Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial | GMA

  • Published on May 24, 2017
  • Here's your guide to making the perfect burger from the 'Master Chef' Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay!
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Comments • 87 317

  • abrar _-
    abrar _- 22 minutes ago

    Hungry af just the vid i needed to see

  • M C Cruz-Fernandez
    M C Cruz-Fernandez 28 minutes ago

    It's 2019. I found my seasoning soul mate. I held my breath when he put down the tomatoes & thought he wasn't going to season. If you haven't tried you must. I'm also OCD on how you construct it, which goes first etc. It makes a lot of difference. Texture is important, nothing to do with being OCD. I do the same with sandwiches. I remember the sandwich shop next to my previous office. They hated serving me cuz I was so OCD. Oh well . . .

  • Slogosepticeye123

    Gordon sounds like he’s been yelling at some shit restaurants

  • 〆 ItzArvinTobi 〆

    9:10 *_S L I C E_* *_S L I C E_* *_S L I C E_* *_S L I C E_* *_S L I C E_*

  • 〆 ItzArvinTobi 〆

    9:10 I Cant Believe Gordon Made A Sound Effect By Himself.

  • 〆 ItzArvinTobi 〆

    Gordon's Brain: How Much Season Do You Want?
    Gordon: Yes.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Hour ago

    Not coming for the burgers but for the quality comments

  • Poppinin Amazon
    Poppinin Amazon Hour ago

    Proceeds to choke slam the lettuce into the bun

  • Zaxtor
    Zaxtor 2 hours ago


  • hiyab h.mariam
    hiyab h.mariam 3 hours ago

    I want it asap

  • OneCapital Gaming
    OneCapital Gaming 4 hours ago +1

    Gordon: I like my women like I don't like my burgers. Wet.

  • Chipper115
    Chipper115 4 hours ago

    I lovr the way he say mayonase

  • Chipper115
    Chipper115 4 hours ago


  • Chipper115
    Chipper115 4 hours ago


  • Chipper115
    Chipper115 4 hours ago

    The f word buga is good as ruck

  • Chipper115
    Chipper115 4 hours ago

    Burgers are over rated

  • ItsLuis
    ItsLuis 4 hours ago

    Only 4 words
    My mouth is watering.

  • SuperFabioff
    SuperFabioff 6 hours ago

    Once you put a burger...
    the grill...

    SHADOWGAME 93 HD 6 hours ago

    he forgot to season the grill

  • Lucky Bunny
    Lucky Bunny 7 hours ago

    He didn’t season the lettuce, I feel robbed.

  • I liEk tReEz 27
    I liEk tReEz 27 8 hours ago

    He basically made a Krabby Patty but without pickles

  • Thomas Hillmeyer
    Thomas Hillmeyer 8 hours ago

    They say: fatty red meat, salt, butter, cheese, and grilling is bad for you. Bull shit!!! (I’m smoking and drinking a beer.)

  • Tim Bettcher
    Tim Bettcher 8 hours ago

    on down and in

  • Ahmad Assaad
    Ahmad Assaad 9 hours ago

    Me: I don't like my burgers medium rare
    Gordon : then go then eat shit

  • The Vietnamese Guy
    The Vietnamese Guy 9 hours ago

    At the end of the video we can all agree that my shirt is wet from all the drooling

  • Capp YT
    Capp YT 9 hours ago

    I’ve watched this video a million times already

  • Mara Gossep
    Mara Gossep 9 hours ago

    I would never eat something this angry dude cooks. It might infect me :D

  • Challenger Shallow
    Challenger Shallow 9 hours ago +1

    *rip plate on the bottom part of the screen*

  • Sowr Kreem Kid
    Sowr Kreem Kid 10 hours ago

    0:18 he say egg?

  • lepeomonet lepeo
    lepeomonet lepeo 10 hours ago

    Bro he should know not to use gas for meat use wood special wood

  • Jacubi Leeroy
    Jacubi Leeroy 10 hours ago

    I screamed yes Chef after completing every step

  • Desmund Jackson
    Desmund Jackson 10 hours ago

    Buhrga lmao😂😂😂😂

  • Paul Gray
    Paul Gray 11 hours ago

    That's some beautiful lettuce and beautiful beef. Is that a gas grill though? Don't burgers come out better on a charcoal grill?

  • Dave Sanoval
    Dave Sanoval 12 hours ago

    And that’s how you make a Krabby patty

  • Richard MacCorkindale
    Richard MacCorkindale 12 hours ago

    he forgot to put mayonaise on the mayonaise ....

  • FearlessVato 135
    FearlessVato 135 13 hours ago

    I can only imagine how pissed he'd be if somebody said I don't like vegetables 🤣

  • eric planting
    eric planting 14 hours ago

    i dunno about this, i switched over to a griddle per guga foods, the butter brushing is a plus, but if i did this I would lose the browning and I would be steaming the meat... Also, no special sauce?

