Obvious The Fifth
      Mr. Obvious The Fifth 12 hours ago

      Doc Jabberwock
      Lel what an empty statement. Educate myself on what? That Hitler was misunderstood and he did nuffin wrong? Or perhaps you want me to educate myself on the holocaust being a hoax by the “evuuul zionist jooooz”? Nah, I’m not falling for your cancerous alt-right propaganda.

    • Doc Jabberwock
      Doc Jabberwock 16 hours ago +1

      Mr. Obvious The Fifth You have no idea what you're saying. Please educate yourself.

  • Linda Roberts
    Linda Roberts 22 hours ago

    The actual TVclip comment section

  • awsomeboxhead
    awsomeboxhead 23 hours ago +1

    I was expecting a creative short film, but all I got was some footage from western europe

  • An American Citizen
    An American Citizen 23 hours ago

    Western Europe 2 years ago.

  • SECTOR 7
    SECTOR 7 23 hours ago

    It's not a math class, it's an Antifa class.

  • Great Work
    Great Work Day ago

    Welcome to Evergreen!

  • Hope Pulfrey
    Hope Pulfrey Day ago

    Kill me slowly ;-;

  • Jose Garcia M
    Jose Garcia M Day ago


  • Laura Brindley
    Laura Brindley Day ago

    this beat fnaf

  • Riley Karr
    Riley Karr Day ago

    Woah... This was..weird

  • Cesar is here
    Cesar is here Day ago

    Black Mirror Season 5

  • ToastyDoasty
    ToastyDoasty Day ago

    when somebody on the internet is finally smart

  • Tobias Brunner
    Tobias Brunner Day ago

    That's what Jordan Peterson dreams of in his sleep

    • Doc Jabberwock
      Doc Jabberwock 16 hours ago


  • Music Tho
    Music Tho Day ago

    3:37 isn’t that what happened before communism?

  • Ix10n70
    Ix10n70 Day ago

    Scary ... SJWs just ... go away.

  • ArsHia Khan
    ArsHia Khan Day ago
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  • rodion sh
    rodion sh Day ago

    daffus is this shit lol

  • Assassin Gamer21

    This is the reason we need communism

  • Charlie Tian
    Charlie Tian Day ago +1

    For anyone studying rhetoric, this is the textbook example of a strawman fallacy. It hurts especially so because the people who made this video and his supporters have their heads so far up their ass they don't even realize it's a fallacy and founded on zero truth whatsoever

  • Jewel Heart
    Jewel Heart Day ago

    The world our millenials will make..scary

  • Tyler Geffrard
    Tyler Geffrard Day ago

    What the hell is this...

  • Lydia Kravitz
    Lydia Kravitz Day ago

    This isn’t about hypersensitivity, this is just nonsense

  • Kam3man
    Kam3man Day ago

    This amazing, but I do have a question...are there 2 people in the box now?

  • sz barz
    sz barz Day ago

    there was such an overload of symbolism and meaning, but a perfect representation of where society is going.

  • Michael Sanchez
    Michael Sanchez Day ago

    *Education. Spell it right

  • GTXhunter
    GTXhunter Day ago

    5:11 tho

  • Mario Garcia
    Mario Garcia Day ago

    Stop violating me with your different opinions. ..

  • Brendan Frieders
    Brendan Frieders Day ago +1

    is this how conservetards think people act?

  • Rachel Levin
    Rachel Levin Day ago

    Political correctness makes me want to vomit.

  • Candace Houston
    Candace Houston Day ago

    Tag urself im sunshine

  • Guy Of Fungi
    Guy Of Fungi Day ago

    This is stupid

  • Couro Athie
    Couro Athie Day ago

    why are there no black ppl, but great vid; it's has apretty good story plot and lesson

    RAMON MEJIA Day ago


  • CGB
    CGB 2 days ago +1

    I'm a centrist, which I believe provides me with a privileged position to consider both the arguments of modern day liberalism and conservatism. This video is, perhaps, one of the worst attacks made on Liberalism, it is, fortunately, an inaccurate portrayal. Our top scientists today, yes come from diverse backgrounds, but are also considered brilliant on behalf of their aptitude and ability rather than there genetic makeup. Ironically it is not the left wing that has criticised scientific fact most recently, but the Trump and arch-conservative movement. The video makes a poignant argument against the far-left, not liberal, equality of outcome, where all students are given the same mark, this is only true in a society where meritocracy is not valued, luckily this is not true. I still believe that someone who is prepared to work so that they may achieve can do so, and equality of outcome is not true in every day society or modern day education. There is no point in denying that progression is harder for ethnic/societal minorities, whilst this is improving, there are still a plethora of present situations in which white men dominate, such as politics and finance (in the UK, where I'm from), the point is not that people should be treated differently on account of, "privilege points", but that more must be done to generate a more just employment scheme. I fundamentally disagree with this video, in particular it's hyperbolic nature, however I'm not stupid, and I know that it is Satire, and do you know what, it's pretty good, provocative (for some), kind of relative, and stimulating. Congratulations if you could be bothered to read this comment, I can't explain why I've written it. Good night.

