How to Draw Faces

  • Published on Oct 24, 2017
  • Learn how to draw faces step by step from scratch. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to draw male and female faces. I'll also demonstrate how to transform your characters by making simple changes. Requested by: Wendy Nelson :)
    UPDATE: Here's the NEW, DETAILED, SLOW version by popular request!

    - Canson Sketch Paper:
    - 2B Derwent Graphic Pencil (I recommend HB for light sketching):
    - Random 0.7mm HB pencil (usually use 0.5mm Pentel but I couldn't find it anywhere
    - Kneadable Eraser:
    - Mono Eraser:
    - Transparent Ruler
    - SmudgeGuard Glove:

    🔥🔥 SKIP TO...
    How to draw a male face: 0:10
    Eyes: 1:19
    Nose: 2:13
    Lips: 2:42
    Hair: 3:38
    Ears: 4:20
    Cheeks, Jaw, Chin: 4:42
    Neck: 5:09
    Male - First transformation: 5:21
    How to draw a female face: 7:51
    Eyes: 8:44
    Nose: 9:32
    Lips: 10:02
    Ears: 10:42
    Hair: 10:56
    Neck: 11:33
    Female - First transformation: 11:39

    How to draw hair:
    How to draw a pair of eyes:
    How to draw noses:
    How to draw lips:
    How to draw 6 different eye shapes:
    How to shade a faces:


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