  • Angelo Tastamara
    Angelo Tastamara 14 hours ago

    Gordon? More like Gorgon.

  • Cheezeburger Dan
    Cheezeburger Dan 15 hours ago

    I'll be giving these a go at some point. They look delicious!

  • David Sastre
    David Sastre 17 hours ago +1

    I hope Gordon doesn't let Kim and Kanye near his family. Imagine his kids getting absorbed into that sexual, talentless morass.

  • YouTube SeveN
    YouTube SeveN 17 hours ago

    3:24 falls 3:25 stands-up
    I thought he was a cook, but apparently he's a magician..

  • Ak 208282
    Ak 208282 17 hours ago

    He forgot to season the seasoning

  • Thatdude74
    Thatdude74 17 hours ago +1

    the burgah

  • Tyler McCaw
    Tyler McCaw 17 hours ago

    HowToBasic did it better

    DR. DORITOS 18 hours ago

    Oh god the salt and mayonnaise

  • Hei Long Enoch Mi
    Hei Long Enoch Mi 18 hours ago

    3:33 a plane has wanted to see him cook

  • Mackattack 2006
    Mackattack 2006 19 hours ago

    It’s fucking raw

  • Samuel Magana
    Samuel Magana 19 hours ago

    I just took a bite of my phone and I could taste the salt

  • Hazard_Sparky
    Hazard_Sparky 20 hours ago

    But thats a fucken 9 min burger

  • Bass Guite
    Bass Guite 20 hours ago

    Full of prepositions.

  • Harvey Gaming
    Harvey Gaming 22 hours ago

    *why doesnt mine look like that? ;-;*

  • Eric Thrash
    Eric Thrash 22 hours ago

    Did anyone else realize how much this man loves mayonnaise?

  • Eric Thrash
    Eric Thrash 22 hours ago

    He forgot to cook the burgers! They're basically fucking raw!

  • Arda GT
    Arda GT 22 hours ago

    Im Hungry after this video

  • Noah Suptho
    Noah Suptho 22 hours ago

    If I was famous if be over at his house all the time too lol

  • Goran Stanisavljevic
    Goran Stanisavljevic 22 hours ago

    haha!! came to serbia and et best burger--tvclip.biz/video/G-l0ore9EH4/video.html

  • FaZe_ Genesis
    FaZe_ Genesis 22 hours ago +7

    Gordon when he goes to a chemical factory:
    Gordon: *coughs*
    Worker: “what’s wrong?”
    Gordon: “it’s too acidic”
    grills the factory.

  • fresh sans
    fresh sans 23 hours ago +1

    *eats burger*

    It needs love

  • Xxals Gaming
    Xxals Gaming 23 hours ago

    This made me hungry

  • GunShot
    GunShot 23 hours ago

    3:15 so we got a lot of stuff here.
    Gordon:lid back down *literally takes buns out and doesnt close it*
    Then, we see that the bun knocked the bottle of olive oil down but when it cuts to a different angle the bottle is fine but a plate falls down. What sorcery is this.

  • Fabian Wiegers
    Fabian Wiegers 23 hours ago


  • Red Raph
    Red Raph Day ago

    *In a montonous voice*
    Give me an S
    *All alone* S
    Give me an A
    *Nobody is around* A
    Give me an L
    *Starting to cringe* L
    Give me a T
    *Rushes it cos of cringe overload* T

  • Alan Scott
    Alan Scott Day ago

    So, we just gonna ignore what happened to the oil at 3:21

  • patrickg1234
    patrickg1234 Day ago

    what a person xDDDDD lmao

  • ƓӇЄƬƬƠ , wait wut??

    How many times you see a guy put a lot of season in all ingredients?

    RIP ETIKA Day ago

    Didn't season his hands

  • bc cav
    bc cav Day ago

    Did he season the flame ?

  • Brian Buroff
    Brian Buroff Day ago

    Gordon Ramsay walks into the seasoning isle.
    Salt and pepper: here we go again

  • Fred Gervacio Qoutes

    Gordon drinks a glass of water
    Spit it out

    Gordon: Ughh its Raaaaw!!!

  • Bill B
    Bill B Day ago

    Anyone else starving after watching this??????

  • Vinstinctify1
    Vinstinctify1 Day ago

    No doubt it tastes good but man how much sodium is one of those?

  • Hey You
    Hey You Day ago


  • Joshua Leboeuf
    Joshua Leboeuf Day ago


  • AlohaMothafuckaz

    I'm looking at my mcdonalds burger and it cant compare 🙁

  • Nikolay RT
    Nikolay RT Day ago

    Is it possible to burger his seasoning wherein burger is unseasoned?