    BC ELITE 2 days ago

    Lul this is wierd af, anyways I came here from memeulous

  • FlowerTrollSan
    FlowerTrollSan 2 days ago

    This is more accurate now then it ever was.

  • Tetrahedral
    Tetrahedral 2 days ago

    That ending was well written and ALSO i mean this IS extremely exaggerated to the people getting angry at the writer. They arent saying this is realistic at some point its kinda comedic and also makes a point. I liked it but I also am a fan of the school system as it stands (DEFINATELY not saying its perfect hahahaha)

    • Mark McKee
      Mark McKee Day ago

      Thank you. You "get" it. It's not meant to be 100 percent factual. They're not saying this is exactly what happens at any school anywhere. It's purposefully (and brilliantly) exagerrated to illustrate and warn of the absurdity of today's post-modernism and the politically correct left. Just like Animal Farm intended to do in the late 1940s. I guess a lot of these bozo commenters on here didn't get that book because they said, "animals don't talk!"

  • Beatrice x
    Beatrice x 2 days ago

    that would never happen in eastern europe, thankfully

  • Anndrei02
    Anndrei02 2 days ago

    Is this really happening?If that s the case , then I m glad that in Eastern Europe people like these very rare,almost nonexistent

  • sul!zye
    sul!zye 2 days ago

    3:32 communism

  • WillowRustle64
    WillowRustle64 2 days ago

    Why can't we all just accept that "facts" are as important as "feelings", one being more useful than the other with each different situation? -_-

  • Snow Reaper 42
    Snow Reaper 42 2 days ago

    please make this into a movie!!!!

  • Saze Tube
    Saze Tube 2 days ago +1

    After watching this video my brain stopped working.

    • Mark McKee
      Mark McKee Day ago

      You have a brain? Someone call CNN... this is real news.

  • Fire Star
    Fire Star 2 days ago

    So schools would rather want fucking stupid people then smart bitch please

  • Fabi
    Fabi 2 days ago

    So sieht es leider aus, wenn wir nicht aufwachen!

  • PeterDaGreat _
    PeterDaGreat _ 2 days ago +1

    Grey Mirror

  • Stag Knight
    Stag Knight 2 days ago +7

    Soon to be based on a true horror story.....

  • Theodoros PETRIDIS
    Theodoros PETRIDIS 2 days ago +1

    It took me ten minutes to understand that you were saying “education” haha

  • CanadianPotato 33
    CanadianPotato 33 2 days ago

    I swear to Jesus,I saw this video on Facebook.As a brown man(I kinda look like the victim),I am hurt

  • cuddlingteddybears
    cuddlingteddybears 2 days ago


  • Adam Jan
    Adam Jan 2 days ago

    I know this shows equality but it’s to much equality

  • Hani
    Hani 2 days ago +1

    Anyone noticed how the new girl was wearing all black like the rest of them?

  • Donde Habitan las Ideas

    A master price!

  • Ghostspeare
    Ghostspeare 3 days ago +1

    It’s only fair.

  • Alexander Lebedev
    Alexander Lebedev 3 days ago

    The most scaring part of this brilliant video for me is that the masculine bearded guy was totally emasculated. When a men protect their women in their own land from raping by just walking around the streets wearing skirts and high heels shoes these is says that had happens something totally wrong. Something that contradicts the laws of nature. Are these "guys" will dress skirts too to protect their own mothers when a criminals will murdering they? If a man doesn't sees an equality beetween his own mother, women from his country and the motherland itself, then he can't to be called the man, only pathetic biological scum.
    Кастрированные мужики и бабы лишённые сисек приведут лишь к одному: в Европе будут крепчать националистические, а позже - и нацистские настроения. Ну не может нормальный человек быть бесполым, не иметь своей земли и своих святынь - он либо погибает, либо, накопив агрессию и ярость, бросается возвращать это, что и так принадлежит ему по праву. Только вот не надо потом говорить, что во всём виноваты "русские хакеры".

    • Belly Boy
      Belly Boy 3 days ago

      Cool story bro. No one gives a fuck

  • Joel Hagan
    Joel Hagan 3 days ago

    Need to piss

  • Noreem Alensuela
    Noreem Alensuela 3 days ago +2


  • Memento'sOf TheOldIndia

    The amount of likes clearly show the frustration of Modern citizens with this parasitic PC culture.

  • The Zoe Zone
    The Zoe Zone 3 days ago +2

    omg. thats all I have to say

  • Ken
    Ken 3 days ago +2

    Kudos to all involved in this video> Excellent job! Gives me hope for young people, that there is awareness in their age group. Now if the Media stops giving credibility and air time and hero status to the incredible brainwashed and clueless "victims" the rest of us can move forward with positive action. let's make the educated college students the heroes!

  • Sébastien Soncini
    Sébastien Soncini 4 days ago +3

    Marvellous !
    In France we are submitted by politically correct :/
    I'm going to show this movie to many French people as possible

  • Jaron Johnstone
    Jaron Johnstone 4 days ago +3

    I don’t like how true this is.😐

  • aomeara193
    aomeara193 4 days ago +1

    Isn't this a maths class, "don't be so racist"

  • Grzegorz Prus
    Grzegorz Prus 4 days ago

    At first it felt a bit amateurish, but then, damn, it's well written, I've got to say!

  • Vladimir Ilyushin
    Vladimir Ilyushin 4 days ago

    Most Excellent ! Thanks for your effort ! Old folks like me are most appreciative of the phenomenon called _"Cultural Marxism"_ (creator of "Political Correctness").

  • PorkyTheKing
    PorkyTheKing 4 days ago


  • Conwayfan98
    Conwayfan98 4 days ago

    Don't go to college kids. They'll fuck you up.

  • Johnatan Gabriel
    Johnatan Gabriel 4 days ago

    Sunshine is the normal person there being all those categories that he gets +13 privilege points

  • The Catserole
    The Catserole 4 days ago


  • Mister Shine
    Mister Shine 4 days ago +1

    I love the satire. Amazing.

  • DestinedLight
    DestinedLight 4 days ago

    damn i hate it when the system is based off of equality so they discriminate against the poor straight white guy,for being a straight white guy,but the indian guy says anything about anything else he's either sexist,racist,or homophobic,but fuck white people,fuck men,and especially fuck them straight people,perfect sense

  • FyreAndEis
    FyreAndEis 4 days ago +121

    Isn't this supposed to be math class?
    (School In 10 Years)

  • Minhyeong Kim
    Minhyeong Kim 4 days ago +2

    Oh my god. Finally I saw the greatest short movie ever. Thumb up

  • The average Trooper
    The average Trooper 5 days ago +1

    Facts Trump Feelings!

  • The average Trooper
    The average Trooper 5 days ago +4

    SJWs in a nutshell.

  • Adrian Mier
    Adrian Mier 5 days ago +1

    This is trash. I agree liberals can be annoying sometimes but this has 0 substance.

    • Adrian Mier
      Adrian Mier Day ago

      Skidaddle Skidoodle i get that, but i still thinks it's poorly done. It's not clever it's just a blunt attack again with little substance. God forbid i have an opinion though

    • Skidaddle Skidoodle
      Skidaddle Skidoodle Day ago

      Adrian Mier it's satirical you idiot

  • Mr Meow
    Mr Meow 5 days ago +1

    1+1=multiculturalism 😂😂😂😂😂 wtf is this

  • Lord Itachi
    Lord Itachi 5 days ago

    Now that would be a different story if he knew kung fu

  • hamster in the machine

    this is a very short yet still the best documentary I ever watched.

  • radutzu37
    radutzu37 5 days ago

    Made me mad..::.

  • General Rick Harvey
    General Rick Harvey 5 days ago

    This is fucking dystopian

  • General Rick Harvey
    General Rick Harvey 5 days ago

    George Soros has to die by 2020, get Jobbik in power in Hungary and go full Gestapo on the PC liberals and globalists

  • General Rick Harvey
    General Rick Harvey 5 days ago

    Left wingers and cultural marxists will be the fall of Western, it will take fascism to revive our national identities and traditions

  • James William Steven Parker

    Feminism... in a nutshell.

  • It's  Me
    It's Me 5 days ago +1

    SOOOO true.

  • Алексей Чухарев

    I'm afraid, this is our future

  • Colton Hanson
    Colton Hanson 5 days ago

    15000 liberals disliked

  • Shylynn Rowland the redneck

    I really like that but poor sunshine

  • Captainsnake 25
    Captainsnake 25 6 days ago

    sjw scum